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Gogs is the brainchild of Deiniol Morris and Michael Mort who met at Newport Film School in 1989 and studied animation together. They formed Aaargh! Animation Production when Gogs was commissioned by S4C and BBC Bristol.The Gogs themselves are a prehistoric family lovingly rendered in clay, each with its own characteristics. * Ogo - the son, a mega-thicko who is always trying to please the others, when he's not picking his nose * Oglas - the father, a miserable, lazy good-for-nothing. All he wants is an easy life. * Girj - the baby, does only three things well; cry, belch and poo everywhere! * Gogas - the grandfather, really has problems which cannot be solved by hitting them! * Ogla - the mother, is the real leader of this dysfunctional family. * Igi - the daughter, beneath her shy exterior lurks a real brain. * Ray - the dinosaur, not a member of the family, but a Gogs regular. Ray is fearsome. * Ninja Dino - a dinosaur who gives everyone

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