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Meiji 44th year. Meiko is the daughter of Daigo, who owns a western restaurant in Tokyo. She loves to eat the omelette prepared by Daigo, and the nukaduke (pickles) prepared by her mother, Iku. Theirs is a warm, close knitted family, and Meiko's love for food grows with age. Even now, when she is in an all-girls' high school, her mind is filled with thoughts of food all the time. Due to that, Yutaro, the university student who is boarding at the Uno's home, scathingly calls Meiko, "a person with no charms whatsoever". However, as Meiko changes from someone who loves to eat, to a person who loves to prepare food for others to eat, she starts to display an inner strength as foretold by her mother and her grandmother. "To crave for food, is to have the will to live; the stronger the craving, the greater the will". Those are the words that help to encourage Meiko and her loved ones as they go through all the trials and tribulations in their lives. --by NHK


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Gochisousan

S01E01 A Once in a Lifetime Strawberry 30/09/2013
S01E02 A Once in a Lifetime Strawberry 01/10/2013
S01E03 A Once in a Lifetime Strawberry 02/10/2013
S01E04 A Once in a Lifetime Strawberry 03/10/2013
S01E05 A Once in a Lifetime Strawberry 04/10/2013
S01E06 A Once in a Lifetime Strawberry 05/10/2013
S01E07 Meeting Yuu for the First Time 07/10/2013
S01E08 Meeting Yuu for the First Time 08/10/2013
S01E09 Meeting Yuu for the First Time 09/10/2013
S01E10 Meeting Yuu for the First Time 10/10/2013
S01E11 Meeting Yuu for the First Time 11/10/2013
S01E12 Meeting Yuu for the First Time 12/10/2013
S01E13 To Agree on Natto 14/10/2013
S01E14 To Agree on Natto 15/10/2013
S01E15 To Agree on Natto 16/10/2013
S01E16 To Agree on Natto 17/10/2013
S01E17 To Agree on Natto 18/10/2013
S01E18 To Agree on Natto 19/10/2013
S01E19 With All My Heart 21/10/2013
S01E20 With All My Heart 22/10/2013
S01E21 With All My Heart 23/10/2013
S01E22 With All My Heart 24/10/2013
S01E23 With All My Heart 25/10/2013
S01E24 With All My Heart 26/10/2013
S01E25 My 28/10/2013
S01E26 My 29/10/2013
S01E27 My 30/10/2013
S01E28 My 31/10/2013
S01E29 My 01/11/2013
S01E30 My 02/11/2013
S01E31 Konbu-nation 04/11/2013
S01E32 Konbu-nation 05/11/2013
S01E33 Konbu-nation 06/11/2013
S01E34 Konbu-nation 07/11/2013
S01E35 Konbu-nation 08/11/2013
S01E36 Konbu-nation 09/11/2013
S01E37 spirit of the settlement 11/11/2013
S01E38 spirit of the settlement 12/11/2013
S01E39 spirit of the settlement 13/11/2013
S01E40 spirit of the settlement 14/11/2013
S01E41 spirit of the settlement 15/11/2013
S01E42 spirit of the settlement 16/11/2013
S01E43 Sorry 18/11/2013
S01E44 Sorry 19/11/2013
S01E45 Sorry 20/11/2013
S01E46 Sorry 21/11/2013
S01E47 Sorry 22/11/2013
S01E48 Sorry 23/11/2013
S01E49 I love Kimi 25/11/2013
S01E50 I love Kimi 26/11/2013
S01E51 I love Kimi 27/11/2013
S01E52 I love Kimi 28/11/2013
S01E53 I love Kimi 29/11/2013
S01E54 I love Kimi 30/11/2013
S01E55 Love you 02/12/2013
S01E56 Love you 03/12/2013
S01E57 Love you 04/12/2013
S01E58 Love you 05/12/2013
S01E59 Love you 06/12/2013
S01E60 Love you 07/12/2013
S01E61 Say hate 09/12/2013
S01E62 Say hate 10/12/2013
S01E63 Say hate 11/12/2013
S01E64 Say hate 12/12/2013
S01E65 Say hate 13/12/2013
S01E66 Say hate 14/12/2013
S01E67 Thank you for the hospitality 16/12/2013
S01E68 Thank you for the hospitality 17/12/2013
S01E69 Thank you for the hospitality 18/12/2013
S01E70 Thank you for the hospitality 19/12/2013
S01E71 Thank you for the hospitality 20/12/2013
S01E72 Thank you for the hospitality 21/12/2013
S01E73 happiness arrives 23/12/2013
S01E74 happiness arrives 24/12/2013
S01E75 happiness arrives 25/12/2013
S01E76 happiness arrives 26/12/2013
S01E77 happiness arrives 27/12/2013
S01E78 happiness arrives 28/12/2013
S01E79 The power of love 06/01/2014
S01E80 The power of love 07/01/2014
S01E81 The power of love 08/01/2014
S01E82 The power of love 09/01/2014
S01E83 The power of love 10/01/2014
S01E84 The power of love 11/01/2014
S01E85 Respectively 13/01/2014
S01E86 Respectively 14/01/2014
S01E87 Respectively 15/01/2014
S01E88 Respectively 16/01/2014
S01E89 Respectively 17/01/2014
S01E90 Respectively 18/01/2014
S01E91 The final habitat 20/01/2014
S01E92 The final habitat 21/01/2014
S01E93 The final habitat 22/01/2014
S01E94 The final habitat 23/01/2014
S01E95 The final habitat 24/01/2014
S01E96 The final habitat 25/01/2014
S01E97 Luxury steak 27/01/2014
S01E98 Luxury steak 28/01/2014
S01E99 Luxury steak 29/01/2014
S01E100 Luxury steak 30/01/2014
S01E101 Luxury steak 31/01/2014
S01E102 Luxury steak 01/02/2014
S01E103 My father's teachings 03/02/2014
S01E104 My father's teachings 04/02/2014
S01E105 My father's teachings 05/02/2014
S01E106 My father's teachings 06/02/2014
S01E107 My father's teachings 07/02/2014
S01E108 My father's teachings 08/02/2014
S01E109 A little pot is soon hot 10/02/2014
S01E110 A little pot is soon hot 11/02/2014
S01E111 A little pot is soon hot 12/02/2014
S01E112 A little pot is soon hot 13/02/2014
S01E113 A little pot is soon hot 14/02/2014
S01E114 A little pot is soon hot 15/02/2014
S01E115 The important person 17/02/2014
S01E116 The important person 18/02/2014
S01E117 The important person 19/02/2014
S01E118 The important person 20/02/2014
S01E119 The important person 21/02/2014
S01E120 The important person 22/02/2014
S01E121 Yau Tai Lung rebellion 24/02/2014
S01E122 Yau Tai Lung rebellion 25/02/2014
S01E123 Yau Tai Lung rebellion 26/02/2014
S01E124 Yau Tai Lung rebellion 27/02/2014
S01E125 Yau Tai Lung rebellion 28/02/2014
S01E126 Yau Tai Lung rebellion 01/03/2014
S01E127 The trauma of war 03/03/2014
S01E128 The trauma of war 04/03/2014
S01E129 The trauma of war 05/03/2014
S01E130 The trauma of war 06/03/2014
S01E131 The trauma of war 07/03/2014
S01E132 The trauma of war 08/03/2014
S01E133 Will see you 10/03/2014
S01E134 Will see you 11/03/2014
S01E135 Will see you 12/03/2014
S01E136 Will see you 13/03/2014
S01E137 Will see you 14/03/2014
S01E138 Will see you 15/03/2014
S01E139 Postpone war 17/03/2014
S01E140 Postpone war 18/03/2014
S01E141 Postpone war 19/03/2014
S01E142 Postpone war 20/03/2014
S01E143 Postpone war 21/03/2014
S01E144 Postpone war 22/03/2014
S01E145 Lavish hospitality 24/03/2014
S01E146 Lavish hospitality 25/03/2014
S01E147 Lavish hospitality 26/03/2014
S01E148 Lavish hospitality 27/03/2014
S01E149 Lavish hospitality 28/03/2014
S01E150 Lavish hospitality 29/03/2014

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