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Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman discuss recent movie releases while milking senile Mr. Plinkett on a VCR repair job.


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S255E00 00/00/0000
S255E01 The Hateful Eight and The Ridiculous 6 (sort of) 08/01/2016 Still stranded on Mt. Everest, Mike and Jay discuss Adam Sandler's latest film The Hateful Eight as well as Quentin Tarantino's latest film The Ridiculous 6.
S255E02 The Revenant 25/01/2016 Mike and Jay talk about another movie set in the past, in the cold, and where people violently murder each other... Norm of the North!
S255E03 Life and Power Rangers 27/03/2017 Mike and Jay talk about two wonderful new films while Jay prepares his vows for his gay wedding with a syphilitic elderly man who hasn't showered in 7 years and has disgusting genital warts on his decades old fecal encrusted taint.
S255E04 Furious 7 and It Follows 10/04/2015 Jay and Mike somehow see It Follows and Furious 7 while floating in Mr. Plinkett’s house in the sky which is held up by a balloon filled with his farts which is not lighter than air so that wouldn’t happen anyway. I guess Jay and Mike downloaded the movies and watched them on a TV with a broken screen or on Jay’s Ipad which we’ve never seen and he wouldn’t be able to charge anywhere. God this show SUCKS!
S255E05 Alien: Covenant 21/05/2017 Mike and Jay watch the new film from famed elderly filmmaker Ridley Scott.
S255E06 Wonder Woman 04/06/2017 Mike and Jay discuss the latest DCEU film Wonder Woman, the most important movie about an Amazonian Princess with a magic lasso that's ever been made.
S255E07 The Mummy 10/06/2017 OMG Mike and Jay actually saw the Tom Cruise Mummy movie!
S255E08 Jurassic World 15/06/2015 Mike and Jay settle in to their new positions as employees of the video game repair shop, and then discuss the latest reboot/re-imagining/remake/re-sequel Jurassic World. Also Mike, Jay and Rich have a brand new commentary track available for the original Jurassic Park:
S255E09 Captain America: Civil War 07/05/2016 Mike, Jay and Rich see the latest feature film to showcase characters wearing colorful costumes while punching bad guys and then discuss it. This time, the latest feature film to showcase characters wearing colorful costumes while punching bad guys is titled Captain America: Civil War.
S255E10 IT (1990) and IT (2017) 10/09/2017 Boooooo Mike and Jay do a double feature of the original TV miniseries adaptation of Stephen King's IT as well as the new theatrical version of IT.
S255E11 mother! 20/09/2017 Mike and Jay talk about the controversial new film that's not controversial at all: mother!!!
S255E12 Blade Runner 2049 08/10/2017 Mike and Jay discuss Blade Runner 2049, the sequel to the box office bomb Blade Runner! But I'm sure it'll be a hit THIS TIME, right?!
S255E13 Star Trek Beyond 28/07/2016 Mike and Jay see the new Star Trek film, Star Trek Beyond. Then Mike talks at Jay about all things Star Trek.
S255E14 Suicide Squad 07/08/2016 Mike and Jay weigh in on the critical darling Suicide Squad!
S255E15 Stranger Things 12/08/2016 Mike and Jay discuss the Netflix series Stranger Things, the first and last TV series to ever be discussed on Half in the Bag! OMG!
S255E16 Blair Witch and Don't Breathe 20/09/2016 Mike and Jay are back at Mr. Plinkett's house, discussing two recent horror films: The rebootquel Blair Witch and Don't Breathe, a movie that isn't a sequel, reboot, or the first entry in a cinematic universe.
S255E17 Interstellar 09/11/2014 While Mr. Plinkett’s house floats across Lake Michigan, Mike and Jay attempt to wrap their brains around Christopher Nolan’s latest film Interstellar. Mike also discusses some previous films about black holes such as Event Horizon and The Black Hole.
S255E18 Doctor Strange 07/11/2016 Jay and Mike talk about another new Marvel film. Marvel at their amazing conversation! There's even a cameo by Stan Lee!
S255E19 Shut In and Arrival 17/11/2016 Mike and Jay talk about Shut In, a new release movie that everybody has already forgotten exists, and Arrival, an intelligent science fiction drama that was beaten at the box office by an animated children's movie based on those big haired troll dolls.
S255E20 2016 Movie Catch-up 03/12/2016 Mike and Jay discuss a bunch of movies they've seen in 2016 that have the word "The" in the title.
S255E21 Rogue One 19/12/2016 Mike and Jay are paid a visit by the City Inspector! They also talk about Disney's™ Star™Wars™ Rogue™One™A™ Star™ War™ Story™.
S255E22 The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey 00/00/0000 Mike and Jay talk about Peter Jackson’s latest trip to Middle-Earth, The Hobbit, and frustrate both Tolkien fans and HFR projection supporters in the process.
S255E23 Django Unchained and 2012 Re-cap 00/00/0000 Mike and Jay discuss Quentin Tarantino’s new film Django Unchained, starring Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz, and recount some films they’ve seen in 2012 that they forgot about until just now.
S00E01 The Zookeeper Trailer 00/00/0000
S00E02 Red Letter Media Talks About Prometheus 00/00/0000
S00E03 Red Letter Media Talks About Prometheus on DVD 00/00/0000 Questions will be answered.
S00E04 Half in the Bag Extras: Tarantino and More 2012 Re-cap 00/00/0000 Episode 44 of Half in the Bag was just too goddamn long. Here’s some stuff that got cut.
S00E05 Half in the Bag Extras: Copycat Films and More Styrofoam Beating 00/00/0000 Here’s a few odds and ends that were cut out of Mike and Jay’s Last Stand and A Haunted House discussion.
S00E06 Half in the Bag Extras: Hollywood Trends 07/03/2013 Hey! You can see some outtakes from our latest Half in the Bag episode here:
S00E07 Half in the Bag Extras: Evil Dead Outtakes 16/04/2013 Shooting a Sam Raimi-style monster bloodbath is a big pain in the ass.
S00E08 Half in the Bag Extras: More Iron Man 3 Talk 13/05/2013 Some extra bits from Mike and Jay’s Iron Man 3 discussion, focusing mainly on the charisma of Robert Downey Jr.
S00E09 Half in the Bag Extras: Zack Snyder, Superman IV, and The Justice League 26/06/2013 Some additional conversation from our recent Half in the Bag Man of Steel discussion.
S00E10 Alien vs Predator Commentary Track 22/01/2014 Join Rich, Jay, and Mike as they watch the 2004 hit film "Alien VS Predator" and attempt to make sense of it. Start the commentary the moment the 20th Century Fox Logo starts. This is also commentary for the 100 minute theatrical release version of the film.
S00E11 Alien vs Predator Commentary Track 22/01/2014 Join Rich, Jay, and Mike as they watch the 2004 hit film "Alien VS Predator" and attempt to make sense of it. Start the commentary the moment the 20th Century Fox Logo starts. This is also commentary for the 100 minute theatrical release version of the film.
S00E15 Transformers Triple Feature DELETED MATERIAL 22/07/2014 This is a sample video of some of the extras that are included in our subscription to Patreon! Outtakes, deleted material, etc. Enjoy!
S00E16 Halloween Commentary Track 15/10/2014 Happy Halloween, everyone! Join Mike, Jay, and Rich Evans as they talk about John Carpenter's classic 1978 horror film Halloween.
S00E17 F*uck You, It’s January! (2015) 10/01/2015 It’s that magical time of year when Jay and Mike talk about the dumping ground that is January… and possibly more.
S00E18 Alien Commentary Track 14/03/2015 Mike, Jay, and Rich Evans watch Ripley Scott's 1979 film, Alien and talk about it. Since that film is soooo borrrring they also detour into talking about the entire Alien franchise as well as other things like Rich Evans' Grandmother's Christmas nightmare house. Learn stuff about Alien, hear Rich Evans laugh, and have a great time!
S00E19 The Terminator Commentary Track 18/05/2015 Rich, Mike, and Jay sit down to watch James Cameron's classic film "The Terminator." Hear Rich Evans irritating laugh! Hear Mike's dry sarcastic hate-filled comments, Hear Jay provide insight into his love of Maniac Cop 2. Enjoy!
S00E20 Jurassic Park Commentary Track 15/06/2015 Mike, Jay, and Rich Evans watch the 1993 film Jurassic Park in anticipation for the new film Jurassic World. Hear amazing insights into the movie as well as terrible jokes.
S00E21 Scientist Man Explains Terminator: Genisys 09/07/2015 Scientist Man does indeed explain Terminator Genisys in a thorough and scientific manner.
S00E22 Nerd Talk: Sequels, Spin-Offs, and Standalones 22/07/2015 Movies!
S00E23 Batman and Robin Commentary Track 16/08/2015 Oh no! Mike, Jay, and Rich Evans watch the obnoxious 2 hour long Joel Schumacher mess, Batman and Robin.... fart jokes ensue. Start the commentary when the Warner Bros. logo appears. Stop the commentary track when it's over or when you can't take it anymore.
S00E24 Welcome Back, Star Wars! 19/10/2015 With the release of the full trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, RLM has released a special video of our own. Welcome back future landfill, I mean Star Wars!
S00E25 Red Letter Media's Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Reaction! 20/10/2015 OMG NEW STAR WARS IS HERE!!!
S00E26 A Conversation with Max Landis 24/11/2015 Max Landis, the screenwriter of Chronicle and American Ultra, mysteriously showed up in our studio somehow so we decided to have a discussion with him about screenwriting in Hollywood and talking a whole bunch on Twitter.
S00E27 Return of the Jedi Commentary 26/10/2015 Rich, Mike, and Jay sit down to watch Return of the Jedi! Yay! This is the last film (Chronologically) that takes place before Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So much to discuss!
S00E28 Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Rich and Mike's Predictions 04/11/2015 Yes. We now know it's Jakku. Please do comment about it though.
S00E30 Top Ten Things YOU Didn’t Know About Darth Vader’s Suit! 31/12/2015 Happy New Year! Last video of 2015! Rich and Mike learn lots of new things about Darth Vader's iconic suit! CLICKBAIT!
S00E31 GHOSTBUSTERS TRAILER REVIEW 04/03/2016 Ghostbusters is the 2016 remake of the classic Ivan Reitman film. It stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones and is directed by Paul Feig.
S00E32 Masters of the Universe Commentary Track 20/04/2016 Rich, Mike, and Jay (Aka Susan or Reginald) watch the 1987 masterpiece "Masters of the Universe" by the legendary Cannon Films! Watch Dolph Lundgren try to talk! Look up Skeletor's nostrals! Watch a film fall apart right before your eyes!!! Enjoy kids!
S00E33 Scientist Man Analyzes Ghostbusters (2016) 02/08/2016 He's back! Scientist Man looks at statistics, numbers and the media reaction surrounding the new Ghostbusters reboot. He's joined by two losers named Rich and Jay who like the original film, but not the reboot. They must be sexists!
S00E34 Top 1 Things WE Didn't Know About Suicide Squad 09/08/2016 Jay and Mike need to stop looking at their cell phones during the movies they review! Those idiots! I've lost all respect for them forever. Unsubscribed!
S00E35 Ben-Hurt 22/08/2016 Snark! Rich and Mike must break some bad news to Jay...
S00E36 Star Wars Rogue One Trailer Breakdown No. 6,387 21/10/2016
S00E37 Gremlins Commentary Track 21/11/2016 What's the perfect movie to watch in between Halloween and Christmas? Why it's Gremlins! A favorite film of Mike, Rich, and Jay! Listen to this commentary as they talk of their love of rubber puppets, schlock, and Asian boys in Yankees caps. Wallow in the ear piercing shrill laughter of Rich Evans as your brain slowly dies.
S00E38 Mike Pitches a Horror Movie 21/11/2016
S00E39 Gremlins Commentary Track and Explosive and Embarrassing New Products! 29/11/2016
S00E40 The Nerd Crew: A Pop Culture Podcast by Red Letter Media 05/01/2017 Join media, pop culture, nerd culture, and geek culture experts Mike Stoklasa, Jay Bauman, and Rich Evans as they discuss the new movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
S00E41 F**k You, It's January! (2017) 12/01/2017 It's that magical time of year AGAIN! when Jay and Mike talk about the dumping ground that is January AGAIN! ... and possibly more.
S00E42 The Nerd Crew: Episode 2 26/01/2017 The Nerd Crew is back! This week, the gang discusses the title reveal of Star Wars Episode 8, as well as unbox the cool pop culture swag in this month's Nerd Box and Geek Crate.
S00E43 The Nerd Crew Episode 3: Justice League and Star Wars news! 30/03/2017 Hey everyone! The Nerd Crew is back! This time they're taking a look at the new and exciting Justice League trailer as well as catching up on some old, but new and exciting news about Star Wars: The Last Jedi!
S00E44 Nerd Crew Episode 4: The Last Jedi Trailer Breakdown and Analysis! 16/04/2017 OMFG! The Nerd Crew is back to analyze every single frame from the new Star Wars trailer to look for any minuscule clue as to what might happen in a film they will eventually see.
S00E45 Red Letter Media Loves Rogue One! 29/04/2017 Mike, Jay, and Rich Evans watch Rouge One: A Make-Up Story - listen to their exciting commentary as they watch the most boringest Star Wars film ever.
S00E46 Star Wars: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Commentary Track 29/04/2017 Mike, Jay, and Rich Evans watch Rouge One: A Make-Up Story - listen to their exciting commentary as they watch the most boringest Star Wars film ever.
S00E47 Rich Evans Auditions for Blade Runner 2049 09/05/2017 Not many know this, but Rich Evans came very close to getting the lead role in Denis Villeneuve's upcoming Blade Runner sequel. The production company was kind enough to give us the footage of Rich's audition.
S00E48 Red Letter Media Talks About Alien: Covenant - SPOILERS 26/05/2017 Mike and Jay have some more questions about the black goo.
S00E49 Did Red Letter Media Invent Slenderman? 15/06/2017 Mike and Jay recently saw the HBO Documentary Beware the Slenderman and noticed some odd coincidental similarities between the Slenderman myth and their own character from an older film they made.
S00E51 Rich and Mike Talk: Disney's Han Solo Terrible Movie Ideas 18/07/2017 Rich and Mike guess at what terrible ideas will be in the new Han Solo™ stand alone adventure by Disney's™ Star Wars™!
S00E52 The Nerd Crew Episode 5 - The Last Jedi Trailer #2 Breakdown!!! 31/08/2017 The boys are back to talk about the latest Star Wars news! As well as watch and breakdown the second trailer for Episode 8: The Last Jedi!
S00E53 The Nerd Crew: Episode 6 - The Last Jedi Trailer 2 Reaction! And Justice League Breakdown 14/10/2017 Your #8,967th favorite YouTubers are back! This time they're here to talk about Star Wars The Last Jedi and The Justice League! Both have new trailers that dropped recently and Mike, Rich, and Jay are here to tell you who's "In the house!" in these new and exciting upcoming movies!

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