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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Gordian

S01E00 00/00/0000
S01E01 Nice guy of wilderness 07/10/1979
S01E02 Combat mission and hiding stronghold 14/10/1979
S01E03 Scream, red desert 21/10/1979
S01E04 Reviving life 28/10/1979
S01E05 Dead fighting of death valley 02/11/1979
S01E06 Trap of Victor Town 11/11/1979
S01E07 Kape Vuiretsuji of the evening sun 18/11/1979
S01E08 Breaking in enemy of anger 25/11/1979
S01E09 Fearfully Dokuma president 02/12/1979
S01E10 Chief of red nose 09/12/1979
S01E11 Bravery 7th regiment 16/12/1979
S01E12 Rose of sorrow 23/12/1979
S01E13 Gordian on search 30/12/1979
S01E14 The giant star which burns 06/01/1980
S01E15 Lullaby of wilderness 13/01/1980
S01E16 Intense fighting professional 20/01/1980
S01E17 The gunman who challenges to the darkness 27/01/1980
S01E18 Crisis one hair hell lock 03/02/1980
S01E19 Puzzle of Victor Town ground nadir 10/02/1980
S01E20 Confrontation of starry sky 17/02/1980
S01E21 Secret fighting Maunteihon 24/02/1980
S01E22 Rebellion of Victor Town 02/03/1980
S01E23 Combat mission of dawn 09/03/1980
S01E24 Under the flag of freedom and justice 16/03/1980
S01E25 It is dangerous, it does! Victor Town 23/03/1980
S01E26 Decisive battle and Victory 30/03/1980
S01E27 Stronghold Santori of life 06/04/1980
S01E28 The road to the victory which becomes far 13/04/1980
S01E29 The Girl who Bears the Cross 20/04/1980
S01E30 Secret of Project X 27/04/1980
S01E31 Tomorrow it is not fight 04/05/1980
S01E32 Obtain Clint 11/05/1980
S01E33 Large escape of decision death 18/05/1980
S01E34 Wilderness of betrayal 25/05/1980
S01E35 Orphan base Santori 01/06/1980
S01E36 Enduring the large rock squadron which depends 08/06/1980
S01E37 Puzzle of Dokuma 6000 year 15/06/1980
S01E38 Puzzle of fall satellite 22/06/1980
S01E39 Attack of meteoric swarm 29/06/1980
S01E40 Hit the big gun and crush 06/07/1980
S01E41 Feeling needless carefulness stick 13/07/1980
S01E42 Madam Kuin of trace 20/07/1980
S01E43 In addition positive it climbs 27/07/1980
S01E44 Birth cry in battle 03/08/1980
S01E45 Power of ikusutoron puzzle 10/08/1980
S01E46 Bride of Santori 17/08/1980
S01E47 Breaking Santori encircling operation 24/08/1980
S01E48 Approaching the large accident which comes 31/08/1980
S01E49 The secret messenger who crosses the muddy stream 07/09/1980
S01E50 Large flood secret (top secret) defeat maneuvers 14/09/1980
S01E51 Approach mysterious tornado 21/09/1980
S01E52 Acting cool of sun 28/09/1980
S01E53 Destruction of enormous civilization town 05/10/1980
S01E54 The poison demon interstellar war which is disclosed 12/10/1980
S01E55 Great heritage 19/10/1980
S01E56 The journey which becomes far 26/10/1980
S01E57 Space ship number of wonder 02/11/1980
S01E58 Large ice field of slaughter 09/11/1980
S01E59 Steed assassination 16/11/1980
S01E60 Oath of dawn 23/11/1980
S01E61 It recaptures the number 30/11/1980
S01E62 Daigo assassination command 07/12/1980
S01E63 Duel to the Death, Gordian 14/12/1980
S01E64 Blizzard of love 21/12/1980
S01E65 Decisive battle eve 28/12/1980
S01E66 Starting which becomes new 04/01/1981
S01E67 Counterattack of Dokuma disk 11/01/1981
S01E68 Approach of abnormal life body 18/01/1981
S01E69 Monster of dimensional valley 25/01/1981
S01E70 The desired planet which is lost 01/02/1981
S01E71 Pollution planet SOS 08/02/1981
S01E72 Decisive battle zone 9999 15/02/1981
S01E73 Super outer space of glory 22/02/1981