Affiche Halo: The Forgotten Spartans

"6 months ago, three Spartans were left on one of the Halo rings. They are searching for a Hornet that was left, whilst trying to discover the mystery to their abandonment.Their mission, to find the hornet and escape the Ring." —The Forgotten Spartans Part 1 Opening Description The Forgotten Spartans is a machinima created by Darknal. Initially posted in December 2007 on Darknal's channel, later moved over to the channel in July 2008. The series is an alternate history set within the same timeline as Halo where another ring is discovered during the events of Halo 3. After abandoning the soldiers on the ring, the UNSC fled back to Earth leaving behind material and ordnance. The series follows the three Protagonist's; Darknal, Conan and Cosmic of Spartan Squad Omega as they attempt to flee the ring.

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