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Hak.5 (Hack Point Five) is not your conventional television show. This is a variety show covering technology, tips, programming, experiments, random goodies, mods, hacks, and laughs. We're not paid to do this, or affiliated with a big media giant. We're power users, administrators, programmers, modders, photographers, gamers, command-line junkies, security enthusiasts, etc, just like you. Instead of building a beowulf cluster for fun, we're building a beowulf cluster for fun, filming it, and sharing the project with you. Welcome to IPTV, welcome to Hak.5!


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Hak5

S01E01 Episode 1 00/00/0000 In this pilot episode of Hak.5 we test to see if the speed at which you war drive affects your ability to pick up access points. We also show you how to control your lights from an Internet enabled cell phone, kill remote windows processes, modify the gamecube to enable DVD playback, and custom paint your PC case. Plus a Windows XP installation tip everyone should know.
S01E02 Episode 2 00/00/0000 n this episode of Hak.5 we show you how to install a 12-volt accessory outlet in your case, add a webcam to the light script, keep your taskbar clean with a free utility, manage the Windows XP firewall from the command line, create a leet external hard drive case, and install a unix-like disk image over a network. Plus a special interview with an Internet Icon.
S01E03 Episode 3 00/00/0000 In this episode of Hak.5 the crew explores ways to hack RSS into your morning routine with a custom alarm clock and newspaper. Harrison makes us all a little more paranoid about network security with an ARP Cache Poisoning overview, then takes it to the streets. Wess gives the case a break and takes on the IBM Model M beast-keyboard while Alli goes retro with a classic arcade game review. All this plus a flaming-case-mod and a flame-proof
S01E04 Episode 4 00/00/0000 In this episode of Hak.5 Wess builds a mini arcade cabinet for under $100, Harrison attacks SSL with Whoppix, Darren defends himself by setting up a VPN server on XP, and Jon & Harrison take on buffer overflows with beer. Plus an interview with a Goldeneye Source developer, exclusive in-game video, and more Microshaft than you can wave a rounded IDE cable at. Special guest intro by Jenn Cutter from OpenAlpha and new theme music by Ashley Witt.
S01E05 Episode 5 00/00/0000 In this episode of Hak.5 Wess finishes up his sub-$100 mini arcade cabinet, Darren talks streaming audio and video, Jon dives into AJAX, and Harrison plays with metasploit. Plus the Microshaft Jackhammer 5160, special guest star Frank Linhares, guest intro by Mike Lazazzera, music by Ashley Witt, and a not-so-friendly server.
S01E06 Episode 6 00/00/0000 In this episode of Hak.5 Jon brings us a coding challenge, Wess builds a laser audio transmitter for his iPod, Harrison shows us why we should get to know our network neighbors better, and Darren remotely installs VNC with a command line gem. Plus the conclusion to last month’s chilling cliff-hanger and guest appearances by Leo Laporte, Amber MacArthur, Mike Lazazzera, and Frank Linhares.
S01E07 Episode 7 00/00/0000 In this episode of Hak.5 the gang hacks the CVS disposable digital camera, secure VNC traffic using SSH tunneling, take viewer questions and even check out some video submissions. Plus some special announcements and more commercials worth watching. Guest intro by Kevin Mitnick and music by Ashley Witt.
S01E08 Episode 8 00/00/0000 In this episode of Hak.5 the gang dives into IPTV subscription apps, pandora timeshifting hacks, and routing PC video over existing home coax. Plus an interview Chris Munton of Mathclub Productions, viewer questions, a sneak peak at episode 9, and a TikiBar parody way over the top. Guest intro by Kyle from Pure Pwnage and theme song by Ashley Witt.
S01E09 Episode 9 00/00/0000 In this episode of Hak.5 Jenn Cutter from guest hosts, bringing us a PSP-Windows hack. Darren continues his quest for the ultimate vidcast-couch-potato setup with a media center remote over cell-phone. Wess puts his own spin on Dance Dance Revolution with a custom modded dance pad. Rob Fuller of joins us to show off his USB thumbdrive toolkit. Plus an interview with the guys from, a parody we’ve dubbed ‘the token’, an intro from Sean Carruthers of, leet-hack interviews from Karen Johnson, and Leo Laporte of shows his evil side.
S01E10 Episode 10 00/00/0000 In this experimental season finale episode of Hak.5 Darren & Wess wrap up ton of viewer questions covering gmail to SMS, recovering dead hard drives, email from the command prompt, and streaming video in flash. A special guest drops by to cover cracking windows passwords & securing windows. Plus Rob Fuller of joins us to talk a bit about Tor and Anonym.OS and an Interview with | from
S02E01 Episode 1 00/00/0000 In this episode Darren shows us how to unite Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops with Synergy. Wess builds an automatic LED lamp, while Limin Li joins us to show off the setup of the digital DJ. Plus Interviews with Harrison Holland of Sploitcast and Jason Davis of MD5Lookup at the sixth Hackers On Planet Earth conference in New York. And as always details on this month’s LAN party, trivia, poll, and geeky sketches.
S02E02 Episode 2 00/00/0000 In this episode Darren builds a Network Attached Storage server for our home network using a spare PC, a compact flash card, and some BSD. Paul brings us Doom on the iPod using Linux and some geeky voodoo. Wess crafts a unique LED liquor cabinet for about a hundred bucks. And Darren puts on his slightly darker than gray hat with a USB key that owns Windows machines in a matter of seconds (with a little prevention thrown in for good measure). Plus this month’s trivia, poll, & LAN party details from the lovely and talented Alli.
S02E03 Episode 3 00/00/0000 In this episode Darren shows us a USB key, dubbed the USB Hacksaw, that instantly and silently installs on target Windows 2000 or higher computers with guest or higher privledges which will monitor USB ports for flash drives and automatically download their contents for silent archival and email. Paul brings us an Asterisk setup for our home using a hacked Linksys NSLU2 and some inexpensive SIP phones. TheSoftwareJedi from joins us to talk about his project and software. And Wess heads to Toronto and meets with Andrew Barrow to see a Nintendo Power Glove, Speak & Spell, MIDI mashup. Plus this month’s trivia, poll, & LAN party details from the lovely and talented Alli.
S02E04 Episode 4 00/00/0000 In this episode Paul takes a look at Q, the open source CPU emulator for Mac. Erin Shahan joins us to talk about RSI, the geeks natural predator. Alli shows off an idiot-proof Nintendo DS mod chip with plenty of hackability (and Doom of course). And Wess brings us a blingin’ modded mouse for micro with style. Plus this month’s trivia, poll, & LAN party details.
S02E05 Episode 5 — Pure Pwnage Documentary 00/00/0000 In this special episode of Hak5 the crew takes a techie break and heads north for the Toronto premier of Pure Pwnage episode 12. Take a trip down the red carpet and experience the phenomenon that is pure pwnage live. From micro battles to gamer mobs, even a kazoo orchestra. Then come back stage and get to know Geoff and Jarett, two of the bright minds behind the show, and gain insight into the characters, origins, and future of the show.
S02E06 Episode 6 00/00/0000 In this truncated episode of Hak5 we dive into the homebrew broadcast console, our little hack behind the scenes that makes the live show tick. And unfortunately due to a jam packed schedule this month between the holidays and buying our first house thats all we had time for. Still thanks for sticking with us as we move to into the new home/studio, we’re excited to be rebuilding the set and going live more frequently. And big props and congratulations to the Community Rainbow Tables team for a job well done. See the page for more details on getting your very own 120 gig LM hash set. Be sure to stay tuned to this month as I’m sure some fun move-in clips may surface.
S02E07 Episode 7 — Live Beta 2 00/00/0000 In this Flying-by-the-seat-of-our-pants edition of Hak5 episode 2×07 / Live Beta 2 we settle into the temporary set and check out a web app to help you IRC at work, a Mac hack for using front row with a wiimote, and a utility for recovering WPA/WEP keys. Plus your calls and an AFK award for a long lost code monkey.
S02E08 Episode 8 00/00/0000 In this “breakin’ in the new place” edition of Hak5 we take a look at some spiffy open-source goodies for your data and network. Paul checks out DD-WRT, a free & open firmware replacement for the oh so hackable Linksys WRT54G. Mubix teaches us why we should all be using TrueCrypt for our sensitive data. Darren gets packets flowing with Smoothwall Express, a firewall distribution of Linux. And Paul demos a sweet burning app for OS X.Plus all the deets on this month’s LAN party, Poll, Trivia, upcoming events, and plenty of Technolust with Wess, Alli & Nikki.
S02E09 Episode 9 — Shmoocon Special 00/00/0000 In this special episode of Hak5 the crew heads to Washington DC for ShmooCon, the only annual security conference with complementary foam balls. We start by talk to Bruce Potter, one of the conferences organizers, about all things Shmoo. We also speak to Billy Hoffman about Jikto, JavaScript and XSS. Eoin Miller and Adair Collins tell us all about Cachedump and the dangers of cached domain credentials. Ken Caruso gives us a tour of the Shmoocon NOC and we see how network security is done at a hacker con. Jordan and Wes give us the details on the Hack or Halo competition while Paul tries his luck with the sniper rifle. Scott Moulton talks to us about recovering dead hard drives and Babak tells us about lock picking and the TOOOL organization. We even run into some Hak5 fans, Ryan and David, who built a rockin’ Wii duck hunt box at the Hacker Arcade. Plus all of the usual fixings including the details on this months trivia, poll, LAN party, and a special web 1.0 contest sure to bring back the blink tag.
S02E10 Episode 10 00/00/0000 In this season finale episode of Hak5 Paul cracks open the Apple TV for a little hacking, Wess shows us how to virtualize physical servers, Mubix joins us to show off some goodies for your USB drives, Darren benchmarks budget home servers, and we tread into web two-oh mashup territory. Plus more janky products for your rofling enjoyment, deets on the LAN party, trivia, poll, web 1.0 fan site contest, and info on a new show pilot.
S03E01 Episode 1 00/00/0000 In this season premiere episode of Hak5 Wess brings us an underwater camera enclosure mod, Alli shows us how to make our own nifty Photoshop brushes, and Darren gets his hack on with some cracked USB Wi-Fi for packet-sniffing goodness. Plus this month’s Trivia, LAN Party, and the latest in the EvilServer saga.
S03E02 Episode 2 00/00/0000 In this episode Wess mods the Linksys WRT54G wireless router and adds Power-over-Ethernet functionality. Darren checks out Anywhere.FM which pretty much lives up to its name. And our pal Mubix joins us via Skype for a paranoia inducing look at anonymous enumeration tools online. Plus this month’s Trivia, LAN Party, and of course, the saga continues.
S03E03 Episode 3 — 1984 Special 00/00/0000 In this episode Darren flies solo and heads over to Springfield Missouri to uncover a diamond in the rough. The 1984 Arcade is home to over 50 restored classics and an atmosphere so retro you’ll be tempted to break out the walkman and power-level through Defender.
S03E04 Episode 4 00/00/0000 In this episode Paul and Matt hold down the fort and hack the Gibson. Check out Guitar Hero modding, easy media streaming, and a great Linux setup for video creativity in this borderline absurd Hak5.
S03E05 Episode 5 00/00/0000 In this episode Simon Jakesch from Zenoss joins us to talk about the open source network management suite. Wess shows us the science behind the infrared camera mod. Chris Gerling hacks the Nokia 770 Internet tablet. Darren builds a one-click remote assistance package to help save the holidays, and Will Coppola drops by with an EVDO antenna mod sure to boost signal. Plus details on the upcoming Hak5Live / meetup at the East Coast LAN as always trivia. Grab some hax0rflakes, it’s time for a heavy dose of technolust.
S03E06 Episode 6 00/00/0000 In this episode of Hak5 Darren uses the eeePC, BackTrack 3, and Aircrack-ng to audit the security of our WPA encrypted wireless access point. Wess reviews Herbie the Mousebot from Solarbotics, a great electronics projects for beginners/intermediates. Chris Gerling comes by to show us Rockbox, the open source firmware alternative for your portable media players as well as a brief tutorial on building your own songs for frets on fire. Grab a companion cube and gather ’round for some technolust.
S03E07 Episode 7 00/00/0000 In this episode Chris Gerling shows us a little reverse engineering with Crackmes, Darren unlocks OpenWRT on the Fon router, Will Coppola demonstrates inprotect, a nessus/nmap web frontent, and Matt fixes the Rock Band guitar once and for all. Plus HakSnacks including installation package building with Iexpress, a Rock Band drum kit for your PC, converting flash videos to mobile media formats, and browsing the Internets with calculator. Grab some pwnj00z, the next hour is designated for technolust!
S03E08 Episode 8 — Shmoocon Special 00/00/0000 In this episode we head to Washington DC for Shmoocon, the only security conference with foam projectiles. We converse with Renderman about hacking and con-going. Scott Moulton provides insight on recovery and forensics with solid state disks. Mati Aharoni aka Muts tells us all about Backtrack and offensive-security. Dan Griffin debuts some new security tools for Vista. David Hulton aka H1kari talks about his research intercepting and cracking GSM traffic. And Chris Compton & Co bring us the latest from Hack or Halo. Plus this month’s trivia and a contest sure to get your lolz on.
S03E09 Episode 9 00/00/0000 In this episode Matt uses PowerGUI to command the new Windows PowerShell, Chris Gerling demonstrates Helix, an open source forensics toolkit and Darren builds a simple web mashup using Yahoo Pipes. Plus haksnacks including router passwords, uninterrupted file copying, password strength auditing, and Firefox keyword shortcuts. Oh yeah and some bloopers. A lot of bloopers. Actually, pretty much most of the episode is one ongoing blooper. We’re kicking it oldschool Hak5 style. Call it senioritis if you will :).
S03E10 Episode 10 — Disaster Finale 00/00/0000 In this episode Darren tours what’s left of the Hakhouse and shares a emergency shutdown tip. That’s pretty much it. Life hit hard and we’re working at getting back on track. Send us some good mojo.
S03E11 Episode 11 — Announcement 00/00/0000 In this post-disaster announcement we bring you up to speed on reconstruction and awesome new developments with Hak5. Darren shows off the Hak5 graffiti wall, a multiplayer game of notepad projected on the HakHouse set, and Matt reminds us all to mark August 15th on our calendar. The live show starts at 9 PM EST. The new season’s big premiere is scheduled for September 8th. We think you’re really gonna love it.
S04E01 Wi-Fi Pineapples 00/00/0000 In this season premiere episode of Hak5 Mubix joins us to talk about what’s new in Maltego, an open source forensics and intelligence gathering tool. Shannon rocks out with Audio surf, and Darren heads downtown to the coffee shop to own a wireless network with a pineapple. Grab some hax0rflakes ’cause the bricks are gone and we’re back!
S04E02 Spicy Reverse Engineering 00/00/0000 In this episode of Hak5 Matt shows us how to map our networks with Spiceworks, an open source infrastructure mapping tool. Chris Gerling breaks down reverse engineering, Shannon talks about OpenDNS, and Christine has a Windows utility for everyone running multiple monitors.
S04E03 Reverse Engineering, Graphical Firewall Configuration, Inside the pineapple: Jasager demo, and Remember the BBS? 00/00/0000 Reverse Engineering in practice. Configuring Cisco, IPTables and other firewalls with a sweet graphical utility. A little nostalgia with the Hak5 BBS and cracking open the Pineapple, a demo of Jasager.
S04E04 Not Found: Multi-Touch Mini, Virus Infection Analysis, Photosynth and Chrome 00/00/0000 Building a mini multi-touch table. Analysis of a Virus Infection in Windows. Photo stitching to the extreme with Photosynth, and Google Chrome memory manager.
S04E05 Windows USB Booting, Fon Hacking Illustrated, DimDim, DeskSpace and Portals 00/00/0000 Booting Windows from a USB key using the Windows Automated Installation Kit. Unlocking the Fon and Installing Jasager — Illustrated. Desktop and meeting collaboration using DimDim, the free open source online collaboration software. Turn your Windows desktop into a 3D spaces cube, and more!
S04E06 Packet Sniffing 101, Social Media with Boxee, and multiple Gordon Freemans with Synergy 00/00/0000 Chris Gerling begins a three part series on Packet Sniffing starting with the fundamentals of packet structure, the OSI model, tools and terminology. Matt harnesses the social power of media with Boxee, a social media center based on XMBC. Shannon demos out Synergy, the Half-Life 2 co-op mod, and Darren check out Cron for Windows.
S04E07 Toorcon 2008: Robin Wood, Dan Griffin, and Jacob Appelbaum 00/00/0000 Darren and Shannon head to San Diego for Toorcon and meet up with Robin Wood, Dan Griffin, and Jacob Appelbaum to talk about Jasager, Sharepoint Hacking, and the Cold Boot Attack. Plus Darren’s travel tips and “name that aircraft”.
S04E08 Dissect TCP/IP, Dos Box, Alice, Day-Con, and Fon Batteries 00/00/0000 Chris Gerling breaks down IP and TCP headers with Wireshark and building blocks. Shannon Morse shows us DosBox, a free IBM PC DOS emulator. Christine Bourquin talks about Alice, a teaching programming language for beginners. Darren Kitchen summarises his experience at Day-Con and answers some questions about Fon batteries.
S04E09 HappyHakoween: Password Cracking Clusters, Remote Control Services, Wireshark Packet Filtering 00/00/0000 att shows us how to turn anything into a service and provide a web frontend to manage them windows server, great for game server administration. Chris Gerling wraps up his three part series on Packet Sniffing with Wireshark techniques for packet filtering. Darren harnesses the CPU power of the HakHouse for good or evil to demonstrate cluster computing. Plus details on our Hak5 Halloween LAN Party!
S04E10 Phreaknic 2008 00/00/0000 The gang heads to Phreaknic in Nashville Tennessee and in Hak5 tradition brings you a sampling including interviews with Russell Butturini about his U3 Incident Response Tool, Adrian Crenshaw, aka Irongeek, about Keyloggers and other embedded hacking, Daniel Hooper about Software Defined Radio and GNU Radio, Eighty of Dual Core, Droops from Hacker Media, and more. Yeehaw!
S04E11 Paul’s Flamingo 00/00/0000 Darren demos optical character regocnition and bar code lookups with GOCR. Shannon talks about a new way to organize your desktop with Microsoft Scalable Fabrics. Matt protects a public workstation with Windows Steady State. Plus USB Protocol Analyzers and Paul’s pink flamingo. Yeah.
S04E12 Session Hijacking and Virtualizing Servers 00/00/0000 Session Hijacking with a Pineapple, Hamster and Ferret and cell phone? A free and easy way to virtualize physical servers! And is WPA Broken? Ikea clusters, screencasting, and canvas technolust.
S04E13 First Responder Forensicss, SNES ROM Hackery, Tailing Logs and Unicorns 00/00/0000 First Responder Forensics with Helix/Live View. Editing Super Mario World levels with Lunar Magic. Following logs with Bare Tail. Unicorns, and a lot more.
S04E14 Build a web enabled Linux based USB missile launcher and defend your hacker space! Plus smart phone emulators, custom Linux command GUIs and more. 00/00/0000 Take physical security to the next step by building a web enabled, linux powered USB missile launcher and defend your hacker space (or use the laser to remotely annoy your cat). Plus smart phone emulators, custom Linux command GUIs using Usermin, USB booting and more.
S04E15 Public Key Encryption, Backing Up Drivers, Hackers are People Too Documentary, and Organize Your Music Collection 00/00/0000 In this power packed episode Chris explores ways to securely communicate using public key authentication. Matt gives us a healthy helping of Drive Backup utilities. Darren interviews Ashley Schwartau about the documentary Hackers Are People Too. Shannon brings you a few tools for organizing that mismatched MP3 collection of yours.
S04E16 SSH Tunneling, Independent Games, Updating Multiple Blogs At Once, and Password Protecting Applications 00/00/0000 In this extensive episode Matt shows us how to setup SSH tunneling to securely transmit HTTP traffic and more while on the go. Shannon checks out some student entries to the 2009 Independent Games Festival, including City Rain, Glitch, Froggle, Blazar, and Akrasia. Darren puts together a PHP script that, in conjunction with, allows you to update multiple blogs at once including your own hosted Wordpress. Plus this weeks LAN Party, revamped Trivia and viewer questions.
S04E17 VMware Server, Electric Sheep, InkScape, and TreePie 00/00/0000 In this Holiday Special Hak5 the cast delivers a smathering of thier choices in freeware/shareware, open source applicatons. Matt sings praise of the free Vmware Server product for virutual goodies. Jason Applebaum discovers his once lost joy in having hard drive space with TreePie. Shannon show her affection for our mechanical friends with ElectricSheep. Darren wish peace for the whole graphics art world with InkScape. Finally Paul decks the halls with a few of his applications for OSX.
S04E18 Laser Range Finding and File Recovery 00/00/0000 In this new years eve episode Jason Appelbaum joins us to talk about Laser Range Finding using the USB Missile Launcher and some custom code. Chris Gerling is in the house doing file recovery the down and dirty way. Trust your Technolust and thanks for a great ‘08!
S04E19 GPU accelerated MD5 Brute Forcing, Easy Windows Password Recovery with Ophcrack live USB and Dave Randolph 00/00/0000 In this first episode of '09 Dave Randolph joins us to geek out about all things video. Darren whips up a Password Cracking Cocktail and shows off a wicked fast MD5 brute force tool that harnesses the power of your Nvidia graphics card. Shannon saves the day by recovering her sisters Windows password with Ophcrack Live. And Evil Server gets his evil on while we were away on holiday.
S04E20 CES Day 1: Magnetic Card Reader Encryption, LCD eyewear, USB over ethernet, 3D printing and more 00/00/0000 We show off some of the neatest toys found at CES 2009
S04E21 CES Day 2: Netbook Tablets, Ultra Portables, USB3, PVRs, and Scuba Gear? 00/00/0000 After scouring the show floor for the second day we reconvene at the NBC Universal stage to bring you guys some tecnolust. Netbooks, USB3, PVRs Oh My!
S04E22 CES 2009 Wrap Up. A bundle of bling sure to tickle your technolust! 00/00/0000 In our post CES Wrap Up show we take only the best of the wonderful toys and gizmos, interviews and demos that didn’t make it to the NBC Universal booth for our live broadcasts and wrap them up in a fast paced techno-treat along side a count down of our top favorite CES moments. After reviewing and editing over 4 hours of footage we present to you a 22 minute bundle of bling sure to tickle your technolust.
S04E23 Securing Remote Desktop, Online Brute Forcing and Terminal Service Alternatives 00/00/0000 Darren’s back in the kitchen with an illustrated scenario of online brute forcing every systems administrators beloved remote desktop. He whips up some home made chicken noodle soup and tosses on the ol’ white hat for a talk about countermeasures and security best practices. Then Matt brings you a full featured and aggressively priced alternative to Microsoft’s own Terminal Service. Do I hear cheap thin clients around the corner?
S04E24 PHP Twitter Tamagotchi and ROFLcon 00/00/0000 Hot off the heels of ROFLcon in NYC the crew kicks some in studio technolust. Darren shares with you his custom twitter tamagotchi bot written in PHP with some sweet RSS parsing, VLC controlling, curl loving nested goodness. Plus guest Jim Louderback, gadget lover and Revision3 stage hand, joins us to talk about all things new media.
S04E25 USB Device Tracking and PFsense 00/00/0000 In this episode Peter Giannoulis joins us from Chris Gerling is back in studio talking about USB Device Tracking. And Matt is building the new HakHouse firewall/router with PFsense. Plus a ton of haksnax to get your grub on.
S04E26 Shmoocon 2009 00/00/0000 We head out to DC for Shmoocon, our favorite hacker conference on the east coast, to talk to some of the brightest minds in security. Dave Kenedy on his project FastTrack. Michael Ossmann about sniffing bluetooth. Joshua Abraham on his software
S04E27 Won’t you be my neighbor? 00/00/0000 Getting to know your neighbors — Darren takes a trip around your network with nmap, THE open source network security scanner. Want to obscure your OS fingerprint? Make a Windows Box show up as a printer? Shannon’s got just the thing. And Matt takes a first look at the Napera N24 smart network switch / security appliance. All that and more on this Hak5 Season 5 Premiere!
S05E01 Won’t you be my neighbor? 00/00/0000 Getting to know your neighbors — Darren takes a trip around your network with nmap, THE open source network security scanner. Want to obscure your OS fingerprint? Make a Windows Box show up as a printer? Shannon’s got just the thing. And Matt takes a first look at the Napera N24 smart network switch / security appliance. All that and more on this Hak5 Season 5 Premiere!
S05E02 Linux RC Rovers, PHP Compiled and Napera 00/00/0000 Darren’s got a soldering iron and knows how to use it. In this episode we kick off the HakHouse Rover project and web enable an inexpensive RC Tank using a Phidget USB Interface Kit. Then Jody Franklin joins us to talk about compiling PHP and using Netsh to renumber IP addresses in Windows. And Matt has a follow up to your questions about Napera. Plus our weekly trivia, LAN Party and a ton of fun.
S05E03 Build a free VoIP PBX in under 10 minutes – Start programming a USB Dev Board for less than $20 00/00/0000 Building a free voice over IP phone system was never easier. Matt shows us how to setup a 3CX PBX in under 10 minutes. Ever wanted to program a development board? Darren’s gets started with a USB based kit for under 20 bucks. And Ron Gula, CEO and CTO of Tenable Network Security joins us to talk about Nessus, PVS and more.
S05E04 Get Free WiFi by tunneling through DNS and gaming optimized on Linux 00/00/0000 Tired of paying $9.95 an hour for WiFi at the airport? Can you resolve DNS? We head down to Mubix’ lair and build a SSH SOCKS proxy over a DNS tunnel. Then we speak with Tyler McAdams from LinuxDNA about kernel optimizations and the future of gaming on Linux.
S05E05 Introducing Interceptor: The network tap and rogue wireless access point 00/00/0000 The perfect primate for pen testers is none other than network monkey. Introducing Robin Wood’s Interceptor — on this episode we hack the Fon+ and turn it into a network tap and rogue wireless access point. Sniff the LAN from across the street or hack the network from the inside out! Learn how Network Monkey Pirates your Packets today!
S05E06 Wii Homebrew, 3CX meets PSTN and Interceptor Linux client 00/00/0000 In this episode Shannon hacks the Wii and shares her favorite homebrew with us. Matt connects 3CX to the PSTN and Darren sets up a network monkey client in Linux.
S05E07 The Bad 90s Show 00/00/0000 This April 1st we bring you a gem* from the archives. Recently dig’d from a super VHS tape it’s Hak5 episode 507 from 1995. We take a peak at a Windows 95 “chicago” beta build, get our phone phreaking on, and review one of the latest SNES games.
S05E08 Build a Free Instant Messaging Server in 10 Mins, Wii Homebrew, Doom2 returns! 00/00/0000 Matt builds a free XMPP/Jabber server in under 10 minutes. Shannon has the low down on Wii Homebrew in regards to Nintendo’s new Wii System Menu 4.0 and Darren just can’t stop playing Doom2.
S05E09 Wii in HD, Portable Ubuntu, SheevaPlug, Fon 2.0, Facial Recognition, Doom and More 00/00/0000 Backing up Wii games to SD so you can play them in HD with the Dolphin Emulator. Ubuntu inside Windows, the SheevaPlug and Fon 2.0 embedded Linux devices.’s photo finder for facebook. The best Doom source ports and much more.
S05E10 Virtualization and Emulation 00/00/0000 Matt kicks off a series on Virtualization and invites us to see the 10 Gigabit beast at his office while Shannon and Darren wrap up their series on Wii Homebrew with the easiest way to backup and load Wii games and the Dolphin emulator.
S05E11 Netcat, Brute Force, Virtualization and Pimping Wordpress 00/00/0000 Darren shows off some nifty tricks for Netcat and a targeted brute force attack dictionary generator. Matt continues his series on Virtualization with redundancy and Shannon pimps the blog with her Wordpress plugin picks. Plus the results of our Monkey Contest, the Code Challenge and this weeks easter egg hunt
S05E12 Break through the university firewall Internet Redirection, Hide data in photos with Steganography and answers to your Virtualization questions! 00/00/0000 Want to bypass those nasty restrictions imposed by your corporate or university firewalls? Darren has just the trick with Internet Redirection. Ever wanted to hide secret data inside a photo? Shannon’s show us a neat steganography app. Plus Matt answers your virtualization questions!
S05E13 Extract Windows Executables from Packet Captures, PHP Gmail Badges, Winning the Easter Egg Hunt, and special guest Eighty of DualCore 00/00/0000 Eighty of Dual Core comes down to the HakHouse to share with us a technique for extracting Windows executables from packet captures. Darren’s featuring some of the Gmail badge submissions and a walkthrough of the Easter Egg hunt. Plus be sure to stick around as Eighty treats us to a live performance off his upcoming album.
S05E14 Network Tap Analyzers, Streaming Music with Netcat and Wii Homebrew on System Menu 4.0 00/00/0000 Mubix of Room362 comes down to the HakHouse to share his favorite tools for analyzing packet captures and network taps. Darren’s toying around with netcat and music streaming while Shannon’s got the skinny on the latest hacks for Wii Homebrew with system menu 4.0.
S05E15 Build your own SAN, PSP Hacking, Net Grep 00/00/0000 Jenn Cutter of Open Alpha fame joins us to talk about recent developments in PSP hacking and homebrew. Matt’s got answers to your questions about rolling your own Storage Area Network for all your virtualization needs, and Darren’s filtering packets in the console with ngrep.
S05E16 Roll your own VMware ESXi Server and more 00/00/0000 Building your own VMware ESXi Server in under an hour with parts you may have lying under your bed. Extreme sports cameras and mounts and mounts can be expensive. Why not build your own for about 5 bucks. And light video editing that’s both easy and free? Avidemux may be the answer.
S05E17 Packet Injection, WPA Attacks, Virtualization 00/00/0000 The gang gathers at a dive in Hoboken, NJ during their trip to NYC for the live diggnation and discuss wireless packet injection with airpwn, advancements in WPA-PSK attacks and of course, virtualization.
S05E18 Hacking WPA, ESXi and iSCSI, Bypass Windows Passwords 00/00/0000 Darren’s Hacking WPA-PSK keys using the recently updated Cowpatty and some damn fine lookup tables. Connecting ESXi to iSCSI targets — Matt breaks it down with FreeNAS. And Shannon completely bypasses local Windows logins with a Kernel modifyin’ boot cd? w00t!
S05E19 Building the Ultimate White Box for under $2000 00/00/0000 Building the ultimate white box ESXi server for under $2000! Can it be done? Darren and Matt grab the company credit card and answer that question.
S05E20 Encrypt your entire hard drive! 00/00/0000 What’s your best defense against a boot CD that breaks Windows passwords in two keystrokes? Encrypting your entire hard disk. Shannon’s got the details on truecrypt drive encryption while Darren brings up plausible deniability with hidden volumes.
S05E21 The Cold Boot Attack 00/00/0000 When it comes to recovering encryption keys from memory nobody has a more intriguing method than Princeton University researchers. We explore a method known as the “Cold Boot Attack”. Plus, a clever DirectX injecting UI widget for your PC games that means the end of ALT+Tab.
S05E22 Whats in your RAM? 00/00/0000 Rob Fuler, aka Mubix, of joins us to expand on last week’s discussion about the Cold Boot attacks. We cover retrieving memory from live systems, analysis with tools like volatility, and file recovery with foremost. Mubix calls it forensics for the gray hat.
S05E23 Return of the Matt: Physical to Virtual and Apache Tomcat3 00/00/0000 Matt Lestock returns and brings us the skinny on converting physical servers into virtual servers and piping ‘em right into your ESXi box while Darren takes the scenic route on a Linux Apache Tomcat install with some Java and bash lovin’.
S05E24 USB Multipass 00/00/0000 Why carry around a dozen bootable USB drives when you could merge ‘em all into one? On his episode we buld a USB Multipass complete with customized boot menu ready to launch any of favorite tools–including Backtrack, Ophcrack, Kon-boot, dban, freedos, and more. Plus Shannon reviews the Trinity Rescue Kit, the boot disc dubbed CPR for your computer.
S05E25 Sea Salt for your Hashes 05/08/2009 While on Vacation at the beach Darren and Shannon talk password security. Shannon covers her favorite free open source password safe, Keepass, and how it can take the nightmare out of remembering a different password for every site. Then, Darren goes over salting and what it does to protect your password’s hash on the back end.
S05E26 Nerdcore Vacation 11/08/2009 It’s the end of the season and we’re celebrating four years of podcasting with a much needed vacation. Join us for a musical montage with the stylings of Pronobozo, Dual Core and Dale Chase.
S06E14 Firewall evasion, SSH and virtual appliances! 00/00/0000 Got a restrictive firewall blocking sites at school or work? Evade ‘em easily with your own private web proxy. Want to securely tunnel any port through an SSH session? Darren’s got just the trick. Wondering how to properly use Asleap to crack MS-CHAPv2 PPTP VPN handshakes & LM Hashes? Interested in trying out neat free enterprise applications but don’t feel like spending hours in a terminal? Try deploying a virtual appliance in minutes, the free and open source way.
S06E15 Linux Hacking the Zipit, SMS Scripting Google Voice, and Chrome OS 00/00/0000 Nothing makes us happier than hacking an inexpensive gadget to run just about any Linux app — and that’s exactly what Shannon Morse is doing this week on Hak5. We’re also joined by Jason Appelbaum for a little Google Voice SMS scripting with Java or PHP libraries, and Darren Kitchen has gone googly for Chrome OS. Prepare the popcorn it’s technolust time!
S06E16 Make your own Nintendo DS Games for free! Tunneling on a Mac and Virtual Routers. 00/00/0000 Cheap mod chips plus free dev tools equals hello world on the Nintendo DS! Jason Appelbaum joins us to geek out about code up the dual screen’d programmers playground that is NDS homebrew. Matt has answers to your questions about Virtual Routers, Paul comes out from behind the camera to school us on SSH Tunneling for the Mac, and Darren’s featuring some pretty Python & PHP to tunnel cross platform.
S06E17 Certificate Authentication, Persistent Live Linux 00/00/0000 Forget typing your password to SSH, Certificate based Authentication is where it’s at. Darren demonstrates with an Interceptor, Dropbear and Ngrep. Want a Linux Live USB key with persistent storage? Shannon has just the tool. Plus your picks on SSH tools and answers to your Wordpress questions.
S06E18 Rooting the Droid, Zipit Doom and USB Live Chrome OS 00/00/0000 Hacking the Motorola Droid: Root Access! A Linux Doom source port on the Zipit, Booting and installing Chrome OS from USB, your Wordpress picks and much more.
S06E19 Hospitalized Hacking: Droid Tether, Theme Generation & More 00/00/0000 Proof that Hak5 can be produced under heavy medication, Darren & Shannon go over some nifty tips for tethering your Droid in Ubuntu without root access, generating themes for popular CMS like Wordpress or Joomla, and more.
S06E20 IP Spoofing, World of Goo Mods, Linux Drive Encryption 00/00/0000 On this episode of Hak5 Darren joins Jenn Cutter in Toronto to talk IP Spoofing, Tethering Terms of Service, World of Goo mods, Linux Drive Encryption, 13" Ultralight notebooks and more.
S06E21 MiTM Javascript Keylogger, Social Engineering Toolkit and More 00/00/0000 This week Darren is joined by Rob Ruller.
S06E22 CES 2010 Part 1: Gaming Gadgets, ebooks, smartphones & set-top boxes 00/00/0000 At the Consumer Electronics Show in 2010, Darren and Shannon bring you their first impressions of the hottest gadgets to tickle their technolust. Stay tuned for gaming netbooks, open source set-top boxes, low-end and high-end ebook readers, hybrid gaming controllers / musical instruments and Linux lovin' smartphones.
S06E23 CES 2010 Part 2: Drones, Smartbooks, Pocket HD Cams, Gaming Gloves & Lego 00/00/0000 Part 2 of our favorite things from the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. Tune in for our first impressions of the latest in Smartbooks, Pocket HD cameras, and Drones? Plus gamer gloves with keybindings and a Lego MMORPG.
S06E24 Homebrew Multitouch 00/00/0000 This week we are joined by Aaron Bitler and Brady Simpson from to check out the custom built x19 multi-touch table and get advice on construction and software.
S06E25 Create a BackTrack 4 Persistent USB Drive and a ZipIt Userland Image for the Average User 00/00/0000 Darren is playing with the latest version of BackTrack linux, setting up a persistant USB boot drive that'll keep your files and settings consistent after a restart. Shannon is back at the ZipIt checking out the "Average User" userland image and connecting to WPA protected wireless networks.
S06E26 Shmoocon 2010 00/00/0000 We head out to DC for Shmoocon, our favorite hacker conference on the east coast, to talk to some of the brightest minds in security. We talk to Tom Eston about social media security, TheX1le about his new tool airdrop-ng, Jason Scott about preserving our digital heritage, Chris Paget about man-in-the-middle attacks against GSM networks, and much more.
S07E01 Botnet Command & Control and Man-in-the-Middle detection 00/00/0000 Following our 2010 Shmoocon special we're joined in studio by security expert and programmer extraordinaire Robin Wood to talk about his proof of concept botnet command and control tool KreiosC2. We also discuss tools for detecting traditional Man-in-the-Middle attacks. And stay tuned for a special season seven announcement.
S07E02 DHCP Exhaustion and DNS Man-in-the-Middle Attacks 00/00/0000 With a mixture of in-studio and on location in Dublin this week we're talking to Robin Wood about DHCP Exhaustion and DNS Man-in-the-Middle attacks, talking Metasploit modules and a Pineapple Monkey half-breed.
S07E03 Free Application Sandbox Challenge and Top 00/00/0000 Back from Britain and bouncing off the walls Darren pits three ancient Internet Explorers against each other to see which free application sandbox can save you from yourself. Shannon joins us from Missouri for her take on the top "ultra" Windows software, and Paul... Well, Paul's tearing down the set.
S07E04 Malware Analyzis Sandbox and PC Remote Control over Twitter 00/00/0000 Following up with last week's desktop sandboxing challenge Darren's taking a look at another kind of sandbox -- one for malware analysis. Shannon thinks your VNC and SSH servers are pretty spiffy, but how about controlling your computer over twitter? Free text messaging to your PC anyone?
S07E05 Airport WiFi Challenge and Your Ultra Software Picks 00/00/0000 While meeting up with family in Florida this week Darren takes on a WiFi Challenge using the airport friendly Pineapple Mark II and Airdrop-ng. Plus, Shannon has a follow-up to the Ultra Software including your picks.
S07E06 Deauth Detection and Cloud Data Backups 00/00/0000 Back in studio with Shannon this week. Darren has answers to your WiFi deauthorization attack questions and a demo of a nifty deuth watching script. Shannon's all about free and open source alternatives to online backup services like Backupify. Can these tools keep your cloud data secure?
S07E07 Teh Pure Pwnage Special 00/00/0000 Back in Canada again eh? It's another Hak5 field trip. This time the crew is in Toronto for the Pure Pwnage Teh TV Series premiere at the Bloor Street theatre. We're talking to creators and cast Geoff Lapaire (Kyle), Jarett Cale (Jeremy) and Joel Gardiner (fps_doug).
S07E08 PAX East 2010 00/00/0000 Jason Appelbaum and Jenn Cutter bring us sights from the show floor at the Penny Arcade Expo East 2010. Table top dungeons & dragons on a multi-touch surface! A mod to turn any guitar into a game controller and killer gaming headphones. Plus, Shannon investigates secure delete utilities in this week's Snusb Report. All that and more this time on Hak5.
S07E09 USB Rubber Ducky Part 1 00/00/0000 This time on the show Shannon has a tool that'll make that spring cleaning Windows reinstall a breeze in the Snubs Report. Then Mubix is unboxing the Nano Note, a pocket sized OpenWRT based bundle of Linux Lovin'. And finally Darren has the scoop on a new open source pen testing tool, the USB Rubber Ducky! Tune in and find out about special dev kits.
S07E10 Unsynchronized 00/00/0000 In this wacky episode of Hak5 Darren and Paul follow up on some USB Rubber Ducky related topics, a cheaper version of the mini camera from last week, pelican cases, USB LCD monitors and flying zebras. Meanwhile Shannon is investigating a freeware tool that'll keep your folders in sync over just about any protocol.
S07E11 Android SDK, CoolIris and Puzzle Quest 2! 00/00/0000 This week Shannon is investigating alternative ways to view web media with CoolIris. Jason is diving into some mobile application development with the Android SDK, and Jenn brings us the latest about Puzzle Quest 2.
S07E12 Disk Cloning and Offline Maps 00/00/0000 Week 1 of the Hack Across America series begins with a look at a bare metal disaster recovery plan. Darren talks Hard Disk cloning the free and open source way, while Shannon investigates a number of tools for offline Google Maps usage.
S07E13 Android Abso-defilutely 00/00/0000 The Hack Across America series continues in week 2 with Jason Appelbaum and Android user interface development, Shannon Morse and Windows file transfer utilities, and an exclusive interview with nerdcore sensation Dale Chase. Plus, Hackers on Ice!
S07E14 Pronobozo, Metasploit and Ninite 00/00/0000 The Hack Across America series continues in week 3 with a phenomenal episode featuring an exclusive interview with Pronobozo. Then mubix joins us for Metasploit 101 part 2, pwning a domain controller via SQL injection an token passing on a fully patched enterprise network. Plus Shannon has a tool that will save tons of time on your next PC build in this week's Snubs Report. Get comfortable, you won't wanna miss this.
S07E15 The LateHak Show, HFS and DSiXL Mods 00/00/0000 The Hack Across America series continues in week 4 with what can only be described as the LateHak Show thanks to the enthusiastic folks at the i3Detroit hackerspace. Jenn Cutter joins us from Toronto for a little Nintendo DSiXL homebrew and Shannon has the cure for HTTP file transfer woes in this weeks Snubs Report. Hang on to your plush primate, it's time for technolust!
S07E16 PDF Exploits 00/00/0000 The Hack Across America series continues in week 5 with Eighty of DualCore and PDF Exploits and malware analysis. Darren and Shannon take your questions at the Hak5 Springfield MO Meetup, and the perfect screenshot utility in this week's Snubs Report.
S07E17 Home VM Servers and Android WiFi Development 00/00/0000 The Hack Across America series concludes after 6 weeks and the first order of business at the new place in the San Francisco bay area is to build an inexpensive home server to host virtual machines. Then Shannon has a Windows power tools two-fer and Jason joins us for some Android application development -- can you way wardriving app?
S07E18 Building a high performance home router 00/00/0000 Make your home network scream with a high performance router and firewall. Darren builds a custom network appliance using cheap parts, free and open source software and more power tools than he's typically allowed to touch. Plus, need an online backup solution? Fancy 50 gigs in the cloud for free? Shannon's got the hookup.
S07E19 E3 Expo 2010 00/00/0000 This week Darren is joined by Jenn Cutter of in LA for the E3 Expo. We're taking a look at our favorite picks from the show floor including the latest from Alienware, Valve and Nintendo, plus linux gaming handhelds, wireless PC controllers, latest addition to the rock music gaming scene and much more.
S07E20 Stolen Laptop Recovery and Homebrew Router Part 2 00/00/0000 This week Darren is joined in San Francisco by his wonderful co-host Shannon! I know, right? We're talking about open source software that will save the day if your laptop is ever stolen, following up on your password tips, and finishing up the homebrew router build with Untangle!
S07E21 Water Cooling, EXIF data mining and 25GB free cloud storage 00/00/0000 This week Darren heads to the Department of Spontaneous Combustion to meet with PC guru Colleen Kelly and get learned up on the arts of water cooling. Then we're joined by Mubix (aka Rob Fuller) for a discussion on EXIF data, geo location, and twitpic privacy. Plus, Shannon has the hookup on 25 gigs of free cloud storage!
S07E22 Virtual Private Networks using your Google account and chipset woes 00/00/0000 This week Shannon has a great Snubs Report on setting up a Virtual Private Network using your Google account, and Darren shares some lessons learned in Linux wireless chipset compatibility and motherboard selection in a segment that can only be dubbed "How I walked in for a USB dongle and left with an i7 rig"
S07E23 Fun with Android Root and Monitoring your PC with Dropbox 00/00/0000 On this better late then never episode of Hak5 Darren is joined by Hak5 IRC's very own Rkiver to talk Android Root. Then Shannon has just the tool to get a peak at your desktop using Dropbox. Plus, Evil Server and a boat.
S07E24 Bypassing NSFW filters and Android Packet Sniffing 00/00/0000 This week Shannon is bypassing NSFW filters while Darren goes sniffing for packets in all the wrong places.
S07E25 DEFCON 18 00/00/0000 This week Darren & crew take on DEFCON, the nations largest annual hacker convention and check out pentesting UAV platforms, badge viruses, lock picking, metasploit, capture the flag and so much more.
S07E26 Jailbreaking, VirtualBox PHP GUIs, bandwidth throttles and python streaming scripts 00/00/0000 Rounding out season 7 Darren and Shannon meetup to take on iOS 4 jailbreaking, followed by a roundabout way to stream media anywhere online using some open source python scripts. Toss in a little VirtualBox PHP front-ends and Untangle tweaks for good measure. Then Shannon has just the tools to detect network throttling. All that and more on this episode of Hak5!
S08E01 Android App Inventor, Building a Boxee Box, Ubuntu 10.10 00/00/0000 Hak5 kicks off another season with a plethora of projects. Darren gets his code on with Google's new App Inventor for Android - a spiffy new web based drag-and-drop WYSIWYG development environment. Jason joins us for a little homebrew Boxee machine building and app development, and Shannon's around for a little Ubuntu 10.10 lovin'
S08E02 Android App Inventor & Boxee Development Part 2, and SDExplorer 00/00/0000 Following up from last week Darren is diving deeper into the Android App Inventor while Jason has you building the Boxee equivalent to Hello World -- which is actually quite useful! Then Shannon has just the tool to make those 25 gigs of free Skydrive storage useful.
S08E03 Ampache, Boxee and Wireless Virtual Machines 00/00/0000 Darren checks out Ampache, a powerful open source streaming media solution perfect for your Linux home server. Jason answers your Boxee questions and Shannon joins the round table for a discussion on jailbreaking and USB wireless adapters for virtual machines.
S08E04 Linux Screen Recording, Boxee Python Development and Qnext 00/00/0000 Darren checks out screen recording solutions for Linux while Jason improves his Boxee app with a little Python and Shannon is all about combining instant messaging, file sharing and remote access with Qnext.
S08E05 Internet Enabled Garage Door Opener Mod 00/00/0000 This week we're breaking out the breadboard for an oldschool Hak5 mod -- the Internet enabled garage door opener. Because when it comes to garage entry, what could be easier than writing an Android app to access a home Apache server, hitting a PHP script that interfaces with a USB Teensy over serial, activating relays connected to a remote. Duh.
S08E06 Magic Lantern, Katana and the Android Garage Door Opener 00/00/0000 This time on Hak5 Jason Appelbaum is writing an Android app to interface with our PHP/Apache/Arduino controlled garage door opener. We check out the latest Magic Lantern firmware for the Canon 550D, Shannon joins us to show off Katana — the happy hackers boot key — and answers to your emails.
S08E07 Run Linux apps in any OS – X11 over SSH, Multi-Cam editing and more 00/00/0000 Securely forwarding X11 over SSH so you can use Linux GUI tools in anywhere — even on Windows. Multi cam editing, SMS rescue texts, Android Terminals and clark kent glasses. All that and more this time on Hak5!
S08E08 DNS Brute Forcing part 1, Stoned Bootkit and remote access via SMS 00/00/0000 This time on the show: DNS Brute Forcing part 1. The Stoned Bootkit. Controlling your PC via SMS with Google Voice and a little Java code. Plus, mini-ITX power supplies, Pelican cases and Shannon's a penguin. All that a more this time on Hak5!
S08E09 Hacking DNS from beginning to end 00/00/0000 In this high as a kite edition of Hak5 Darren takes you on an adventure through the wonderful world of DNS. Explore the vast and intricate details of our beloved Domain Name System while exploiting mis-configured routers, brute forcing, and even looking up Wikipedia entries from TXT records.
S08E10 Hacking persistence with IPv6, Metasploit, Microsoft and Mubix! 00/00/0000 This time on the show, Mubix joins us to add persistance to our penetration testing with a little Metasploit, Microsoft, and IP version 6.
S08E11 Toorcon San Diego 2010 Part 1 00/00/0000 This time on the show Darren travels to Toorcon San Diego and talk to Don A. Bailey and Nick DePetrillo about the Carmen Sandiego project and why the telephone network is full of false privacy assumptions. Dan Tentler joins us to talk about hacking people, and we catch up with George Spillman to find out about the end of the world.
S08E12 Toorcon 2010 Part 2: IPv6 with Joe Klein 00/00/0000 In this episode Darren sits down with Joe Klein at Toorcon San Diego 2010 to talk IPv6, good and evil. Its more than just a big address space. We discuss the demise of IPv4, the differences between IPv6 and IPv6, Neighbor discovery, self-forming networks, global multicasting, address discovery and more.
S08E13 Top Jailbroken Apps and Android Scripting 00/00/0000 In this episode of Hak5 Shannon brings us her top jailbroken apps for the iPhone while Jason ditches the heavy development environment and takes on lightweight scripting for Android.
S08E14 DSLR video hacks, homebrew Google TV, Shannon's favorite portable apps, Ubuntu FTP servers and USB Dumper 00/00/0000 This time on the show Jason joins us to talk DSLR video hacks and homebrew Google TV. Shannon brings us her favorite portable apps, and Jackie and Darren tackle your questions concerning secure FTP, Ubuntu Server, and document stealing with USB Dumper.
S08E15 Pulse Code Modulation 00/00/0000 This time on the show we get our phone phreaking on. No, not free long distance, rather we dive into the world of signal modulation, coding and digital signalling.
S08E16 Time Division Multiplexing 00/00/0000 This time on the show Darren continues his series on the Public Switched Telephone Network with Time Division Multiplexing and some of the more interesting elements of T1 signalling.
S08E17 The Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem, Nintendo DS emulators and QT programming 00/00/0000 This time on the show Shannon joins us "in studio" to go over a little signal sampling. Jenn has just the emulator for the Nintendo DS-less, and Jason kicks off a series on programming using the QT SDK.
S08E18 Using Screen in Linux, Motion Detection Webcam Software, and QT Interface Design 00/00/0000 This time on the show Darren shares a heartwarming story about how a little plastic minifig saved the day using the Linux screen command. Shannon demos her favorite webcam software's motion detection features, and Jason introduces interface design using the QT SDK.
S08E19 Time-lapse Photography with the QT SDK & Gmail Drive 00/00/0000 This time on the show Jason Appelbaum continues his series on the QT SDK with the time-lapse photography app while Shannon checks out the Gmail drive shell extension.
S08E20 Recycle That Old PC and Build a Proxmox Virtual Environment 00/00/0000 This time on Hak5 Darren brings new life to an old editing rig with Proxmox-VE, an open source virtualization platform.
S08E21 Augmented Reality, Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Robotic Helicopters at CES 2011 00/00/0000 Episode Description (30-40 words): On this special edition of Hak5 Darren and Shannon are joined by Jenn Cutter to wrap up their favourite gadgets from CES 2011. Tune in and catch a pair of stereoscopic 3D augmented-reality video eyewear from Vuzix, the AR Drone flying video game / robotic helicopter from Parrot, and a hydrogen fuel cell remote control car sure to please. Plus a behind the scenes look at prototype holographic eyewear! Trust your technolust!
S08E22 Fast and Easy Hacking with Armitage for Metasploit 00/00/0000 Raphael Mudge of joins Rob Fuller, aka Mubix, to talk about his project Armitage; a cross-platform GUI front-end for Rapid7's Metasploit. Mudge demonstrate setting up the software, scanning for targets, attacking hosts with client side attacks or remote exploits, and finally pivoting throughout the network using pass-the-hash techniques. Time to grab some paper, pencil and an unsuspecting virtual machine!
S08E23 Building a Virtualization Cluster for under $1000?!? 3 CPUs, 12 gigs of RAM and a Cardboard Case Mod 00/00/0000 This time on Hak5 we're asking the question, can a three node Virtualization Cluster be built for under $1000? With the help of Proxmox, an open source virtualization environment, some cardboard boxes and a knife -- we find out!
S08E24 Shmoocon 2011 - Custom Bluetooth Hacking Hardware 00/00/0000 This time on Hak5 we venture back to DC for Shmoocon and meet up with Michael Ossmann of to find out about project Ubertooth - a custom hardware device for sniffing and injecting bluetooth packets. Then Shannon finds out the latest from Hackers For Charity with our good friend Johnny Long. Look out for even more Shmoocon coverage next week as we wrap up Hak5 season 8.
S08E25 Shmoocon 2011 Part 2: Android Botnets, Hacking from a cave and IPv6 00/00/0000 This time on the show Darren talks to Georgia Weidman, Director of Cyber Warfare at Reverse Space about her smartphone botnet project. Shannon learns about the latest in Katana and Joe Klein joins us once again to debunk IPv4 exhaustion myths and the next step for IPv6 adoption.
S08E26 Shmoocon 2011 Part 3: Search and Siezure, Evite pwnage and printer attacks 00/00/0000 This week we wrap up Hak5 season 8 with the conclusion of our Shmoocon 2011 conversations. Search and Siezure, Evite pwnage and printer attacks! Be sure to tune in next week for a very special Hak5 season 9 premiere!
S09E00 00/00/0000
S09E01 Multiplexing screens, Nexpose at RSA, Packet Sniffers and File Automation 00/00/0000 Season 9 Premieres with the return of Shannon "Snubs" Morse and Paul "the camera guy" Tobias. We kick around the hacker headlines, get the low-down on Nexpose from Rapid7 at RSA, automate file mangement in windows, multiplex some screen sessions, capture packets from the command line and a lot more.
S09E02 Extracting files from packet captures, brute forcing stenography, packet sniffing goodness and more from RSA 2011 00/00/0000 Season 9 continues with the results from last weekend's Crack the Code Challenge as well as a walkthrough on how participants were able to complete the challenge using packet analysis, file reconstruction, stenagrophy and brute force. Plus encrypted USB drives with centralized management and more from the RSA 2011 conference.
S09E03 Building a photo frame computer case, your iPhone jailbroken picks, Multi-monitor PC setups… 00/00/0000 Someone let Darren at the power tools again! Forget the case window, his latest creation includes a set of shadow box photo frames modded into a computer case perfect for showing off that sexy hardware. Shannon has rounded up your picks for webcam motion detection and iOS jailbroken apps. Plus answers to your questions regarding multi-monitor PC setups and much more!
S09E04 Writing software without a line of code, crafting packets with hping, case mod cable mangement & cathodes and more 00/00/0000 Darren finishes off the photo frame case mod with a little cable beautification and accent lighting. Shannon's getting into programming without touching a line of code using the Illumination Software Creator from Radical Breeze. Plus getting crafty with packets and the hping utility, open-source dropbox alternative based on OpenSSH and Rsync, and multi-threaded steganography bruter-forcers!
S09E05 Cloud backups with Amazon S2, Man-in-the-middle attacks made easy, Network Enumeration & Hash Cracking and more... 00/00/0000 Shannon shows us how to perform arp cache poisoning attacks with ease. Jason joins us for a little cloud backup action using Perl and Amazon S3. Darren covers cracking the code: network enumeration and hash cracking. Plus promiscuous mode wifi cards, hacked Canon EOS firmware, and a whole lot more.
S09E06 Cookies beware, we're Session Hijacking! Blackbuntu vs BackTrack, Komposer and a 28 foot multi-touch bar! 00/00/0000 This time on the show, Cookies beware! It's Session Hijacking time. Darren reports from Automate 2011 with a 28 foot multi-touch bar. Plus, websites made easy with Komposer, a Backtrack vs Blackbuntu review and a whole lot more.
S09E07 Detect man-in-the-middle attacks, code an Android live wallpaper, what happened to BeOS and more! 00/00/0000 Detecting ARP Cache Poison Attacks in Windows and Linux, programming an Android live wallpaper in a matter of minutes and delving into Haiku, the successor to the beloved BeOS. Plus, unlocking files in Windows, HDMI capture cards, hacker cookbooks and how to properly eat Vegemite. All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S09E08 Linux man-in-the-middle attacks, detecting Firesheep in Firefox, HTTPD fingerprinting & spy satellites! 00/00/0000 Defending against cookie hijacking attacks, man-in-the-middle tools for Linux, fingerprinting web servers the easy way, managing multiple SSH sessions and tracking govenment spy satellites! All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S09E09 HD video mixers for under a grand, broadband bonding live streamers, extreme sports cameras and more 00/00/0000 This time on an unorthodox Hak5, producers Darren and Paul venture to Las Vegas for the NAB Show and see what the National Association of Broadcasters are up to. We find HD video mixers for under a grand, 3G and 4G bonding solutions for live streaming on the go, HDMI field recorders, extreme sports cameras and some 30 foot jibs we can't afford or house but still want anyway. This is our technolust!
S09E10 OpenWRT and WiFi Pineapple mods, Gmail 2-step verification, zScreen screencaptures, Image burning and MD5 hashes 00/00/0000 This time on the show, the Gmail 2-step verification, the easiest screen shot utility in the world, Image burning, MD5 integrity verification and the auto-rickrolling pineapple of doom!
S09E11 Circumvent Windows Login Security with a USB boot-drive, Phishing with a Pineapple and anonymous torrenting! 00/00/0000 This time on the show we're Breaking into Windows boxes with no skillz necessary using Konboot for USB, Spear-Phishing with a WiFi Pineapple, Sudo with pipes in Linux and downloading torrents anonymously
S09E12 Stealing Windows passwords. Shannon’s hacking with the Katana USB boot key, automated file renamers, Firefox security extensions & more 00/00/0000 This time Hak5, Mubix joins us for more mischevious Metasploit fun. We’re stealing Windows logins with a crafty keylogger. Shannon’s hacking from a cave with the Katana USB security suite. Plus, automating file renaming in Windows, Firefox security extensions and so much more.
S09E13 BackTrack 5 VM with Wireless and Linux on a Dingoo Digital 00/00/0000 This time on an exciting brand-new-studio edition of Hak5 we're getting hands on with the latest version of BackTrack-Linux, configuring virtual machines and wireless. Shannon's flashing the firmware on a Dingoo Digital A320 and installing a custom distro of Linux and so much more.
S09E14 Doom on the Dingoo and Mubix spoofs NetBIOS with Metasploit 00/00/0000 This time on the show, NetBIOS Name Service spoofing in Metasplot with our friend Mubix, Playing Doom on a Dingoo Digital with the Dingux Linux distro and an alternative disc space reporter. All that and more, this time on Hak5.
S09E15 Extracting browser passwords, EXIF data tools, Maker Faire and more! 00/00/0000 This time on the show, we're cracking the code! EXIF Data tools, Windows login hash cracking, Extracting passwords from Firefox and other browsers, what's in that P-CAP file and a special report form Maker Faire 2011. All that and more, this time on Hak5.
S09E16 Secure Passwords the Old School Way...But Better, a Javascript PC Emulator, Rainbow Tables and more! 00/00/0000 This time on the show, Shannon demonstrates a novel password management technique. Darren explains Time Memory Trade-off and Rainbow Tables. Jason gets started programming for Windows Azure and it's Linux in your web browser time! Plus, a PC Emulator in Javascript.
S09E17 E3 2011 Wrap-Up 00/00/0000 Darren Kitchen joins Jenn Cutter for the E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo.
S09E18 Brute forcing Amazon S3 Buckets, archives and PDFs plus Synergy! 00/00/0000 Brute forcing Buckets on Amazon S3. Two computers, one mouse with Synergy, a Crack the Code Challenge walkthrough with archive and PDF cracking all a lot more, this time on Hak5.
S09E19 Soldering with Snubs: LAN Taps and Perl + Graphviz = Twitter Maps 00/00/0000 Shannon builds a network tap. Perl and GraphViz for mapping twitter connections. Chrome tips and deauthing WiFi. All that and more this time on Hak5.
S09E20 Ubertooth One Primer, Multiboot USBs, Airodump Tips and Network Scanning 00/00/0000 This time on the show, an Ubertooth One Primer - Setup with BackTrack 5. Booting multiple ISOs from a single USB drive, we've got plenty of options. And answers to your questions on A+ certs, programming languages, network scanning and more.
S09E21 Bluetooth Packets & Boot Virtual Machines from USB 00/00/0000 Capture & analyze bluetooth packets and Boot Virtual Machines from USB - and more!
S09E22 Bypass GeoIP filters, VPN in BackTrack 5, AndLinux, Prettier Traceroutes 00/00/0000 Hulu and the BBC iPlayer everywhere with a little VPN action to bypass Geo IP filters. We'll be setting up Network Manager in BackTrack5. Plus, Linux inside of Windows, graphing trace-routes in terminal and a whole lot more this time on Hak5!
S09E23 Our Favorite Free Tools to Unsuckify Windows 00/00/0000 This time on the show, Windows. You love it. You hate it. Maybe you’re stuck with it. Today, we’ll unsuckify it. Oh, and Kerby has a nifty DOS script for ya.
S09E24 Spoofing the W3C Geolocation API, One Sweet Dropbox Alternative, and More! 00/00/0000 Don't like Dropbox? We've got a cross-platform alternative. How does Google Maps find your location without GPS? And can it be spoofed? Random password scripts, bash tips and more this time on Hak5!
S09E25 Break into Shell with MsPaint, Launchy, BackTrack Wireless and more 00/00/0000 This time on the show , breaking into command prompts using Microsoft Paint! Navigate Windows like a power user with Launchy. FTP from anywhere, manually control wireless connections in BackTrack Linux and a whole lot more this time on Hak5!
S09E26 DEFCON 19 Part 1 – Hacking from the sky and bloodkode 00/00/0000 This time on the show we cover breaking into command prompts using Microsoft Paint! Plus, navigate Windows like a power user with Launchy. FTP from anywhere, manually control wireless connections in BackTrack Linux, and a whole lot more on Hak5!
S10E00 00/00/0000
S10E01 DEFCON 19 Part 2 – Moxie on Authenticity and Hackers for Charity 00/00/0000 In this DEFCON 19 episode of Hak5, Darren speaks with on the future of authenticity and Johnny Long on the latest at Hackers For Charity.
S10E02 Quadshot: Open Source Autopilot Programming, PinguyOS and Hacker Headlines Remix 00/00/0000 Piotr from the Quadshot project to talks with Darren about their unique autopilot hardware, the LISA. Shannon shares her thoughts on the easy-to-use Linux distro PinguyOS. And Dale Chase takes the mic for a little Hacker Headlines Remix.
S10E03 14 Channel WiFi Sniffing Case Mod and the Plop Bootloader 00/00/0000 In this epic episode of Hak5 we present our case mod as part of the Hak5 / Ben Heck Case Mod Challenge. Our hacked up wearable computer is capable of sniffing all 14 WiFi channels at once as well as providing Internets via a WiFi Pineapple mk3 dev board. Then Shannon has just the trick for booting VMs from USB drives with a sweet bootloader ISO. All that and more this time on Hak5!
S10E04 See-through AR glasses, Hirens BootCD and 4G Modems in Linux 00/00/0000 In this epic episode of Hak5 we present our case mod as part of the Hak5 / Ben Heck Case Mod Challenge. Our hacked up wearable computer is capable of sniffing all 14 WiFi channels at once as well as providing Internets via a WiFi Pineapple mk3 dev board. Then Shannon has just the trick for booting VMs from USB drives with a sweet bootloader ISO. All that and more this time on Hak5!
S10E05 Airfoil Design, Install Ubuntu from Windows and Battery Powered PCs 00/00/0000 Open Source Airfoil Designs, Installing Ubuntu from within Windows, and DC power supplies.
S10E06 Hacking the HID: From Zero to Pwned in 10 Seconds 00/00/0000 After years of development the Hak5 team debuts the most lethal Human Interface Device to grace an unsuspecting USB port. Introducing the USB Rubber Ducky. In this episode of Hak5, Darren and team demonstrate the power of this cross-platform local attack framework with a few payloads aimed at fully patched Windows 7 boxes. Shannon continues her quest for the perfect Linux desktop with a switch from Ubuntu's Unity to Gnome, and we answer your questions regarding PC recycling, x86 routers and free / open source PC migration software. All that and more this time on Hak5.
S10E07 Yubico and the Future of Authentication 00/00/0000 This time on the show, is one factor of authentication enough? No, of course it isn't. That's why the CEO and founder of Yubico is here to talk about the future of authentication. Plus Linux terminal tips, USB Ethernet adapters and more, this time on Hak5!
S10E08 Metasploit 4, Smartphone App XSS Attacks and Trans-Atlantic Ballooning 00/00/0000 This time on the show, HD Moore talks Metasploit, Kos talks cross-site scripting smartphone apps, Brad from Level1 sends a balloon across the pond, and Darren pipes a thing into a thing and makes something happen. All that and more, this time on Hak5.
S10E09 Rel1k with SET, Mubix with Metasplot and a Fire Breathing Pony 00/00/0000 This time on the show, we talk to Rel1k, AKA Dave Kennedy, founder of Derbycon and the Social Engineering Toolkit. Mubix is back in the house with all things Metasploit. And Jon from the LVL1 hackerspace shares with us a very special animatronic pony. That breathes fire. Yeah. All that and more this time on Hak5!
S10E10 Derbycon 2011: Raphael Mudge from Armitage, Nerdcore’s Dual Core and forensics, and Octothropes? 00/00/0000 This time on the show, Raphael Mudge chats about Armitage — the GUI front-end to Metasploit. Plus, Nerdcore sensation Dual Core is making the lives of forensics investigators much more difficult. Plus PPTP VPNs, SSID broadcasting and what the F* is an Octothrope? All that and more, this time on Hak5.
S10E11 Windows Software Access Points, Ubuntu 11.10 and Home Network Bottlenecks 00/00/0000 This time on the show, can we borrow a cup of WiFi? Darren shows us how to relay a Wireless signal with Yagi antenna and a Software based access point. Ubuntu 11.10 is out and with it a new version of Unity. Does it suck? And where’s the bottleneck on your network if your cable modem is 30 Megabits and your wireless router is supposedly 54? All that and more, this time on Hak5.
S10E12 Virtual Access Point Gui's, Google Doc Tools and EXT Partition File Recovery 00/00/0000 This time on the show, GUIs for Virtual Access Points, we round up the best Google Docs tools, recovering files from EXT partitions and VPN routes. All that and more, this time on Hak5.
S10E13 WiFi Pineapple Mark III, BackTrack VMs, Data Recovery, Mod10 and Checksums 00/00/0000 This time on the show, the WiFi Pineapple gets a major revamp with Man-in-the-Middle tools and spiffy new web interface. Plus the best tools for EXT3 partition data recovery, Credit Card validation and simple Windows checksum tools. All that and more this time on Hak5!
S10E14 Ad Block and SSH Tunnel with Privoxy, Pogoplug Mobile, Process Forking and Grub2 00/00/0000 This time on the show, Python + Privoxy = no more banner ads the your router level! Eighty of Dual Core reports. Plus, a cloud syncing NAS without the hassles of building and maintaining a BSD box or messing with Rsync to EC2! Not that you couldn't, just, this one's dead simple.
S10E15 Recovery & Forensics with Scalpel, Cloud storage with PogoPlug and 1000mw WiFi in the US? 00/00/0000 On today's episode, Eighty of Dual Core returns for a little file recovery mojo using Scalpel. Then Jed Putterman of Pogoplug joins us to talk cloud storage. Plus, find out if bash scripts can monitor your CPU temperature and much more!
S10E16 Virtualized USB Booting with QEMU, Steganalysis with Scalpel, x11vnc, & Screen for Windows 00/00/0000 This time on the show, carving hidden files with scalpel, booting USB drives in Linux from QEMU, VNC tips for BackTrack and Android, and more!
S10E17 23 Questions with Kevin Mitnick 00/00/0000 This time on the show Kevin Mitnick is in the house to answer questions from us and you! Then, preventing file clobbering with mistyped wakkas and keeping big brother from eavesdropping on you! Plus a missle whistle? All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S10E18 Damn Cheap VoIP, Jolicloud and Bash scripts 00/00/0000 This time on the show, home voice over IP setups using Free Switch - Christian Fernandez of Custard joins us. Then, Jolicloud OS. Is it cloudy... and jolly? Plus bash watch scripts, remapping capslock from the terminal and Jason Appelbaum on Carrier IQ.
S10E19 Social Network Scamming, Tracelytics and Plex 00/00/0000 This time on the show, Darren and Shannon are out, so Jason Appelbaum and Colleen Henry are stepping in. Brian Brushwood shows off his social scam to rock the iTunes charts, Jason shows off Tracelytics, and Colleen checks out Plex.
S10E20 Gladinet Cloud Desktop and Keylogging with AutoIt 00/00/0000 This time on the show, access your cloud via Explorer, Mubix joins us to talk keylogging with AutoIt, and a few of your tips and questions. All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S10E21 Keyboard + Tablet Combo: ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 and TF700 00/00/0000 Darren takes an in depth look at the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 and TF700 at CES 2012.
S10E22 Control Home Electronics Wirelessly with the Wemo 00/00/0000 The Belkin Wemo offers users a simple way to create automation wirelessly all over their home. Sync your TV, turn your appliances on and off and more all with your smartphone. It's also available with a motion center option.
S10E23 New Google Maps-Loving Nuvi Series! Garmin's Attempt to Stay Relevant 00/00/0000 New Google Maps-Loving Nuvi 3590 and 3550! Darren explains all the new features and syncing capabilities of the new Garmin GPS system.
S10E24 Mobile Phone TV Output Over USB! 00/00/0000 Darren interviews the President of MHL, LLC to find out what exactly Mobile High Definition Link is. It's a new video standard tv output to stream from your phone to your TV.
S10E25 The Flying Video Game: Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 at CES 2012! 00/00/0000 Shannon Morse talks all about the AR Drone with Julien Galou, Marketing Manager of Parrot! Hear all about the new version of the flying video game including updates to the camera, body, apps and design!
S10E26 BitTorrent Share: P2P Right on Your Phone 00/00/0000 BitTorrent share takes your sweet videos straight from your phone, to your PC, and direct to your TV! Darren talks with Brat Witteman, Sr. Director of Product Management all about the real-time video sharing in the cloud!
S10E27 Prototype for Sensics Natalia Smart Goggles: Get Your Head in the Game! 00/00/0000 Darren shows off the super-futuristic Natalia Smart Goggles from Sensics! This is NOT a finished product, but you can see the prototype and all its features right now from CES 2012!
S10E28 The Black Diamond: Psychadelic iPhone Controller and Charging Dock at CES 2012 00/00/0000 The Black Diamond by Yantouch charges your iPhone with psychadelic style! Darren shows off the new device by Yantouch which changes based on your music, battery life and incoming calls.
S10E29 Eco-Friendly iPhone Accessories from TRTL Bot Cases at CES 2012 00/00/0000 TRTL Bot accessories are eco-friendly, durable and innovative! Shannon takes a look at their new shell cases for the iPhone and iPad.
S10E30 Solowheel: The Gyro-Stabilized People Mover from CES 2012 00/00/0000 We got a first look at the newest way to get around, the Solowheel! It's the smallest, greenest, most convenient "People Mover" ever invented with its gyro stabilized, electric engineering.
S10E31 Multi-Charging Station Without Cables! The Zip Mini from CES 2012 00/00/0000 Take a look at the Zip Mini from CES 2012! This multi-charging station juices up all your devices fast and easy without the need for messy cables.
S10E32 Magic Cube: Prodigy Laser IR Projected Keyboard from CES 2012! 00/00/0000 Darren shows off the latest from Prodigy's laser-projected keyboards from the CES 2012 show floor! The Magic Cube is an ultra-portable, full-sized virtual computer keyboard compatible with Android, iPhone and any other device with Bluetooth HID support.
S10E33 The World's Thinnest Smartphone Running Android Ice Cream Sandwich 00/00/0000 Darren gets a first look at the world's thinnest smartphone running the newest Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich. With 5.1 surround sound and full 1080p HD video capabilities, this slick new phone will be released starting July 2012!
S10E34 iPad Board Game! The Game Changer from CES 2012 00/00/0000 Shannon shows off the latest in old school gaming - touch board games! The Game Changer will transform your iPad and bring the joy of board games back into your lives, and also doubles as an arcade game!
S10E35 Waterproof Your Gadgets Without a Case! HzO at CES 2012 00/00/0000 HzO has developed a completely unique waterproofing system that works without a big bulky case. With this coating for your electronics, they will continue to work even when submerged in up to 3 feet of water.
S10E36 Record Video in 360 Degrees with an iPhone Case! Go Pano Micro from CES 2012 00/00/0000 Darren shows off the latest iPhone case from EyeSee360, the 360 degree Go Pano Micro video camera including new sharing features, a free application and awesome resolution.
S10E37 LiveU LU40 at CES: Stream HD Video Anywhere Over 4G LTE/3G or WiMax 00/00/0000 LiveU showed off the beta version of their LU40 portable device that you can bring with you anywhere to connect to your camera and stream high quality video on the go. Compared to the LU60, this version is smaller, lighter, and features up to 6 network connections over 4G LTE/3G, WiMAX and WiFi.
S10E38 Instant Power Anywhere with Power Trekk from CES 2012 00/00/0000 Power Trekk is the first product from SiGNa Chemistry and is a hydrogen-fuel celled generator with several interchangable heads. Darren shows off this new economic device and gets the lowdown on exactly how it works.
S10E39 NEW Services and Social Features in The Boxee Box from CES 2012 00/00/0000 Darren talks with Avner Ronin to take a look at how Boxee is making the traditional television experience better with all new social features, and the incorporation of other services like Netflix and Vudu.
S10E40 Robot to Make ANYTHING You Want! MakerBot Industries at CES 2012 00/00/0000 Shannon talks to Bre Pettis of MakerBot Industries! This machine makes ANYTHING you need - toys, noveltys, jewelry, and tons more. This is awesome!
S10E41 Take Panoramic Hi-Res Photos Easily with the Tamaggo 360 Imager Prototype 00/00/0000 Darren shows off the simple little Tamaggo 360 Imager prototype from CES 2012. Panoramic photos taken easily while still maintaining quality.
S10E42 Simplify Your Life with the Feedair Personalized Ticker 00/00/0000 Shannon talks about the newest in personalized notification technology, the Feedair! It aggregates your social feeds from services including Twitter and Facebook, and displays them all in one place to simplify your life. Fully customizable and controlled via the Android or iPhone app.
S10E43 3D TV Without Glasses! Auto-StereoScopic Changes 3D TV 00/00/0000 Shannon talks about the newest no-glasses 3D televisions. This new technology provides bright, full resolution 3D TV without the dizzying side effects.
S10E44 A JukeBox for Your iPhone or iPad! 00/00/0000 Shannon shows off the neo-vintage JukeBox Docks from ION Audio at CES 2012! The dock connects to an iPhone or iPad (here's hoping there's Android development in the works) to bring a retro vibe to your audio setup. Maybe we can hack into it to make the neon lights beat to our tunes...
S10E45 Atlona LinkCast Wireless HD Audio/Video System from CES 2012 00/00/0000 Wirelessly link all your home theater devices with the Atlona LinkCast HD home audio/video system! It's so awesome, it even won the 2012 CES Innovations Award and can easily be your cable replacement.
S10E46 Cube: 3D Printer by 3D Systems - CES 2012 00/00/0000 3D Systems has developed a maker bot printer that is easy and accessible to even the most non tech-savvy user. Users just need to visit, create or select a design and then create a ton of 3D projects with the Cube.
S10E47 Android OS Capacity Limitations? Not with exFat! 00/00/0000 Darren talks with the Director of Technical Services at Paragon Software Group about FILE SYSTEMS at CES 2012! YAY! Learn about Android OS capacity limitations and how you can bust through those barriers with the exFat.
S10E48 iPhone Powered Toys! iStrike Shuttle and iLaunch Thunder at CES 2012 00/00/0000 We get a first look at the latest unreleased tech toy from Dream Cheeky at CES 2012, the iStrike Shuttle! Just like the iLaunch Thunder, this iPhone powered game may come in more handy than you think!
S10E49 Get Amazing Battery Life with Optimus Technology in Nvidia's Asus U44SG 00/00/0000 Shannon checks out Nvidia's new ultra slim and ultra light Asus U44SG laptop at CES 2012. But what really sets this machine apart is the GPU in this machine. The GForce 610M 2GB with Optimus Technology means your battery life won't suffer even during the most hardcore gaming.
S10E50 A Tablet for the Kitchen! Qooq's The French Digital Cookbook at CES 2012 00/00/0000 Shannon interviews Jean-Yves Hepp of Qooq, the company that created The French Digital Cookbook. It's a Linux based, open source tablet that is built to survive any liquid or heat mishaps that happen while cooking. It also has internet access and social functions so you can easily look up recipes and share them with your Facebook and Twitter networks.
S10E51 Amazing Eco Friendly Gadgets from Eton at CES 2012! 00/00/0000 Darren shows off some of the best and newest eco friendly products from Eton at CES 2012 including the Rukus Solar stereo system, Mobius solar iPhone case charger, and the FRX3 radio and power generator.
S10E52 World's First Desktop Virtual Reality Design Kit - Leonar3Do Demo at CES 2012 00/00/0000 The Leonar3do software brings organic artistic expression in to the digital world. It's the world's first desktop virtual reality design kit and offers easy 3D image sculpting, as well as augmented reality.
S10E53 Cheap and Convenient Case that Fits Any 7" Android Tablet 00/00/0000 Enough with the iPad cases already- Android tablets need some love and protection from the elements too. Darren finds a great case by MaxWest that fits any 7" Android tablet. Totally necessary 1990's style stylus included.
S10E54 Amazing Unreleased Wireless Headphones from Parrot: Zik at CES 2012 00/00/0000 We've heard tons about the flying AR.Drone game from CES 2012, but this time Shannon stops by the Parrot booth to talk about their latest in audio development, the Zik Headphones.
S10E55 Xi3 Debuts Mobile Data Centers, Virtualization Software & Personal Cloud Storage Systems at CES 2012 00/00/0000 Xi3 Corporation was back at CES showing off their new more corporate focused wares that will help make any company more energy efficient and improve performance.
S10E56 Turn Your Smartphone into a Motion Sensor Video Game Controller! AIWI at CES 2012 00/00/0000 Darren stops by the AIWI booth to get all the info on AIWI's PC gaming subscription service. Using WiFi and both a desktop and mobile application, the service transforms your smartphone into a motion sensor controller!
S10E57 Are We Running Out of IP Addresses? The American Registry of Internet Numbers at CES 2012. 00/00/0000 We just found The Internet at CES! Hear all about the details of ARIN, the American Registry of Internet Numbers, the original organization that keeps track of every IP address.
S10E58 Emperor 1510: The Perfect Work Station Chair For Programmers and Gamers at CES 2012 00/00/0000 Darren discovers the perfect way to enjoy CES and relax at the same time: the Emperor 1510 work station chair.
S10E59 Network Attached Storage That Doesn't Suck - Synology's DS1812+ at CES 2012 00/00/0000 This time we have a little something for the sysadmins out there: Synology's DS1812+. Because who doesn't need a NAS that JUST WORKS??
S10E60 The Highly Anticipated Ubuntu TV from CES 2012! 00/00/0000 Darren stops by Ubuntu at CES 2012 to get the newest information on the Ubuntu TV.
S10E61 WiFi Wand: The Tiniest WiFi Scanner from CES 2012! 00/00/0000 Need to digitize paper documents but don't want or have a traditional scanner? Darren shows off the tiny WiFi Wand Scanner from CES 2012!
S10E62 Wirelessly Share Any USB Storage with Cloud FTP 00/00/0000 It's 2012 and sharing files is STILL that difficult. But the Cloud FTP by HyperDrive is the compact and efficient way to turn any USB storage device into a wireless file server, sharing files with WiFi-enabled devices.
S10E63 Build a Free PXE Server to Boot Linux Over the Network! 00/00/0000 This time on the show, setting up a PXE server to launch Debian and Backtrack without using optical media!
S10E64 Learn to Code Easily with Free Online Tools 00/00/0000 This time on the show, pound include programming dot h! We're going to void main and Hello World all up in this biznitch. Python, JavaScript, BASIC? It's time to learn to code! All that and more this time on Hak5............return zero
S10E65 Automate Everything, Using Expect and Encrypting One Cloud 00/00/0000 This time on the show we're automating everything! Darren shows off intelligent scripting with Expect for Linux. Then, I'll be encrypting folders from a context menu in Gnome, pairing 'em with some cloud services and boom, you've got secure backups.
S10E66 Hak5 at ShmooCon 2012! 00/00/0000 This time on the show, cracking WPA keys with a little WPS brute forcing action & Darren Interviews Craig Heffner, author of Reaver. Plus DLL injection and other mischief in Microsoft's Power Shell with Power Syringe. And finally, a big red button of doom that'll turn a working hard drive into forensically sound toast in seconds.
S10E67 Shmoocon 2012 Part 2: Breaking Sandboxes, IPv6 Networking and Hackers for Charity 00/00/0000 This time on the show, breaking out of the sandbox - Shaffer and Cuevas share their research on bypassing application white lists. Plus, what does it take to put on an IPv6 network at a hacker con? Brett Thorson of Shmoo Labs explains.
S11E01 Source Code, Ponies and Cyborgs! 00/00/0000 Is wearable computing a practical reality? Darren speaks with Greg Priest-Dorman, a fellow geek who's been building and wearing the tech for 12 years. Plus open source gaming that involves Ponies!
S11E02 Backtrack 5 Root Encryption and Ubuntu 12.04 - Precise Pangolin First Look! 00/00/0000 Ubuntu 12.04 is around the corner and we have a first look at its new Heads-Up display. Then Eighty of Dual Core joins us to setup Backtrack 5 with root encryption. Plus Ubuntu on Android?
S11E03 The Internet in a Box, a Yubikey You Could Swallow, and Phone Phreaking from RSA 2012 00/00/0000 This time on the show, the internet in a box! Darren talks to Kyle Flaherty from Breaking Point about a million dollar rack, Stina Ehrensvärd of Yubico demos an NFC enabled Yubikey prototype and a one-time password key so small you could accidentally swallow it, and more!
S11E04 IRC Bouncers and How to Protect Windows from SAM Attacks 00/00/0000 This time on the show, Darren explains maintaining persistence and privacy on IRC with your very own bouncer. Then, we set up simple 2-factor authentication in Windows and much more!
S11E05 Bluetooth Magic, SXSW Report and IEEE Interview 00/00/0000 This time on the show, locking down your PC with proximity and a little bluetooth magic -- I'll be showing you how. Then, what's the IEEE on about these days? Darren reports from South-by-South-West. More fun bash tips and VPN security - who do you trust? All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S11E06 How to Setup Two Factor Authentication in Backtrack Linux 00/00/0000 This time on the show Darren reports from SXSW 2012 with Eighty of Dual Core and Chris Mooney of The boys discuss two-factor authentication on the Linux platform then brainstorm and develop a tool, dubbed "Kill All The Humans", to protect your machine from unwanted invaders. Invaders must die.
S11E07 Block Facebook Tracking, Interactive Process Automation, Plus NetCat and Ngrep Tricks 00/00/0000 This time on the show, automating interactive tasks in Linux, preventing your browser sessions from being tracked, graphical command-line disk usage utilities, and pushing hex over TCP with Echo. All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S11E08 Proxies - Part 1 00/00/0000 This time on Hak5, we begin a special series on proxies. Caching, filtering, security or anonymity -- whatever your reasons may be, Darren and I are exploring the ins and outs of this great technology from the ground up. All that and more!
S11E09 Proxies, Linux SSH Servers, Windows Clients and Public Key Authentication 00/00/0000 Building on top of last week's episode on Proxies, SOCKS5 and SSH we're covering Authentication via Public Key Cryptography, setting up an SSH server in Linux and properly configuring a client in Windows.
S11E10 SSH Public Key Fingerprints, Windows SSH Servers and Linux Key Pair Exchange 00/00/0000 Continuing with Proxies, SOCKS5 and SSH, Darren and Shannon cover SSH Public Key Fingerprints, then build a free Windows SSH Server and configure Key Pairs for a Linux client.
S11E11 Roll Your Own Secure Cloud Storage with SSHFS - Secure Shell File System 00/00/0000 Continuing with SOCKS5, SSH, Public Key Pairs and fingerprints, Darren and Shannon use SSH to create a secure remotely mounted network file system with implementations in both Windows and Linux.
S11E12 Relay Two Firewalled Devices Through a Persistent SSH Proxy 00/00/0000 Traversing NAT firewalls couldn't be easier with a well crafted SSH proxy. This week Darren and Shannon break down reverse shells and persistence using a WiFi Pineapple and some autossh-fu. Plus, SSHFS GUIs for Linux, ClientAliveMaxCounts, Putty keys without Pageant and more!
S11E13 Persistent SSH Tunnels for Windows and Linux, Local vs Remote Forwards and More 00/00/0000 This time on the show, local and remote forwarding with SSH, persistent connections in Linux with AutoSSH, Windows tunnels that don't quit (with a GUI front-end for Plink), and a whole lot of technolust. All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S11E14 One-Time-Passwords for SSH Authentication with Yubikey 00/00/0000 This time on the show, using One-Time-Passwords in Linux for SSH authentication. We cover the theory and set up our server with a Yubikey. Plus relaying without GatewayPorts, easily edit Known_Hosts, Free SSHFS in Windows and a ton more!
S11E15 Encryption 101 00/00/0000 Encryption 101 begins with understanding the terminology and mechanisms. This week, we're breaking down encryption in the context of SSH, from symmetric and asymmetric to block and stream ciphers.
S11E16 2-Factor SSH with Google Authenticator and Challenge Response Authentication 00/00/0000 We challenge you... to respond... then we'll authenticate ya! That's right, we're getting into Challenge Response Authentication. Plus Two-Factor Authentication for SSH using the Google Authenticator, and how not to lock yourself out of your own workstation. All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S11E17 The Raspberry Pi and How 6.4 Million LinkedIn Passwords Could Have Been Saved with Salt 00/00/0000 Security breach! LinkedIn loses 6.4 million password hashes -- what does that mean to you? We're talking one-way-hashes, salting, and the end of MD5.
S11E18 NCCDC Documentary 00/00/0000 This time on a special Hak5, Darren and Paul travel to San Antonio for the 2012 National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition and find out what it takes to compete in the nations largest collegiate cyber defense show.
S11E19 Bounce Traffic off Multiple Servers with ProxyChains 00/00/0000 We're tunneling our traffic through multiple servers with ProxyChains. Plus safe password keeping and Active Directory authentication for Linux. All that and more this time on Hak5.
S11E20 Hacking RF with Mike Ossmann 00/00/0000 This time on the show, hacking RF! Mike Ossmann, founder of Great Scott Gadgets and inventor of the Ubertooth One, joins us to talk about his latest radio hacking project.
S11E21 Mountain Top WiFi Shootout, Plus Cisco, DHS, Facebook and the ACLU 00/00/0000 Mountain Top WiFi Shootout! Plus, Facebook vs. Your Address Book, The Department of Homeland Security reports on US cyber incidents, and Cisco Linksys snoops on your Internet traffic.
S11E22 WiFi Hacking Workshop: Part 1 00/00/0000 This time on the show is part 1 of our WiFi from-the-ground-up series. Darren presents a wireless workshop at the Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco, California.
S11E23 WiFi Hacking Workshop: Part 2 00/00/0000 This time on the show, part 2 of our WiFi from-the-ground-up series. Darren presents a wireless workshop at the Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco.
S11E24 WiFi Hacking Workshop: Part 3 00/00/0000 This time on the show, the conclusion of our WiFi from-the-ground-up series. Darren presents a wireless workshop at the Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco.
S11E25 Black Hat 2012 - Cracking Firmware and Physical Locks 00/00/0000 This time on the show: Black Hat 2012, popping hotel key card locks and soho wifi routers with elegance. All that and more on this special episode of Hak5.
S11E26 DEFCON 2012 00/00/0000 Reporting from DEFCON 2012, Darren catches up with Georgia Weidman to talk mobile application security. Plus Piotr and the gang from Quad Shot recap last year's experience building their open source RC aircraft. All that and more this time on Hak5!
S12E01 RFID Injection and Laser Hands at Toorcamp 2012 00/00/0000 Darren travels to the North Western most corner of the continental US for Toorcamp -- an epic Hacker Camp hosting the most some of the nations most creative hackers, makers, movers and shakers.
S12E02 Mapping with Balloons, Building a GSM Network with Shadytel and Hacker Pants 00/00/0000 This time on the show we continue coverage of Toorcamp 2012 - The American Hacker Camp. Darren speaks with Mathew L of Public Laboratory about Balloon mapping. Then Shadytel shares their experience building a certified experimental GSM network. Plus why do hacker's pants weigh 3 pounds? Ronin of HackFromACave explains.
S12E03 Introduction to Packet Radio and Arduino Controlled LED Strips 00/00/0000 This time on the show we continue coverage of Toorcamp 2012 - the American Hacker Camp. This time Darren speaks with Rob Eby about packet radio as an extension of the Internet. Plus what could be better than flexible individually addressable RGB LED strips? %1 controlled by Arduino! All that and more!
S12E04 Hacking Zigbee with Dragorn of Kismet Wireless 00/00/0000 Mike Kershaw (aka Dragorn) of Kismet fame joins us to talk all things Kismet, WiFi hacking, and his latest project, the Kisbee.
S12E05 Extreme Android and Google Auth Hacking with Kos 00/00/0000 Kos of joins us to demonstrate his lethal Android hacking toolkit - P2P-ADB. Taking advantage of USB Debug Mode, Root, and some crafty hacks, Kos' toolkit enables the bypassing of lock screens, making system changes and even "backing up" Android profiles, all from one phone to another.
S12E06 Learning to Fly Quad-Shot Style 00/00/0000 This time on the show, learn to fly a quad-copter from the pros! Darren heads down to Santa Cruz and meets with the folks at Quad-Shot. Plus frightening the TSA, out-of-spec USB cables, and more!
S12E07 Derbycon 2012 00/00/0000 We're joined by Skip of Passing-The-Hash to talk Windows Auth Tokens, then Mubix from Room362 shares his unprivileged network mapping utility, and Chris Gates of Carnal 0wnage farms Linked In and trolls incident response teams.
S12E08 Gaming on the Nexus 7 with a PS3 controller via Bluetooth and Reverse Proxy Web Servers 00/00/0000 Check out how you can start gaming with a Playstation 3 controller on Android!
S12E09 Linux Motion Detecting Lock Screens and Android NFC Hacking with Arduino 00/00/0000 Motion detecting lock screens for Linux using motion and pagekite, NFC hacking on Android with an Arduino and how secure is that 80 character password really? All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S12E10 Occupineapple - Protesting with Spoofed WiFi SSIDs and the MK802 Android Mini PC 00/00/0000 This time on the show, funny WiFi names, MDK3 and non-violent protesting with an Occupineapple. Plus,what's the deal with the MK802? I'll be reviewing this little Android PC. All that and more!
S12E11 Eagle Eye, DroidMote and War Dialing 00/00/0000 This time on the show, let the pwnage begin! Viss shares with us his Eagle Eye tool for evaluating tens of thousands of potentially insecure publicly accessible web servers with ease. What's out there? Red Light cameras, industrial automation systems, power plants? Oh my! Then I'll be controlling my MK802 with an phone - that's Android on Android action to the one there. Plus, war dialing! You heard me right, not driving, dialing. Senor Jiffy Pop explains why having your computer dial ten thousa
S12E12 Hacking the Airwave with HackRF and Jailbreaking the NetGear NeoTV 00/00/0000 This time on the show, Hack the Airwaves! Darren sits down with HackRF creators Mike Ossmann and Jared Boone at Toorcon San Diego. Then, rooting the Netgear NeoTV with just a remote? It's possible with just a little command injection. Plus, disk imaging in Linux the sexy way. All that and more!
S12E13 Fixing Ubuntu 12.10 and What it Means to Be a Public Hacker 00/00/0000 Patching privacy holes in Ubuntu 12.10, event triggers in Linux with CuttleFish, and what it means to be a public hacker. All that and more, this time on Hak5.
S12E14 Anonymous Browsing the Easy Way and 900 MHz SDR with RFcat and Python 00/00/0000 We continue hacking the airwaves with RFcat, a usb radio dongle and a little Python lovin'. Then I'm setting up a bit of a counter surveillance rig the easy way with a live Onion Router distro. Plus, portable VPN clients for unprivileged users - what are your open source options? All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S12E15 Run Windows Apps in Linux the Easy Way, Netflix Unofficially Comes to Linux, and Chocolate! 00/00/0000 This time on the show, Netflix comes to Linux! Sort of. We'll explain how and what this might mean for the industry. Then, playing games and other Windows apps in Linux with WINE, which, isn't an emulator. But it is. Sorta. Plus, our favorite Linux commands. One of 'em involves chocolate! Stay tuned! All that and more this time on Hak5!
S12E16 Android Hacking with the USB Rubber Ducky 00/00/0000 This time on the show, hacking Android with the USB Rubber Ducky. Darren revisits the original Human Interface Device Attack tool and shows off the 4th generation hardware. Plus improve your Ubuntu boxes performance with a few simple tips - Shannon reports.
S12E17 Hack Any 4-digit Android PIN in 16 hours with a USB Rubber Ducky 00/00/0000 This time on the show, an online brute force attack against Android successfully defeats 4-digit PIN codes in about 16 hours using the USB Rubber Ducky without wiping user data. Plus, BackBox Linux - is this a pen-testing OS for every day use? All that and more, this time on Hak5.
S12E18 Extreme GPU Password Cracking and Home Theater PC Builds 00/00/0000 Cracking every standard Windows password in less than 6 hours with a massive GPU cluster, building a home theater PC for about $300 and blinkenlights. All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S12E19 WiFi Packet Sniffing on Android and Ubuntu Backups 00/00/0000 This time on the show, packet captures on Android - Mike Kershaw, aka Drag0rn, joins us to talk about his rootless Android pcap app. Then, backing up Ubuntu the easy way. Plus, apt tips, sudo aliases and the return of blackbuntu? All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S12E20 Free Your Nexus 7 - Make It Run Ubuntu! 00/00/0000 This time on the show, installing Ubuntu on the Nexus 7. Plus, EtherApe, Backbox and Matriux. All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S12E22 Surviving CES Wireless and 60GHz Beam Forming 00/00/0000 This time on a special Hak5 from CES 2013 - surviving overloaded wireless networks, fitness tech for hackers and pico sized 802.11ad beam forming antenna arrays for the 60GHz band. All that and more, this time on Hak5.
S12E23 R.I.P. Aaron Swartz 00/00/0000 Darren steps away from the usual Hak5 episode to take some time to remember a true hero amongst hackers, Aaron Swartz. A founder of Reddit and more importantly, a champion for internet rights, Swartz tragically took his own life on January 11, 2013. We take some time to reflect on his life and honor his memory.
S12E24 SShuttle and Linux Talk 00/00/0000 This time on the show, can an SSH Proxy become a VPN? We're bridging networks with a wicked python script.. It's what happens when a transparent proxy gets together with a VPN and SSH. That's like a networking threesome! Plus, secure chat in Linux! All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S12E25 Linux laptop battery optimization and using encryption with dropbox 00/00/0000 This time on the show, optimizing your Linux install for better battery life - Darren reports. Then, Encrypt all the things! I'm setting up local encryption volumes that play well with cloud sync services like spideroak and dropbox. Plus, RSS podcasts from YouTube - is it possible? All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S12E26 Interview with Stina Ehrensvärd of Yubico and Necomimi the Brainwave Cat Ears 00/00/0000 This time on the show, something happened to Darren... He's AWOL somewhere in Europe or France or Geneva, on ITU business. Also talking about Yubico with Stina Ehrensvärd and Cat Ears! All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S14E01 In Dublin Making Captive Portals, Terrible Privacy Practices, and Faster Wireless 00/00/0000 Today on the show, testing a new Wireless 802.11AC router, captive portals on a WiFi Pineapple, and what to do when your school has terrible privacy practices.
S14E02 At the FrancoSwiss Border Visiting CERN, Steam on Linux, and Old School Computers 00/00/0000 Today on the show, Darren is out still Hacking across Europe by visiting CERN and Steam games on Linux the easy way. All that and more!
S14E03 Visiting Amsterdam Technologia Incognita, Protecting Yourself While Mobile, and New Things From RSA 00/00/0000 Today on the show, quick and easy VPN setups for all your traffic tunneling needs, a visit to the RSA Conference, and Ubuntu Folder Encryption, all that and more this time on Hak5!
S14E04 High Altitude Balloon Launching from Netherlands and Encrypted File Systems on Android 00/00/0000 Today on the show, Dropbox file encryption access on your Android device, a high altitude balloon lift off, all that and more this time on Hak5!
S14E05 Build Your Own a Free VPN Server in Minutes and Securely Setup Android Client 00/00/0000 Setting up an OpenVPN Server with Android clients, connecting to preconfigured wifi channels on your Android device, and more!
S14E06 Setting Up the a Secure, Portable Linux Installation and Installing Ubuntu Touch 00/00/0000 Our thoughts on Ubuntu Touch and setting up the ultimate fast, secure, portable and persistant Linux installation. All that and more this time on Hak5!
S14E07 Announcing Hack Across America 00/00/0000 Join Darren Kitchen and the Hak5 team as they embark on a 6 month North American tour visiting hackerspaces, holding workshops, talks and meetups and connecting with the community that so defines hacker culture.
S14E08 Reviewing Kali Linux and USB Rubber Ducky Payload Generator 00/00/0000 This time on the show, The King is dead, long live the King! We review BackTrack's successor Kali Linux. Then Human Interface Device attacks with ease - Darren check out the USB Rubber Ducky payload generator, then hacking at 55 miles per hour, we hear your ideas on Hack Across America. All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S14E09 How to Sync Google Drive on Linux and Reviewing REMnux 00/00/0000 This time on the show, Shannon reviews the malware analysis disto REMnux. Darren check out Google Drive Sync Alternatives, then wrapping it up with EliteWraps. All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S14E10 Email Encryption for Everyone, Gmail Backup on Ubuntu and Text Message Your Pineapple! 00/00/0000 Today we show you how to encrypt your email the easy way! Plus, backing up your Gmail Account using your Ubuntu PC. And we cover Text Messaging your WiFi Pineapple. All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S14E11 Sharing Public Keys, Turning your IRC client into a chat client, and Google Docs Tricks! 00/00/0000 This time on the show, Encrypt all the things! We're continuing our discussion on OpenPGP and Keyservers! Then, connecting social media and Chat through IRC! Plus, secure Google Docs tricks. All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S14E12 HakVan Solar Installation and Chrome Privacy Extensions 00/00/0000 This time on the show, Darren preps the van by installing solar; then Shannon show us how to get our privacy on with some Google Chrome extensions. All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S14E13 Privacy Matters? and Install Software From Anywhere 00/00/0000 Why does Privacy matter? Installing Software outside of Software Repositories and PGP for Web Mail - are we there yet? All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S14E14 Hack Across America Starts and IRC History 00/00/0000 Darren starts Hack Across America with a visit to Overland Expo. Then Shannon sets up her IRC from Pidgin! All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S14E15 OverLand Expo 2013 and Raspberry Pie Updates 00/00/0000 Amorphous Solar and Young Rovers at Overland Expo 2013, An Update on the Raspberry Pi with Eben Upton, and catching up with the Hungry Riders. All that and more this time on Hak5!
S14E16 Aerial Infrared Photography Project and New Arduinos 00/00/0000 Inexpensive Infrared Photography to analyze the world, an update on Arduino with Massimo Banzi, and catching signals from space. All that and more this time on Hak5!
S14E17 HackRF Update, Mailvelope Weaknesses and Makers 00/00/0000 This time on the show, the HackRF Spectrum analyzer, Lee Felsenstein introduces us to the Maker revolution, and Mubix shows us some flaws in browser plug-in encryption. All that and more!
S14E18 Hacker Spaces, Making Time and Checking Out IRC 00/00/0000 Hackerspaces, the Chronulator, and my favorite IRC clients! All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S14E19 Darren Visits The Maker of Printrbot and Bitlbee Advanced 00/00/0000 Brook Drumm joins Darren to talk all thing 3D printer with Printrbot and Bitlbee goes advanced. All that and more this time on Hak5!
S14E20 Darren Visits Free Geek in Portland and More Bitlbee Advanced Tips 00/00/0000 This time on Hak5 Darren reports from Free Geek in Portland and Bitlbee Advanced tips, All that and more this time on Hak5!
S14E21 Darren Checks Out the Living Computer Museum and Electric Skateboards 00/00/0000 On this episode, Shannon shows you how to set up a PrintrBot LC and Darren checks out electric all terrain skateboards from E-Glide in Santa Monica! Plus, Darren pays a visit to the Living Computer Museum in Seattle, Washington!
S14E22 Single Wheel Mircocycles, Satellite Comms Systems and Git-Annex Assistant 00/00/0000 An easy file sharing alternative, Ryno Motor's Microcycle, and Satellite tech with Ryan from Ocens. All that and more this time on Hak5!
S14E23 Darren visits Streambox in Seattle and Shannon Dives Deeper Into 3D Printing 00/00/0000 Darren goes to Seattle and visits with Streambox and Shannon shows us some of here tips with her first 3D print. All that and more this time on Hak5!
S14E24 Hak5 Celebrates Its 8th Birthday 00/00/0000 Darren and Shannon are out and the show is taken over by a crazy cast of character from over the years for a celebration of Hak5's 8th Birthday. All that and more this time on Hak5!
S14E25 Hak5 Goes To Defcon 21 00/00/0000 Hak5 goes to the 2013 Defcon 21 in Las Vegas to check out the distributed file system, and communications rings. All that and more this time on Hak5!
S14E26 Darren Shows Alternative Internet Infrastructures 00/00/0000 Alternative internet infrastructure for the coming zombie apocalypse. All that and more this time on Hak5!
S15E01 What's Up with the Duck? 00/00/0000 Running the occasional Windows program with out cramping your Linux lifestyle, Windows exfiltration with the USB Rubber Ducky and a tour of the Los Angeles hacker space; CrashSpace. All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S15E02 How to Benchmark Your Linux System And Exfiltration Ducky Attacks 00/00/0000 Windows exfiltration with a USB thumb drive and a USB Rubber Ducky and Benchmarking Your Linux Systems. All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S15E03 Install OwnCloud and Cracking Passwords with a Rubber Ducky 00/00/0000 Cracking Windows passwords in 15 seconds or less with a special USB Rubber Ducky firmware and mimikatz. Build your own Dropbox alternative for free with OwnCloud - Shannon's Installation and Configuration guide. Then Darren borrows a page from Mubix with a Ducky Script to dump Windows memory for password cracking without getting caught by Anti-Virus. All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S15E04 Setup Your Own Private Cloud and Air Gaps 00/00/0000 The latest NSA leaks outline a massive program against internet encryption. What is safe anymore? Can you trust PGP? How do I implement proper crypto systems? And why do I have a tiny little netbook with a NSA sticker on it? Plus Shannon Morse is here to show us how to build our own cloud storage, using Sparkle Share. All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S15E05 Kali Linux Raspberry Pi Laptop and Hijack Windows Password 00/00/0000 Cheap Kali Linux Laptop with a Raspberry Pi, a Lapdock and Custom Cables - Shannon Morse reports. Then, Persistently Stealing Windows Passwords in Plaintext. Mubix of demonstrates this devious hack! All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S15E06 Alternative Sneaker Nets and BitTorrent Syncing 00/00/0000 Syncing files with BitTorrent Sync and alternative ways to Sneaker Net files using optics and audio! All that and more, this time on Hak5!
S15E07 Secure Messaging and Air Traffic Control Hacking 00/00/0000 This time on Hak5, Darren speaks with RenderMan at Derbycon 2013 on vulnerabilities in the nextgen Air Traffic Control system and ATS-B. Then Shannon rounds up three secure messaging apps for iOS and Android.
S15E08 Derbycon 2013 Continues and Enterprise Cloud Syncing 00/00/0000 Session Hijacking with Raphael Mudge of Armitage, Disk Forensic from Raspberry Pi and Custom Hacker Linux Distros from Derbycon 2013. Plus, Secure File Syncing with Share Plan. All that and more this time on Hak5!
S15E09 The New WiFi Pineapple Mark V 00/00/0000 The new WiFi Pineapple Mark V is unveiled at this special Hak5 launch event featuring Darren, Sebastian, Eighty of Dual Core, Shannon and Dale Chase. Tune in and learn more about this truly revolutionary wireless hacking tool purpose built from the ground up, this time on Hak5!
S15E10 Creating Virtual Worlds With castAR 00/00/0000 Exploring the software development for the castAR with Rick Johnson. Also seeing the hardware side of castAR with Jeri Ellsworth. All that and more this time on Hak5!
S15E11 Tracking Cars Wirelessly And Intercepting Femtocell Traffic 00/00/0000 Wireless Packet Sniffing!!! Tracking vehicle Tire Pressure Sensor data with Jared Boone and open source software defined radio. Plus, eavesdropping on Verizon CDMA phones with a hacked femtocell - Doug DePerry and Andrew Rahimi of ISEC Partners. All that and more this time on a very special Toorcon 2013 edition of Hak5.
S15E12 Hidden Device Inputs Revealed! 00/00/0000 Darren meets Paul McMillan to see the whole internets VNC servers in 16 minutes. Also find new was to connect to your phone with Mike Ossmann and Kyle Osborn at ToorCon 2013, all that and more this time on Hak5!
S15E13 Discovering Hidden Backdoors In Home Routers And Storing Data With Seafile 00/00/0000 This week Darren interviews Craig Heffner on his research in to backdoors on routers. Also find Shannon dices into Seafile cloud storage, all that and more this time on Hak5!
S15E14 Upgrading the Studio and Chromecast Tricks 00/00/0000 This week we go behind the scenes at the Hak5 Studio during our recent studio upgrades. Also Shannon explores some of the hidden features in Chromecast, all that and more this time on Hak5!
S15E15 Legally build a 60 Watt WiFi Link – 2.4 GHz and EIRP 00/00/0000 Learn the ins and outs of EIRP, 2.4 GHz and the legal way to balance radio output with antenna gain. This episode is specific to the United States and FCC regulations and may not apply to your region.
S15E16 Point to Point Pineapple Mesh Continued and Syncing with GoodSync 00/00/0000 Point to Point Pineapple mesh continued. Decibels to Watts, antenna polarization, "cable loss" and why HAMS get all the good stuff. All that and more, this time on Hak5.
S15E17 Point-to-Point WiFi Nodes – OpenWRT Config and Threema – “Secure” messaging for iOS and Android? 00/00/0000 Wireless networking point-to-point pineapples and secure messaging for iOS and Android, this time on Hak5.
S15E18 Drones Hacking Drones Like? 00/00/0000 Drone Hacking from an airborne WiFi Pineapple - this time on Hak5. Darren demonstrates his proof of concept "Denial of Drone" attack targeting the Parrot AR.Drone from a WiFi Pineapple equipped DJI Phantom 2 Vision. Inspired by Sammy Kamkar's Raspberry Pi based Skyjacking demo, this drone killer PoC takes a backdoor approach without the need to deauth clients.
S80E01 CES 2011 - Whoa! Holographic 3D Displays 07/01/2011 Darren checks out some wicked 3D holographic displays from Innovision
S80E02 CES 2011 - Xi3's super TINY computer cluster 07/01/2011 Holy Beowulf Cluster Batman! Xi3 is demoing a low power cluster based on a brand new form factor!
S80E03 CES 2011 - Cheap Pico Projectors from Optoma 07/01/2011 Jenn checks out the latest in teensy personal projectors from Optoma
S80E04 CES 2011 - Double sided LCD keyboards?!?! 07/01/2011 Grippity innovates typing with a dual sided LCD keyboard. Sweet!
S80E05 CES 2011 - Forget HD how about 4K! 08/01/2011 Shannon visits Marseille Networks to check out a 4k TV prototype.
S80E06 CES 2011 - Two sided thumb drive creates instant VPNs 08/01/2011 iTwin is showing off their proprietary VPN technology at CES 2011. This double sided USB drive splits in two easily connecting two Windows boxes over the Internet.
S80E07 CES 2011 - E FUN Android Tablets! Cute and affordable 08/01/2011 Shannon checks out a bunch of cute Android tablets from E FUN including one that integrates pen & paper?!
S80E08 CES 2011 - Control EVERYTHING using your iPhone with UnityRemote 08/01/2011 Darren checks out the Unity Remote, a hardware software combo that integrates InfraRed beaming technology with a very slick iPhone app. Control just about anything that accepts IR with this nifty gadget.
S80E09 CES 2011 - Customizable gaming keyboards from Rude Gameware 08/01/2011 Shannon checks out the latest gaming peripherals from Rude Gameware for your fragging pleasure.
S80E10 CES 2011 - Camera phones to pay bills and deposit checks 12/01/2011 Shannon, a former banker, is intrigued by a system for paying bills and depositing checks via camera phone.
S80E11 CES 2011 - Thrustmaster T500R rocks Gran Turismo 5 hard! 18/01/2011 On this special edition of Hak5 Darren and Shannon are joined by Jenn Cutter to wrap up their favourite gadgets from CES 2011. Tune in and catch a pair of stereoscopic 3D augmented-reality video eyewear from Vuzix, the AR Drone flying video game / robotic helicopter from Parrot, and a hydrogen fuel cell remote control car sure to please. Plus a behind the scenes look at prototype holographic eyewear! Trust your technolust!
S80E12 CES 2011 - Immersive Motion Accessories! 18/01/2011 Jenn checks out the ultimate Gran Turismo gaming peripheral, the Thrustmaster T500R racing simulator.
S80E13 CES 2011 - Razor Hydra Motion Controllers and Portal 2 18/01/2011 Jenn Cutter talks to Chris Aiken of Aiken Labs about their innovative motion accessories.
S80E14 CES 2011 - Smartfish Ergonomic Keyboard, Mouse and Gamepad 18/01/2011 Shannon checks out the coolest keyboard at CES - the Engage from Smartfish.
S80E18 CES 2011 - RED Scarlet hands on with Ted Schilowitz 18/01/2011 Darren Kitchen meets with Ted Schilowitz of RED Digital Cinema and gets his hands on the new RED Scarlet camera. Bonus footage after the interview!
S80E19 CES 2011 - A ton of great Boxee news ^_^ 18/01/2011 Darren Kitchen joins Andrew Kippen at CES 2011 to learn about all of the latest Boxee developments, including new hardware and content partners.
S80E20 FAIL: The 19 Weirdest Products From CES 2011 18/01/2011 The annual Consumer Electronics Show has come to an end, and along with all the cool new products, surprisingly there were even more wacked products on the show floor than usual. We've wrapped up the wackiest, weirdest, most bizzarre and biggest FAIL products from the show floor this year, guaranteed to surprise, delight and keep you LOLing and ROFLing with glee
S80E21 Enough About the iPhone 5 Already! 12/09/2012 Enough about the iPhone 5 - from your friends at Hak5.
S80E22 Ubuntu Open Source Smartphone Demo at CES 2013 09/01/2013 See an exclusive demo of the Ubuntu OS for smart phones with Richard Collins.
S80E23 Protect Your Smartphone With NQ Mobile - CES 2013 09/01/2013 With such a large amount of important data carried around with us on our phones, you'd think that security would be of the utmost importance. So that's where NQ Mobile comes in.
S80E24 Save On Cable With The Boxee TV - CES 2013 09/01/2013 Shannon stopped by the Boxee TV booth to hear all about the popular set top box.
S80E25 Be a DJ Even if You Have No Skill! EZ DJ Pro - CES 2013 09/01/2013 It's no doubt that DJs are awesome, but it's no easy task! Even if you suck and have no skill at all, or just want to start venturing into it now - the EZ DJ Pro is your solution! Shannon shows off all the details.
S80E26 LEGO Runs Linux! LEGO Runs Linux! 09/01/2013 Darren stopped by LEGO to check out their newest iteration of their famous MindStorm robotics kits, the EV3.
S80E27 Oculus VR Brings Low Latency Head Tracking Headset, the Oculus Rift to CES 2013 09/01/2013 Darren got a chance to down and test out the Oculus Rift Headset and check out its VR, see what he thought.
S80E28 Looxcie Launches a WiFi Enabled HD POV Camera For Consumers and an All-Day Camera For Enterprise and Law Enforcement 09/01/2013 While the original Looxcie was bluetooth enabled and could do cool things like clip to your ear, it was still standard definition. However, not anymore, as Darren stopped by their booth to check out the Looxie HD.
S80E29 Texas Instruments Enables The Miniaturization of DLP Projectors - Phones, Tablets - CES 2013 09/01/2013 Darren stopped by the Texas Instruments booth to see what's new with their miniaturized DLP projectors.
S80E30 Fulton Innovation Talks About Developing the Technology Used By The Wireless Charging Co. & Future of Wireless Power 09/01/2013 Darren stopped by at Fulton Innovation to check out their wireless charging technology, and see how their tech has evolved.
S80E31 Stylish Speakers, Poolside! Splash by NUU - CES 2013 09/01/2013 We stopped by NUU to check out their waterproof, wireless speaker, the Splash.
S80E32 Electric Friends: Cutest Speakers Ever? - CES 2013 09/01/2013 Shannon stopped by one particularly cute booth, to check out the Electric Friends bluetooth speakers.
S80E33 Rock Your iPad with RokLienz! CES 2013 09/01/2013 A musical and adorable game for your iPad! RokLienz play instruments and make music to work with your iPad and give you one of the cutest games you'll ever play. Watch Shannon demo the toys and app now!
S80E34 First Look at the Magnetic HP ElitePad from CES 2013 09/01/2013 The new magnetic tablet by HP provides 18 hours of battery life, and connects to adaptors with USB, HDMI, and SD card slot.
S80E35 Necomimi: Brainwave Kitty Ears! 10/01/2013 Shannon checks out the Necomimi Kitty Ears as they respond to her brain activity.
S80E36 The Most Accurate Fitness Tech Ever! BodyMedia Core2 at CES 2013 10/01/2013 Shannon shows off the Core2 by Body Media, the most accurate fitness and calorie tracking tech available!
S80E37 Wireless Dock Your Laptop With a New 60GHz 802.11 ad Chip 10/01/2013 The QCA 9600 caught the eye of Darren as he was walking the show floor, check out what he thought was so cool.
S80E38 Alienware's New Line of Gaming Routers from Qualcomm at CES 2013 10/01/2013 Networking enthusiasts and gamers listen up! Alienware's new line of routers by Qualcomm have some of the smartest technology to provide the most efficient bandwidth for each specific device it's connected to. Darren shows it off from CES 2013!
S80E39 Vuzix Debuts the M100, an Android Powered Monocular Display - CES 2013 10/01/2013 Darren got to try on the Vuzix M100, an Android powered monocular display.
S80E40 Condition One - CES 2013 11/01/2013 Darren talks with Condition One CEO, Danfung Denis about their vitual imaging technology.
S80E41 Vintage Inspired Headphones From On.Earz - CES 2013 11/01/2013 At the On.Earz booth, we got to check out their vintage inspired Legends Collection featuring iconic figures like James Dean and Elvis Presley.
S80E42 Be Present Anywhere With Beam From Suitable Technologies - CES 2013 11/01/2013 Darren stopped off at the Suitable Technologies booth to check out their Beam remote presence system.
S80E43 The Flipper USB - CES 2013 11/01/2013 See how you can put your USB plug frustrations to an end as Darren stopped by Flipper USB to check out their USB adaptor that can fit into a USB port despite which way you put it in.
S80E44 Pharrell Partners with Liquipel For The Ultimate Nanotechnology - CES 2013 11/01/2013 Shannon stopped by the Liquipel booth to chat with Danny McPhail and partner Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes, hear about their nanotechnology that protects your tech from all forms of liquid.
S80E45 Two-Factor Authentication Made Easy with Yubikey NEO - CES 2013 11/01/2013 Nixie Pixel visited Yubico to check out their Yubikey NEO, which generates two factor authentication to secure your mobile identity.
S80E46 New Braven Speaker Is a Tank! - CES 2013 11/01/2013 Shannon chatted with Braven's Tracy Smith at their booth to check out their BRV-1 ultra durable speakers.