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A new, hilarious how-to manual full of over the top tips to push the envelope and open the dialogue about the wonders and woes of womanhood, covering everything from frenemies, girl fights and cutting bathroom lines to dancing, drinking and dating.


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S01E01 Crushes, Boobs, Roommates & Drinking 23/04/2013 The Girl Code team teaches us that size isn't everything, that self-control is key, and how to stay calm.
S01E02 Dancing, Snooping, Waxing & Going to the Bathroom 30/04/2013 Dancing, snooping, waxing and going to the bathroom are among the topics discussed. Tanisha investigates her boyfriend's phone.
S01E03 Make-Up, Being Gassy, Driving & Being Slutty 07/05/2013 Makeup, being gassy, driving, and being promiscuous.
S01E04 Girls' Night Out, Sexting, Breaking Up, Gynecologist 14/05/2013 Having a girls' night out, sexting, breakups, visiting the gynecologist. Carly wants to break up with her boyfriend.
S01E05 Social Networking, Friends with Benefits, Lying & Masturbation 14/05/2013 Social networking, friends with benefits, lying, masturbation, using a boyfriend's bathroom.
S01E06 Frenemies, Bad Boys, Dreams, Working Out 19/05/2013 Frenemies, bad boys, dreams, exercising, Nicole deals with a close talker.
S01E07 First Dates, Time of the Month, Girl Fights, Friend Zone 19/05/2013 First dates, menstruation, fights amongst girls, friend zone, Alesha is embarrassed in front of an attractive man.
S01E08 Dieting, Vacations, Being Needy, Watching Sports 19/05/2013 Dieting, vacations, neediness, watching sports.
S01E09 Foreplay, Shopping, Feeling Ugly, Guy Friends 19/05/2013 Foreplay, shopping, feeling unattractive, guy friends, Nessa is jealous of her boyfriend's female friend.
S01E10 Ex-Boyfriends, Gossip, STDs, Hosting a Party 21/05/2013 Ex-boyfriends, gossip, sexually transmitted diseases, hosting a party, dealing with an old hook-up at a bar.
S01E11 Hair, Cheating, Compliments, Penises 21/05/2013 Hair, cheating, compliments, the male member, an attractive trainer at the gym.
S01E12 Experimenting, Playing Sports, Dads 28/05/2013 Experimentation, playing sports, fathers, being crazy, ending a first date.
S01E13 Getting Dumped, Being Classy, Working, Jealousy 28/05/2013 Getting dumped, being sophisticated, working, jealousy, dealing with a creepy co-worker.
S01E14 Contraception, Whipped, Canceling, Plastic Surgery 04/06/2013 Plastic surgery, canceling appointments and contraception are among the topics discussed.
S01E15 Pregnancy Scares, Mean Girls, Sleepovers, Online Dating 04/06/2013 Pregnancy, mean girls, sleepovers and online dating are among the topics discussed.
S01E16 PDA, Style, Smoking, Calling Dibs 18/06/2013 PDA, Style, Smoking, Calling Dibs. Jamie Lee teaches us how to hook up in Spanx
S01E17 Porn, Set-Ups, Underwear, Social Climbing 07/07/2013 Pornography, being set-up, underwear, social climbing and bra fittings
S01E18 Taking a Break, Strip Clubs, Moms, Sororities 07/07/2013 Taking a break, strip clubs, mothers, sororities and stealthily moving in with a boyfriend
S01E19 Morning After, Boyfriends Friends, Flirting, Decorating 07/07/2013 The morning after, friends of boyfriends, flirting and decorating
S01E20 Rebounding, Cooking, Meeting the Parents, Bridesmaids 07/07/2013 Rebounding, Cooking, Meeting the Parents, Bridesmaids
S01E21 Rebounding, Cooking, Meeting the Parents, Bridesmaids 07/07/2013 Rebounding, Cooking, Meeting the Parents, Bridesmaids
S01E22 The morning after, friends of boyfriends, flirting and decorating 07/07/2013 The morning after, friends of boyfriends, flirting and decorating
S01E23 00/00/0000
S02E00 New Year’s Code 31/12/2013 The casts of Girl Code and Guy Code come together to look back at 2013 and ahead to 2014.
S02E01 Halloween, Picking & Popping, Virginity 00/00/0000 The ladies are back to dish on the tricks & treats of Halloween, popping pimples, and that thing you can only give away once: virginity. Plus, Carly gives Halloween makeup tips and the cast answers #askgirlcode fan questions.
S02E02 Vaginas, Texting, Apologizing 06/11/2013 The "Girl Code" ladies discuss exactly what it is that makes them girls; plus the do's and dont's of texting and when girls should just say sorry. Fan questions about leggings and eternal singledom are answered.
S02E03 T-Blocking, Wine, Sweating 13/11/2013 The ladies discuss when another girl gets in the way of a hook-up, the classiest alcoholic drink, and how to deal when you're a Sweaty Betty. Plus, fan questions about getting spoiled in a relationship and busted feet.
S02E04 Getting Engaged, Pets, Insecurity 20/11/2013 The 'Girl Code' ladies talk about getting engaged, taking care of pets, and feeling insecure.
S02E05 Guys That Are Taken, Gaining Weight, Karaoke 27/11/2013 Gaining weight and karaoke are among the topics discussed.
S02E06 Boners, Puberty, Religion 00/00/0000 The 'Girl Code' ladies talk about boners, puberty, and religion.
S02E07 Boyfriend's Exes, Astrology, Babies 00/00/0000 Astrology, babies and wet hair are among the topics discussed.
S02E08 Purses, Boyfriends, FOMO 00/00/0000 The 'Girl Code' ladies talk about purses, boyfriends, and stoners.
S02E09 Lesbians, Crying, Telling a Story 00/00/0000
S02E10 Kissing, Being Scared, Snacking 00/00/0000
S02E11 One Night Stands, Sisters, Being Nerdy 14/01/2014 The 'Girl Code' ladies talk about one night stands, sisters, and being nerdy.
S02E12 Falling in Love, Nails, Being Creepy 14/01/2014 The 'Girl Code' ladies talk about falling in love, nail art, and being creepy.
S02E13 Picking Up Guys; Getting Older; Sleeping 02/02/2014 The ladies discuss picking up guys, getting older, and the sweet recharge of slumber.
S02E14 Long Distance Relationships; D.I.Y.; Shoes 17/02/2014 Shoes, DIY activities and long-distance relationships are among the topics discussed.
S02E15 Turning 21; Your Friends' Boyfriends; Clothing 23/03/2014 The ladies talk being sick, haters, and camel toes on this week's Girl Code.
S02E16 DTR Talk; Being Sick; Hating 23/03/2014 Defining relationships and getting sick are among the topics discussed.
S02E17 Anniversaries, Walking, Being Embarrassed 06/04/2014
S02E18 Birthdays, Bad Habits, Getting Back Out There 06/04/2014
S02E19 New Relationships; Getting Dressed; Brothers 19/04/2014 Starting new relationships, getting dressed and brothers are amongst the topics talked about.
S02E20 Wingwomen; Friends; Being Alone 19/04/2014 Wingwomen; Friends and being on your own are among the topics talked about.

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