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Guntucky chronicles the Sumner family's adventures as they shoot from the hip and fire from all cylinders in business and in life, banding together to run their Knob Creek gun shop and shooting range. The Sumner children and grandchildren were born with guns in their hands, and now it's their turn to learn how to run the family business under Gran-Pa and Gran-Ma's tutelage. Guntucky follows three generations of Sumners as they're gunning for sales and each other behind closed doors, the shop's floor, the range outdoors, and 'round town in Kentucky. All activities depicted in Guntucky involving firearms were conducted in accordance with applicable legal requirements, under the strict supervision of trained professionals. These activities should never be attempted or imitated in any way.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Guntucky

S01E01 Son of a Gun 21/04/2013 Steven teaches his son Payton that shooting up dad's property comes with a big price, while the rest of the crew tracks down hard-to-find collectables from the days of Al Capone. Meanwhile, Gran-Pa Biff has some bad news for the owner of a seemingly rare weapon, and two excitable brothers blast their ratty old fishing craft into boat heaven.
S01E02 Cabin Fever 21/04/2013 The Sumners stage an epic Civil War recreation that they have to build from scratch. Meanwhile, the Knob Creek crew is called upon to settle a bet, while Gran-pa Biff has Steven examine and test-fire a very valuable rifle.
S01E03 Zombie Apocalypse 28/04/2013 Steven puts together a massive experience for a customer looking to take out an army of zombies. Steven also sells a replica of a very cool "pirate" gun, the legendary blunderbuss. Meanwhile, Kenny checks out a rare German competition shooting rifle, wondering if he blew his money or got a real steal in the bargain.
S01E04 Meet the Parents 28/04/2013 Steven goes ballistic upon learning daughter Stephanie's new boyfriend has yet to touch a gun. Steven forces Stephanie's guy Ben into an awkward session of hunting, followed by a pro wrestling match where the overzealous dad escorts the couple as both chaperone and color commentator. After dealing with an eccentric gun owner, Chad and Payton buy a cane gun for Gran-pa Biff. Chad also deals with a farmer needing a four-wheeled hunting vehicle, leading to an explosive test-drive that takes down a herd of stuffed animals.
S01E05 Love Explosion 30/04/2013 Steven helps a feuding couple rekindle their relationship by destroying their ugly furniture and by staging an explosive date out on the range.
S01E06 New Girl 04/05/2013 Steven and Payton meet some guys who build cannons that shoot bowling balls; Grandpa hires a new girl to work the range.
S01E07 Doomsday 05/05/2013 Steven prepares his family for doomsday.
S01E08 A Little Bit Louder Now 12/05/2013 Steven, Chad and Payton create a home-alarm system; Biff screens applicants for the secretive Old Timers Club.
S01E09 Big Shots 12/05/2013 Steven and Chad persuade Biff to let them run the range for a week. Chad then begins to haggle over a perfect replica of a Soviet rifle.
S01E10 Machine Gun Shoot-Out 19/05/2013 Biff and Payton shoot targets, while Biff teaches him the difference between U.S. and German rifles used in World War II. Later, the Sumners host a gathering of gun enthusiasts.

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