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Greg Grainger is an award-winning producer and presenter of topical travel documentaries and wildlife programmes to remote and exotic locations. His highly acclaimed adventures have captured on film activities as diverse as sky burials in Tibet to shark riding in Tahiti. A winner of the prestigous Logie Award for Top Australian Newsman, Greg has worked for leading radio and television stations in England and Australia for the past 30 years. His track record includes radio station general manager and news director to prime-time national television news presenter. These days Greg roams the globe in search of the ultimate adventure and wildlife experiences. His filming expeditions have captured the wildest extremes of the Arctic, Antarctic and Africa, as well as the Andes and Himalaya. He's been knocked down by a cheetah, wounded by an elephant and bitten by a shark. His adventures include the world's first white water rafting trip through Tibet to a kayaking first around the top waterways of South America. He recently crossed the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia in an expedition following in the foosteps of the great explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. Greg's programmes are seen around the world, from Grainger's World screened daily on Europe's Travel Channel to Tour Deluxe on the USA Travel Channel, as well as Channel 7 Australia's The World Around Us. His wildlife specials appear regularly on the international networks Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel.


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S01E01 Polynesian Paradises 00/00/0000 Greg Grainger shows us that the islands of French Polynesia are just as seductive as back in 1788 when the crew of the Bounty mutinied after a teenage Tahitian beauty swam to the ship and slipped out of her clothes. His modern-day journey begins by sailing around the rugged and isolated Marquesas Islands, the northern most group of what have been described as the most exotic islands in the world, French Polynesia. Greg explores seven different islands, traveling south from the Marquesas to the Tuamotos, and then on to the Society islands of Bora Bora, Moorea and Tahiti. His adventures include: swimming with hundreds of baby sharks in the brilliant blue lagoons of Rangiroa, sharing a day with Marlon Brando¹s son Tehotu on their family paradise of Tetiaroa joining the divers of Manihi, where conditions are perfect for cultivating magnificent black pearls observing a strong cultural revival underway, such as the art of the tattoo. encountering over-friendly sting rays that slide all over him discovering the art of dancing Tahitian-style traveling with the modern-day warriors of the Marquesas.
S01E10 Across the Soviet Union 00/00/0000
S01E23 The Delights of Turkey 00/00/0000 The Delights of Turkey is a fast-moving adventure around eastern Turkey. Producer-presenter Greg Grainger joins a team of motorbike riders as they explore Turkey's exotic blend of Asia and Europe, from belly dancers and cave cities, to ancient Roman settlements, and cliff sides of calcium. Highlights include: * The dance of the whirling dervishes, with its ten dancers, known as Semazens * The entrancing city of Istanbul, with its massive mosques, including the Blue Mosque, with its gleaming blue tiles, and St Sophia, the greatest church in the entire early Christian kingdom. * The war-time hot-spot of Gallipoli, where school children pay homage to war heroes from their home town. * The legendary Trojan horse. * A hot air balloon ride over the home of the Troglodites. * The production of Turkish delights. * The Roman ruins of Ephesus, providing a good example of what it was like to live in a Roman city. * The thermal spas at Pammukale, with rejuvenating pools & strange formations. * The moonscape settlement of Cappadocia, with its numerous underground cities, and home to thousands who still live in caves. * The Turkish capital of Ankara with its imposing limestone Anitkabir - the mausoleum of the founder of modern Turkey, Kemal Ataturk. * Safranbolu, a small town of well-preserved Ottoman houses and home to the growers of that exotic and very expensive spice, saffron.
S01E24 In the Footsteps of the Pharaohs 00/00/0000 In the Footsteps of the Pharaohs documents a journey through Egypt, visiting reminders of the country’s prolific ancient civilisation, and experiencing the vibrancy of modern Egyptians. An expedition that begins at the magnificent relocated temples at Abu Simbel, near the Sudanese border. In Aswan, Greg sails by felucca across mighty dams, then travels along the Nile River to Luxor and its incredible temples and tombs. Finally, in the capital of Cairo, he explores new excavations around the Pyramids.
S01E25 Blue Mountains Magic 00/00/0000 Producer/presenter GREG GRAINGER documents the very best of the Blue Mountains in this 49-minute programme, capturing all the untouched old world charm of the Mountains. Starting with a ride in a grand old steam train ride from Sydney up into the Mountains, Greg takes us to Charlestone dance contests in grand old hotels, Christmas celebrations in July and echoing championships off the famous Three Sisters.
S01E26 Wildest Asia 00/00/0000 The many exotic and elusive creatures of ASIA in action sequences. From tigers on the prowl in Central India, and endangered pandas feeding in the Wolong Reserve in Western China, to macaques bathing in the snow in the hot springs of Japan, and families of orangutans at play in Sumatra.
S01E27 Canada Wild 24/06/2007 Features 4 Canadian wilderness regions and wildlife: 1. Queen Charlotte Islands, British Vancouver. Sail past foraging black bears, whales, racoons, seals and sea lions, catching Coho Salmon in the land of the Haida Indians. 2. Rocky Mountains: Trek, horse ride and raft through Rockies. Wildlife includes rutting elks. 3. Polar bears who congregate in Cape Churchill once a year waiting for the ice flow to form. Exclusive footage of bears wrestling and boxing. Interview with survivor of bear attack. 4. Baffin Island. Trek across the arctic circle to meet the Inuits - Eskimos who carve soap stone. Hunt caribou and seal with a family of Inuits and eat raw caribou meat and seaweed. Throat singing: 2 women face to face chant weird noises.