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MTV2's Guy Code is the ultimate guy's guide to the laws of manhood. Every bro knows the code. Some say guys are born with it, but not everyone follows the same set of guidelines. On Guy Code, we're putting people on notice! Guy Code has been discussed on screen in "Old School", "Jersey Shore" and inadvertently analyzed on "Animal Planet" when discussing the customs of male species. But to date, no show has created a playbook for all guys to follow. Until now. Need to know about everything from man-scaping to man-crushes, wing men and sexting, the rules of drinking, karaoke etiquette, and more? Guy Code will feature today's top comics, athletes, entertainers, and even some experts to make sure all the players are up to date. Do you know the Code?


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S01E01 Manscaping, Sexting, Bottle Service & Camping 15/11/2011 The ultimate guy's guide to the laws of manhood: Manscaping, Sexting, Bottle Service and Camping.
S01E02 Dancing, Bathroom Etiquette, Exercise & One Night Stands 22/11/2011 The ultimate guy's guide to the laws of manhood: Guy Code to Dancing, Bathroom Etiquette, Exercise and One Night Stands.
S01E03 Crying, Drinking like a Man, Rules of Karaoke, Hygiene 29/11/2011 We learn when it's appropriate to cry, how to drink like a man, the unspoken rules of karaoke, and what kind of bath and shower products a guy should use.
S01E04 Avoiding the Friend Zone, Social Networks, Cars, Contraception 06/12/2011 We discuss how to avoid the Friend Zone, proper protocol to Social Networks, what matters when it comes to your ride, and how men should handle contraception.
S01E05 Bachelor Pads, Strip Clubs, Long Distance Relationships & Penis Size 13/12/2011 We discuss the ideal bachelor pad, what to know about strip clubs, long distance relationships and penis size.
S01E06 Holiday Parties, Gift-Giving & New Year's Eve (Holiday Edition) 20/12/2011 Guy Code rings in the holiday season with tips on office holiday parties, going home for the holidays, gift-giving and New Year's Eve.
S01E07 Cheating, Ideal Wingman, Cooking 101, Ex-Girlfriends 20/12/2011 We cover cheating, the ideal wingman, cooking 101, whether your friend's ex-girlfriends are ever fair game.
S01E08 Tattoos, Girlfriends, Diets, Getting Your Girlfriend into Sports 27/12/2011 We discuss tattoos, girlfriends, whether men should go on diets and how to get your girlfriend into sports.
S01E09 Drugs, Money, Ex-Girlfriends, Competitiveness 03/01/2012 We cover drugs, money, the ex-girlfriend and why guys are so competitive.
S01E10 Masturbating, Fighting, Perfect Roommate, Break-ups 10/01/2012 We discuss masturbating, fighting, the perfect roommate and how to handle a breakup.
S01E11 Getting Freaky, Perfect Pregame, Nicknames, Jobs 17/01/2012 We discuss getting freaky with your girl, the perfect pregame, nicknames and jobs.
S01E12 Guy Code Spring Break Survival Guide 10/04/2012 Whether you're making your battle plans, preparing to storm the beach, rage through the night, or seal the deal with a fellow spring breaker, Guy Code is your guide to a successful spring break.
S02E01 Porn, being broke, jealousy and having a crush 10/07/2012 Spring break is discussed. Included: rules for partying and hooking up.
S02E02 Farting, foreplay, lying, and bachelor parties 17/07/2012 Comedians Kevin Hart and Lil Duval share their thoughts on foreplay and bachelor parties.
S02E03 One-night stands, racism and going abroad 24/07/2012 Comedian Damien Lemon gets a facial. Featured topics include one-night stands; racism; and traveling abroad.
S02E04 Paying for sex, being a player, road trips and sisters 31/07/2012 Rapper Young Jeezy; model Melanie Iglesias.
S02E05 Pregnancy scares, the code to BBQs, astrology, and hosting a friend in town 07/08/2012 Pregnancy scares, barbecues and astrology are among the topics discussed. Appearing: rapper 2 Chainz; comedian Donnell Rawlings.
S02E06 STDs, video games, cops and weddings 14/08/2012 Melanie Iglesias challenges Jon Gabrus to a digital dance-off; Biz Markie shares his super power. Also: STDs, video games and weddings are discussed.
S02E07 Stress, how to work a rebound, friends and fantasy sports 20/08/2012 Friends, stress and fantasy sports are among the topics discussed. Also: Christopher "Big Black" Boykin and Jordan Carlos attempt yoga.
S02E08 Friends with benefits, rejection, shopping and freshman year 21/08/2012 Damien Lemon and Andrew Schulz go undercover to hit on women. Topics discussed include shopping; rejection; and freshman.
S02E09 Body piercings, gossip and cohabitation are discussed. 27/08/2012 Body piercings, gossip and cohabitation are discussed.
S02E10 online dating, going to the doctor, and tailgating 03/09/2012 Online dating, doctor visits and tailgating are discussed.
S02E11 Hair loss and meeting a significant other's parents are discussed. 10/09/2012 Hair loss and meeting a significant other's parents are discussed.
S02E12 Rules of flirting, revenge and gambling are discussed. 17/09/2012 Rules of flirting, revenge and gambling are discussed.
S02E13 Guy Code to Hooking Up 24/09/2012 Charlamagne Tha God and Melanie Iglesias know a thing or two about sealing the deal. They have all the details when it comes to hooking up from foreplay, friends with benefits, the morning after and lots more.
S02E14 Guy Code to the Night Out 01/10/2012 Damien Lemon and Andrew Schulz break down how to have a good ass night out with your boys, from how to be a good wing man, to proper pregaming techniques, down to throwing the perfect bachelor party and more.
S02E15 Guy Code to Manscaping and Everything Else 08/10/2012 Jon Gabrus and April Rose are covering the bases to stepping up your game from working out, manscaping, going to the spa and more.
S03E01 Boners, getting engaged, being fat, house parties 15/01/2013
S03E02 Virginity, gay, birthdays, being sick 22/01/2013
S03E03 Cock blocking, insecurity, texting, Super Bowl parties 29/01/2013
S03E04 Body odor, rivalry, first dates, religion. The guys compete in the Hangover Olympics 05/02/2013
S03E05 PMS, Valentine's Day, being stoned, apologizing 12/02/2013
S03E06 Puberty, Interviewing, Being Whipped, Sleeping 19/02/2013
S03E07 New relationships, bar etiquette, having a kid, being a nerd 26/02/2013
S03E08 Your boy's girlfriend, wine, kissing, maturity 05/03/2013
S03E09 PDA, being scared, dealing with her friends, moms 12/03/2013
S03E10 Flying, spicing things up, teachers, funerals 19/03/2013
S03E11 Prom, taking a break, going to the game, moving back in 26/03/2013
S03E12 Dads, falling in love, guys' night out, being embarrassed. Joe Budden shares his Good Ass Night 02/04/2013
S04E01 Pooping, Closing, Gym, #AskGuyCode 16/04/2014 Find out if you should poop in front of your girl, how to use your gym time wisely, the best way to close the deal, and our cast answers your questions.
S04E02 Turning 21; platonic girlfriends; an update on manscaping 23/04/2014 21st birthdays and girlfriends are among the topics discussed.
S04E03 Intercourse; male bonding; roommates; shark fishing 30/04/2014 Sex and male bonding are among the topics discussed.
S04E04 Heartbreak; testicles; an update on life online. 07/05/2014 Heartbreak is among the topics discussed.
S04E05 Breasts; snooping; an update on dancing; the pull-out method; crying. 14/05/2014 Snooping is among the topics discussed.
S04E11 Peer Pressure, Ex Girlfriend, Unemployment, Ask Guy Code 25/06/2014 Topics discussed include peer pressure, unemployment and ex-girlfriends.
S04E12 Getting Older, Morning After, Art, Ask Guy Code 02/07/2014 Topics discussed include aging, art, threesomes and revisiting the topic of the morning after.
S00E01 "Guy Code Honors" 21/07/2013

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