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H.R. Pufnstuf is the first children's fantasy show from puppeteer brothers, Sid and Marty Krofft. H.R. Pufnstuf tells the story of a boy named Jimmy who finds himself stranded on Living Island with his magic gold flute Freddy. Here, Jimmy and Freddy are taken in by a talking dragon named H.R. Pufnstuf, who is the mayor of Living Island. Pufnstuf tries to help Jimmy escape, while at the same time tries to avoid the evil (yet clutsy) Witchiepoo who wants the magic flute all to herself. Living Island is home to many fantasy creatures such as Cling and Clang (two bird bobbies), Dr. Blinkey (an owl professer), The Boyds (a bird band), Seymour Spider and Orson (Witchiepoo's henchmen), Ludicrous Lion (a scam artist), and quite a few talking trees. H.R. Pufnstuf only lasted for 17 episodes until it was cancelled. Characters: H.R. Pufnstuf: The mayor of living island, a goggle-eyed dragon with a "Kermit-like" collar, and a voice like Eb from Green Acres. Jimmy: A young English boy


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de H.R. Pufnstuf

S01E01 The Magic Path 06/09/1969 Jimmy and his magic flute Freddy are lured to Living Island by Witchiepoo's boat. Suddenly, the skies grow dark, and with a wave of Witchiepoo's wand....the boat...attacks. Jimmy fights for his life clutching his magical friend Freddy. Jimmy and Freddy, wash up on shore and are saved by H.R. Pufnstuf and Cling and Clang on the Rescue Racer. H.R. Pufnstuf, the Mayor of living island, helps Jimmy find the Magic Path off the island...but the witch foils the plan.
S01E02 The Wheely Bird 13/09/1969 Freddy the flute gives himself up to Witchiepoo, in order to save Jimmy from harm. Pufnstuf and Jimmy build a bird on wheels, much like a ""Trojan Horse"" to get into Witchiepoo's castle and save Freddy.
S01E03 Show Biz Witch 20/09/1969 Pufnstuf and Jimmy visit Ludicrous Lion to find a way off the island. Ludicrous suggests a supersonic pogo stick. But, they don't have enough buttons to pay for it. To raise buttons(buttons are legal tender on Living Island), the gang puts on a talent show. Witchiepoo and her two sidekicks pretend to be an act called ""The Three Oranges""
S01E04 The Mechanical Boy 27/09/1969 Jimmy tries to steal Witchiepoo's boat. Whitchiepoo turns him into a mechanical boy, programmed to steal Freddy for her. Pufnstuf brings Jimmy to the Clock People to erase the time spell. While at the Clock People, Whitchiepoo steals Freddy from Dr Blinky's house. Jimmy makes the house sneeze and Freddy is flown safely into his Whitchiepoo loses her clothes.
S01E05 The Stand-In 04/10/1969 Pufnstuf's movie star sister arrives to make a movie. This gives Puf the idea of keeping the witch busy by making her a stand in so Jimmy and Freddy can sneak into the castle and escape on the witches vroom broom. The witch figures out what's going on and races back to the castle. Having trouble figuring out how to work the vroom broom Jimmy is delaied long enough for the witch to find him and stop his escape on the broom.
S01E06 The Golden Key 11/10/1969 Pufnstuf buys a map that gives clues where to find the 3 pieces of a key to the Magic Golden Escape Door. Witchiepoo see them on her viewer and plants fake direction signs that lead them to her dungeon door trapping Pufnstuf in the dungeon. Jimmy uses a sound effect machine to help save Pufnstuf.
S01E07 The Birthday Party 18/09/1969 Its Jimmy's birthday and Pufnstuf throw's him a party. The witch and her two henchmen arrive disguised as the music group The Three Lemons and blow laughing gas making everyone laugh themselves uncurious then the witch takes Freddy back to the castle. Orson accidentally gases himself and falls face first into a plate of candy making him look like he has Spotidious. The gang use this ploy to gain entrance to the castle and rescue Freddy.
S01E08 The Box Kite Kaper 25/10/1969 Ludicrous Lion has a kite-flying contest for whoever on Living Island can fly a kite the highest. The grand prize:100 gold buttons (which is the Living Island currency). Jimmy and Freddy want to enter the contest, giving Pufnstuf the idea to build a great big box kite for Jimmy and Freddy to fly home in. Dr. Blinkey helps build the kite by using a special glue of his that sticks things together instantly (even Cling and Clang). Witchiepoo sees this happening and she disguises herself as a Campfire Granny giving away free samples of candy that contains knockout drops. Fortunately Freddy and Cling weren't able to eat any and they escaped the witch, but after she left, the kite was destroyed. Freddy and Cling wake up everyone and they start to rebuild the kite. Later Jimmy and Freddy are on their way home via the box kite, unfortunately, Witchiepoo, Orson, and Seymour fly by on the vroom-broom, destorying the kite again. Jimmy and Freddy make back down safe, but the West Wind blows grusom
S01E09 You Can't Have Your Cake 01/11/1969 Witchiepoo uses a giant cake in an effort to catch Jimmy.
S01E10 Horse with the Golden Throat 08/11/1969 When a horse accidentally eats Freddy they rush him to Dr. Blinkey to find a way to get Freddy out of the horse's stomach. Dr. Blinkey is unsure how to get Freddy out. Meanwhile, the witch has her henchman fake being sick so she can get into the doctor’s house.When Dr. Blinkey goes outside to see what's wrong, the chimney tells his idea of how to get Freddy out by filling up the house with smoke and making the horse cough Freddy up. This works but the horse coughs so hard Freddy flies right out the window and into the witch’s hands but all that smoke in the house makes the house sneeze and saves the day.
S01E11 Dinner for Two Please Orson 15/11/1969 An attempt to use a time machine to escape from the island goes awry.
S01E12 Flute, Book and Candle 22/11/1969 Freddy gets turned into a mushroom.
S01E13 Tooth for a Tooth 06/12/1969 Dr. Blinky plots to use a love potion on mean old Witchiepoo.
S01E14 The Visiting Witch 13/12/1969 Witchiepoo plans an evil act in honor of Boss Witch's visit.
S01E15 The Almost Election of Witchiepoo 20/12/1969 Witchiepoo challenges incumbent Pufnstuf in a mayoralty election.
S01E16 Whaddya Mean The Horse Gets the Girl? 27/12/1969 A movie is being made on Living Island, and Witchiepoo wants a movie of her own.
S01E17 Jimmy Who? 03/01/1970 While running from the witch, Jimmy trips and falls getting knocked out. When he comes too he can't remember anything not even his own name. The rest of this story is a series of flash back as first Pufnstuf and the good guys try to jog his memories. When Jimmy wanders off and meets up with the evil trees, they bring him to Witchiepoo who then gives it a shot. Jimmy finally remembers when pieces of the castle ceiling hit him on the head