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In this comedic courtroom series, viewers will witness a variety of cases – from a plaintiff claiming that their best friend dated their ex-girlfriend to a roommate who refuses to wear deodorant. All of the cases are real stories from real people who have fallen victim to violations of “Guy Code.” Judge Donnell Rawlings will preside over the court, with trusty bailiff Melanie Iglesias by his side at all times. Each case will be will judged, defended, and prosecuted with the perfect combination of comedy and justice, as the laws of manhood will be upheld every week.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Guy Court

S01E00 In Guy Code We Trust 00/00/0000 A preview of MTV2's upcoming new series.
S01E01 Mr. D-Pic 06/11/2013 On the premiere of 'Guy Court,' Josh is accused of sending d-pics to his boys, while Christian is an obsessive gamer. Are either guilty of breaking 'Guy Code?'
S01E02 Facebook Breakup and Striptease 06/11/2013
S01E03 Letting It Rip and Beer Bandit 13/11/2013
S01E04 Booty Thirst, Cry Me a River, and Killin' em Softly 13/11/2013
S01E05 Party Prankster and Fruity Drinks 20/11/2013
S01E06 Grenade Launcher and Calling Dibs 20/11/2013
S01E07 Mr. Porno and Blabbermouth 27/11/2013
S01E08 Gym Selfies, Mr. Mani Pedi, and Madden Madness 27/11/2013
S01E09 Cell Phone Snooper, Double Ply Dandy, Birthday Block 04/12/2013
S01E10 Ridin Dirty and Social Media Whore 11/12/2013
S01E11 Perpetual proposer, Tanning, Game Changer 18/12/2013
S01E12 Birthday Blues and Facebook Stalker 18/12/2013

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