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TV presenter Simon Amstell plays a version of himself in Grandma's House, a new six-part comedy written by Simon and his long-term collaborator Dan Swimer. The series stars Simon Amstell as a TV presenter who is quitting his job to try to do something more meaningful with his life. Each episode is set at Grandma's house, where Simon's family regularly congregate to catch up. Everything happens under the watchful eye of Grandma, who is desperate to see everything going well.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Grandma's House

S01E01 The Day Simon Told His Family About His Important Decision 09/08/2010 When Simon tells his mum Tanya that he's quitting the entertainment show he presents, she is less than happy. While Simon struggles to make his mum realise that her new boyfriend Clive might not be the right man for her, Grandpa has discovered something that will leave Grandma in a panic. Meanwhile, Auntie Liz is struggling with her son Adam who appears to be starting a teenage rebellion.
S01E02 The Day Simon Decided It Might Be a Nice Idea to Surprise His Mother with a Gift 16/08/2010 Simon has brought his mum, Tanya, an extravagant gift which she refuses to accept. He's also trying to convince her that maybe she shouldn't marry Clive. Meanwhile, it's Liz's birthday but nobody seems to care. Grandad has news from the doctor about his cancer scare and Simon has decided he might write a play for the theatre. However, his family isn't impressed.
S01E03 The Day Simon Announced That He Was In Control Of The Universe 23/08/2010 Simon has fallen in love. He's also read a book that leads him to believe that he might be able to control the universe. The family isn't impressed though. Meanwhile, Grandpa has invited Deborah Adler to visit but Grandma doesn't like her and is less than happy. And Liz has had to take extreme measures to try to get her son, Adam, into a new school.
S01E04 The Day Simon Decided He Was Forlorn 30/08/2010 Simon is having a life crisis and is depressed. The situation is exacerbated when a guest he interviewed on his show attacks him in the press. Tanya moves into Clive's house, much to Simon's irritation. Meanwhile, Grandma and Grandpa plan a cruise.
S01E05 The Day Simon Felt the Family Was Ready to be Healed 06/09/2010 Simon has been on a life-changing course and has decided it's his job to heal the family. He starts by giving his Granddad an exercise ball. Tanya has had a realisation that maybe Clive isn't the man for her, and when the family discover that Simon has organised a surprise for them, they are fearful what Grandma might do to him.
S01E06 The Day Simon Finally Found The Strength To Accept That His Mother Was Getting Married 13/09/2010 When Grandpa is taken ill, it's unsure whether Tanya and Clive will be able to get married today. Grandma takes on the responsibility of trying to resolve the situation, but is she right to advise Tanya to get married? Meanwhile, Liz has a favour to ask of Simon which might help Adam sort out his schooling problems.
S02E01 The Day Simon Officially Became a Very Good and Totally Employable Actor 19/04/2012 It has been six months since the death of Grandpa, and Simon is living with Grandma. He has lost his presenting career and London flat, but is now set to act in a low-key BBC comedy. Tanya and Liz haven't spoken to each other since their father's funeral, and Grandma makes an underhanded attempt at bringing them back together. Meanwhile, for the sake of the reunion, man-of-the-house Simon needs to get rid of an interesting young visitor and an uncomfortably persistent Clive
S02E02 The Day Simon Thought It May Be a Good Idea to Find New Living Arrangements 26/04/2012 Simon has been living with Grandma in Gants Hill for some months now and is beginning to feel it. Liz's husband Barry makes a rare appearance as they strive to spend some quality time together. Simon learns that Barry's firm has a flat in London but must negotiate a way around Barry's personality in order to escape. Meanwhile, as Clive attempts to impress Tanya with his work on the roof, Adam discovers something from the past.
S02E03 The Day Simon Attempted to Express Actual Feelings Just Like a Person 03/05/2012 Having landed a role in The Tempest, Simon is focusing on trying to cry. Meanwhile, Grandma is having trouble coming to terms with the death of her husband and Tanya has arranged a thrilling surprise for her own birthday. Also, unbeknownst to the family, Clive wakes up in Grandma's loft due to issues with alcohol.
S02E04 The Day Simon Was Really Determined to Heal his Grandma's Pain 10/05/2012 Simon's rehearsals for The Tempest have been going well. There seems to be chemistry between him and the talented actor/director Ben Theodore, and there's even talk of a possible date tonight. The rift between Liz and Tanya threatens to deepen as Clive arrives with some rather upsetting news. Meanwhile, Simon has also arranged for his Grandma to see a therapist due to her unresolved grief and ensuing kleptomania
S02E05 The Day Simon Found Himself Back on the Path to Fulfilment and Joy 17/05/2012 Tanya is thrilled when Simon finally makes his big TV comeback, albeit a short interview to promote his play. Simon is starting to feel validated as an artist - however, a tiny off-the-cuff comment he made about an opera singer's tumour has been picked up by a popular newspaper, who really don't like that sort of thing.
S02E06 The Day Simon and His Family Opened the Door to Acceptance 24/05/2012 It's Tanya and Clive's wedding day again, but Simon has other concerns as he is given a lesson in tough love. His play is also in jeopardy since director Ben Theodore has suddenly dropped out. Meanwhile Barry has gone missing, Adam finds new love, and all of Simon's problems could be resolved as Ben arrives with wonderful news.