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When Mr. Grace is killed in a tragic scuba diving accident, the Grace Brothers store is closed down. Being faced with the option of finding new jobs or early retirement, the staff take over the running of a large manor house/hotel in the English countryside, where all manor of humorous things take place.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Grace & Favour

S01E01 Arrival 10/01/1992 Young Mr. Grace has died and the store has closed. On behalf of the Pension Fund Mr. Grace acquired a Tudor Manor house with farm which at the moment is being run as a Country House Hotel. Being the only source of pension money for the retired staff, they all decide to visit for the weekend to investigate its possibilities.
S01E02 Horse and Cart 17/01/1992 The staff decide to take over Millstone Manor and run it for themselves. The home farm, run by Morris Moulterd and his daughter Mavis, provides fresh eggs for breakfast, but Mrs. Slocombe gets a shock whilst collecting them. Mr. Humphries and Mavis ""to-and-fro"" in the woodshed.
S01E03 Court 24/01/1992 Mrs. Slocombe finds herself in court charged with stealing a gypsy cart. Captain Peacock and the others travel to town on the back of Moulterd's pig cart. Once in court the staff come forward as character witnesses.
S01E04 Interviews 31/01/1992 A group of American tourists, the hotel's first guests, are due to arrive at the weekend but there are still very few replies to Mr. Rumbold's advert for staff. The only alternative is for them all to knuckle down and try to make the place presentable.
S01E05 Good Help is Hard to Find 07/02/1992 Since none of the applicants from the previous episode were suitable, the staff assume the duties of barman, chambermaid, etc.
S01E06 Festival 14/02/1992 A group of American tourists arrive for the weekend as part of their European tour. The ex-shop workers do their best, but the Americans are expecting a church service and the traditional Harvest Thanksgiving Dance.
S02E01 On The Use of Weapons 04/01/1993 Mrs. Slocombe's pussy, Tiddles, gets gummed up. A gun discovered by Captain Peacock brings the riot police to Millstone Manor where the criminal records of such notorious characters as "Knuckles Rumbold" are revealed.
S02E02 Cricket 11/01/1993 The staff organize a cricket match against the townspeople. The match is marred by the jealousy of Malcolm Heathcliff, who sees Mr. Humphries as a competitor for Mavis' affections. The highlights of the match is a fantastic dive by Mrs. Slocombe and a winning stroke by Mr. Humphries.
S02E03 Breaking Up is Hard To Do 18/01/1993 Mrs. Slocombe's long-lost husband pays an unexpected visit after an absence of 42 years, forcing Mrs. Slocombe into hiding. When the staff find that he intends to purchase the hotel, they temporarily expand the staff to make the idea seem unprofitable.
S02E04 The Cat Came Back 25/01/1993 Mr. Rumbold, Mrs. Slocombe, Mr. Humphries and Miss Brahms plant potatoes. Captain Peacock removes a petrified pussy from a niche in the attic, precipitating a series of supernatural events.
S02E05 The Mongolian Hordes 01/02/1993 A Mongolian tour group gets a cultural extravaganza from the staff at Millstone Manor. The high point of their visit occurs on the presentation of the ballet by Mr. ""Sergei"" Humphries and Miss ""Natasha"" Lovelock.
S02E06 Darts 08/02/1993 After Mr. Rumbold complains that he gets no respect, the staff vote to share authority democratically. The staff play darts against the local team at the village pub. Captain Peacock leads a commando raid to rescue a flock of sheep.