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Several years ago, a stranger pulled into Butler, Mo., a small farming community on the Kansas-Missouri border, and bought a rundown car dealership. That man, Mark Muller, has since built his Max Motors into a thriving business. Muller is willing to do whatever it takes to increase sales, and he lives by three rules: Do the right thing; let's make a deal; live every day like it's your last. Although he's a larger-than-life personality who would stage a UFO landing to sell a car, Muller is also willing to cut a break for a cash-strapped farmer in need of a vehicle. In addition to showcasing him and his oddball staff, the program features Muller's brother and business partner, noted radio host ``Mancow.''


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de God, Guns & Automobiles

S01E01 Welcome to Max Motors 08/07/2013 In the series opener Mark attempts to disuade a customer from purchasing a hybrid vehicle. Younger brother Mancow arrives from Chicago to help oversee his investment in the business. Meanwhile all staff are busy with a weekend "super sale".
S01E02 Muller's Way 08/07/2013 Mark and Mancow disagree over the appearance and managment of the sales staff. Mark tries to help top salesman Cowboy Harvey overcome his legal and substance abuse problems with an unusual bet. Mancow goes on a vehicle repo mission and finds it's not as easy as he thought.
S01E03 Cowboys and Aliens 15/07/2013 With Max Motors falling short of their monthly quota Mark comes up with a promotion that will be a Sales Encounter of the Third Kind as aliens invade the business. Larry becomes frustrated with the salesmen goofing off. Meanwhile champion tractor puller L.D. Nation gives Mark and Mancow a tour of his vehicle collection and sells them a 1920 Chevrolet truck.
S01E04 Midnight Madness 15/07/2013 Mancow's idea for a special late-night sale at Max Motors proves to be a failure, partly due to sabotage by his brother. Mark's assistant Jason endures hazing as "the new guy". Mark buys a "rat rod" after promising Mancow he'll slow down his fast-driving ways.
S01E05 The Great Gun Buyback 22/07/2013 Mark co-sponsors a gun buyback event with local law enforcement, but ends up keeping some for his own collection. Also his son Max joins the family business that bears his name.
S01E06 Urban Cowboys 22/07/2013 Mark flies to Chicago when Mancow discovers his rare dream car there. Meanwhile Rod finds running Max Motors in Mark's absence is harder than he thought.
S01E07 Demolition Men 29/07/2013 Mark faces off with his staff in a demolition derby.
S01E08 Fight Night 05/08/2013 Mark hosts a cage-fighting event.
S01E09 Respect the Vet 12/08/2013 A weekend-sales event falls through; Mark hosts an appreciation day for veterans; a bet is made about Mark's car collection.
S01E10 Shine On 19/08/2013 Mark and his son Matt decide get into the moonshine business, and enlist the aid of Butler's best brewers. But to get Erich on board, they'll have to prove to him that moonshine isn't just for local folks. Meanwhile, Jason struggles to balance his duties for Mark while also training Mongo for his upcoming cage-fights.
S01E11 Family Circus 26/08/2013 When the rodeo comes to Butler, Mark is caught under-staffed during the busiest weekend of the year, forcing him to recruit his wife Amy and their three sons to work the dealership. Meanwhile, Erich butts heads with the local radio station when he brings his big-city shock-jock radio show to small town Butler.
S01E12 Speed Auction 02/09/2013 Mark's mother arrives for a visit.
S01E13 The Art of the Retreat 09/09/2013 Mark organizes a work retreat while the dealership is shut down for construction.
S01E14 Going Big Time 16/09/2013 Mark teaches Matt a lesson; Erich is tasked with acquiring fireworks.

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