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Good Game is a show by gamers for gamers. Each week it will be jam-packed with the latest gaming news and events, top gaming tips, reviews and interviews with game developers and the people behind the scenes. Hosted by Bajo and Hex, Good Game is filmed in the Den of Gaming; a gamers' paradise fitted out with just about every gaming device ever invented and complemented by a huge plasma screen.


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S01E01 Episode 1 19/09/2006 The Challenge: The Roffle Cup, Good Game's tribute to one of gamings all time greats. Build your own Machine: Dr Daneel takes us week by week, step by step through how to build your own gaming beast. This week; how to chose the right machine for the type of gamer you are. Masterclass: World of Warcraft: World of Warcraft has over six million players. Junglist meets one of the best and gets some insider tips on how to play the game well and level fast. Review: Saints Row: Drug running, robbing and pimping ho's - all in a day's gaming for Saints Row. Junglist and Kapowski go gangster and tell us what they think.
S01E02 Episode 2 26/09/2006 Build your own Machine: Dr Daneel takes us week by week, step by step through how to build your own gaming beast. This week; how to chose the right machine for the type of gamer you are. TY the Tasmanian Tiger: Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is the biggest selling Australian game of all time. Junglist travels to Krome Studios in Brisbane to talk to the man behind Ty, Creative Director and Co-founder of Krome, Steve Stamatiadis. Masterclass: Quake 4: Quake 4 is a competitive FPS game known for its intense one versus one contests. Junglist meets one of the best and gets some insider tips on how to play the game well. Machinima: Junglist goes to the Australian Film Television and Radio School to investigate the wonderful world of machinima. Guitar Hero Hint: Learn to play like P_Nutz and you too can own. The Wii: Preview: Team Good Game travels to Nintendo HQ to play with the much anticipated Wii.
S01E03 Tuesday 3 October 2006 00/00/0000
S01E04 Tuesday 10 October 2006 00/00/0000
S01E05 Tuesday 17 October 2006 00/00/0000
S01E06 Tuesday 24 October 2006 00/00/0000
S01E07 Tuesday 31 October 2006 00/00/0000
S01E08 Tuesday 7 November 2006 00/00/0000
S01E09 Tuesday 14 November 2006 00/00/0000
S01E10 Tuesday 21 November 2006 00/00/0000
S01E11 Episode 11 28/11/2006 Ask the Doc: Water cooling Review: Gears of War Interview: Bhautik Joshi (Paper modelling) Masterclass: Call of Duty 2 The Team: Episode 5 Review: Call of Jurarez
S01E12 Tuesday 5 December 2006 00/00/0000
S01E13 Tuesday 12 December 2006 00/00/0000
S02E01 Episode 01 20/03/2007 Review: Saints Row Ask the Doc: Build a Machine Masterclass: World of Warcraft Roffle Cup: Counter Strike Source
S02E02 Episode 02 27/03/2007 Introduction: Birth of Bajo Interview: Chris Taylor [Supreme Commander] Ask the Doc: Wireless network card issue Feature: Rise and Rise of the MMO Gamer Tonight: Epsiode 1 [Retro Gamer] Tip: Supreme Commander formation moves Review: Restiance - Fall of Man
S02E03 Episode 03 03/04/2007 Review: Ghost Recon, Advanced Warfighter 2 Ask the Doc: Improving framerate Roffle Cup: Ricky Ponting The Ultimate Showdown: Marcus Fenix vs Master Chief Meatspace: Episode 1 Tip: Gears of War [Boss] Masterclass: Virtua Fighter Review: God of War 2
S02E04 Episode 04 10/04/2007 Interview: Paul Hollywood (Motorstorm) Review: Motorstorm Ask the Doc: Upgrading The Ultimate Showdown: Best Boss Fight Tip: Grand Tourismo 4 Interview: Scott Cairns (Sound design) Review: Cooking Mama
S02E05 Episode 05 17/04/2007 Review: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl Ask the Doc: Wii sensor bar The Ultimate Showdown: Best opening sequence Interview: Ross O'Donovan (Gamer Tonight) Tip: Enemey Territory Review: Genji, Days of the Blade
S02E06 Episode 06 24/04/2007 Review: Virtua Tennis 3 The Ultimate Showdown: Best weapon Masterclass: Halo 2 Interview: Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid) Meatspace: Episode 2 Tip: Trauma Centre [Boss] Review: Arma, Armed Assault
S02E07 Episode 07 01/05/2007 Review: Dragon Ball Z 2 Ask the Doc: Water cooling Feature: Eminence Gamer Tonight: Episode 3 - FPS Gamer Review: Command & Conquer 3
S02E08 Episode 08 08/05/2007 Review: Meet the Robinsons Ask the Doc: Phase change cooling The Ultimate showdown: Best secret agent Interview: Auran (Fury) Meatspace: Episode 3 Interiew: Nicklas Cederstrom (World in Conflict) Tip: Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess Review: Mount and Blade
S02E09 Episode 09 15/05/2007 Review: Demon Chaos Ask the Doc: Dry ice and liquid nitrogen cooling Interview: Advertising in gaming The Ultimate Showdown: Best Dressed Game Character Gamer Tonight: Episode 4 - Simon the Sim Tip: Trackmania Nations [Sliding] Roffle Cup: Enemey Territory
S02E10 Episode 10 22/05/2007 Review: Spiderman 3 Ask the Doc: Dual and quad core overclocking world record attempt Interview: Mike Verdu (Command & Conquer 3) Review: TMNT The Ultimate Showdown: Best game location Meatspace: Episode 4 Tip: Dead or Alive 4 [Tech roll] Review: Elite Beat Agents
S02E11 Episode 11 29/05/2007 Interview: Jeff Blattner (Pirates of the Caribbean, At World's End) Ask the Doc: Using a Wii remote as a mouse Review: Final Fantasy 3 (DS) The Ultimate Showdown: Best music Gamer Tonight: Episode 5 - RTS Gamer Tip: Defence of the Ancients [Animation cancelling] Review: Socom
S02E12 Episode 12 05/06/2007 Review: Def Jam Icon The Ultimate Showdown: Fastest Character Review: Lord of the Rings - Shadows of Angmar Meatspace: Episode 5 Tip: Company of Heroes [Getting through hedgerows] Roffle Cup: vs Nerds F.C.
S02E13 Episode 13 12/06/2007 Ask the Doc: AA and AF explained Preview: Halo 3 Beta Gamer Tonight: Gamer Tonight Bloopers Interview: Nick Clarkson [Juiced 2] Review: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Preview: Guitar Hero Encore, Rocks the 80s Tip: Wii Tennis Review: Silverfall Roffle Cup: vs Bribie Island Retirement Village [Wii Bowling]
S02E14 Episode 14 19/06/2007 Review: Colin McRae - Dirt Ask the Doc: Cleaning a PC Review: Tomb Raider Anniversary Tip: Desperate Housewives Interview: Grant Collier [Call of Duty 4] Review: Mario Strikers Roffle Cup: Guitar Hero 2
S02E15 No Episode 00/00/0000
S03E01 Episode 01 - 25/09/2007 00/00/0000 Review: Halo 3 Qtr Circle A: Episode 1 Feature: The Art of Gaming Review: Heavenly Sword
S03E02 Episode 02 - 02/10/2007 00/00/0000 Review: Skate Life Online: Avatars Qtr Circle A: Episode 2 Feature: World Cyber Games - Australian Finals Review: Super Paper Mario
S03E03 Episode 03 - 09/10/2007 00/00/0000 Review: World In Conflict Evolution of a Genre: Adventure Qtr Circle A - Episode 3 Interview: Stan Lee [Spiderman] Play of the Week: Ze_German [C&C3] Review: EnemyTerritory - Quake Wars
S03E04 Episode 04 - 16/10/2007 00/00/0000 Review: FIFA '08 Play of the Week: Couvade [Age of Empires III] Life Online: Online Behaviour Qtr Circle A - Episode 4 Roffle Cup: vs Wallabies Review: Sega Rally
S03E05 Episode 05 - 23/10/2007 00/00/0000 Review: The Orange Box Feature: Serious Games Qtr Circle A: Episode 5 Review: Drawn to Life Evolution of A Genre: RTS
S03E06 Episode 06 - 30/10/2007 00/00/0000 Review: Conan Review: Witcher Feature: Older Gamers Review: The Adventures of Zelda - Phantom Hourglass Interview: Slash Review: Fury
S03E07 Episode 07 - 06/11/2007 00/00/0000 Review: Buzz - The Hollywood Quiz Review: Call Of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare Review: Carnival Lux: Pixelated Politics Review: Viva Piñata Party Animals Qtr Circle A: Episode 6 Singstar Evolution of a Genre: Beat 'Em Ups Review: Guitar Hero III
S03E08 Episode 08 - 13/11/2007 00/00/0000 Review: The Simpsons Game Review: Naruto - Rise Of A Ninja Feature: How Games Are Rated Review: Pursuit Force - Extreme Justice Roffle Cup: PP vs GG
S03E09 Episode 09 - 20/11/2007 00/00/0000 Review: Kane & Lynch - Dead Men Feature: Gamer Addiction Qtr Circle A: Episode 7 Interview: Assassin's Creed Evolution of a Genre: Sports Review: Metroid Prime 3 - Corruption
S03E10 Episode 10 - 27/11/2007 00/00/0000 Review: Assassin's Creed Feature: Death of the Arcade Qtr Circle A - Episode 8 Review: Crysis Review: Super Mario Galaxy
S03E11 Episode 11 - 12/12/2007 00/00/0000 Feature: Game of the Year Awards Review: Mass Effect Review: Ratchet & Clank: Tools Of Destruction Lux: Girls in Gaming Review: Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow Special: In Memorium Review: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Qtr Circle A: A Very Quater Circle A Christmas Review: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Evolution of a Genre: FPS Review: Lair Review: Unreal Tournament 3
S04E01 Episode 01 - 11/02/2008 00/00/0000
S04E02 Episode 02 - 18/02/2008 00/00/0000
S04E03 Episode 03 - 25/02/2008 00/00/0000
S04E04 Episode 04 - 03/03/2008 00/00/0000
S04E05 Episode 05 - 10/03/2008 00/00/0000
S04E06 Episode 06 - 17/03/2008 00/00/0000
S04E07 Episode 07 - 24/03/2008 00/00/0000
S04E08 Episode 08 - 31/03/2008 00/00/0000
S04E09 Episode 09 - 07/04/2008 00/00/0000
S04E10 Episode 10 - 14/04/2008 00/00/0000
S04E11 Episode 11 - 21/04/2008 00/00/0000
S04E12 Episode 12 - 28/04/2008 00/00/0000
S04E13 Episode 13 - 05/05/2008 00/00/0000
S04E14 Episode 14 - 12/05/2008 00/00/0000
S04E15 Episode 15 - 19/05/2008 00/00/0000
S04E16 Episode 16 - 26/05/2008 00/00/0000
S04E17 Episode 17 - 11/08/2008 00/00/0000
S04E18 Episode 18 - 18/08/2008 00/00/0000
S04E19 Episode 19 - 25/08/2008 00/00/0000
S04E20 Episode 20 - 01/09/2008 00/00/0000
S04E21 Episode 21 - 08/09/2008 00/00/0000
S04E22 Episode 22 - 15/09/2008 00/00/0000
S04E23 Episode 23 - 22/09/2008 00/00/0000
S04E24 Episode 24 - 29/09/2008 00/00/0000
S04E25 Episode 25 - 06/10/2008 - Shocks the 80s 06/10/2008 A short history of the 80s We take a look into the wierd and wonderful decade that was the 80's and the world events that helped to shape our modern thinking, culture and of course, our games. The 80s from a gamers perspective + Game Review: Super Mario Bros. We take a look at the 80's, year by year, game by game and see how it all turned out from a gamers perspective. Also we review one of the most enduring and important games from the decade, Super Mario Bros. Developer Interviews: Mark Jacobs, Rod Humble, Clifford Bleszinski
S04E26 Episode 26 - 13/10/2008 00/00/0000
S04E27 Episode 27 - 20/10/2008 00/00/0000
S04E28 Episode 28 - 27/10/2008 00/00/0000
S04E29 Episode 29 - 03/11/2008 00/00/0000
S04E30 Episode 30 - 10/11/2008 00/00/0000
S04E31 Episode 31 - 17/11/2008 00/00/0000
S04E32 Episode 32 - 24/11/2008 00/00/0000
S05E01 Episode 01 - 09/02/2009 00/00/0000
S05E02 Episode 02 - 16/02/2009 00/00/0000
S05E03 Episode 03 - 23/02/2009 00/00/0000
S05E04 Episode 04 - 02/03/2009 00/00/0000
S05E05 Episode 05 - 09/03/2009 00/00/0000
S05E06 Episode 06 - 16/03/2009 00/00/0000
S05E07 Episode 07 - 23/03/2009 00/00/0000
S05E08 Episode 08 - 30/03/2009 00/00/0000
S05E09 Episode 09 - 06/04/2009 00/00/0000
S05E10 Episode 10 - 13/04/2009 00/00/0000
S05E11 Episode 11 - 20/04/2009 00/00/0000
S05E12 Episode 12 - 27/04/2009 00/00/0000
S05E13 Episode 13 - 04/05/2009 00/00/0000
S05E14 Episode 14 - 11/05/2009 00/00/0000
S05E15 Episode 15 - 18/05/2009 00/00/0000
S05E16 Episode 16 - 25/05/2009 00/00/0000
S05E17 Episode 17 - 01/06/2009 00/00/0000
S05E18 Episode 18 - 08/06/2009 00/00/0000
S05E19 Episode 19 - 15/06/2009 00/00/0000
S05E20 Episode 20 - 22/06/2009 00/00/0000
S05E21 Episode 21 - 29/06/2009 00/00/0000
S05E22 Episode 22 - 06/07/2009 00/00/0000
S05E23 Episode 23 - 13/07/2009 00/00/0000
S05E24 Episode 24 - 20/07/2009 00/00/0000
S05E25 Episode 25 - 27/07/2009 00/00/0000
S05E26 Episode 26 - 03/08/2009 00/00/0000
S05E27 Episode 27 - 10/08/2009 00/00/0000
S05E28 Episode 28 - 17/08/2009 00/00/0000
S05E29 Episode 29 - 24/08/2009 - ZOMG 100th episode! 00/00/0000
S05E30 Episode 30 - 31/08/2009 00/00/0000
S05E31 Episode 31 - 07/09/2009 00/00/0000
S05E32 Episode 32 - 14/09/2009 00/00/0000
S05E33 Episode 33 - 21/09/2009 00/00/0000
S05E34 Episode 34 - 28/09/2009 00/00/0000
S05E35 Episode 35 - 05/10/2009 00/00/0000
S05E36 Episode 36 - 12/10/2009 00/00/0000
S05E37 Episode 37 - 19/10/2009 00/00/0000
S05E38 Episode 38 - 26/10/2009 - Hex spawns in 26/10/2009 Reviews. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Forza Motorsport 3. About Hex... Hex joins the GG team, replacing Junglist. Rei: The 400 Rules of Game Design This week Rei takes a look at the 400 Project – an ambitious venture started by veteran game designer, Noah Falstein, that plans to write down the rules of game design – all 400 of them! Bugs Have you ever stayed up all night playing a video game? Do you frequently substitute real sleep for that of your characters virtual slumber? If so, then Good Game is here to offer some sound (and rather creepy) advice for you... Ask Good Game This week on Ask Good Game we answer some questions about the R18+ discussion paper, how to get a Halo 3 achievement and why Bajo can't find shotguns...
S05E39 Episode 39 - 02/11/2009 00/00/0000 Cities XL GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Borderlands G-Force Simulators Roffle Cup: Matthew Reilly
S05E40 Episode 40 - 09/11/2009 00/00/0000 EyePet Playtest DJ Hero Virtual Simulator Sickness Dragon Age: Origins Tekken 6
S05E41 Episode 41 - 16/11/2009 00/00/0000 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Dragon Age: Origins New Super Mario Bros. Wii Digital Distribution
S05E42 Episode 42 - 32/11/2009 00/00/0000 LittleBigPlanet (PSP) Backwards Compatible: Being Bad Singstar Motown, Singstar Take That, U-Sing Australia's Best Gamers: Phil Day Assassin's Creed 2
S05E43 Episode 43 - 14/12/2009 - Christmas Special 00/00/0000 Rei: Giving the Gift of Game The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Lego Rock Band & Band Hero James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Left 4 Dead 2 The Noughties Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues Rush Rush Rally Racing Best GG Moments The Saboteur GG Awards 2009: Best Graphics, Big Claim Lame Game, Best Gaming Moment, Worst Game, Best Game
S06E01 Episode 01 - 15/01/2010 15/01/2010 Mass Effect 2 What we played over the break The R18+ debate Bioshock 2
S06E02 Episode 02 - 22/02/2010 22/02/2010 Dante's Inferno Game Jam 2010 The WASD System Heavy Rain
S06E03 Episode 03 - 01/03/2010 01/03/2010 M.A.G. Final Fantasy Special Matt Goodwin Aliens Vs Predator
S06E04 Episode 04 - 08/03/2010 08/03/2010 Final Fantasy XIII Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Jeff Minter The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom
S06E05 Episode 05 - 15/03/2010 15/03/2010 God of War III Metro 2033 5-Up: Best Gaming Weapons The Elder Scrolls
S06E06 Episode 06 - 22/03/2010 15/03/2010 Napoleon: Total War 5-Up: Top RTS Strategies Supreme Commander 2 Expert Preview: StarCraft 2 Beta Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight
S06E07 Episode 07 - 29/03/2010 29/03/2010 Red Steel 2 5-Up: Top Gaming Tunes Just Cause 2
S06E08 Episode 08 - 05/04/2010 05/04/2010 Ajax: DIY Flight Simulator iPhone round-up: Space Miner, Ragdoll Blaster 2, Crash Nitro Kart 3D Pipebuster 2 - Number Twos Perfect Dark Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening
S06E09 Episode 09 - 12/04/2010 12/04/2010 BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Name the Game Rugby League 3 5-Up: Top lols Ajax: Games vs Sleep
S06E10 Episode 10 - 19/04/2010 19/04/2010 FIFA Interactive World Cup Qualifiers 2010 Remakes Splinter Cell: Conviction The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom
S06E11 Episode 11 - 26/04/2010 26/04/2010 5-Up: Best Gaming Moustaches Monster Hunter Tri Torchlight Console Repairman
S06E12 Episode 12 - 03/05/2010 03/05/2010 5-Up: Worst Voice Acting Dead to Rights: Retribution The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces Ajax: The Impact of Violent Games Name the Game
S06E13 Episode 13 - 10/05/2010 10/05/2010 M.U.D. TV ModNation Racers Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa National Guitar Hero Champion: Joel Brooks What's in Your Pile of Shame? - Matias Myllyrinne
S06E14 Episode 14 - 17/05/2010 17/05/2010 Alan Wake Super Street Fighter IV If I Wasn't a Game Dev.... Ajax: Games Theft
S06E15 Episode 15 - 24/05/2010 24/05/2010 3D Dot Game Heroes Robot Unicorn Attack Ajax: Lounge Room Domination After Burner Climax Neptune's Pride What's in Your Pile of Shame? - Ernest Zamora Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
S06E16 Episode 16 - 31/05/2010 31/05/2010 Lost Planet 2 Sensible Software If I Wasn't a Game Dev? - Bruno Velazquez and Jonathan Hawkins Red Dead Redemption
S06E17 Episode 17 - 07/06/2010 07/06/2010 Alpha Protocol Name the Game UFC Undisputed 2010 Digital Essay: The Pile of Shame Skate 3
S06E18 Episode 18 - 14/06/2010 14/06/2010 Jolly Rover Vampires Fruit Ninja Blur
S06E19 Episode 19 - 21/06/2010 21/06/2010 Guest Starring Andrew "Bindi" Hansen of "The Chaser" Fame. Toy Story 3: The Video Game Rare No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
S06E20 Episode 20 - 28/06/2010 - E3 2010 Special 28/06/2010 Welcome Motion Controls World Exclusives part 1 3D Gaming The Games
S06E21 Episode 21 - 05/07/2010 05/07/2010 Pile of Shame: Brian Bright Ajax: Addicted to Gaming? Super Mario Galaxy 2 Split/Second Velocity
S06E22 Episode 22 - 12/07/2010 12/07/2010 Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Naughty Bear Transformers: War for Cybertron and Transformers: Cybertron Adventures Beached Az
S06E23 Episode 23 - 19/07/2010 19/07/2010 Pile of Shame: Jeremiah Slaczka Singularity Treyarch Puzzle Quest 2 Crackdown 2
S06E24 Episode 24 - 26/07/2010 26/07/2010 Limbo Demon's Souls If I Wasn't a Game Dev? - Christopher Cross 5-Up: Most Influential Gaming Controllers DeathSpank Joe Danger
S06E25 Episode 25 - 02/08/2010 02/08/2010 World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Preview Blizzard iPad Round Up Muscle March
S06E26 Episode 26 - 09/08/2010 09/08/2010 Disciples III StarCraft II Alien Swarm Pile of Shame: Ed Boon 5-Up: Top Gaming Dictators
S06E27 Episode 27 - 16/08/2010 16/08/2010 Bungie - part 1 & 2 5-Up: Top Gaming Blades Pile of Shame: Aaron Greenberg Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies
S06E28 Episode 28 - 23/08/2010 - Space Special 23/08/2010 Space 101: Shoot and Scoot Space 101: Leading An Army Star Wars Fan: David "LORDVADER xRKx" Geeves Space Influence: Warren Spector Space Influence: J. Allen Brack Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind: Dead Space Mass Effect Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind: Metroid Prime Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind: Space Chase Dark Forces 1 and 2
S06E29 Episode 29 - 30/08/2010 30/08/2010 Freeplay Independent Games Festival Mafia 2 Wii Ware Round Up Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Pile of Shame: Jonathan Pelling
S06E30 Episode 30 - 06/09/2010 06/09/2010 Shank 5-Up: Best Opening Levels Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days A day in the life of a games tester Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Pile of Shame: Nina Kristensen Monday Night Combat
S06E31 Episode 31 - 13/09/2010 13/09/2010 Rei: Gamescom 2010 Move and Kinect: First Impressions Ask Good Game Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep H.A.W.X. 2
S06E32 Episode 32 - 20/09/2010 20/09/2010 Minecraft Halo: Reach Developer Interview - Joseph Tung and Chris Opdahl Ask Good Game Valkyria Chronicles II Metroid: Other M
S06E33 Episode 33 - 27/09/2010 27/09/2010 Rei: GDC 2010 Civilization V Ask Good Game Halo: Reach Dead Rising 2
S06E34 Episode 34 - 04/10/2010 04/10/2010 Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Amnesia: The Dark Descent Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock How the Dust Settled: StarCraft II
S06E35 Episode 35 - 11/10/2010 11/10/2010 Blade Kitten Rei: Motion Control F1 2010 Ask Good Game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
S06E36 Episode 36 - 18/10/2010 18/10/2010 Enslaved: Odyssey to the West FIFA 11 vs Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Medal of Honor Ask Good Game If I Wasn't a Game Dev? - Tomonobu Itagaki
S06E37 Episode 37 - 25/10/2010 25/10/2010 Shaun White Skateboarding Pile of Shame: Heather Rabatich Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Ask Good Game Fallout: New Vegas
S06E38 Episode 38 - 01/11/2010 01/11/2010 Fable 3 NBA Jam & NBA 2K11 If I Wasn't a Game Dev? - Richard Garriott Costume Quest Zombie Competition Has Closed Ask Good Game
S06E39 Episode 39 - 08/11/2010 08/11/2010 Vanquish Zombie Competition Entries Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II More Zombie Competition Entries God of War: Ghost of Sparta Zombie Competition Winner
S06E40 Episode 40 - 15/11/2010 15/11/2010 Pile of Shame: Matt Webster GoldenEye 007 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Call of Duty: Black Ops
S06E41 Episode 41 - 22/11/2010 22/11/2010 Rock Band 3 Ajax: Australia's Mobile Gaming Developers Ask Good Game Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
S06E42 Episode 42 - 29/11/2010 - Christmas Special 29/11/2010 Disney Epic Mickey Downloadable Games Round Up A Very Darren Christmas Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth & Doctor Who: Return to Earth PlayStation Move Round Up Donkey Kong Country Returns James Bond 007: Blood Stone Kinect Round Up
S06E43 Episode 43 - 06/12/2010 - Good Game of the Year Edition 06/12/2010 GG Awards 2010: Best Graphics Bajo's Reflections on 2010 GG Awards 2010: Worst Game Ajax: Animal Cruelty GG Awards 2010: Best Downloadable Game 2010 the Year in Review Good Game Highlights of the Year GG Awards 2010: Best Sound Hex's Reflections on 2010 GG Awards 2010: Big Claim Lame Game In Memoriam 2010 GG Awards 2010: Best Gaming Moment Good Game Glitches 2010 What We're Looking Forward To GG Awards 2010: Game of the Year
S07E01 Episode 01 - 08/02/2011 08/02/2011 Good Game makes its triumphant return!! LittleBigPlanet 2, Dead Space 2 Pile of Shame: Eric Barker We ask Eric Barker of Red Faction Armageddon, what games he has sitting in his pile of shame. Developer Interview: Siobhan Reddy Studio Director of Media Molecule, Siobhan Reddy tells us about the creative process behind the development of Little Big Planet 2. What We Played Over the Break Bajo and Hex share what they got up to over the break. Stories of distant lands, real and virtual.
S07E02 Episode 02 - 15/02/2011 15/02/2011 Bajo and Hex welcome you to a gaming wonderland! Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, Rock Band 3 Update, Back to the Future, Raskulls. Pile of Shame: Siobhan Reddy We ask game developers which games they have sitting in their pile of shame... The Game Dev Story: Halfbrick Our gift to you; A history lesson on some of the most interesting game development studios in the world.
S07E03 Episode 03 - 22/02/2011 22/02/2011 Bajo and Hex welcome you to a gaming wonderland! Test Drive Unlimited 2, Kirby's Epic Yarn, de Blob 2. The Game Dev Story: Blue Tongue Entertainment Our gift to you; A history lesson on some of the most interesting game development studios in the world. Fanboys vs. Haters We pick some of the biggest game franchises around and take a quick look at both sides of the coin, what is it the faithful fanboys hold dear and what drives the haters despair?
S07E04 Episode 04 - 01/03/2011 01/03/2011 Welcome to another episode of Good Game! Stacking, Killzone 3. Ask Good Game: Scruffy This week we give a very detailed answer to the question of Scruffy from Victoria...and that's it! Developer Interview: Richard Garriott Bajo has a chat with renowned game developer Richard "Lord British" Garriott, the father of MMOs.
S07E05 Episode 05 - 08/03/2011 08/03/2011 Welcome to another episode of Good Game! Fight Night Champion, Bulletstorm, Beyond Good and Evil HD. Ask Good Game: Sam, Billy, Max, Zombies aren't People. This week Bajo and Hex answer the questions of Sam, Billy, Max and Zombies aren't People... Deep Space Discs: Noah Kircher-Allen We asked Noah Kircher-Allen from the Skylanders development team which three game he would take with him on a deep space adventure. Pile of Shame: Anthony O'Dempsey We asked Anthony O'Dempsey of FreshTone games about what is on his pile of shame.
S07E06 Episode 06 - 15/03/2011 15/03/2011 Welcome to another episode of Good Game! Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, Magicka, Rift. Gamer News Bajo brings us the latest news including an update on the Mortal Kombat Classification quarrel, and the potential development of a new Microsoft console... Ask Good Game: Tim and Rebecca This week Bajo and Hex answer the questions of Tim and Rebecca... Pile of Shame: Simon "Si" Barlow We ask Simon Barlow of the Motorstorm Apocalypse development team which games he has sitting atop his pile of shame.
S07E07 Episode 07 - 22/03/2011 22/03/2011 Welcome to another episode of Good Game! Yakuza 4, Dragon Age 2. Fanboys vs. Haters: Halo Wrap We tally the results and find out what you guys think of the Halo series... Backwards Compatible: BioWare We take a look at the history and accomplishments of one of the most recognisable game studios of all time, BioWare...
S07E08 Episode 08 - 29/03/2011 29/03/2011 Welcome back to Good Game, the show for gamers by gamers. Homefront, Shogun 2: Total War, Motorstorm Apocalypse. Permadeath We have a look at the gaming phenomenon that is Permadeath; the idea that once you're dead, you stay dead... permanently. Pile of Shame: Jeremy Greiner Jeremy Greiner of the Homefront team tells us which games are sitting atop his pile of shame.
S07E09 Episode 09 - 05/04/2011 05/04/2011 Welcome back to Good Game, the show for gamers by gamers. The Sims Medieval, Crysis 2. Backwards Compatible: 3D Gaming With the 3DS now on the market, we thought it would be a good idea to look back at the history of 3D in video games. 3DS Review We check out the latest handheld gadget from Nintendo; the 3DS. Fanboys vs. Haters: Final Fantasy It's time to stir the pot of passions that is Fanboys vs Haters and this week, we're talking about Final Fantasy...
S07E10 Episode 10 - 12/04/2011 12/04/2011 Welcome back to Good Game, the show for gamers by gamers. Shift 2: Unleashed. Tom Clancy's 3DS Round-Up We have a look at the Tom Clancy's two 3DS release titles; Spinter Cell 3D and Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars... Interview: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost When we heard that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost would be in the country to promote their latest film we thought, "could Good Game, a show all about gaming, justify an interview with them?" Well, with nerd credentials like their's... not really, but we went anyway... Feature Story: Gamification Imagine a world where everything we love about video games ends up in everyday, boring activities like brushing your teeth or washing the dishes. It's called Gamification and it's bringing gaming to real life experiences.
S07E11 Episode 11 - 19/04/2011 19/04/2011 Welcome back to Good Game, the show for gamers by gamers. WWE All Stars, Gray Matter. Fanboys vs. Haters: Final Fantasy Wrap We let the Fans and the Haters have their say in this Final Fantasy Fued... Pile of Shame: James McDermott We ask James McDermott of Warhammer 40K: Space Marine what he has sitting atop his Pile of Shame... Downloadable Games Round-Up We look at some of the latest downloadable game releases across the major platforms, including Battle: Los Angeles, Ghost Busters: Sanctum of Slime, Swarm and Dino D-Day...
S07E12 Episode 12 - 26/04/2011 26/04/2011 Welcome back to Good Game, the show for gamers by gamers. S.O.C.O.M. 4: Special Forces, The 3rd Birthday, Portal 2. Deep Space Discs: Nathan Davis We spoke to Nathan Davis of Obsidian Entertainment about which games he would take with him on a deep space adventure...
S07E13 Episode 13 - 03/05/2011 - Superhero Special 03/05/2011 Bajo and Hex have the week off and are replaced by two of the world's most beloved crime fighters, Bajman and Storm... DC Universe Online. Backwards Compatible: Superhero Games It's time to backwards compatible-ise the entire genre of super-powered superhero videogames... Who's Your Hero? - Ed Boon We asked creator of Mortal Kombat, Ed Boon, who his favourite superhero is... Feature Story: Captain Australia We tracked down real-life superhero, Captain Australia, to find out what it's like to sacrifice gaming time for fighting crime... Who's Your Hero? - Walt Williams We asked writer of Special Ops: The Line, Walt Williams, who his favourite superhero is...
S07E14 Episode 14 - 10/05/2011 10/05/2011 Welcome back to Good Game, the show for gamers by gamers... Thor: God of Thunder, Darkspore. My First Love: Martin Edmondson We spoke with Martin Edmondson of the 'Driver' series about his first gaming love... iOS Round-Up There are new iOS games released every day of the week, so we thought we'd do a round-up of a few recent and noteworthy games that have caught the attention of our eager fingers. First up, it's Tiny Wings. Feature Story: Tamagotchi Collector We spoke to Tamagotchi fanatic, Meg-Anne Harrop about her collection of portable pets...
S07E15 Episode 15 - 17/05/2011 17/05/2011 Welcome back to Good Game, the show for gamers by gamers... Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters. Fanboys vs. Haters: Legend of Zelda Wrap It's been a whole month since we prompted you to debate the merits of the Legend of Zelda series and so the time has come to distil all those pointed opinions into a fine potion of perspicacious prose. Feature Story: Fan Art We caught up with a Melbourne Curator who's taking videogame-inspired fan art to a more serious and commercial level. My First Love: Steve Gibson We spoke with Martin Edmondson of Gearbox Software about his first gaming love... iPad Round-Up It's time we did an iPad round-up. We check out Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP, Real Racing 2 HD and Order and Chaos Online...
S07E16 Episode 16 - 24/05/2011 24/05/2011 Welcome back to Good Game, the show for gamers by gamers... Brink, L.A.Noire. Feature Story: iRacing - Mitchell McLeod We all have a bit of a competitive streak when it comes to gaming, and here's someone who's making a career out of it... My First Love: Dax Ginn We spoke with Dax Ginn of Rocksteady Studios about his first gaming love...
S07E17 Episode 17 - 31/05/2011 31/05/2011 Welcome back to Good Game, the show for gamers by gamers... Dirt 3, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Fallout New Vegas: Honest Hearts DLC. My First Love: Ruth Tomandl We asked Ruth Tomandl of Snowblind Studios about her first gaming love... Feature Story: Video Game Music In the 1980s and even early 90s, most videogame music was composed with simple 8-bit bloops and blops... yet the melodies were unforgettable.
S07E18 Episode 18 - 07/06/2011 07/06/2011 Welcome back to Good Game, the show for gamers by gamers... Conduit 2, Terraria. Ask Good Game: High Voltage, American Dad 000 and Peabody This week Bajo and Hex answer the questions of High Voltage, American Dad 000 and Peabody... Backwards Compatible: Duke Nukem With the release of Duke Nukem Forever just around the corner we thought it would be a good idea to take a look back to see how it all begun...
S07E19 Episode 19 - 14/06/2011 14/06/2011 Welcome back to Good Game, the show for gamers by gamers... Duke Nukem Forever, We Dare. Backwards Compatible: Idle Animations You ever notice what happens in those occasional moments when we put our controllers aside? Sometimes, those little dudes on the screen grasp the opportunity of our absence to remind us that maybe they have a mind of their own... My First Love: Randy Pitchford Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Software tells us about his first gaming love...
S07E20 Episode 20 - 21/06/2011 - E3 Special 21/06/2011 Gear of War 3 (Preview) Mass Effect 3 (Preview) Uncharted 3 (Preview) Batman Arkham City (Preview) PlayStation Vita (Preview) Battlefield 3 (Preview) The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Preview) E3 Press Conference Highlights Assassin's Creed Revelations (Preview) Wii U (Preview) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Preview) Bioshock Infinite (Preview) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Preview) Rayman Origins (Preview)
S07E21 Episode 21 - 28/06/2011 28/06/2011 Bajo and Hex are back together to review Infamous 2 and Alice: Madness Returns. Rage Gamer: Minecraft, a tale of torment and tantrums. Fanboys vs. Haters: Call of Duty Wrap Iit's time to dive into the responses to sort out the Call of Duty Fanboys from the Haters... My First Love: American McGee We asked American McGee of Spicy Horse and formerly id Software about his first gaming love...
S07E22 Episode 22 - 05/07/2011 05/07/2011 Bajo and Hex are back in action with reviews of Dungeon Siege 3 and Child of Eden. They also give a warm welcome to Good Game's new field reporter, "Goose"... My First Love: Pong Affair Kudo Tsunoda, Chris Taylor, Jason Leigh all share with us their first gaming love, Pong... Feature Story: Scores Scores... We use them every day as a means to rate everything from the latest blockbuster films to our favourite restaurants, phone apps, websites and even our friends!
S07E23 Episode 23 - 12/07/2011 12/07/2011 Bajo and Hex check out F.3.A.R., Hunted: The Demon's Forge and Ocarina of Time 3D... Feature Story: Shadowloo Showdown 2011 We sent Goose down to Melbourne to go for a few rounds with some of the world's best fighting game players... Developer Interview: Suda51 We spoke to legendary video game director Goichi "Suda51" Suda about his latest title, "Shadows of the Damned"...
S07E24 Episode 24 - 19/07/2011 19/07/2011 Bajo and Hex are backed with reviews of Trenched, Frozen Synapse and Shadows of the Damned... My First Love: Chris Rhinehart We asked Chris Rhinehart of Human Head Studios about his first gaming love... Digital Essay: Cutscenes For as long as games have been around, they've been trying to tell us stories. It's gone from dots to text to cutscenes and beyond. More and more, story is blending with gameplay.. So what will the future hold for the humble cut scene?
S07E25 Episode 25 - 26/07/2011 26/07/2011 Bajo and Hex are backed with reviews of Earth Defence Force: Insect Armageddon and Captain America: Super Solider... Fanboys vs. Haters: Gran Turismo Wrap We wrap up the feud between Gran Turismo Fanboys and Haters... iPad Round-Up With so many new games coming out on iOS we thought we should check some of them out. This round-up includes reviews of Backstab HD, The Incident and Storm in a Teacup... My First Love: Karl Stewart We asked Karl Stewart of the upcoming Tomb Raider about his first gaming love... Feature Story: Sound Designer - Mick Gordon We spoke to Australian Sound Designer Mick Gordon who makes music and sound effects for video games...
S07E26 Episode 26 - 02/08/2011 02/08/2011 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Bastion, Call of Juarez: The Cartel and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2... My First Love: Nathan Martz We asked Nathan Martz of Double Fine about his first gaming love... Feature Story: Hardware Hacks With almost every console releasing its own form of motion controller, some of the most advanced sensor and feedback technology created is now a common find in your local gamer's living room. It's not surprising then that techies all around the world have begun to dissect this hardware and are finding new and interesting uses for we caught up with some Aussies who are doing just that!
S07E27 Episode 27 - 09/08/2011 09/08/2011 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Warhammer 40k: Kill Team and From Dust as well as checking out the latest Fallout: New Vegas DLC, Old World Blues. They also get Goose to test out his reviewing skills with A-10C Warthog. My First Love: Glen Schofield We asked the GM of Activision, Glen Schofield, about his first gaming love... Backwards Compatible: Creative Forces Most games have meticulously crafted worlds; intricately planned levels full of minute details, hand built by teams of designers. But sometimes they throw caution to the wind and let us mess around like kids in a sandbox using just a few tools, a few rules, and our imaginations... Animation: Deep Fried Angry Birds In this animation by Braydon Gifford we see what happens when the pigs call in a friend to help them take on those angry birds...
S07E28 Episode 28 - 16/08/2011 16/08/2011 Bajo and Hex are back to check out the new Dragon Age II DLC - Legacy as well as rounding up some of the latest zombie game releases... My First Love: Richard Lemarchand We asked Richard Lemarchand of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception about his first gaming love... Zombie Round-Up We round up some of the latest Zombie game releases including Dead Horde, Trapped Dead, Dead Block and Zombie Gunship... Feature Story: Trials HD Riddle Have you ever played a game and noticed something strange, something hidden, something mysterious that made you go "hmm"?
S07E29 Episode 29 - 23/08/2011 23/08/2011 Bajo and Hex return with review of Dungeons of Dredmor and the long awaited Deus Ex: Human Revolution... Fanboys vs. Haters: WoW Wrap Alright, time to pop your bubble shields and prepare for some fire damage because we're about to dissect the results of your Fanboy and Hater rants on World of Warcraft... My First Love: Matt Armstrong We asked Matt Armstrong of Prototype 2 about his first gaming love... Feature Story: House Rules Every gamer has, at one stage or another, thrown caution to the wind and decided to play by his or her own rules. Not only is it heaps of fun but it can also add a whole new experience alongside some of your favourite games! We call these 'House rules'...
S07E30 Episode 30 - 30/08/2011 30/08/2011 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Driver: San Francisco, E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy and Toy Soldiers: Cold War... Backwards Compatible: Hacking LulzSec made headlines this year for allegedly hacking Sony's PlayStation Network. Whilst this was the first major cyber attack against gaming targets, it's far from the first time gamers have had to contend with hacking... My First Love: Alex Amancio We asked Alex Amancio of Assassin's Creed: Revelations about his first gaming love...
S07E31 Episode 31 - 06/09/2011 06/09/2011 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Dead Island and Resistance 3... My First Love: Jeff Poffenbarger We asked Jeff Poffenbarger of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure about his first gaming love... Feature Story: Gaming Difficulty There's nothing more exciting than the first time you get your hands on a brand new game... But then, before you even get a chance to play the game you are asked one very important question, 'What difficulty do you select?'...
S07E32 Episode 32 - 13/09/2011 13/09/2011 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Bodycount, Madden NFL 2012 and El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron... Feature Story: Gaming Therapy Gaming is sometimes associated with a variety of negative physical ailments - everything from bad posture to Deep Vein Thrombosis...
S07E33 Episode 33 - 20/09/2011 20/09/2011 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Warhammer 40K: Space Marine and Xenoblade Chronicles... Feature Story: Counter Strike It's been almost 12 years since the release of the classic Half-Life mod, Counter Strike, but that's not to say that the game is dead and buried... My First Love: Timothy Gerritsen We spoke to Timothy Gerritsen of Bioshock Infinite about his first gaming love...
S07E34 Episode 34 - 27/09/2011 27/09/2011 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Crimson Alliance, The Gunstringer, Rise of Nightmares and Gears of War 3... Fanboys vs. Haters: GTA Wrap Let's tackle the mound of viewer feedback that's spilled into the office since we asked for opinions on the GTA franchise... My First Love: John Paquette We asked John Paquette of Resistance 3 about his first gaming love...
S07E35 Episode 35 - 04/10/2011 04/10/2011 Bajo and Hex are back to preview the Diablo 3 Beta as well as review Rock of Ages and Dark Souls... My First Love: Huw Beynon We ask studio rep of Metro: Last Light, Huw Beynon about his first gaming love... Feature Story: Team Bondi Not long after the launch of Rockstar's hit LA Noire, the Sydney-based studio that developed the game - Team Bondi - found itself in the spotlight...but for all the wrong reasons. Field reporter Goose does some detective work.
S07E36 Episode 36 - 11/10/2011 11/10/2011 Bajo and Hex are back to chat about the Battlefield 3 Beta, Rage, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon... My First Love: Jason Vandenberg We asked Jason Vandenberg of Far Cry 3 about his first gaming love... Feature Story: Games in other Media As gamers, we know that video games have forever changed the way that humans choose to entertain themselves, but how do other mediums like film and TV perceive us? Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 vs. FIFA 12 Back in the day, Pro Evolution Soccer was considered the football game of choice, it was THE simulation. But ever since FIFA lifted its game to take top spot, the Pro Evo franchise has struggled to deliver a meaningful alternative. Has the team at Konami turned things around this year?
S07E37 Episode 37 - 18/10/2011 18/10/2011 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Forza 4 and Batman: Arkham City and the team check out the Gold Coast games expo... My First Love: David Jaffe We asked David Jaffe of God of War about his first gaming love... Animation: Tiny Power The tantalising tale of Rick Reyes... Gold Coast Games Expo Every year, Aussie gamers have had to rely on the internet to catch up with the excitement of those big gaming expos like GamesCOM, Tokyo Game Show and E3. However last weekend up on the Gold Coast, a new Aussie games expo was open to the public for its debut - so we thought we should go check it out!
S07E38 Episode 38 - 25/10/2011 25/10/2011 Bajo and Hex are back and take some time to check out the HD releases of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus aw well as reviewing Might and Magic Heroes VI and NBA 2K12... Animation: Tiny Power Two fine, young police detectives investigate something... Feature Story: id Software id Software have been developing games for over twenty years now. Field Reporter Goose gives us a closer look at these FPS wizards... Kevin Conroy Interview and Competition Announcement We were lucky enough to catch up with the voice of Batman from both the games and the classic 90s cartoon series, Kevin Conroy. Also, we announce the Batman competition details.
S07E39 Episode 39 - 01/11/2011 01/11/2011 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Uncharted 3 and Battlefield 3... Backwards Compatible: Bill Willliams Bill Williams was easily one of the greatest game designers who has ever lived - because he was acutely aware that he was going to die. My First Love: Peter Moore We asked Peter Moore, the COO of Electronic Arts, about his first gaming love...
S07E40 Episode 40 - 08/11/2011 08/11/2011 Bajo and Hex are get ready to review Spider-Man: Edge of Time and Saints Row: The Third... Feature Story: Unlimited Detail An Aussie company has developed new tech that might bridge that gap and completely change how video game graphics will be developed in the future. Goose takes a look.
S07E41 Episode 41 - 15/11/2011 15/11/2011 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Assassin's Creed: Revelations and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim... My First Love: Sefton Hill We asked Sefton Hill of Rocksteady Studios about his first gaming love... Super Mario 3D Land Nintendo's mustached mascot is back as he leaps even further into glasses free 3D with 'Super Mario 3D Land' and things have never felt O so right!
S07E42 Episode 42 - 22/11/2011 22/11/2011 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, Need for Speed: The Run and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3... My First Love: Rob Jones We asked Gameplay Director of NBA 2K12, Rob Jones about his first gaming love... Tiny Power It's art, darling...
S07E43 Episode 43 - 29/11/2011 - Christmas Special 29/11/2011 In this hour long Christmas Special, Bajo and Hex review five games, hand out the awards for 2011 and announce the winner of the Batman competition. Rayman Origins, Epoch, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, GoldenEye Reloaded... GG Awards 2011: Best Game 2011 has been a remarkable year for games, but there can be only one Game of the Year... Tiny Power Now I have a machine gun. Ho. Ho. Ho. Backwards Compatible: 2011, The Year in Review Bajo and Hex are a little preoccupied, so Goose takes a look at the year of gaming that was 2011. Bajo's Year in Review Bajo looks back on the year that was and shares his most memorable moments... In Memoriam 2011 This year, many a brave hero and courageous heroine has fallen on the bloodied road to end-game glory. It's time to honour all of those who've slipped from our gamepad-cramped grasp in 2011. Hex's Year in Review Hex takes the time to reflect on the games that stood out for her this year. Goose's Guide to Good Game Gifting If you're having trouble getting the present you want these holidays... GOOSE, has some handy tips.
S08E01 Episode 01 14/02/2012 Bajo and Hex return from their summer of gaming to bring you two big reviews: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Star Wars: The Old Republic... Feature Story: Breaking Street Dates Just about every big release last year broke street date, but this isn't a worldwide phenomenon. Our field reporter Goose explores this Aussie case... My First Love: Sean Bean We asked Sean Bean, producer of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, about his first gaming love...
S08E02 Episode 02 21/02/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Catherine, The Darkness II and Uncharted: Golden Abyss... My First Hero We asked Seth Killian, Community Manager on Street Fighter X Tekken, about his first gaming hero... Backwards Compatible: Handheld Gaming Hand-held gaming has come a long way...but how exactly DID it get this good?
S08E03 Episode 03 28/02/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Resident Evil: Revelations, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Dear Esther. My Gaming Hero: Jonathan Lim We asked Jonathan Lim, Producer of Prototype 2, about his first gaming hero... Feature Story: Game Hacks There’s nothing like dominating a server and seeing your name high on a scoreboard, It’s a large part of what keeps us in the game! But some gamers don’t always play by the rules...
S08E04 Episode 04 06/03/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Alan Wake's American Nightmare and I Am Alive... Guest reviewer, Dave Callan checks out SoulCalibur V... and Goose gets his groove on at BlipFest... Feature Story: Blip Fest Blip Festival has been showcasing the talent of chipmusic artists around the world since 2006... But has recently been held in Australia for the first time....and Goose was there too...
S08E05 Episode 05 13/03/2012 Bajo and Hex return with reviews of Twisted Metal and Mass Effect 3... My Gaming Hero: Gabe Amantangelo We asked Gabe Amantangelo, Lead PvP Designer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, about his gaming hero... Backwards Compatible: Game Save Files It’s easy to forget that not so very long ago, game save files didn’t exist...
S08E06 Episode 06 20/03/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Journey and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Backwards Compatible: Resident Evil Resident Evil is the granddaddy of survival horror games. And it’s been scaring our pants off for 16 years... Gratis Gaming: Draw Something Being a gamer isn't cheap, in fact it can be quite expensive. So with that in mind we'd thought we'd show you some of the latest games that are super rad but won't cost you a cent!
S08E07 Episode 07 27/03/2012 Bajo and Hex return with reviews of Silent Hill: Downpour, The Last Story and the free to play Tribes Ascend... Feature Story: Cyber Bullying As gamers we're used to communicating with each other online... Sometimes though, tools that should be used to bring us closer together, do exactly the opposite...
S08E08 Episode 08 03/04/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Asura's Wrath and Ninja Gaiden 3. Also, to celebrate the 15th birthday of the Nintendo 64, Goosemangus goes backwards compatible... Gratis Gaming: Guild Wars 2 Beta Guild Wars 2 is one of the bigger MMO's coming out this year and the beta has been and gone, but we've had a play and it's doing some very interesting things... Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Follow Up A few weeks ago we reviewed Resident Evil Raccoon City but didn't want to score it without testing online. We've now done that...
S08E09 Episode 09 10/04/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Armoured Core 5 and Sine Mora. The team are also joined by guest reviewer, Dave Callan, who checks out Just Dance: Best Of... Gratis Gaming: Beneath a Steel Sky Beneath a Steel Sky is considered one of the greatest point and clicks ever made. It was officially made Freeware in 2003 by Revolution software... My First Gaming Gig: Seth Olshfski We spoke to Seth Olshfski of The Darkness II about his first gig in the video gaming industry...
S08E10 Episode 10 - Arcade Special 17/04/2012 Welcome to a very special episode of Good Game, where we get a little bit retro with our tribute to the Video Game Arcade... Big Buck Hunter, Dead Heat, Air Hockey, Time Crisis 4, Basketball, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Guitar... Backwards Compatible: Arcades Arcade games have helped to define genres we still play to this day. Let’s go with Goose on a journey back to where it all began... Feature Story: Arcade Collector We met up with arcade collector and restorer, Joel Hopkins, who was kind enough to show us his astounding home arcade...
S08E11 Episode 11 24/04/2012 Bajo Hex and Goose are back with reviews of Birds of Steel, Kinect Star Wars and Microsoft Flight... Preview: WoW: Mists of Pandaria and TERA... Gratis Gaming: Microsoft Flight Our Gratis pick for this week is Microsoft Flight for PC, prepare for nonstop action!
S08E12 Episode 12 01/05/2012 Reviews of: Fez - Any 80s or 90s gamer will feel intense joy the moment they step into the retro world of mystery and puzzles that is Fez! Pandora's Tower - is the stuff of fantasy legend from days of yore; a hero’s quest, a terrible curse, a maiden in peril and monsters to slay. Risen 2: Dark Waters - You play a hero with no name who is faced with the unenviable task of defeating a bunch of otherworldly monsters called Titans... Gratis Gaming: Realm of the Mad God - calls itself "the first co-op, fantasy, MMO, shooter".
S08E13 Episode 13 08/05/2012 - Gamer News Hex brings us the latest from the gaming news desk... - The Walking Dead From the modern masters of point and click gaming, Telltale games, comes The Walking Dead; an episodic adventure set in the same universe as the comic book series... - Loading... Tomb Raider A mini BC on the Tomb Raider series... - Kid Icarus: Uprising Do you like the idea of flying though space shooting eyeballs? If the answer is yes then this is the game you have been waiting for. - Prototype 2 In Prototype 2 you take the role of James Heller; a former soldier looking to exact his revenge for the death of his family... - Retro Game Reveal and Goodbye Bajo and Hex say "farewell" for another week...
S08E14 Episode 14 15/05/2012 - Gamer News Bajo brings us the latest from the gaming news desk... - Legend of Grimrock In Legend of Grimrock the thrill lies in delving deeper and deeper through the levels of a dungeon, dodging traps, solving riddles, and defeating monsters. - Tiny Power We follow the story of a man on a quest to create the greatest game that ever was, is, or will be... - Deep Black In Deep Black you play a kind of deep-sea diving spy character who is dressed remarkably similar to Isaac Clarke from Dead Space. - Backwards Compatible: Water We go backwards compatible on water in video games... - Sniper Elite V2 The sniper is the true ninja of the modern battlefield. He or she must be patient, methodical and most of all invisible! - Retro Game Reveal and Goodbye Bajo and Hex say "farewell" for another week...
S08E15 Episode 15 22/05/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Dragon's Dogma and Diablo III.... Dragon's Dogma When a Dragon attacks your small fishing village you bravely take on the beast all by yourself, but he swats you like a fly, plucks your heart from your chest and eats it. My Gaming Hero: Randy Pitchford We ask the delightful Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Software about his gaming hero... Diablo III When it comes to crawling dungeons, no one crawls better than Blizzard. It’s been a VERY long time between clicks, but Diablo 3 is here...
S08E16 Episode 16 29/05/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Max Payne and Starhawk and Goose goes Backwards Compatible on prestigious developers, Rockstar. Starhawk Starhawk, the spiritual successor to Warhawk has arrived, featuring new characters, vehicles, sky battles, cool Firefly-esque space western locations and Tower Defense? Backwards Compatible: Rockstar If somebody mentions Rockstar Games, the first thing you’re probably going to think of is the Grand Theft Auto. But looking at the big picture, it’s clear they’ve REALLY made a name; creating gritty, mature games that let us explore our world like never before! Max Payne 3 Max Payne 3 sets a high bar for the genre, in everything it does, and it's one of the most impressive shooters we have ever played.
S08E17 Episode 17 05/06/2012 Preview - Counter Strike: Global Offensive Bajo gives a short preview of Counter Strike: Global Offensive from his experiences with the Beta... Feature Story: E3 Lead-Up Goose talks to some of the industry's big names to find out what E3 means to them... DiRT: Showdown The great host of cars and soundtracks we've come to expect from the Dirt series are still here in fine arcade form... DayZ DayZ is the closest you'll get to a zombie survival MMO, and it's as much a survival horror game as it is a social experiment.
S08E18 Episode 18 12/06/2012 This week Hex is joined by special guest host, Andrew "Bindi" Hansen to review Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and the Half-Life one mod, Cry of Fear...
S08E19 Episode 19 - E3 Special 2012 19/06/2012 In this special episode of Good Game, Bajo goes across the globe to bring us all the glitz and glam of one of the gaming industry's biggest events, the Electronic Entertainment Expo...
S08E20 Episode 20 26/06/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Game of Thrones and Lollipop Chainsaw and Goose checks out the latest updates in R18+ saga...
S08E21 Episode 21 03/07/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Quantum Conundrum and Gravity Rush. They also bring us all the info about the Australian Centre for the Moving Image's 'Game Masters' exhibition. Preview: The Secret World We jumped onto 'The Secret World' beta last weekend to find a zombie monster MMO in a modern setting...
S08E22 Episode 22 10/07/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of The Amazing Spider-Man and Spec Ops: The Line... The Amazing Spider-Man With The Amazing Spiderman getting a reboot in the cinemas he obviously has to have video game to go with it. But is this actually amazing, or not so spectacular? Spec Ops: The Line Spec Ops is now in the hands of German developer Yager, and it's time for us to walk the line. Feature Story: Tax Incentives Our home-grown gaming studios have been struggling in recent years, with many forced to close their doors. Goose investigates a new government funding scheme that could provide a lifeline for the industry we love.
S08E23 Episode 23 17/07/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Spelunky and the Skyrim and Arkham City DLC... Skyrim: Dawnguard and Harley Quinn's Revenge Skyrim and Batman Arkham City, two of our favourite games from last year have had their first bits of DLC so we thought we'd take a look... Heroes of Ruin People have been calling this a portable Diablo, which may build up your expectations a little. This is to Diablo what Aubrey Wodonga is to New York. Nowhere near as amazing but certainly a lot more convenient... Postcards from: The Death Star The Death’s huge, round, deadly, and can always be fired when ready. Spelunky Spelunky has arrived on XBLA and it distils decades of 2D platforming into one seriously punishing package. It could be this year's Super Meat Boy.
S08E24 Episode 24 24/07/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Inversion and The Secret World...they also serve their time for last week's noobish mistake... The latest game to put a spin on our perception of which way is up, is the 3rd person cover shooter, Inversion. Developer Interview: Dean Hall We asked Bohemia Interactive's Dean Hall about his amazingly successful ARMA II Mod, DayZ... The Secret World It's a tough time out there for MMOS, with little innovation. But Developer Funcom have made something very different from the norm...
S08E25 Episode 25 31/07/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Endless Space, Anna and Slender. Also, Goose takes us on a journey to City 17 and talks about the often frustrating scenario of having another person in the room when you're gaming...
S08E26 Episode 26 07/08/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Deadlight, Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers, Hero Academy and Blacklight: Retribution... Feature Story: Delayed Gratification Goose explores the game mechanic of delayed gratification...
S08E27 Episode 27 14/08/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Orcs Must Die! 2, Great Big War Game and Sleeping Dogs... Backwards Compatible: THQ Like many of the videogame heavyweights, THQ first dabbled in the toy business. But by the mid-90s what began as Toy Head Quarters, had evolved into videogame publisher we're familiar with...
S08E28 Episode 28 21/08/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Darksiders II, New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Thomas Was Alone... Feature Story: IT Pricing in Australia Goose takes a look at IT and video game pricing in Australia and how it compares to other nations...
S08E29 Episode 29 28/08/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Dust: An Elysian Tail and Zineth...
S08E30 Episode 30 04/09/2012 Bajo and Hex are up late in this special episode of Good Game but they manage to squeeze in reviews of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and The Expendables 2 before bed time... The Expendables sounds like the perfect recipe for a coop video game shooter! And to tie in with the movie sequel, we now have just that... Counter Strike is one of the most important shooters out there but it has been long overdue for an update, which brings us to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
S08E31 Episode 31 11/09/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Guild Wars 2, Papo and Yo and Nihilumbra... In Nihilumbra you play a little inky blob who's escaped from the void into a new world... Papo and Yo is an adventure platformer brought to us by new indie devs Minority... For the first time after 8 years of World of Warcraft dominating the MMOS fantasy genre, it finally has a serious competitor with Guild Wars 2...
S08E32 Episode 32 18/09/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Thirty Flights of Loving, Gravity Bone, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Borderlands 2... It's time to crack our knuckles again throw down some fisticuffs in Tekken Tag Tournament 2... We're back for more looting and shooting in Borderlands 2, and with it comes more diverse environments, even better guns and there's a even a half decent story to tie it all together... Feature Story: Storytelling in Games Once upon a time… There were videogames that didn’t even have stories, but over the decades we’ve seen the gaming medium really mature, and so too have the stories it’s able to tell... Thirty Flights of Loving is the latest indie title offering to catch our eye recently...
S08E33 Episode 33 25/09/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Dead or Alive 5, Diaspora: Shattered Armistice and Rocksmith... Dead or Alive 5 Ahh Dead or Alive, there are so many memorable characters. There's that ninja guy, and the wrestling guy... and don't forget girls with the big boobs, because they account for more than half the roster. Postcards from... The Ishimura Dead Space chooses mining station the USG Ishimura as its horror playground... Diaspora: Shattered Armistice is a community-built mod made by BSG fans, and it's the first Battlestar games we've come across that has felt truly, frakking authentic... Rocksmith There was a day when five-button plastic guitars were an impressive foray into the rhythm game genre. But now, Rocksmith has upped the ante by letting you play on a REAL guitar.
S08E34 Episode 34 02/10/2012 Bajo and Hex are review Resident Evil 6, the Half-Life one remake, Black Mesa and pit FIFA against PES for their 2013 releases... Black Mesa Eight long years in the making, Black Mesa is finally here, well most of it. Hit & Miss: Need for Speed We take a look at the hits and misses of the Need for Speed franchise... Resident Evil 6 tries to freshen up the series with a more modern setting, some big ideas, and sadly that is also its downfall... FIFA 13 vs. PES 2013 When it comes down to the annual showdown of the virtual football giants, we're right there. Yes, it's FIFA versus Pro Evolution Soccer!
S08E35 Episode 35 09/10/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of NBA 2K13, Torchlight II and World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria...
S08E36 Episode 36 16/10/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Dishonored, Tokyo Jungle and Carrier Command: Gaea Mission while Goose looks at Bad Piggies, the latest game from the creators of Angry Birds...
S08E37 Episode 37 23/10/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Fable: The Journey, Forza Horizon and War of the Roses while Goose checks out XCOM: Enemy Unknown...
S08E38 Episode 38 30/10/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Rugby League Live 2, Doom 3 BFG Edition and The Unfinished Swan while special guest Dave Callan delivers a dance review medley...
S08E39 Episode 39 06/11/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Halo 4, Assassin's Creed III and Medal of Honor: Warfighter...
S08E40 Episode 40 13/11/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of 007 Legends, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Meanwhile, Goose checks out Hotline Miami...
S08E41 Episode 41 20/11/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Hitman Absolution but also get a bit curious about Curiosity... Hitman: Absolution The Hitman games have always been quite good, but Hitman Absolution is excellent... Gratis Gaming: Punch Quest Endless running games are quickly becoming the go-to genre for smart phones. In spite of this bloated genre, Punch Quest has so much style I couldn't put it down... Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Call of duty Black Ops 2 is on a mission to stop that series fatigue from setting in, and shake things up a bit...
S08E42 Episode 42 27/11/2012 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse, Natural Selection 2, and Far Cry 3.
S08E43 Episode 43 04/12/2012 Bajo and Hex are back for the final episode of Good Game for 2012. In this hour long extravaganza they check out the Wii U, Nintendo Land, Super Mario Bros. U, PlanetSide 2, and LEGO The Lord of the Rings as well as reminiscing about the year gone by.
S09E01 Episode 01 12/02/2013 Bajo and Hex are back for another year of good gaming with reviews of Devil May Cry, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and Dead Space 3...
S09E02 Episode 02 19/02/2013 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Metal Gear Rising:Revengeance and indie games Antichamber and No Time to Explain while Goose explores the ins and outs of 'Crowd Funding'...
S09E03 Episode 03 26/02/2013 Bajo and Hex get a bit artsy with Proteus, traverse the dimensions with Persona 4 Golden and deliver a maximum review of Crysis 3 while Goose defines 'Reboots'...
S09E04 Episode 04 05/03/2013 Bajo and Hex raid some tombs with Lara Croft and check out a mash-up of mobile games including Temple Run 2, Real Racing 3 and Hackycat...
S09E05 Episode 05 12/03/2013 Bajo and Hex chat about 'DayZ' and 'Path of Exile' and review the latest instalment into the Sly Cooper series while Goose checks indie titles 'The Bridge' and 'Kentucky Route Zero'...
S09E06 Episode 06 19/03/2013 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of the latest SimCity and God of War: Ascension while Goose checks out Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate for the 3DS...
S09E07 Episode 07 26/03/2013 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, Gears of War: Judgement and BioShock Infinite.
S09E08 Episode 08 02/04/2013 Bajo, Hex and Goose go as they argue over the best decade in video game history...
S09E09 Episode 09 09/04/2013 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, Year Walk and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate while Goose explores what the National Broadband Network is and how it will influence the Australian gaming community.
S09E10 Episode 10 16/04/2013 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel and Bientot L'ete, and mobile games Penumbear and Ridiculous Fishing. Meanwhile, Goose goes wicka wicka wild in our Western Backwards Compatible.
S09E11 Episode 11 23/04/2013 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Injustice: Gods Among Us and Defiance, Goose checks out The Showdown Effect and our bearded companion, Mr. Dave Callan, invites us into his drawing room in a delightful new segment.
S09E12 Episode 12 30/04/2013 Tonight on Good Game, Bajo and Hex review Dead Island: Riptide, ShootMania Storm and Star Trek
S09E13 Episode 13 07/05/2013 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Slender: The Arrival and Mortal Kombat
S09E14 Episode 14 14/05/2013 This week Bajo and Hex review Metro: Last Light, Monaco: What's Yours is Mine and Robot Unicorn Attack 2. Also, Dave Callan pops by to lay down the lore on Resident Evil's T-Virus.
S09E15 Episode 15 21/05/2013 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Zeno Clash II and Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut while Goose gets retrospective with a BC on LucasArts.
S09E16 Episode 16 28/05/2013 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Don't Starve, EVE: Dust 514 and GRID 2...
S09E17 Episode 17 04/06/2013 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Sanctum 2, Remember Me and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger..
S09E18 Episode 18 11/06/2013 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of the cooperative title, FUSE and Naughty Dog's highly anticipated new IP, The Last of Us...
S09E19 Episode 19 18/06/2013 With Hex in Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Bajo invites Dave Callan around to help him review Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for iOS and Fire Emblem: Awakening...
S09E20 E3 Special 25/06/2013 Hex spent some time amongst the glitz and glam of L.A. and one of the biggest events in gaming, the Electronic Entertainment Expo...
S09E21 Episode 21 02/07/2013 On tonight's HEROIC episode of Good Game, Bajo and Hex are back in the chairs to look at Marvel Heroes, Company of Heroes 2, The Swapper and Deadpool...
S09E22 Episode 22 09/07/2013 This week we check out the OUYA and review release titles, Shadowgun and the exclusive title TowerFall as well as reviewing Dungeons and Dragons: Neverwinter...
S09E23 Episode 23 16/07/2013 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Magrunner: Dark Pulse, UnEpic, Gunpoint and Wargame: AirLand Battle...
S09E24 Episode 24 23/07/2013 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of The Walking Dead: 400 Days and DOTA 2 while Goose sends us his regards from the local nightclub...
S09E25 Episode 25 30/07/2013 This week Bajo and Hex review Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time and then take to the skies to check out War Thunder...
S09E26 Episode 26 06/08/2013 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Halo: Spartan Assault, Shadowrun Returns and State of Decay...
S09E27 Episode 27 13/08/2013 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Rogue Legacy, Pikmin 3 and Payday 2...
S09E28 Episode 28 20/08/2013 On tonight's episode of Good Game, Bajo and Hex look at Disney Infinity and review inFlux, Rise of the Triad and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons...
S09E29 Episode 29 27/08/2013 On tonight's episode of Good Game Bajo and Hex review The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Saints Row IV.
S09E30 Episode 30 03/09/2013 This week on Good Game, Bajo and Hex check out the console release of Diablo III, review Lost Planet 3 and Gone Home.
S09E31 Episode 31 10/09/2013 This week Bajo and Hex review Killzone: Mercenary, Killer is Dead and Total War: Rome II.
S09E32 Episode 32 17/09/2013 This week Bajo and Hex check out the Neo Geo X, a retro revival of the 90s console. Also, they review Papers, Please and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
S09E33 Episode 33 24/09/2013 Bajo and Hex cower before the independent survival horror that is Outlast, and get lost in the land of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V.
S09E34 Episode 34 01/10/2013 Bajo and Hex back with reviews of Infinity Blade 3 and ARMA III and the annual FIFA vs. Pro Evolution Soccer review.
S09E35 Episode 35 08/10/2013 Bajo and Hex travelled abroad to soak in the gaming culture and history of a country that has been influential in the evolution of video games; Japan. Their first stop was the Tokyo Game Show...
S09E36 Episode 36 15/10/2013 Bajo and Hex are back in the den of gaming to review NBA 2K13, downloadable title Rain, and the latest effort from Quantic Dream, Beyond: Two Souls...
S09E37 Episode 37 22/10/2013 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Dragon's Crown, Grand Theft Auto V: Online and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs...
S09E38 Episode 38 29/10/2013 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of The Wolf Among Us, Shelter and Batman: Arkham Origins.
S09E39 Episode 39 05/11/2013 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Warface and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, and Dave Callan shimmies through a Just Dance 2014 review.
S09E40 Episode 40 12/11/2013
S09E41 Episode 41 19/11/2013
S09E42 Episode 42 26/11/2013 Bajo and Hex get their hands on the new consoles and check out Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3 for the Xbox One, and Killzone: Shadow Fall for the PlayStation 4.
S09E43 Christmas Special 03/12/2013 It's our hour long Christmas Special! We review Tearaway, Need for Speed Rivals and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and the team reflect upon the year and console generation gone by...
S10E01 Episode 1 18/02/2014 Good Game reviews Peggle 2, Nidhogg, Risk of Rain and Broken Age Act 1.
S10E02 Episode 2 25/02/2014
S10E03 Episode 3 00/00/0000
S10E04 Episode 4 00/00/0000
S10E05 Episode 5 18/03/2014 Bajo and Hex are back with reviews of Strider and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII & our old friend Dave Callan returns to check out Bravely Default...
S10E06 Episode 6 25/03/2014
S10E10 Episode 10 22/04/2014
S10E11 Episode 11 29/04/2014
S10E12 Episode 12 06/05/2014 Tonight Bajo and Hex check out Child of Light and War of the Vikings whilst Goose delves into the mind-bending world of Fract OSC...
S10E13 Episode 13 13/05/2014 Tonight Bajo and Hex check out Daylight and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 while Goose delivers a Postcard from a forbidden place...
S10E14 Episode 14 20/05/2014 Tonight Bajo and Hex check out Monument Valley, Hitman Go, Bound By Flame and Ether One. Goose also brings us a story on the 2014 Budget and the implications for the gaming industry in Australia...
S10E15 Episode 15 27/05/2014 Tonight Bajo and Hex check out Sir, You Are Being Hunted and Wolfenstein: The New Order. Meanwhile Goose brings us a review of Super TIME Force...
S10E28 Episode 28 - Top 100 12/08/2014 The moment has finally arrived. After thousands of votes, we are ready to reveal the Good game Top 100. In an hour long special we will be counting down to Australia's number one favourite game as voted by you!
S10E29 Episode 29 19/08/2014 Tonight on Good Game Bajo and Hex review Sacred 3, and also give us their thoughts on The Long Dark with a First Play. Bajo also looks at the latest Dark Souls II DLC and Goose introduces and new segment!
S10E30 Episode 30 26/08/2014 Tonight on Good Game Bajo and Hex review Xenonauts and Mind: Path to Thalamus, they also give their thoughts on Unturned with a First Play. Goose also reviews OTTTD!
S10E31 Episode 31 02/09/2014
S10E32 Episode 32 09/09/2014 Tonight on Good Game Bajo and Hex review inFAMOUS First Light and The Walking Dead: Season 2, they also give us their thoughts on Rodina with a First Play. Meanwhile Goose brings us a Game Changer!
S10E33 Episode 33 16/09/2014 Tonight on Good Game Bajo and Hex review Five Night's at Freddy's, Lichdom: Battlemage and The Sims 4. We also answer another question at the Ask Good game desk!
S10E34 Episode 34 23/09/2014 Tonight on Good Game Bajo and Hex review The Journey Down and Destiny! Goose also has a look at Velocity 2X.
S10E35 Episode 35 30/09/2014 Tonight on Good Game Bajo and Hex review Murasaki Baby and Forza Horzion 2, and they also give us their thoughts on Gang Beasts with a First Play! Plus Goose sends a Postcard from a town covered in mystery...
S10E36 Episode 36 - Mental Health Special 07/10/2014 Tonight on Good Game we're going to be taking a look at how the medium of videogames has tackled mental illness as part of ABC's 'Mental As' Week', including reviews of Neverending Nightmares and Actual Sunlight...
S10E37 Episode 37 14/10/2014 Tonight on Good Game Bajo and Hex review Wasteland 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Plus Goose reviews Alien: Isolation.
S10E38 Episode 38 21/10/2014 Tonight on Good Game Bajo and Hex review The Evil Within and Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor! Meanwhile Goose brings us a Game Changer.
S10E39 Episode 39 28/10/2014 Tonight on Good Game Bajo and Hex review Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth and Sunset Overdrive! Also Dave Callan is back to bust a move...
S10E40 Episode 40 04/11/2014 Tonight on Good Game Bajo and Hex review The Legend of Grimmrock 2, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and Lords of the Fallen!
S10E41 Episode 41 11/11/2014 Tonight on Good Game Bajo and Hex review Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Bayonetta 2, they also give us their impressions about Evolve! Plus, Goose brings us another Equips This...
S10E42 Episode 42 18/11/2014 Tonight on Good Game Bajo and Hex review Assassin's Creed: Rogue, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Dragon Age: Inquisition!
S10E43 Episode 43 25/11/2014 Tonight on Good Game Bajo and Hex review Far Cry 4 and Assassin's Creed Unity! Plus, Goose sends us a Postcard from Vice City!
S10E44 Episode 44 02/12/2014 Tonight on Good Game Bajo and Hex review Framed, Crossy Road, World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor and This War of Mine! Plus Goose takes a look at the YouTube gaming industry.
S10E45 Episode 45 - Christmas Special 09/12/2014 Tonight on Good Game it's our 1 hour Christmas Special! We review Tales From the Borderlands, Little Big Planet 3, Never Alone and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U! Bajo, Hex and Goose also take a look back at the year that was...
S00E01 The Best of Season 1 20/03/2007
S00E02 The Best of Season 2 26/06/2007 Highlights of the season and also Jung and Bajo battle it out for the prestigious Rofflecup and a ticket to E3.
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