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“Go-Go Boy Interrupted” is a web show about Danny Carter, a 30-year-old go-go boy, who finds himself aged out of his profession. Having spent the past decade dancing at LA’s hottest club, Danny must embark on a quest to find his “purpose” discovering he has no skills after spending 12 years blacked out, doing body rolls on a box.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Go-Go Boy Interrupted

S01E01 Danny and the Dirty 30 07/10/2014 We meet Danny Carter, who works at LA's hottest club: Club PantherWarmth. With his 30th birthday fast approaching he suddenly finds himself jobless. At least he has a lot of skills to fall back on. Oh wait...
S01E02 Birthday Black Out Surprise: Who is this Man? 14/10/2014 After a night of heavy drinking, Danny struggles to remember who the man in his bed is. And then, the worst person who could drop by for a visit does.
S01E03 It's NOT Confidential 21/10/2014 Danny tries to take his mind off his trouble with his version of meditation: group exercise. However, his calming Pilates class is interrupted when local gays let him know that people are talking about him and NOT in a good way.
S01E04 Get Me Out of Here! (Sherman Oaks Edition) 28/10/2014 Danny is terrified when he wakes up in a strange home with a very strange man. Can Nick stop smoking weed long enough to save the day?
S01E05 Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Drunk 04/11/2014 Danny decides to clean up his act and get a real job (as a babysitter). However the interview goes south when Danny's drinking history appears to "cock block" him.
S01E06 How to Handle Drama in the Workplace 11/11/2014 Danny gets a second chance to work at his old job at the club. However one of his co-workers reveals his true colors.
S01E07 A Spiritual Awakening (sort of) 18/11/2014 Danny reflects on 12 years of partying in LA with nothing to show for it. Now he is jobless, friendless, and worst of all: not in his 20's anymore. Where can he turn?