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Baki Hanma est un jeune garçon de treize ans. Mais malgré son âge peu avancé il possède des capacités physiques effarantes. Rien d'étonnant à cela : il est le fils naturel d'Yujiro Hanma, "l'être le plus fort du monde" aussi appelé "l'ogre". Baki a ainsi été éduqué toute sa jeunesse pour devenir le plus fort, et marcher sur les traces de son père. Ce destin hors du commun l'amène à chercher sans cesse un nouveau défi, un nouveau combat à mener, un nouvel adversaire à terrasser. Nombreux sont les guerriers qui croiseront sa route. Mais Baki n'a qu'une chose en tête : vaincre Yujiro Hanma.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Grappler Baki

S01E01 Mise en marche du destin 09/01/2001 Baki Hanma fights a gang of 100 thugs; afterward, he is walked home by Detective Kido and his partner, who watched the fight. Baki then trains and thinks about what he should do to get stronger. Meanwhile, Kuriyagawa, the man who hired the thugs to fight Baki in order to test his strength, pays the gang's leader. Also, Baki watches a sparring match between Yuri Chakovsky, the international welterweight boxing champion, and Dinoy, Thailand's Muay Thai champion.
S01E02 Ceux qui grouillent 16/01/2001 Baki spars with Yuri. Meanwhile, Kuriyagawa meets with Kaoru Hanayama, a gangster and renowned brawler, to set up a fight with Baki.
S01E03 Le démon du rocher Yasha 23/01/2001 Baki meets his friend Ando in the woods and stays with him. While there, Baki adopts some of Ando's training techniques, and he camps alone on Yasha Rock, hoping to fight with the Yasha Ape.
S01E04 Des crocs et des chaînes 30/01/2001 Baki fights a rematch with the Yasha Ape.
S01E05 L'esprit du guerrier 06/02/2001 After returning home, Baki learns that Yuri will be fighting for the heavyweight title, so he visits Yuri at his gym. Meanwhile, Kuriyagawa tells Hanayama that he can't fight Baki until Baki has fought Yuri, but Hanayama has other plans.
S01E06 Un visiteur élégant 13/02/2001 After being knocked down by Baki, Hanayama flies into a rage in his office; afterward, he visits his sick mother in the hospital. Also, Baki visits Yuri in the hospital before his rematch with Hanayama.
S01E07 Pression 20/02/2001 Baki and Hanayama continue to fight, and Hanayama's tattoo is explained.
S01E08 Diable 27/02/2001 Baki's dad, Yujiro, shows up after Baki's fight with Hanayama. After the story of how Yujiro met Baki's mother is told, Yujiro and Hanayama fight.
S01E09 Adieu 06/03/2001 Baki explains to his mother why he fights, visits Hanayama in the hospital, and trains. After a brief encounter with Yujiro, they decide that they will fight in one month. Baki then meets Strydum, who tells him of a mercenary group in Hokkaido, and Baki decides to go there to defeat them.
S01E10 Champs de bataille 13/03/2001 Captured by the mercenaries as soon as he parachutes in, Baki must free himself and fight his way out. Meanwhile, an old friend warns Strydum of Gaia's fighting ability.
S01E11 Gaïa 20/03/2001 Baki fights Gaia.
S01E12 Marques de morsures 27/03/2001 Yujiro breaks into the Prime Minister's office to prove a point; Baki fights the swordsman Kurokawa; Yujiro forces the archer Kanemoto to shoot an arrow at him; Baki visits his mother after she is rejected by Yujiro.
S01E13 Challenge! 03/04/2001 All of Baki's friends show up to watch his fight with Yujiro and to help him warm up; meanwhile, Yujiro fights Gaia. Also, Hanayama opens up to Baki about his mother.
S01E14 Après avoir rêvé.. 10/04/2001 Baki fights Yujiro.
S01E15 Ce type 17/04/2001 Detective Kido reflects upon his experiences with Baki, and Kuriyagawa tells Kido about Baki's relationship with his mother and his fight with Yujiro.
S01E16 Le chemin vers la terre promise... 24/04/2001 Anton Igari, an ex-wrestler, tells Tokugawa, an old man who runs an underground fighting circuit, about Baki and his recent global travels. In the narrative, Baki is seen training and fighting, and, while in Brazil, he visits a fighting master named Dixon. Learning of the circuit, Baki returns to Japan to meet with Tokugawa, and he fights Tokugawa's bodyguards to earn a chance to enter the circuit.
S01E17 Rassemblement 01/05/2001 Flash forward three years: Baki is now the champion of the underground arena. Tokugawa meets with Orochi Doppo, a former champion of the arena, and asks him to enter his son Katsumi in the arena. Doppo finds Kato, a former student, at his dojo beating up his fighters, and he introduces Kato to the arena. Baki trains for a fight at the boarding house where he is staying, where Kozue, the daughter of the woman who owns the house, has a crush on him.
S01E18 Cordes rompues 08/05/2001 Baki fights Shinogi Kousho, a master of Cord-Cut Karate.
S01E19 L'adversaire 15/05/2001 Kato spars with the fighters in Doppo's dojo; Kozue interferes with some bullies that are bothering Baki, which causes problems for her later; several fighters petition Tokugawa to be Baki's next opponent; Baki trains with Motobe Ito.
S01E20 Défaite honorable 22/05/2001 Baki fights Mount Toba, a professional wrestler.
S01E21 Instinct meurtrier 29/05/2001 Yujiro shows up after Baki's fight and knocks him out, and Doppo challenges Yujiro to a fight. After watching Doppo spar with his students, Baki spars with him. Yujiro starts a fight with a group of boxers at their gym, and he fights with Motobe Izo and Baki's next opponent is revealed.
S01E22 Choc de titans 12/06/2001 Dr. Shinogi Kureha reveals to his brother, the Cord-Cutter, why he is fighting Baki; Doppo and Yujiro fight.
S01E23 Dieu de Guerre et Dieu de Mort 19/06/2001 The fight between Doppo and Yujiro continues; after Dr. Shinogi Kureha performs a medical miracle, he demonstrates his physical abilities to the crowd; one of Kureha's former patients visits Baki.
S01E24 La récompense du démon 26/06/2001 Baki fights Dr. Shinogi Kureha.
S02E01 Ouverture ! 24/07/2001 Mitsunari Tokugawa announces his plans for a world martial arts tournament, and fighters from around the world gather for it. In the first fight of round one in the A-Block, Baki Hanma fights Artemis Regan, a professional wrestler; in the second fight of round one in the A-Block, Vale Tudo master Zulu fights Muay Thai master Dentoranee Jitpika.
S02E02 Un remplaçant de grande classe 31/07/2001 In the third A-Block match of round one, heavyweight kickboxing champion Rob Robinson takes on the professional wrestler Anton Igari; in the fourth A-Block match of round one, Motobe Izo fights the grand sumo Kinryuzan; in the first B-Block match of round one, the Sambo master Sergei Taktaroff fights Retsu Kaio, a master of Chinese Kenpo; in the second B-Block match of round one, Kato fights the son of the Yasha Ape.
S02E03 La cible finale 07/08/2001 Baki saves the Yasha Ape's son from Katsumi; in the third B-Block match of round one, Hanayama fights the Japanese Kenpo master Inagi Bunnoshin; in the fourth B-Block match of round one, Roland Gustaf, a catch-as-catch-can wrestler, fights Orochi Katsumi.
S02E04 L'arrivée de l'Ogre 14/08/2001 Yujiro arrives and enters his protégé Amanai Yu in the tournament; in the first C-Block match of round one, heavyweight boxing world champion Ian McGregor fights Taekwondo master Li Moko; in the second C-Block match of round one, biker gang leader Shiba Chiharu fights judo master Hatanaka Kohei; in the third C-Block match of round one, Shorinji Kenpo master Misaki Kengo fights pro wrestler Mike Queen.
S02E05 Le droit de l'affronter 21/08/2001 Brazilian Jiu-jitsu master Sergio Silva faces pit-fighter Jack Hammer in the fourth C-Block match of round one; Yujiro tries to fight Hammer, but Baki intervenes; shoot wrestler Yamamoto Minoru faces Amanai Yu in the first D-Block match of round one.
S02E06 Expert 28/08/2001 Richard Filth, a bouncer, faces Orochi Doppo in the second D-Block match of round one; Roger Harlon, an amateur wrestler, faces the jujutsu master Shibukawa Goki in the third D-Block match of round one; Shinogi Kureha faces Shinogi Kousho in the fourth D-Block match of round one.
S02E07 Celui qu'il faut surpasser 04/09/2001 The fourth D-Block match of round one continues as Shinogi Kureha and Shinogi Kousho continue to fight; Baki faces Zulu in the first A-Block match of round two.
S02E08 Pourquoi il est impossible de perdre 11/09/2001 In the second A-Block match of round two, Igari faces Kinryuzan; in the first B-Block match of round two, Retsu Kaio faces Mount Toba.
S02E09 Homme contre homme 18/09/2001 In the second B-Block match of round two, Hanayama faces Orochi Katsumi.
S02E10 Fighting kids 25/09/2001 In the first C-Block match of round two, Shiba Chiharu faces Ian McGregor.
S02E11 Crocs 02/10/2001 Andreanof Garland, the last reserver, is introduced when it is deemed that Shiba is in no condition to fight in the next round; in the second C-Block match of round two, Jack Hammer faces Misaki Kengo.
S02E12 L'ultime style Orochi ! 09/10/2001 In the first D-Block match of round two, Doppo faces Amanai Yu; Baki takes Kozue to the site of his mother's death.
S02E13 Réunion 16/10/2001 Yujiro fights against all of the tournament losers; in the second D-Block match of round two, Shibukawa Goki faces Shinogi Kousho.
S02E14 Combat de catch 23/10/2001 Igari begs Baki to let him win, and they fight in the first match of the quarter-finals.
S02E15 Malheur ! Le poing sonique 30/10/2001 In the second fight of the quarter-finals, Katsumi faces Retsu Kaio; Andreanof Garland fights an anaconda to make things fair, since he hasn't fought in the tournament yet, and then he faces Jack Hammer in the third fight of the quarter-finals.
S02E16 L'homme qui a renoncé au lendemain 06/11/2001 Andreanof Garland and Jack Hammer continue to fight in the third match of the quarter-finals. Also, Hammer's training history is revealed.
S02E17 Doppo, voltige ! 13/11/2001 Shibukawa Goki faces Doppo in the fourth match of the quarter-finals.
S02E18 Héritier 20/11/2001 Baki fights Retsu Kaio in the first match of the semi-finals.
S02E19 L'expert contre le monstre 27/11/2001 In the second match of the semi-finals, Shibukawa Goki faces Jack Hammer.
S02E20 Finale 04/12/2001 Baki and Jack Hammer think about the training and hardships they've endured to reach their current level of ability.
S02E21 Secret war 11/12/2001 Baki faces Jack Hammer in the final match of the tournament. Also, in flashback Yujiro meets Jack's mother in Vietnam.
S02E22 Les génies évolutifs 18/12/2001 Baki and Jack Hammer continue to fight in the final match. In flashback to Vietnam, Yujiro breaks into an American base and terrorizes the soldiers; later, Jack is born.
S02E23 Dénouement 25/12/2001 Baki and Jack Hammer continue to fight in the finals as Jack's body breaks down.
S02E24 Rencontre 25/05/2002 In flashback, the United States government sends its special forces to South America to kill a young Yujiro.

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