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Girlboss est une adaptation du best-seller #Girlboss de Sophia Amoruso, fondatrice de la marque de mode Nasty Gal. La série se penche sur la vie de Sophia Amoruso, qui en commençant à vendre des vêtements vintage sur eBay, a construit à l’âge de 28 ans un empire de la mode de plusieurs millions de dollars : Nasty Gal.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Girlboss

S01E01 Sophia 21/04/2017 Quand à 22 ans, Sophia perd son job et reçoit un avis d'expulsion, elle pourrait s'effondrer. Une virée dans une friperie lui donne une idée géniale.
S01E02 La hernie 21/04/2017 Sophia's recent epiphany is hampered by the emergence of a health problem that she can't afford to solve.
S01E03 Merci, San Fransisco 21/04/2017 Sophia and Shane hit the streets of San Francisco seeking the perfect name for Sophia's new eBay storefront.
S01E04 Ladyshopper99 21/04/2017 Sophia faces her greatest fears to prevent a bad review from a disgruntled customer.
S01E05 Top 8 21/04/2017 Annie storms out of Sophia's apartment when she finds out that she is no longer in Sophia's 'Top 8' on MySpace, which leads Sophia on a trip down memory lane.
S01E06 Five Percent 21/04/2017 Sophia's health insurance finally kicks in, just in time for an emergency trip to the hospital.
S01E07 Long-Ass Pants 21/04/2017 When Sophia flips a competitor's vintage pants for a profit, the competitor arrives on her doorstep to challenge Sophia's business ethics.
S01E08 The Trip 21/04/2017 Dax, Annie and Sophia pile into a car and drive to Los Angeles to visit Shane, but both relationships are tested when the weekend plans go awry.
S01E09 Motherf*ckin' Bar Graphs 21/04/2017 After being told that she needs a cosigner in order to lease a new office space, Sophia reluctantly seeks help from her disapproving father.
S01E10 Vintage Fashion Forum 21/04/2017 A friendship is tested when Annie asks Sophia for a paying position with 'Nasty Gal'. Meanwhile, Gail and the vintage fashion forum plan an attack on both Sophia and her online storefront.
S01E11 Garbage Person 21/04/2017 When 'Nasty Gal' takes a turn for the worse, a vulnerable Sophia turns to her mother for answers.
S01E12 I Come Crashing 21/04/2017 Annie convinces Sophia to bring a professional web designer on board to help launch the 'Nasty Gal' website. Tensions rise as Sophia begins to spread herself too thin.
S01E13 The Launch 21/04/2017 In the aftermath of her shocking discovery, Sophia's attention is divided between the 'Nasty Gal' website launch and her relationship with Shane.