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He's Back... And This Time He's Trying To Save Lives First he dissected human bodies to show you how they work. Next he did it to show you how they die. Now he's going to show you how to save them. Dr Gunther von Hagens presents his third series of lectures given to an audience of body donors and their families. In these master classes, von Hagens recreates serious injuries on human bodies to reveal just what happens to the body when faced with assaults or accidents and to show what doctors, nurses and first-aiders can do, working against the clock, to try to preserve life. He is joined by Dr John Heyworth, A&E Consultant, Southampton University Hospitals Trust, whose illuminating commentary is based on his first-hand, frontline experience of a busy Emergency Department. And for the first time, von Hagens has teamed up with the British Red Cross, whose representative, Emma Rand, demonstrates simple First Aid techniques that could mean the difference between life and deat

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