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The storyline of the spanish drama 'Gran Reserva' revolves around two families of Rioja winemakers: the Cortázar, who see wine as a lucrative business, and Reverte, for whom the vineyard and land are a way of life. Despite their differences, both families live in a balance that dramatically breaks when someone tries to kill Miguel, Cortázar's firstborn. Although the young man survives, he loses his memory, and that changes their world forever.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Gran Reserva

S01E01 Encounter with the past 15/04/2010
S01E02 They all hide something 22/04/2010
S01E03 First suspect 29/04/2010
S01E04 Miguel and Lucia: More united than ever 05/06/2010
S01E05 Opposites attract 13/05/2010
S01E06 The Cortázar want to disable Miguel 20/05/2010
S01E07 The culprit, uncovered 27/05/2010
S01E08 The police, behind the murderer 06/03/2010
S01E09 The Cortázar, cornered 06/10/2010
S01E10 Gustavo, again in the spotlight 17/06/2010
S01E11 Miguel, determined to find out the truth 24/06/2010
S01E12 The circle of suspects closes 07/01/2010
S01E13 Closer than ever to the truth 07/08/2010
S02E01 The Cortázar rebuild their lives 24/03/2011
S02E02 The Cortázar try to recover the Denomination of Origin 31/03/2011
S02E03 The things that we will never tell 07/04/2011
S02E04 The perfect alibi 14/04/2011
S02E05 The harvest 28/04/2011
S02E06 The power of money 05/05/2011
S02E07 A disturbing return 12/05/2011
S02E08 Gustavo, blinded by jealousy 19/05/2011
S02E09 Difficult decisions 26/05/2011
S02E10 Rosalia 02/06/2011
S02E11 Double games 09/06/2011
S02E12 While we are together 16/06/2011
S02E13 When you least expect it 23/06/2011
S03E01 The point of return 07/01/2013 After getting to exile Don Vicente from the family home and the wineries, Rosalía and her children promised them very happy. But things are never so simple for the Cortázar, who will have to face new challenges and overcome the sudden and untimely death of someone very close. For their part, the Reverte have managed to collect the money from the bail and get Lucia out of jail, which will not stop until they save the family's cellars from bankruptcy and take revenge for all the evil that the Cortázars have caused them. the last years.
S03E02 The bad side of things 14/01/2013 After digging in the Cortázar vineyards, the police are confused. To Emma's relief, all they have found is an old clock inside a small box. But Agent Ortega knows well that in the lands of the Cortázar nothing happens by chance.
S03E03 If you really love me... 21/01/2013 Emma and Gustavo continue their peculiar war to get rid of the suspicions of the murder of Manu, but fortunately Cortázar takes a decisive step: find the body. For her part, Sara, obsessed by Mar's relationship with Pablo, finds an unexpected accomplice: Carlos.
S03E04 What remains to be done 28/01/2013 The finding of Manuel's body in the vineyards of the Reverte upsets the routine of the two most important families in Lasiesta. Emma is the main suspect in the murder of the secretary, and now more than ever, he needs Don Vicente's help to avoid going to jail.
S03E05 But if you forget me 04/02/2013 Emma wins the first battle to Gustavo. Thanks to Don Vicente, and with the gun they used to kill Manu in his power, Emma has gone to take the pan by the handle. Without body and without weapon, Gustavo has nothing to blackmail his wife. Meanwhile, Miguel and Rosalia observe how Don Vicente begins to regain the trust of his children and decide to join forces to get him out of the house once and for all. Meanwhile, the Reverte receive bad news: the trial date of Lucia is falling? and they have not yet found a way to prove their innocence.
S03E06 The Cortázar legacy 11/02/2013 After placing Gustavo's fingerprints on the gun that killed Manuel, Emma has Gustavo totally at her mercy, and she is willing to pay him in the same currency: a single call to the police and Gustavo will be sunk.
S03E07 The worst days of our lives 18/02/2013 The Reverte discover that Raúl's accomplice in Lasiesta is Nuria Asensi, the daughter of the former president of the Regulatory Council. Their testimony is the only trick they have to prove before the trial that Lucia is innocent, but will Nuria be willing to testify against Raúl?
S03E08 Eccentricities 25/02/2013 Sara's plan to eliminate Mar has not worked, but an empty glass of wine indicates that another member of the Cortázar family has drunk from the poisoned bottle, but ... who?
S03E09 What death brings 04/03/2013 Rosalía is seriously ill in the hospital because of the poisoned wine. After the discovery of the testament of Vicente's father in which he left the Cortázar family with nothing, he will have to give an account to his children, who can not help asking themselves: Why did he hide it for so long?
S03E10 Encounters and disagreements 11/03/2013 The end of Rosalia seems closer and even though Mar is officially the suspect of his poisoning, Pablo still harbors serious doubts about his guilt. But the imminent death of his matriarch is not the only earthquake that shakes the Cortázar.
S03E11 Of the same blood 18/03/2013 Lucia has finally resolved her problems with justice, but she still has a difficult challenge to face: recover Daniel's cellar Reverte. They will do everything possible to correct their mistake, even if they have to face their mother for that.
S03E12 What we once had and lost 01/04/2013 Carlos has returned to Lasiesta to live with Rosalia his last days of life, but his stay at the Cortázar house will not be easy. With Mar in freedom, Pablo is again trapped between two women: he knows that he has failed the young woman he is in love with. Mar feels the same for him, but to be together again he will impose his own conditions. Now that Ortega believes he has solved Rosalia's case, there is only one pending issue: the murder of Monica Robledano begins to be closer than ever to be resolved. Meanwhile, Miguel has made a decision. He is tired of fighting for the interests of a surname with which, each time, he feels less identified. The time has come to put land in between before the charge of conscience of what happened with Jesus Reverte ends with him. There is only one person who can keep him there: Lucia, who is still committed to recovering their cellars at any price.
S03E13 Where there was fire and there will be ashes 08/04/2013 The Cortázar live the most complicated day of their history. The kidnapping of a family member has put them in check. Even Gustavo himself will be involved in a search that will bring unforeseen consequences for everyone. At the same time, Rosalía's funeral serves as a trigger for unexpected visits and a dangerous approach that will give rise to a new and unsuspected alliance within the Cortázar family that will change things in the cellars forever. Meanwhile, Miguel must make a difficult decision: the truth about the death of Jesus Reverte has been the straw that has filled the glass. No longer feels a Cortázar. Feel that this is not your place and save from the ruin to the great affected by the intrigues of his family, the Reverte, could mean a new opportunity to be happy again with Lucia though? every decision implies a sacrifice.
S03E14 Over time 15/04/2013 Several months have passed since a stranger shot Miguel Cortázar and normality tries to establish itself again in Lasiesta without much success. The Reverte celebrate the baptism of Lucia's son under the threat of Don Vicente to take custody of the child. Meanwhile, at Bodegas Cortázar they have never faced such a serious problem: their vines could be razed by a new highway. In addition, Pablo lives happily with Mar and his daughter, although an unexpected visit could endanger their family tranquility. Emma faces a new life without Gustavo. An unforeseen letter resuscitates a forgotten illusion. Something for which she will be willing to fight at all costs, even if she has to awaken phantoms from the past.
S03E15 The smell of wine and wood 22/04/2013 The disappearance of Lucia joins Raúl and Miguel for the first time. The brothers who until now seemed irreconcilable enemies leave aside their differences to find Lucia alive. They have only one clue to follow an old name from Miguel's murkier past: Gonzalo Miranda. With concern for Lucia, the Reverte struggle to regain custody of the little Jesus held by Vicente. Meanwhile, the patriarch of the Cortázar strives with his son Carlos for not seeing their lands disappear under the asphalt of a new highway. Although she assures to return in peace, the appearance of Sara returns to destabilize the life of Pablo. In addition, Emma feels more and more the possibility of being a mother, but Gustavo's help could become her biggest impediment to having that much-longed-for child.
S03E16 Each truth can be another 29/04/2013 A countdown has begun for the two most important Lasiesta families. The Reverte see how time ends for Lucia. Raúl and Miguel will have to comply with the requests of their captors if they want to see her alive again. Vicente Cortázar suffers from the imminent construction of the highway in his vineyards. Emma's plan to adopt a child with Gustavo seems to be coming to an end, but perhaps the result is not exactly what was expected. Pablo lives the most critical days of his life. Little Maria has fallen ill and her relationship with Mar falters dangerously, she is about to discover Sara's most hidden face. The time has come for the Cortázar to finally pay for all their sins.