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Gordon Ramsay is one of the world's most celebrated chefs, with two distinct sides to his cooking. In his restaurants he's known for serving stunningly intricate dishes, while at home his food is just as delicious but simpler, faster and easier to make. Now in this practical home cookery series he teaches viewers how to cook amazing food every day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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S01E01 The Food I Grew Up On 14/10/2013 Gordon shows how to cook modern versions of some of the dishes he loved as a child. For breakfast it's fluffy potato cakes, lunch is fish fingers and chip butties and for dinner, his mother Helen joins him in the kitchen to help cook a Ramsay family favourite: delicious Shepherd's Pie followed by steamed date pudding with a mouth-watering butterscotch sauce.
S01E02 Food for Friends 15/10/2013 Gordon teaches viewers how to cook for friends with recipes that are brilliant for sharing, including an amazing brunch of griddled polenta with roasted tomatoes. Goats curd and stunning salted sea bream for lunch. And for dinner, Gordon's son Jack helps him cook roast chicken with chickpea stuffing and a fabulous hazelnut meringue tower.
S01E03 South East Asian 16/10/2013 Gordon shows how to make an amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner inspired by the flavours and techniques of South East Asia. Recipes include an aromatic clam noodle soup, while his daughter Holly helps him make delicious sticky spicy chicken wings and banana and coconut fritters.
S01E04 Big & Bold 17/10/2013 Gordon demonstrates how to serve up great food that packs a big, bold punch. Recipes include an irresistible breakfast of croissant stuffed with merguez sausages and Fontina cheese and a spicy Mexican soup. And eldest daughter Megan helps cook crispy roast duck with black bean sauce and a spiced banana tarte Tatin.
S01E05 Classics with a Twist 18/10/2013 Gordon's reworks some of his favourite classic recipes with a modern twist. Recipes include boiled eggs with anchovy toast for breakfast, while eldest daughter Megan helps cook a sensational stuffed rib of roast beef and an Eton mess bombe.
S01E06 French 21/10/2013 Gordon seeks inspiration from French cuisine, the food he first fell in love with as a chef. Recipes include tuna Niçoise salad and his youngest daughter Tilly helps cook a perfect chicken fricassée with sautéed potatoes and lavender crème caramel.
S01E07 Healthy 22/10/2013 Gordon makes some delicious healthy food, including Bircher muesli, stunning gazpacho soup and teriyaki salmon.
S01E08 Street Food 23/10/2013 Gordon cooks his favourite street food dishes at home, including prawn tostada, caramel salted popcorn and buttermilk fried chicken.
S01E09 Italian 24/10/2013 Gordon reveals his favourite recipes for an Italian breakfast, lunch and dinner, including a fennel sausage frittata and griddled sardines with gremolata. His son Jack gets down to work helping to cook crostini, beef pappardelle and sensational panna cotta with hazelnut brittle.
S01E10 Party Food 25/10/2013 This time Gordon makes some amazing party food, like spicy Mexican eggs, an orange and coriander cured side of salmon, and pulled pork with chipotle mayo.
S01E11 American 28/10/2013 Gordon showcases some of the American dishes he loves cooking for his family at home. Recipes include eggs, bacon and hash browns; Caesar salad; and peanut butter and jam cookies. And Gordon's daughter Holly helps him cook barbecued beef brisket.
S01E12 Hearty 29/10/2013 Gordon goes full-on to produce great hearty food that packs a tasty punch. Recipes include Welsh rarebit; roasted tomato soup; and beef and ale stew with mustard dumplings.
S01E13 Vegetarian 30/10/2013 Gordon embraces vegetarian home cooking to make a meat-free breakfast, lunch and dinner guaranteed to win over the most committed of carnivores. Recipes include crunchy pear and granola muffins; halloumi, courgette and herb cakes with chilli dressing; beetroot and thyme risotto; and white chocolate and lime mousse.
S01E14 Comfort Food 31/10/2013 Gordon serves up some sensational comfort food including spiced baked porridge; delicious sausage hotpot; potato and beetroot gratin; and gorgeous apple compote with a creamy whip.
S01E15 Picnic Day 01/11/2013 Gordon turns his focus to cooking brilliant picnic food for a great day out. Recipes include a gorgeous twist on classic Scotch eggs and an amazing giant sandwich called a pan-bagnat. And Gordon's youngest daughter Tilly helps make a delicious prawn and cucumber salad and a chocolate and marshmallow fridge cake.
S01E16 Thrifty 04/11/2013 Gordon proves it's possible to make sensational food that doesn't cost a fortune. Recipes include cinnamon eggy bread with quick stewed apples and a smokey bacon, sweetcorn and potato soup.
S01E17 Middle Eastern 05/11/2013 Gordon cooks up a flavour-packed Middle Eastern breakfast, lunch and dinner. Recipes include hummus made with beetroot, lamb koftas and lemon and pistachio baklava.
S01E18 More Healthy Recipes 06/11/2013 Gordon proves that home cooked healthy food can be delicious, with granola for breakfast and steamed mussels with cherry tomatoes and pancetta for lunch. Gordon's daughter Holly helps him cook aromatic lamb chops followed by mango sundae.
S01E19 Light 07/11/2013 Gordon serves food that's big on flavour but light to eat. Recipes include sourdough bread and crushed avocado, mackerel ceviche with fennel salad, griddled chicken with chickpeas, and lemon and basil granita.
S01E20 Special Occasions 08/11/2013 Gordon showcases home cooked food that's easy to prepare but good enough to serve on special occasions. Recipes include eggs Benedict with crispy Parma ham and grilled lobsters with Bloody Mary linguine. Gordon's son Jack helps him cook beef fillet with salsa verde and chocolate and pistachio semifreddo.
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