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S01E01 Sandon 01/09/1986 The discovery of silver in the "Silvery Slocan" gave rise to this boom town that boasted a population of over 2,000, 24 hotels, and two railroads.
S01E02 Dawson Creek 08/09/1986 A look at the Klondike Gold Rush in the Yukon Territory. The area around Dawson Creek yielded some of the finest gold in the world.
S01E03 Phoenix 15/09/1986 This town once boasted many fine hotels, as well as an indoor skating rink. Phoenix vanished after the residents simply walked away from it.
S01E04 Rossland 22/09/1986 Known as "The Golden City", Rossland grew to be the fourth largest city in B.C. One mine alone produced over $600 million worth of gold in today’s terms.
S01E05 Treasure Story From Lardeau Country 29/09/1986 CHBC Official Description: C.P.R. lineman Walter Clough is one of the key figures in the story of ""The Lost Mortar & Pestle Mine"" - a mine that yielded incredibly high-grade gold ore.
S01E06 Fairview 06/10/1986 CHBC Official Description: Like many of the boom towns in the old west, Fairview experienced devastating fires. During a trip to the townsite, many valuables were salvaged from the ruins.
S01E07 Yale 13/10/1986 CHBC Official Description: Once the metropolis of the Fraser River, at least two hundred miners lost their lives along the banks of this river in the rush to make their fortune around Yale.
S01E08 Quesnel Forks 20/10/1986 CHBC Official Description: Now a Cariboo ghost town, Quesnel Forks produced immense riches. Two Chinese miners made so much that they returned to their country as multimillionaires.
S01E09 Atlin 27/10/1986 CHBC Official Description: An old dying miner whispered the whereabouts of his source of gold, causing gold fever and a rush to the Atlin district. The area still hides some treasure secrets.
S01E10 Border Country 03/11/1986 CHBC Official Description: Empire builder James J. Hill figures prominently in the story of Border Country, a big man who when fire threatened his office saved his records by throwing his three hundred pound desk out a window.
S01E11 Granite City 10/11/1986 CHBC Official Description: This area was rich in gold and platinum, but at 25 cents a pound, some miners buried their platinum until it was worth more. Some of these caches are being discovered today!
S01E12 Camp McKinney 17/11/1986 CHBC Official Description: Two large gold bars were stolen during a hold up near Camp McKinney, and although the robbers were found, the gold remains hidden.
S01E13 Gold Panning Trip 24/11/1986 CHBC Official Description: Mike and Bill venture out to a creek in the Okanagan to try their luck at panning for gold....with some success!
S02E01 Greenwood 07/09/1987 CHBC Official Description: The smallest incorporated city in Canada, Greenwood is also known as one of the last two great mining towns. It contained one of the largest smelters in the British Empire.
S02E02 Kaslo 14/09/1987 CHBC Official Description: This town almost became a ghost town a mere sixteen weeks after its heyday, but it refused to die despite being hit by flood and fire.
S02E03 Cascade City 21/09/1987 CHBC Official Desscription: Bill Barlee takes you home to Cascade City, a town where he spent his youth and tells of a large cache of silver.
S02E04 Cariboo Road 28/09/1987 CHBC Official Description: The construction of the Cariboo Road is examined. This engineering marvel, which was carved from the walls of Fraser Canyon, provided miners with a safer route to their riches.
S02E05 Writing on Stone 05/10/1987 CHBC Official Description: Bill and Mike leave B.C. for the Milk River Country of Southern Alberta. The badlands are the sources for several interesting stories.
S02E06 Chinese Miners 12/10/1987 CHBC Official Description: The Chinese miners were famous for their skills as placer miners. They reworked areas left by white prospectors and didn't miss much gold.
S02E07 Slocan City 19/10/1987 CHBC Official Description: Unbelievable riches in silver produced some of the classic towns of the era. ""Cayuse Brown"" and ""The Yellow Kid"" are just two of the characters Bill brings back to life, along with the story of the Golden Wedge Treasure.
S02E08 Kettle Valley Railway 26/10/1987 A look at the history of the now extinct railway in B.C.'s southern interior and at the life of Andrew McCulloch, the man who masterminded the construction of the line and especially the building of the tunnels and huge trestles.
S02E09 Lost Golden Plate 02/11/1987 This story takes place in Western Ferry County and Eastern Okanogan County in Washington State. Ferry was known as the toughest town this side of Hell. The area was home to some amazing characters.
S02E10 Ainsworth 09/11/1987 It's known as the oldest mining town in the West Kootenay. The miners were attracted by the silver, lead and zinc ore that was so plentiful. Characters like "Let'er Go Gallagher" all make up the story of Ainsworth on Kootenay Lake.
S02E11 Wildhorse Creek 16/11/1987 Gold was discovered in this area on the western side of the Rockies in 1863. The find was substantial enough to spur the building of the Dewdney Trail. Trouble between the miners and local Indians brought Sam Steele and The Northwest Mounted Police into the region.
S02E12 Moyie 23/11/1987 The Sullivan Mine gets most of the attention as the richest silver mine in the world, but Moyie has many other fascinating stories. Among them how a Catholic priest was involved in a silver find in order to build a new church.
S02E13 Ymir 30/11/1987 Not much remains of this once wealthy mining town that had the reputation of being one of the toughest mining towns of the Pacific Slope, and it may hide some riches yet.
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S03E01 Salmo 05/09/1988 The gold produced in the Salmo area was so rich that several mines thought nothing of allowing thousands of ounces of fine gold to be washed away in their operation's tailings.
S03E02 Stikine River Country 12/09/1988 In Northern B.C. hundreds of men passed through this area on their way to the Klondike. Through photographs we see one man's impression of this overland route to the Klondike.
S03E03 Northport 19/09/1988 A wealth of silver lay buried near Northport Washington, this once booming town that continued to grow although it suffered through several great fires.
S03E04 Eholt 26/09/1988 Started up in the 1890s, this town in the Boundary Country grew rapidly. During its heyday, trains ran 24 hours a day to get ore to the smelters in Grand Forks.
S03E05 Three Forks 03/10/1988 Three Forks appeared suddenly in the Silvery Slocan, and it vanished almost as suddenly. A story of how a hidden treasure was found is examined.
S03E06 Fritz Agustus Heinz 10/10/1988 This colourful character was known for working his mines with a top hat on. He made a fortune in Montana, but sensed greater opportunities north of the border and came to the Kootenays.
S03E07 K & S Railway 17/10/1988 James J. Hill, one of the C.P.R.'s biggest rivals, built this small but vital railway in some of the most treacherous country in the west.
S03E08 Rock Creek 24/10/1988 This creek near Beaverdell was the source of great riches. Half pound gold nuggets were known to have been found by some miners.
S03E09 Ashcroft 31/10/1988 This town was established along the Cariboo Road. It was known as the transportation capital of the interior, but when the railroad came through the town began to decline.
S03E10 Hedley 07/11/1988 The mine in Hedley was established on the treacherous terrain of Nickelplate Mountain. Footage of the mine, which produced by today's figures $750 million, is featured.
S03E11 Midway 14/11/1988 This town situated midway between the Rockies and the Pacific, saw its share of tough customers, rustlers, and gamblers. It was the sight of The Midway War, a clash of two rival Railroads.
S03E12 Keremeos 21/11/1988 The story of how three towns known as Keremeos became one and the unusual characters that frequented the place.
S03E13 Wells 28/11/1988 The story of how two men and their families went west to make their fortunes and came across one of the richest creeks in the Cariboo.