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Pedro N. Gomez, a Hispanic bounty hunter who teamed with a Caucasian partner to track down bail-bond jumpers in the Los Angeles area. Other cast members included Abel Franco as Al Ramirez, the owner of Aztec Bail Bonds; and Lupe Ontiveros as Grandma Gomez. Pedro's car license plate reads: VATO UNO.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Grand Slam

S01E01 Pilot 28/01/1990
S01E02 Chop Shop 31/01/1990
S01E03 Dog Days 07/02/1990
S01E04 My Favorite Sociopath 14/02/1990
S01E05 He Works Hard for the Money 07/03/1990
S01E06 Byte the Bullet 14/03/1990
S01E07 Arana 17/04/1990
S01E08 Who's Crazy? 00/00/0000 Never Aired. No information provided.
S01E09 Piolt 28/01/1990
S01E10 Piolt 28/01/1990