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``Gypsy Sisters'' follows the roller-coaster lives of the Stanleys, a loud and proud clan from Martinsburg, W.Va., whom viewers first came to know in TLC's ``My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.'' The new series focuses on the four women at the center of this outrageous family led by matriarch Nettie, a gossip-stirring mother who loves to stick her nose in the lives of her nine children. But it's her out-of-control younger sister Mellie, dubbed the black sheep of the family, that Nettie contends with most. Mellie is a stripper with a penchant for drinking and fighting, earning her the town nickname ``Hellie Mellie.'' Kayla, Nettie's cousin, strives to be the perfect Gypsy wife but often disagrees with her husband on the best way to raise their teenage daughter. And Kayla's sister-in-law Laura -- though not Roma by blood -- considers herself one at heart.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Gypsy Sisters

S01E01 Highway To Hell 10/02/2013 Nettie worries that her sister Mellie's fighting and stripping are getting out of hand; Mellie's ex-boyfriend comes back into town; Kayla's trip to the racetrack is derailed by Mellie's drinking.
S01E02 Blood Is Thicker Than Bling 10/02/2013 Matriarch Nettie Stanley worries that her sister Mellie's stripping and fighting are getting out of hand; Mellie's ex-boyfriend Robbie comes back into town; Kayla's trip to the racetrack is derailed by Mellie's drinking.
S01E03 The Queen Of All Cons 17/02/2013 Nettie and Kayla get in a fight over who will plan Mellie's wedding; Kayla and her husband are at odds over how to raise their teenage daughter; Mellie's ex-con mother gets released from jail which threatens her own sobriety.
S01E04 Last Fling Before The Ring 17/02/2013 Mellie and Robbie set a wedding date; Laura plans a 15th anniversary party for Kayla and Richard; a bachelorette party to Ocean City.
S01E05 Wedded For Disaster 03/03/2013 Nettie, Kayle and Laura suspect Mellie may be pregnant despite her denial; Nettie and Lottie Mae refuse to speak to each other; Mellie has serious doubts about the wedding
S01E06 Who's Your Daddy? 10/03/2013 Mellie's honeymoon phase is short-lived, a pregnancy complication sends her to the hospital and she spends time in jail; Kayla and Richard must deal with their daughter dating an older gypsy boy.
S01E07 All is Fair in Gypsy War 17/03/2013 As Mellie's prison date gets closer she must make many decisions regarding Robbie, her baby and her future.
S02E01 Web of Lies - Part 1 05/12/2013
S02E02 Web of Lies - Part 2 05/12/2013
S02E03 The Calm Before the Storm 12/12/2013
S02E04 Fists of Fury 12/12/2013
S02E05 The Blame Game 12/12/2013
S02E06 Making Up is Hard to Do 19/12/2013
S02E07 A Newborn King 26/12/2013
S02E08 The Family That Plays Together, Stays Together 02/01/2014
S02E09 Gypsies Unleashed 09/01/2014
S02E10 It's Been One Long, Hot Summer 09/01/2014
S03E01 Birthdays, Brawls, and Big Reveals 21/08/2014
S03E02 Off to the Races... Again! 28/08/2014 The morning after the fight, Nettie and Mellie vent; baby Richard visits his dad; Kayla's secret.
S03E03 Bottoms Up in the Big Easy 28/08/2014 The women head to New Orleans for Mellie and Kayla's birthdays; exploring Southern culture.
S03E04 Bourbon Street Brawls 04/09/2014 Sightseeing in the Big Easy; a haunted tour and a voodoo shop; Mellie and Annie hit the bars early.
S03E05 The Little Gypsy Prince Turns 1! 11/09/2014 As their epic trip in New Orleans comes to an end, the ladies prepare to head home and face reality. After weeks apart, Kayla finally confronts Richard about their broken marriage. Later, Mellie and Dallas throw their sons a joint first birthday party.
S03E06 A Marriage Unraveling 18/09/2014 After weeks of living apart, Kayla and Richard finally meet to discuss the status of their marriage. Later, Mellie, Nettie and Joann take the kids out for a day of canoeing and some much needed family fun in the sun.
S03E07 'I Do'...Take 2! 25/09/2014 Kayla and Richard are eager to share their big news with the rest of the family- they’re engaged.. again! Nettie and the girls plan a last fling before the ring, hoping the happy couple can finally put their issues behind them.. but they aren’t convinced.
S03E08 Surprise at the Altar 02/10/2014 The girls head to Ocean City for Kayla's bachelorette party, where Kayla receives a disturbing call from Richard that leads her to question the future of their marriage.