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Do you want to know how the world is gonna end? This is the story of two journalism students who uncover a global conspiracy while investigating an unsolved murder. The series takes viewers deep inside the mystery of The Georgia Guidestones, an enigmatic monument nestled in a farmers field in rural Georgia, inscribed with directions for rebuilding civilization after the apocalypse. Does this mysterious structure hold the key to humanity's future?


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Guidestones

S01E01 The Ghost in the Church 14/02/2012 While researching an assignment on Christian architecture, Sandy and Trevor capture a mysterious apparition on film.
S01E02 Always Follow the Dead Guy 14/02/2012 Sandy tries to get more information about the Harold Glenndenning murder from a local newscaster.
S01E03 Omphalos 14/02/2012 Sandy and Trevor make a discovery about the location of Harold's murder.
S01E04 She Has It All 14/02/2012 Sandy discovers hidden documentary footage of Harold Glendenning.
S01E05 The Rosy Cross 14/02/2012 Trevor and Sandy discover the Guidestones Keystone, and a mysterious character approaches them with information.
S01E06 Maynard Glass 14/02/2012 Sandy uses the "keystone" to unlock the next clue; the team must make a quick escape when they think they're being followed.
S01E07 Collingwood 14/02/2012 Sandy compute the given QR code that to a website maintained by a local man.
S01E08 The Letters Don't Matter 14/02/2012 Trevor believes the team must go on a road trip to delve deeper into the mystery.
S01E09 Lonely 14/02/2012
S01E10 The Book That Holds the Key 14/02/2012 Sandy and Trevor travel to Georgia in search of the next clue.
S01E11 The Treasure Map 14/02/2012 Sandy has trouble dealing with what she discovered.
S01E12 A Message for Humanity 14/02/2012 Sandy and Trevor discover the Georgia Guidestones.
S01E13 Another Message 14/02/2012 Sandy look on a map all different coordinate found on the photos.
S01E14 Terrible Suffering 14/02/2012 Trevor and Sandy uncover more information about the Guidestones; the team visits Georgia Tech.
S01E15 Sideways 14/02/2012 Sandy decide to go back to America
S01E16 Waiting 14/02/2012 The team waits to meet someone who can provide more answers, and gets some very upsetting news.
S01E17 Being Led 14/02/2012 Sandy reads messages sent between Harold Glendenning and his wife on a secret channel.
S01E18 A Very Sick Woman 14/02/2012 Sandy panics; Trevor meets with Gloria Cuthbert's brother.
S01E19 Searching 14/02/2012 Trevor sneaks into Gloria's house and does some snooping.
S01E20 Crucifraction 14/02/2012 Sandy continue watching the messages sent by Harold Glendenning and his wife to each other.
S01E21 Elemental 14/02/2012
S01E22 Thorium 232 14/02/2012 A secret ceremony is witnessed by Sandy and Trevor.
S01E23 The Hospital 14/02/2012 Sandy and Trevor investigate an abandoned mental hospital.
S01E24 The Keystone 14/02/2012 Back in Toronto, the next keystone clue is revealed. Sandy fears that she is being followed.
S01E25 Khan 14/02/2012 Sandy enter in Kraaon office.
S01E26 Hiding 14/02/2012
S01E27 Rebecca 14/02/2012 Trevor and Sandy lay low.
S01E28 India 14/02/2012 Fearing for her father's safety, Sandy and Trevor travel to India.
S01E29 Unnatural Disasters 14/02/2012 A song reveals a new clue to Trevor.
S01E30 Market Collapse 14/02/2012 Sandy must run for her life through the streets of Delhi.
S01E31 Kraaon Inc. 14/02/2012 Sandy discovers the location of Kraaon's headquarters.
S01E32 Alone 14/02/2012 Unable to locate Trevor, Sandy must continue on the journey herself.
S01E33 What Would Trevor Do? 14/02/2012
S01E34 Follow the Money 14/02/2012 Sandy travels to see a man with a connection to Harold Glendenning.
S01E35 Punkage Persad 14/02/2012 A website holds the next clue for Sandy, who believes its creator is involved in the conspiracy.
S01E36 The Machine 14/02/2012 Sandy searches an abandoned site and uncovers some unsettling new information about Kraaon.
S01E37 Curiosity 14/02/2012 Sandy search on the internet the serial number of the machine found in the abandoned plant.
S01E38 Mother 14/02/2012 The location of the Kraaon factories are disclosed to Sandy, and her father is finally able to answer some questions.
S01E39 Father 14/02/2012 Sandy makes a dramatic discovery about Kraaon.
S01E40 Sister 14/02/2012 Sandy travels back to Toronto to meet with Rebecca Glenndenning.
S01E41 The Meeting 14/02/2012 Sandy meet the Glendenning daughter.
S01E42 The Truth, Part 1 14/02/2012 Sandy figures out the final keystone clue and unlocks a series of video messages that tell all.
S01E43 The Truth, Part 2 14/02/2012 The remainder of the video messages are revealed to Sandy.
S01E44 Friends 14/02/2012 Sandy makes a final attempt to track down Trevor.
S01E45 Kraaon Inc. 14/02/2012 Sandy discovers the location of Kraaon's headquarters.
S01E46 We Need to Talk 14/02/2012 Sandy flee Kraaon office.
S01E47 Sacrifice 14/02/2012 Sandy's fate is in the hands of Kraaon.
S01E48 Success 14/02/2012
S01E49 The Right Code 14/02/2012
S01E50 Return 14/02/2012 Sandy must decide what direction her life should take.

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