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Paradise starred Lee Horsley as Cord, a professional gunfighter who was forced to take custody of the four children of his sister, a St. Louis singer who was dying and unable to make any other arrangements for their care. Cord realized that his profession was unsuitable to child rearing and decided to change, renting a farm from Amelia Lawson (Sigrid Thornton), who also owned the local bank in the small town of Paradise, California (the origin of the title). Ethan tried to live a peaceful life, but was constantly haunted by his violent past and frequently called upon by the townspeople to defend them from lawlessness. Cord was close friends with John Taylor (Dehl Berti), a Native American medicine man, who often provided him with wise counsel and insights into human nature.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Guns of Paradise

S02E01 A Gather of Guns Pt.1 00/00/0000 When a man thinks Ethan knows the location of a fortune, he kidnaps him and takes him to a prison where no man has ever escaped from. Amelia turns to her estranged husband, Pierce for help. He takes her to see Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, and Pat Garrett who agree to help.
S02E02 A Gather of Guns Pt. 2 00/00/0000 When a man thinks Ethan knows the location of a fortune, he kidnaps him and takes him to a prison where no man has ever escaped from. Amelia turns to her estranged husband, Pierce for help. He takes her to see Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, and Pat Garrett who agree to help.
S02E03 Home Again 00/00/0000 Wyatt Earp follows Ethan back home after the big escape. Without noticing it, a reporter also follows them looking for answers.
S02E04 The Common Good 00/00/0000 The town needs a new marshal and Ethan is an obvious candidate, however, he does not want to do it; not even, if it costs him his ranch.
S02E05 Dead Run 00/00/0000 Laid off miners decide to ambush Ethan and Amelia when they are heading to Virginia City to deposit $50.000.
S02E06 All The Pretty Little Horses 00/00/0000 A woman fights an implacable battle against the railroad she blames for the loss of her husband, son, and farm, not considering the cost to her and her surviving daughter.
S02E07 Orphan Train 00/00/0000 Ethan confronts the law to rescue a fugitive orphan who was taken away from his sister.
S02E08 The Burial Ground 00/00/0000 An old Indian warrior wants to bring peace between an old foe in the warpath and a member of the cavalry.
S02E09 A Proper Stranger 00/00/0000 Ethan has to find out who is robbing the graves in the local cemetery; while Amelia takes care of the children whom a beautiful girl she does not know is tutoring. The law also wants her.
S02E10 Boomtown 00/00/0000 The gold rush hits town and Ethan’s land is no exception. Paradise turns into a materialistic town.
S02E11 The Return of Johnny Ryan 00/00/0000 Johnny Ryan fulfills his promise of returning to paradise and taking revenge on the person who humiliated him: Ethan Cord.
S02E12 The Plague 00/00/0000 Paradise is hit by an outbreak of smallpox and Ethan has to deal with George being infected by it.
S02E13 The Gates of Paradise 00/00/0000 A symbolic drama centering on two strangers in Paradise: a black-clad equestrian with two grim appointments to keep before the New Year, and a simple youth left in the forest to fend for himself.
S02E14 The Devil's Escort 00/00/0000 A killer who is being escorted by Ethan back to Paradise for trial might never make it because other outlaws want him dead.
S02E15 Dangerous Cargo 00/00/0000 Ethan is offered a very well paying job but at the same time very dangerous. To deliver the opium that miners use to keep some Chinese workers more or less enslaved.
S02E16 Till Death Do Us Part 00/00/0000 Joseph's tomboy friend, Frankie, returns to Paradise, now sophisticatedly attired and married to a controlling, offensive judge who has the control to transfer Ethan to Texas on a murder warrant.
S02E17 Avenging Angel 00/00/0000 Years ago, Ethan testified against a person. Now that person is the new town’s preacher who is a paroled murderer, claiming to have seen the light. Everyone in town is giving him a second chance, except for Ethan.
S02E18 Crossfire 00/00/0000 The sons of Ethan’s old pal, Gideon, volunteer them as guns in a range war.
S02E19 Shadow of a Doubt 00/00/0000 Jerome, an obtuse and gentle man, faces a jury for the strangling of a girl who rejected him.
S02E20 The Coward 00/00/0000 Ethan protects a young deserter wanted by the Army. He also protects him from an armed mother who accuses him of the death of her son.
S02E21 The Chase 00/00/0000 A con woman visits Paradise and sells the town a trolley. She takes the townsfolk on a ride and while they are partying, she loots the place.
S02E22 Dust on the Wind 00/00/0000 A mass exodus occurs in Paradise when Ethan and Amelia decide to close the mine.
S03E01 Out of Ashes 00/00/0000 Ethan and the children return to Paradise where Ethan is convinced to take on the role of town marshal. Ethan builds a new home for his family and he and Amelia become engaged. A new character, Dakota, arrives in town and decides to stay. He rubs Ethan the wrong way, but hits it off with Claire, much to her uncle's disdain.
S03E02 The Bounty 00/00/0000
S03E03 The Women 00/00/0000
S03E04 Bad Blood 00/00/0000
S03E05 The Valley of Death 00/00/0000
S03E06 A Bullet Through the Heart 00/00/0000
S03E07 See No Evil 00/00/0000
S03E08 Birthright 00/00/0000 The Carroll children's father Robert returns and tells Ethan he wants custody of the kids. At first resistant, Ethan begins to feel the children might be safer living with their father, however neglectful he has been in the past, than with him. But it turns out Robert may have brought danger of his own into the children's lives.
S03E09 A Study in Fear 00/00/0000 Paradise is thrown into a state of terror when a serial killer begins targeting the town's woman. Ethan must identify and catch the killer, who has set his sites on Claire.
S03E10 The Search for K.C. Cavanaugh 00/00/0000
S03E11 Shield of Gold 00/00/0000
S03E12 Twenty-Four Hours 00/00/0000 This episode follows a day in the life of Marshal Ethan Allan Cord, who is considering giving up his badge and leaving Paradise. Over a period of ""twenty-four hours,"" Ethan must contend with a series of disputes between townspeople as well as at home. Spoiler: In the end, he decides to stick it out and remain in Paradise.
S03E13 Unfinished Business 00/00/0000 Ethan learns that an old enemy of his is headed for Paradise looking to shoot it out. To protect the children, he sends them away on a trip, but they realize that something is wrong at home. As the gunfight nears, both Ethan (in Paradise) and the children (waiting at the train station) both reflect back to how they've become a family (via flashbacks to previous episodes). Spoiler: In the end, the children don't take the train and rush back to their uncle in Paradise. He has defeated the other gunfighter and he and the children are reunited.