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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Hamtaro

S01E01 La nouvelle maison 07/07/2000 The show opens with Hamtaro. He's in his cage and is trying to figure out how to get out. From his panicked reaction, we learn that he and his human have just moved to a new house. He escapes from his cage and starts chewing on the curtains. His human comes in and finds him. She complains that he's always getting into trouble when she's out of the room. Hamtaro voiceovers that he's Hamtaro and that he's living there with Laura and her parents. Laura shows her parents what Hamtaro did to her curtains. She heads downstairs and Hamtaro gets out again. Laura comes back upstairs and tells Hamtaro that she's going out. But when she doesn't see Hamtaro, she figures he must be sleeping. Hamtaro crawls around and eventually finds a drainpipe. He chews some and then slides down it. Outside, he runs into Brandy, the family dog. He gives Brandy his regards. As he continues, he runs into a hamster who seems very nervous. When he sees Hamtaro, he panics. But Hamtaro doesn't seem to be the only thing
S01E02 Le Club des Ham-Hams 14/07/2000 It's Laura's first day of school. She's trying to pick out an outfit and is running late. She asks Hamtaro for advice, but Hamtaro can only stare. Her Mom comes up and suggests that she should have picked out an outfit the night before.
S01E03 De nouveaux venus au Club 21/07/2000 It's early morning, before school and Hamtaro can't wait for Laura to leave. It's not that he doesn't like her, it's just that there are so many new ham-hams at the clubhouse nowadays and he can't wait to get there and play with everyone. Laura finally leaves and Hamtaro makes his escape. Outside, he runs into Boss and Oxnard. Oxnard is upset because he's lost his sunflower seed again. He's afraid he'll never find another sunflower seed again, but Hamtaro finds it. He was just sitting on it. Hamtaro and Boss head to the clubhouse and find some new hamsters waiting outside, along with their old friends. They meet Maxwell, an intellectual type, Panda, a craftsman who lives with a family of carpenters, Sandy, and Cappy, a hamster who's hiding under a saucepan. Boss invites them all into the clubhouse, where more introductions are made. Howdy sings a silly song. He recommends tidying up the place. At school, Mr. Yoshi hands Laura a test. She's shocked to see her score: 10%! Mr. Yoshi tells
S01E04 Bijou descend ! 28/07/2000 It's morning and Laura is getting ready for the day. Her Mom comes in and reminds her to feed the fish. Laura gets dressed and asks Hamtaro what he thinks of her outfit. She thinks that Hamtaro seems a little restless this morning. She heads outside to meet Kana. It's summer vacation, but they're going over to the school to feed the fish. Hamtaro heads to the clubhouse, where he meets up with Oxnard in the tunnel. They talk about summer vacation - Oxnard's not really sure what it is. Hamtaro thinks that it's a lot of work - Laura has to talk on the phone and be outside with Kana, so on, so on. He thinks that she has to do all of that. As they head for the clubhouse, they run into the other ham-hams. Boss just kicked everyone out of the clubhouse! Hatmaro goes down to find out what's going on. It turns out that Boss is getting things rearranged - he's going to invite Bijou over and wants everything to look nice. The ham-hams aren't so sure. Bijou seems like a refined hamsters, so what i
S01E05 Pépites de sucre 04/08/2000 Hamtaro listens to Laura and her friend talking about a BBQ while they are eating a candy called 'Diamonds Of Sugar'. Laura's mother comes in and tells Laura to go shopping for the BBQ. Apparently, Hamtaro wants some but they are put up high on a bookshelf and he goes to the Ham-Hams for help. Bijou is the only one, other than Hamtaro who has seen these candies. Maxwell claims to have read about them, but he was lying. Hamtaro and Bijou draw one on the chalkboard and Boss then says they are in the sky at night. Apparently, he means Stars, but Boss explains that hamsters call them 'Emeralds of Sugar' So they have a party waiting to catch some. They all see the first star of the night, and they think Boss is lying because there is only one. Later they see all the stars and try to catch some. Boss gets questioned on how to catch the 'Diamonds of Sugar' and he says you need to stack on top of each other. And they do that, with Boss on the bottom, and Penelope on top. Hamtaro is below Penel
S01E06 Excursion à la mer 11/08/2000 The Ham-Hams don't know what a beach is and they decide to go with Laura and Kana. Once they get there the Ham-Hams have fun in the sand and Hamtaro is just about to go into the water, and then a huge (from a hamster's perspective) tidal wave comes! Hamtaro gets away in time and is safe. Laura and Kana are in a rock pool and Kana is teaching Laura how to swim. Then a storm strikes and the Ham-Hams hide under a hat. Laura and Kana's parents are looking for them and the Ham-Hams go and get the adult's attention and lead them back to Laura and Kana. After some things happen, they go home.
S01E07 La fête de l'été 18/08/2000 On a warm summer day, Laura and Kana dress in kimonos to go to the Summer Festival. Curious to know what a festival is, Hamtaro follows Laura, and meets up with Boss, Maxwell, and Pashmina. Maxwell explains that at such festivals, flowers bloom in the sky! What are these flowers in the sky? When Pashmina tries to find the answer, she gets lost from the group. The Ham-Hams launch a search party for Pashmina. When they finally find her, she is in tears. But soon she is laughing again, when the Ham-Hams finally see the sparkling flowers of light blooming in the sky!
S01E08 Les tournesols géants 25/08/2000 Laura and her family are going on a trip to Grandma Willow's in the country. Grandma Willow lives in the country house that Laura's Dad used to live in. Laura's especially excited because there's a big sunflower field surrounding the area and she gets to take Hamtaro along. When Hamtaro hears about it, he tells the whole ham-ham gang. They all want to come, but they can't. It's an overnight trip and their owners would miss them. Oxnard really wishes he could go, as the idea of all those sunflowers holds great appeal for him. Finally, the day of the big trip comes. As they near Grandma's house, they can see the sunflower fields. Hamtaro is amazed by them. When they reach the house, Hamtaro can't wait to get out of his carrier. But he has to wait for Grandma Willow to get everyone settled in and stuff. Then, Boss shows up! He's a field hamster, so he doesn't have humans who would get upset. He snuck into the car and came along for the ride. Eventually, Laura gets Grandma Willow to lead h
S01E09 Les Ham-Hams à l'école 01/09/2000 Summer's over, and its time for Laura to go back to school. Hamtaro overhears Laura talking about her new teacher, but he thinks she's talking about a hamster. Hamtaro, Boss, and Oxnard tag along with Laura to school to find this hamster, but then they find out that she was actually talking about her teacher. Back at the Ham-Ham clubhouse, the Ham-Hams decide to start their own school.
S01E10 La disquette perdue 08/09/2000 Laura's father asks her to deliver an important floppy disk to his office. While Laura packs her bag, Hamtaro gets trapped inside. On the way to Mr. Haruna's office, Hamtaro picks up two hitchhikers, Oxnard and Penelope, who have just escaped from an angry crow. When Oxnard's sunflower seed falls to the ground, Oxnard jumps out of Laura's bag to go after it, and Hamtaro and baby Penelope follow, not knowing that the yellow disk has slipped out of Laura's bag too. The hamsters get lost in the park and run into Jingle, the wandering Ham-Poet, who plays them prophetic ballads on his guitar. Soon an upset Laura appears, retracing her steps with her father, and when the Ham-Hams overhear that she has lost the floppy disk, they feel they must help her find it (even though they are not sure what a 'flo-pee' disk is for). Soon they discover that the rambling Jingle has found the disk and plans to use it as his new, hard, square, yellow pillow. Knowing that it's more important than a pillow,
S01E11 La sagesse des anciens 15/09/2000 Laura's grandma visits and tells Laura about her long-lost friend and their identical clocks. Laura decides to search for grandma's friend. Hamtaro tells the ham-hams and they decide to help out. They go to elder-ham and he leads them to the spot that Laura's grandma and her friend vowed to meet each other again someday. Hamtaro sees grandma's friend and sees Laura going the wrong way. he goes down and turns on grandma's friend's clock, and Laura hears it. She goes to get her grandma. They run toward each other and they remember the day they made their promise.
S01E12 Bijou est en danger 22/09/2000 When Laura and Kana go shopping, the Ham-Hams go along, but soon find danger in the shopping district. A large, mean cat lives in an alley in the district, and after Bijou goes down the alley, she doesn't return! The Ham-Hams go looking for her and find that Bijou has fainted among the alley-cat's kittens after being frightened by the protective mother cat. The Ham-Hams attempt a dramatic rescue, but Hamtaro and Boss are chased, and the others get trapped under a bucket. Unexpectedly, Laura and Kana show up and begin fawning over the baby kittens. The proud mother cat turns her attention away from the hamsters, and at last the Ham-Hams are able to make their escape.
S01E13 La chanson de Tigrette 29/09/2000 Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams are rehearsing for their performances in Elder-Ham's annual Sunflower Seed Harvest Festival. Boss is studying for the lead role in a play and the Ham-Ham girls are practicing their gymnastics routine. Sandy, the agile athlete of the group, has a big crush on Maxwell, because he reminds her so much of her twin brother, who she hasn't seen since she was young. Sandy asks Hamtaro to see if Maxwell feels the same about her, and the other girls pester Hamtaro about it too. When the day of the performance arrives, the girls impress both Elder-Ham and Maxwell; Hamtaro sees this as a chance to ask Maxwell about Sandy, but he can't find the words. Soon he's distracted when baby Penelope almost falls off the stage, but she is rescued by Sandy. Elder-Ham is so impressed with Sandy's heroism that he awards her and the girls the Grand Prize, a pyramid of sunflowers! Elder-Ham notices how much Sandy looks like a boy hamster he once knew. Could it be that Sandy's brother is
S01E14 A la recherche de Tigris 06/10/2000 The ham-hams have gathered in the clubhouse because Boss has called them together for an important meeting. They need to come up with a plan to try and find Sandy's brother, since they recently learned from Elder Ham that he is somewhere in town. Boss has been having everyone learn Sandy's ""Twirling Whirling"" song and he has Hamtaro recite it to prove that he knows it. The ham-hams are rather dubious as to their chances. They really don't have much to go on and they live in a large town. Plus, Howdy isn't really sure whether to trust Elder Ham's advice. They think that Sandy's owner, who is Kana's friend, may hold information that could help them, but they don't know what to do since they can't talk to humans. As for Sandy, she's not at the clubhouse, but she is at home and is full of hope that she'll find her brother. Her owner, Hillary, goes to a gymnastics class, where she meets up with Laura and Kana, who attend the same class. Also there is Noel, a friend of Hillary's who secretly
S01E15 Le gros chagrin de Bijou 13/10/2000 Bijou is in her cage admiring her ribbons and making herself look nice. She's thinking about Hamtaro, she likes how he really notices her when she's wearing her beautiful ribbons. At Laura's, Laura is experimenting with a variety of different hairstyles. She finally decides that she'll wear her pink ribbons today. She goes to get one, only to fink that Hamtaro has gobbled it and stuffed it in his cheek pouches! She tries to pull at a bit that's sticking out of Hamtaro's mouth. Hamtaro tries to clamp on, saying that he's not letting go, but Laura eventually frees the ribbon. Laura tells Hamtaro to be good. Her class is going on a field trip today. Hamtaro hears this and thinks that the ham-hams should have a field trip too. He heads to the clubhouse, where he finds something of a commotion. The ham-hams are upset at Stan, who says that he knows a really great place with acorns. However, he doesn't want to tell them where it is. They'll just take all of the acorns. Howdy calls him stingy
S01E16 Guéris vite Laura 20/10/2000 It's morning and Laura's alarm clock is going off. Laura seems very tired. As the alarm continues going off, her Mom yells from downstairs about it. She sleepily punches the alarm clock off and goes back to sleep. The next thing she knows, her Mom is upstairs waking her up and showing her the alarm clock. More than thirty minutes have passed since she punched it off! She's going to be late for school. She gets ready and leaves the house in a hurry. Her Mom tries to get her to have some breakfast, but she says that there's no time. She quickly heads off to meet up with Kana to go to school. Laura's Mom complains that she'll be starved by lunchtime. At the clubhouse, Boss is complaining of a stomachache from eating too many sunflower seeds. Howdy, however, doesn't want to hear it. Boss has been doing this a lot lately and the ham-hams are starting to think it's a case of ""the boy who cried wolf."" Boss complains that nobody takes him seriously any more. Hamtaro arrives at the clubhouse an
S01E17 Hamtaro, Le Super Détective 27/10/2000 It's morning and Laura is searching for her favorite pencil case. It has a lot of cool stuff in it, but it's simply disappeared. Her Mom comes up, warning that she's going to be late for school. Laura explains about the pencil case and her Mom suggests that if she would clean her room, she might be able to find her stuff, since it's a mess. Laura says she'll do it that afternoon and heads off to school. Hamtaro gets out of his cage and decides that he'll find Laura's pencil case. He starts sniffing around ends up finding an old treat which he places in his cage. He still hasn't found the pencil case, but decides he has all day to search for it. He heads off for the clubhouse. He finds some of the ham-hams outside the clubhouse. It seems that Bijou has lost her jewelry box. It contains some of her favorite ribbons, among other important things. Howdy makes some comments about calculations he's made of the things she's lost, which get on the nerves of the other ham-hams. Boss just wants
S01E18 La pantoufle de verre 03/11/2000 Laura has landed the starring role in the class presentation of ""Cinderella"" and is very excited. Her parents are happy for her too, in fact, they're ecstatic. Her Dad says that they should get her an agent. Laura goes upstairs and happily tells Hamtaro about her role. Hamtaro, however, has no idea what ""Cinderella"" is. Laura reads to him from ""Cinderella,"" but he still doesn't get it. Laura gets to work practicing and Hamtaro voices over that for the next two weeks, Laura spent a lot of time talking to herself. Hamtaro sees that the ""Cinderella"" play is very important to Laura, so he decides to ask the ham-hams if they have any idea what a ""Cinderella"" is. He tells them all about it and Boss doesn't seem to know. Neither do Maxwell or Dexter. Howdy acts like he does, but it turns out to just be one of his jokes. Hamtaro talks about how he heard Laura mention a pumpkin and they get to thinking that maybe pie is also involved. Then the ham-hams come across Jingle and think that maybe he
S01E19 Le Ham-Hams Parc 10/11/2000 When Laura and her family go to the amusement park, Hamtaro shares the news with the Ham-Hams. Panda decides to build a Ham-Ham fun park, but Boss, Howdy, and Stan have their doubts about it. The rest of the Ham-Hams help Panda build his Ham-Ham fun park. Eventually, Boss, Howdy, and Stan realize that the fun park is actually working, and they come to help. Meanwhile, on the way to the amusement park, Laura's family's car breaks down, and Kana and her parents stop to help. While their parents work on the car, Laura and Kana find a small kiddie park and decide its much more fun than the big amusement park.
S01E20 Le Mystère De Ronpschitt 17/11/2000 While cleaning out the clubhouse, the Ham-Hams hear that a hamster named Omar has escaped from his owner. Maxwell has a picture of the hamster, and the Ham-Hams realize that he looks like Snoozer. However, Snoozer ends up abducted by a bird, while still staying asleep. The Ham-Hams notice Snoozer is missing, and think he ran away because he's really Omar. The Ham-Hams find Snoozer and try to rescue him, but lose him again. Meanwhile, Kana, Laura, and Oxnard are alone at Kana's house, and they hear a noise. Laura and Kana check out the attic to look for ghosts, while Oxnard is left alone downstairs. Oxnard hears someone, and thinks its a ghost. It turns out to be Omar that Oxnard hears. The Ham-Hams find Omar, and realize that he ran away because he wanted to see the world. The Ham-Hams find Snoozer, return home, and end another adventure-filled day.
S01E21 Courage, Chapo ! 24/11/2000 On a stormy day, Cappy tries to make his way to the clubhouse and is rescued from danger by Boss. Cappy has been beginning to think that his pampered life with his owners Kip and Sue is boring and when he sees the way Boss lives, he begins to think that he might enjoy the life of a field hamster. After missing the time at which he's supposed to go home, he's even more determined to become a field hamster, but the ham-hams try to talk him out of it, fearing that among other things his owners will be sad if he's gone. At Laura's school, Kana shows off a picture of Oxnard that she painted. Everyone loves it and it's so good that it almost looks like a photograph, but when Laura ends it accidentally ripping it in half in an attempt to keep it out of the hands of an overbearing classmate, she fears that Kana is mad at her and isn't talking to her. She's sure this is what happened when Kana leaves school early that day, but after spending some time with Hamtaro, she decides to go over to Kan
S01E22 Le cadeau de Pashmina 01/12/2000 Laura is going to Travis's birthday party, but she isn't sure what to give Travis as a gift. She tells Hamtaro about it and he gets to thinking that it's some sort of competition. He takes the idea to the clubhouse, where the focus becomes giving Pashmina the perfect gift. Howdy and Dexter are both after Pashmina and want to give her a present, so they both turn to Hamtaro for advice, but he doesn't know what to tell them, other than to give her sunflower seeds. Then, when they each find out that Hamtaro gave the other one advice, they feel like he's betrayed them. After Laura suggests that showing the person you care might be more important than the present itself, Hamtaro has a new idea, but what he, Howdy and Dexter don't know is that another ham-ham has been secretly gathering the very best present the entire time.
S01E23 Librius Rédacteur En Chef 08/12/2000 The Ham-Ham friends are excited about writing their own paper when Laura is assigned to write for the school paper. For the ""Ham-Ham Times"", Maxwell is appointed Chief Editor and the Hamsters all become reporters looking for the big scoop. In their search, Hamtaro and Oxnard discover a great story about the frozen lake in the park.
S01E24 Reviens Hamtaro 15/12/2000 Hamtaro becomes fed up of his miss-treated life at Laura's and when she forces him to wear a decoration (Witch courses stranfgulation)Hamtaro takes advantage of a distaraction and dives into a near by truck while Laura show's off the decoration. Hamtaro travels along with the truck to the deep countryside, and the Hamsters try to find Hamtaro. Eventualy a Street Ham (Sabin)Show's Hamtaro a poster made by his Freinds He decides his home life is worth putting up with when he has friends like these and runs home. Meanwhile Laura has been depressed with guilt that Hamtaro ran away - So even she is kind when he gets back.
S01E25 Joyeux Noël ! 22/12/2000 Laura and Kana are out shopping for their parents. Laura, however, is talking about what she wants. The thing is, there's this nice new dollhouse in a shop window that she's admiring, but her Mom already got her this nice new coat for Christmas. It was so expensive that she figures her parents wouldn't have any money for the dollhouse. Kana tells her to ask Santa. She said last year she wrote a present that she wanted on a list to Santa. Santa never even got the list, yet somehow he knew he exactly what she wanted! She flashes back to she morning she excitedly opened that gift from Santa. She tells Laura they can go to her house and write their lists together. Laura's worried about the shopping, but Kana says they have plenty of time to finish that later. At the clubhouse, the ham-hams are just finishing decorating a tree for Christmas. They're dressed up too: Stan is decked out as a Santa with his maracas and Cappy has a Santa cap on. Hamtaro thinks it looks so magical. The ham-hams a
S01E26 La Légende D'Hamtaro L'Intrépide 29/12/2000 Laura is just arriving home and Hamtaro couldn't be more happy. He's been waiting for her to play with him all day. He has all sorts of games in mind, but Laura brings out a book. Hamtaro says that he's game for a book. Laura's book is some kind of mythical tale about knights and stuff, but she's having trouble staying awake. Hamtaro suggests that she skip to the brave hamster part. The two of them both fall asleep and go into a dream sequence. In this dream, Laura is the ruler of a Ham Ham Kingdom. She's known as Princess Laura. She addresses her subjects and says that she'll her the daily news of the Kingdom. Stan, who is some sort of pompous knight, presents her with his glorified report. He calls himself her ""most chivalrous knight,"" leading Dexter to make a snide comment. After this, Princess Laura sees a star in the sky. She makes a wish on it that the Ham Ham Kingdom will stay happy and bright. Oddly though, the star starts glowing a bright red. Elder Ham shows up and says that
S01E27 La bataille de boules de neige 05/01/2001 When the snowstorm ceased, Laura and Kana decide to ice skate, while Hamtaro recruits his Ham-Ham friends to venture outside into the cold to have some fun. Boss and Stan start a showdown to determine who is the ""King Ham of the Snow"" and soon all the Ham-Hams are engaged in a snowball fight.
S01E28 Tata Vivi Est Un Phénomène 12/01/2001 When a marathon race occurs at Laura's school, Elder Ham's friend arrives - Auntie Viv, and has come to town to participate in the race. Auntie Viv and the equally competitive Boss charge out of the starting gate when the race began. When Laura stumbles, all the Hamsters learn a lesson about good sportsmanship when Travis stopped to help Laura out.
S01E29 A la recherche des lunettes de papa ! 19/01/2001 Laura's dad has lost his glasses, so they go to get a new pair from the optometrist. Hamtaro tags along, and finds Dexter, Boss, Oxnard, and Howdy. Laura's dad doesn't like any of the glasses designs, and decides he'll look for his glasses some more. When leaving, Hamtaro finds dad's glasses under a park bench. Hamtaro, Howdy, Dexter, Oxnard, and Boss try to take dad's glasses home, but they end up getting smashed. When the hamsters get to Laura's house, dad finds his glasses outside. The hamsters can't believe that there was another pair of glasses just like dad's, and realize they wasted their time and energy trying to get dad's glasses home safely. Afterward, Dexter makes glasses for all the Ham-Hams.
S01E30 La grande course de Brandy ! 26/01/2001 Laura and her family go to a dog sled race, and bring Brandy along. Hamtaro, Boss, Oxnard, and Bijou also tag along. Laura's family realize that Brandy isn't in such good shape. The hamsters decide to get Brandy to participate in the race to prove that Brandy's not useless. The hamsters run into some obstacle along the way, and eventually, they get lost. Brandy saves a bunny, and the bunny leads them to the front of the race. Brandy ends up neck and neck with the winner of last year's race, and starts to fall behind. Laura encourages Brandy, and Brandy wins the race for Laura.
S01E31 Hamiral pouponne 02/02/2001 When Maxwell and Oxnard are out walking in the park, they find Boss fishing. This is confusing. They know that Boss likes fishing, but it's the middle of winter and they didn't think he was that dedicated. When Hamtaro shows up at the clubhouse that day, they tell him about it. Hamtaro is just as surprsied as they are. They wonder if maybe he isn't changing is diet or something. Bijou says that she was out walking when she saw Boss. She asked him if he wanted to walk with her. Boss said that he couldn't, he had something important to do. Everyone agrees that Boss turning down a walk with Bijou is very odd. So the ham-hams decide to find out what Boss is up to. They eventually find him in a secluded area tending to a kitten. They're all shocked and try to pull him away, thinking that he's in danger. But Boss insists that they send him back in. He explains what happened. He was out walking one day with some swiss cheese. The kitten came up to him, begging for some and at first he was sca
S01E32 La Saint Valentin 09/02/2001 It's the morning of Valentine's Day and Laura has two boxes of chocolate. She tells her Mom that she's giving one to her Dad, but her Mom wonders who the other one is for. The answer is, of course, Travis, but Laura just tells her Mom that it's ""nobody special."" Nobody that she would know. Meanwhile, the female ham-hams are out and about in the park, talking about what kind of gifts they should make for Valentine's Day. Sandy thinks that Maxwell would like her gift no matter what she made. This leads to a little friendly ""Sandy and Maxwell sitting in a tree"" teasing. Then, Auntie Viv shows up. The female ham-hams hope she can help them make gifts, but she says she actually needs some help herself. She emphasizes the need for secrecy: she doesn't want the boy ham-hams to know about this and she's not telling the girls just who this gift is for either. In the clubhouse, the boys are also discussing Valentine's Day. Howdy says that he would waste his ""hard-earned money"" to give a present
S01E33 Traversons l'arc-en-ciel 16/02/2001 When the sky cleared after the storm, a beautiful rainbow appears in the sky. Too bad Kana is in the hospital and cannot join her friend, Laura to witness the magnificent sight. At the Ham-Ham Clubhouse, Everyone is able to view the rainbow except Bijou, who comes in late after the rainbow disappeared. To treat Bijou for another incredible rainbow, they search for one, but they are unable to find one. They refer to Elder Ham and he reveals that they should go on a roof of a green house.
S01E34 Pénélope A Disparu 23/02/2001 Dexter and Howdy volunteer to baby-sit Penelope to impress Pashmina, who was going to Panda's Fun Park by herself. The two competes against each other to become the best babysitter, which causes them to get into a brawl. The neglected Penelope wanders away, and Dexter and Howdy soon realizes that she is missing. They receive help from the other Ham-Ham's to search for her. After discovering Penelope in a hole, they rescue her.
S01E35 Un spectacle de rêve 02/03/2001 Laura has a china doll collection, which she's getting out of storage to display in the living room. She hopes her Mom doesn't mind. Hamtaro sees all the dolls and thinks that even though they don't talk to Laura, maybe they'll talk to him. When he tries talking to them and they say nothing in response, he thinks that they're being rude. Laura, seeing him hopping around, wonders what's gotten into him. Hamtaro heads off to meet the ham-hams. He meets them in the park and tells them about how the dolls wouldn't talk to him. Oxnard says that Kana has dolls like them too and he's never been able to talk to them either. Dexter suggests that maybe he could get them to talk, saying that he's very persuasive. As they have this conversation, the girls are over in a group laughing. The boys may not understand dolls, but they do. They explain that the mouths aren't real - they're painted on! That's why the dolls can't talk. However, you can still have fun with them. Bijou explains how Maria like
S01E36 Adieu Bijou 09/03/2001 The owner of Bijou, Maria decides to leave to go back to France to continue learning piano. The Hamsters are shocked to hear that Bijou would be leaving, and Boss became really depressed. As the day approaches, the Ham-Hams decide to be strong and have a memorable good-bye party for her. While the Hamsters are handing out presents to Bjiou, Boss attempts to tell Bijou how he really feels but his message is told incredibly quickly, so Bijou did not understand. Maria persuades her parents to let her stay, and they agree. The next day, Bijou returns and everyone is happy.
S01E37 Hamidou est amoureux 16/03/2001 Laura, Kana and their families and hamsters are all together in the car, on the way to the country. Their visiting the Flower Ranch, where Kana's cousin Dylan lives. Hamtaro, in the back of the car, notes that this time he didn't have to sneak along to come on the ride. Oxnard seems extra-excited about going to the ranch. So Hamtaro tries to find out what it is that Oxnard isn't telling him, but Oxnard says that wild horses couldn't drag it out of him. Also, while in the car, Kana's Dad says that he has something special in store for Laura's Dad. When they finally arrive at the ranch, the girls discuss what to do with the hamsters. Kana explains that there's a special fenced in area where they can play. She doesn't think there's any chance they would try to escape. Laura reluctantly agrees. The girls meet up with Dylan and Laura learns about Dylan's hamster, Pepper. Kana explains that she's called ""Pepper"" because of her feistiness. Apparently, she nipped Dylan's finger once and it was
S01E38 La Précieuse Lettre 23/03/2001 Mr. Haruna plans a business trip to their old town, and Laura hopes to reunite with her old friend, Melanie. Laura attempts to send Melanie a letter because she could not reach her by phone. The answering machine doesn't seem to be on and nobody picks up. As days go by, with no response to the letter and no still no success at reaching Melanie by phone, Laura begins to give up hope. She thinks that maybe after being apart for so long, Melanie doesn't remember her anymore. She remembers back when she left her old town, that Melanie promised to write her every day, or at least maybe other day. That sure didn't work out. Upset over Laura's being upset, Hamtaro decides it's time to take action. He decides that someone needs to get to the town that Melanie is in and get her that letter. It could have been lost in the mail. Just one question: who to do it? It's decided that Boss and Jingle will do it. As field hamsters, they're open. So Jingle takes Boss on a trip around the world, much to t
S01E39 Les Ham-Hams Volent ! 06/04/2001 Panda finds a picture of a flying ham-ham in a secret place in his attic. It's apparently a friend of one of Panda's great-great-great... grandfathers. It inspires him with the idea that maybe ham-hams can fly. In the Laura subplot, her class is participating in the annual school gardening contest. Laura is initially disappointed when she's picked to be the person to design her class's garden. She feels the job should have gone to someone who actually wanted it. Panda works with the ham-ham girls and Hamtaro to put the flying plan into action. The male ham-hams, however, are very skeptical. They don't think hamsters will ever fly and so while Hamtaro makes his attempts, they just laugh and have snacks. After some initial failures, Hamtaro comes up with a revised plan. He decides to try using feathers and also manages to talk the male ham-hams into giving flying a try. He does so by explaining the possible benefits: quick escape from an attacking animal, or fast transportation, which ap
S01E40 Les Cerisiers En Fleurs 13/04/2001 Hamtaro, hearing Laura and Kana talking about going on a picnic, thinks that it would be a great idea for the ham-hams as well. He takes the idea to the ham-ham gang. Everyone thinks it's great, except for Penelope and Bijou, who don't know what a picnic is and wonder what involves. However, after it's explained to them, they're quite eager to go. But when the day of the big picnic comes, Hamtaro's disappointed when he arrives at the clubhouse and finds that Bijou isn't there. Apparently Bijou's owner, Maria, isn't feeling well and so Bijou is staying at home to watch over her. If there's one hamster that's more disappointed about this than Hamtaro, it's Boss. He tells everyone else to go have their picnic. He's going to stay there, at the clubhouse. Meanwhile, Laura and Kanas' fathers have arrived at the picnic area. They want to find a nice spot, with a tree with beautiful cherry blossoms. However, they end up getting into an argument about their athletic ability and end up having a
S01E41 Le musée hanté 20/04/2001 Laura visits the local museum to gain some information for an independent study assignment. As she talks with her family about it, they talk about something at the museum that they think looks like a giant sunflower seed. Laura's Mom is thinking about going and she's going to try to get Laura's Dad to come as well, as she's been trying to get him to come to the museum for a while. Hamtaro, listening in, focuses on ""giant sunflower seed."" He takes the news to the ham-ham gang, who wonder about the origin of this giant sunflower seed. They think maybe that aliens brought it to the planet Earth. One thing they do know: they have to get the museum to check this out. There's just one problem: they don't know where the museum is. Maxwell, however, does. He says that it's like his home away from home. So they make preparations to go to the museum. Hamtaro recommends packing big lunches. He overheard Laura saying that she was going to pack a lunch for Travis, since he always forgets his. This
S01E42 Bienvenue, Paprika 20/04/2001 Kana's country cousin, Dylan is coming for a visit and he's bringing his hamster, Penelope, with him. Oxnard is still madly in love with Pepper and can't wait for her to come. Meanwhile, all of the ham-hams are planning a surprise party to welcome Pepper. Kana and Laura have some fun of their own planned: they're going to give Dylan a tour of the city. While Kana and Laura take Dylan on his tour, Pepper, Oxnard and Hamtaro head for the ham-ham clubhouse. Oxnard and Hamtaro explain to Pepper that there's all sorts of hamsters in the city and they can't wait for her to meet them. As they head to the clubhouse, Kana and Laura are taking Dylan for a walk through the park. He quips that they must be breaking him in by letting him breathe some fresh air before taking him downtown. Hamtaro, Oxnard and Pepper reach the clubhouse, where Boss and Snoozer are the only ones there. Pepper wants to know where everyone is and Snoozer mumbles something about a secret party. Fortunately, Pepper doesn't
S01E43 La Poursuite Infernale 27/04/2001 Laura is heading to school. Only, she's not going to class, instead, it's a Saturday and her school is holding a pet day. She and Travis are also supposed to be helping Mr. Yoshi with the feeding of the school chickens. Hamtaro is coming along with her. He's been to the school before, but this is the first time he's actually coming along officially, in his carrier. When he gets there, everyone makes something of a fuss about him and how cute he is. Hamtaro loves the attention, but Oxnard is also there and he doesn't like the attention at all. He says he can't eat when everyone is staring at him. Then, someone's frog jumps and lands on Kana's foot. It scares Kana, but Mr. Yoshi is there and he scoops it up. He admires the frog's big croaking voice and gives this big speech about all the different animals being special. His speech seems to work well with Laura, who agrees that every animal deserves special treatment. Meanwhile, the ham-ham gang has shown up. Boss, Penelope and Howdy get
S01E44 Un Amour De Grand-Père 04/05/2001 Hamtaro is out and about and notices these flying fish windsocks that have been going up around town. He heads to the clubhouse, where he finds that fish are all the rage there too. The clubhouse is decorated with lots of pictures of fish and the ham-hams are all busy trying to design their own flying fish windsocks. The ham-hams encourage Hamtaro to join in, but he notes that he doesn't exactly get a lot of wind in Laura's room. Hamtaro heads home, where Laura and her family are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Laura's Grandma (from previous episodes) and Grandpa (who we have never seen before.) Laura tells Hamtaro that he's going to love Grandpa, who's an inventor. Grandpa is known for some rather crazy inventions. Laura's Mom and Dad think back to Laura's last birthday, where Laura's Grandfather brought a mechanized cake-cutting device. It seemed to be working nicely at first, but then it went haywire, slicing Laura's cake to ruins. Laura was very upset, but Grandpa did try to make u
S01E45 Les Ham-Hams À L'aquarium 11/05/2001 Laura and Kana visit the Aquarium with their fathers, and the Ham-Hams follow along. Inside the Aquarium, strange sea creatures overwhelm the hamsters, but Hamtaro recognizes it as the place from the fairy tale that Laura read the night before.
S01E46 Ensemble, c'est mieux 18/05/2001 There's a sports festival in town. Laura and her Dad are out training for the Parent-Child triathlon. As they jog along, Laura's Dad decides to stop at a bench for a little rest. Hamtaro has been watching them as they practice. Just then, Kana and her Dad come by. Kana's Dad can't help but subject Laura's to some ribbing. He talks about how hard he and Kana have been training and how he's already set up a place and a party for their gold medals and stuff. The two fathers get into one of their arguing matches again, leading Kana to make a comment. Hamtaro, not really understanding the idea of this sports festival, decides to head to the clubhouse to ask about it. Nobody's really sure at first, but then Maxwell talks about how he saw a sign for it. Events include such things as a scavenger hunt and an apple bob. The ham-hams all want to know what an apple bob is. Howdy speaks up, saying that he can tell them about it. When they ask, however, he just makes one of his bad jokes, saying tha
S01E47 Les petits messages du cœur 25/05/2001 As Laura's class is out for a jog, led by Mr. Yoshi, the ham-hams are hanging out in one of the trees up above. Their relaxing, enjoying themselves, when, down on the ground, Mr. Yoshi runs smack dab up against the chicken cage. He's still very scared of chickens, which gets him some teasing from Travis. Travis jokes that the chickens are escaping, causing Mr. Yoshi to become very scared. Travis urges him to calm down, saying that the chickens are still in their plan. Mr. Yoshi realizes that Travis was just teasing and says it's not nice of him. He comments that if only ""she"" were here, she'd know what to do. He's thinking of the girl who helped a while back when the chickens escaped. He can't stop thinking of her, but she didn't even give her name. Laura and Kana later on notice him thinking of her. Laura suggests that perhaps someday their paths will cross again. The girl ham-hams seem to be attracted to this story. They think it's the perfect love story, but Boss and Howdy aren't so
S01E48 Le club en danger 01/06/2001 Laura's class is doing a project in which they're learning about their town's drainage system. They've been discussing it for a while and Mr. Yoshi is also having the class do models. Laura discusses the project with her Mom, who finds it very interesting. Laura's Mom wants to help Laura with the project, but then Laura's Mom learns the catch, Laura has saved the project for the last minute and it's due - tomorrow! Meanwhile, it looks like rain outside. Hamtaro sees this and decides he'd best make a quick dash for the clubhouse before it starts to pour. He heads out and meets up with Oxnard, who says that the air feels heavy and it's making his ears twitch. Oxnard has a little project idea of his own. He wants to make an umbrella out of sunflower shells. Hamtaro wants to know how many and Oxnard tells him that'll it just be one... or two... or three... actually, he doesn't know how many. A lot. They arrive at the clubhouse, where they find things in a frenzy. Hamtaro wonders what exact
S01E49 Le médaillon perdu 08/06/2001 Laura's Mom and Dad are playing a game. The two start fighting when Laura's Mom starts winning and Dad claims that she's been staying up extra late practicing or something. Laura's Mom calls him a sore loser and the two start arguing it out. Laura comes downstairs, sleepy-eyed and sees the argument. Hamtaro's with her, in her shirt-pocket. He complains that Saturday mornings are normally a lot more fun. Laura's Dad and Laura decide to go out for the time being. Laura's Mom thinks this is a good idea, as they need some alone time. Laura's Dad wants to get Mom something to make up for the fight. Laura doesn't think this is such a good idea, as Mom doesn't really like surprises, but they end up going anyway. Meanwhile, Hamtaro spots Jingle, who says that he needs to reach a ""new level."" He's going to spend some time hanging out with the ham-hams, to do some ""bonding."" Hamtaro's glad that he's back. Laura and her Dad head to the mall, where they find a nice locket that they both agree Mom
S01E50 La croisière des Ham-Hams 15/06/2001 It's morning and Laura is talking to her Mom. Her class is going on a field trip. Hamtaro is over on the stairway listening in. He thinks that maybe this is something he can come along on. Laura's Mom is talking about the trip, her class is going boating. Something about this reminds Laura's Dad about his first summer job. He goes on about having to walk five miles and stuff and Hamtaro notes that even he's heard this story. Laura's Dad thinks it's nice that Laura has a teacher who doesn't just teach in class, but also shows her the real world. Laura's worried that she might get seasick, but her Mom tells her that if she has any trouble, to just look at the horizon. Hamtaro heads to the clubhouse to see if he can find anytrhing out about this whole boating thing. When he gets there, it's just Oxnard, Boss, Bijou and Maxwell there. None of the other ham-hams were able to make it. As Hamtaro talks about the boat trip, Boss says that he's something of an expert on boating and has been on
S01E51 La réconciliation 22/06/2001 Laura is working on a project for school. She's cutting apples for a shrunken head, but she just can't seem to get it right. She's trying to peel it to make a face, but she keeps slipping up and peeling way too much. Hamtaro is watching and the whole shrunken head thing is creeping him out a bit. Worse, Laura works on it all that night in her room and Hamtaro feels like the apples are staring at him. The next morning, Hamtaro slips down the drainpipe and heads off to meet the ham-hams, who are out in the fields somewhere. Hamtaro talks about Laura's project. The ham-hams all listen and Bijou talks about how her owner, Maria gives her cut-up apples. She says that food presentation is actually an art. As the ham-hams walk along, they see Stan and Sandy. Unfortunately, it looks like something bad is happening. They're fighting! Stan has gotten a hold of Sandy's ribbon and won't give it back to her. Sandy insists that he hand it back, calling him a ""total pain."" Stan still won't let go, s
S01E52 Robin des stères 29/06/2001 Kana and Laura are at the park and are having a bit of an argument. They're painting and Laura thinks that trees are a great thing to sketch, while Kana would rather sketch flowing water any day. The two decide to split up and each paint what they like, but not before some good-natured jesting about ""forest ghosts."" At the clubhouse, the boy ham-hams are playing ""King of the Castle."" However, they feel that Howdy isn't playing fair. Bijou suggests that they all knock it off, as she's trying to read a book, Robin Hood. Snoozer chimes in with a comment, leading the ham-hams to start talking about him and his dreams. Then, Bijou starts getting sleepy, followed by the rest of the ham-hams. At the park, Laura also seems to be spacing out. She is jolted when she thinks she hears something, but then quickly falls asleep. The ham-hams and Laura all go into a combined dream. In this dream, Laura is Maid Laurian and finds herself at home with her ailing father, who happens to be Elder Ham. They
S01E53 Pepper's Visit! (a.k.a. The Star Festival) 00/00/0000
S02E01 Une nouvelle étoile 13/07/2001 A new and upcoming pop star name Glitter comes to Laura's school. She's having a concert in a local part and all of the girls are over her, but she's very snooty and seems only interested in Travis, trying to woo him with a backstage pass, although Travis seems like he couldn't care less. Glitter has a hamster named Sparkle and the ham-hams try to rescue her from danger and make her a part of their club, but she makes it clear that she couldn't care less about them, not that they seem to notice. Come the big concert, Glitter attempts to make her big move on Travis, but ends up finding that the only thing that moves is her superstar status - away from her.
S02E02 Un nouveau venu 17/08/2001 A new soccer star named Roberto comes to Laura's school and quickly earns a reputation as a ""ball-hog."" He and Laura quickly come to be on bad terms when they bump into each other and he refers to Hamtaro as a ""rat."" When the ham-hams hear of Roberto's ""ball-hog"" ways, they set out to teach him a lesson, only to find that he's a tougher opponent than they thought. They also find out that he's a really nice guy, but seems to be acting tough. At another soccer game, Roberto acts huffy when he feels he isn't credited for winning the game, but a muttered comment suggests what he's really angry about.
S02E03 La chasse au trésor 31/08/2001 The ham-hams are all gathered around Elder Ham. He's showing them how elastic he is because he's been stretching out his ""ham""-strings. At the same time, he's having sepia-toned flashbacks, not that the ham-hams know anything about this. After his little demonstration, they ask him what he called them there for. He called them all for a ham-conference for a reason, but he hasn't gotten to it. At first, he can't remember why he called them, or even that he called them at all. He soon remembers the reason. He wants their help spring-cleaning his second house. They're all surprised that he even has a second house. He shows them - it's inside the ground underneath a rock. The ham-hams all try to move the rock, but it won't budge. Then, Elder Ham opens it like a hatch. They head inside, but it's very filthy. They seem to be thinking of ditching out, particularly Howdy, but Elder Ham stops him before he can go anywhere. So they go down and are amazed. It's a cozy little place that Elder Ham
S02E04 Proviseur de la terreur 14/09/2001 Laura and her parents are discussing Laura's principal, who is just returning from a trip around the world. He likes to travel a lot. He also is known to have huge eyebrows and he keeps a collection of weird plants, which he sometimes lends out to teachers. Laura thinks that he sounds kind of hairy. Hamtaro is listening in to the conversation and gets the idea that principal is ""a scary, flying teacher with itchy feet."" Laura's Dad had said he has itchy feet because he likes to travel a lot. Hamtaro heads to the clubhouse, where he tells the ham-hams that he's off to see the ""flying principal."" The ham-hams talk about the principal. Oxnard adds his input based on what he heard from Kana. They come up with all sorts of a crazy theories, such as that the principal is an alien, or a gigantic monster. They envision him roaming around, terrorizing the town, like something out of a Godzilla movie. They decide that they need to go to the school and check him out. At the school, Laura is rushi
S02E05 Le départ de Laura 20/07/2001 Laura and Kana are walking home from school. They're discussing class, where their teacher, Mr. Yoshi, gave a surprise quiz. Laura is disappointed at how bad she did. She claims she's going to go and tell Mr. Yoshi that it's not fair to give surprise quizzes. As they walk along, they pass by Maria's house and stop to enjoy her beautiful piano playing. At home, Laura's parents are less than pleased with her quiz grade: a 35%. They tell her that until she can shape up her grades, she's not going to be able to get a CD player she wanted. Also, they're canceling a trip so that they can help her study. Laura storms off to her room, where she complains that she already told all of her friends she was going to get the CD player on Monday. As she continues to gripe, her Mom calls her for lunch. But she says she's not hungry and leaves the house to go over to Kana's. However, when she gets to Kana's, she finds that not only does Kana have a new CD player, but she's also leaving with her parents
S02E06 Hamiral a le mal de mer 27/07/2001 Boss is outside, sitting on a swing. He fantasizes an image of Bijou in the sun and the image repeats an old line of Bijou's about Boss being like a brother to her. Boss is finding that hard to believe. He feels that she thinks that he's boring. It's very hot out and he decides to go and find someplace cool, but just then Auntie Viv shows up, filled with energy as usual. Boss can't believe how energetic she is on a hot day. She tells him that she's heading for the ocean. She talks about sand and big picnic baskets being romantic and this gives Boss an idea. Over at Laura's house, Laura and her family are planning a trip to the beach. Laura talks about how much better she is at swimming than she used to be. Kana's there and they invite her to come along. Kana suggests that it would be best to invite her Dad, as there's apparently going to be free food around. Hamtaro provides a funny image of him sneaking into the trunk, but says it would be best if he didn't, as the ham-hams are going
S02E07 Le fantôme de la montagne 03/08/2001 Laura and Kana are visiting at Mr. Yoshi's Mom's mountain home. She's been telling ghost stories and right now is telling a particularly frightening one, the unfortunate tale of Harry and Ernie. Harry and Ernie were a couple of bad kids who fought with each other over everything, even their hamsters. One day, Harry bet Ernie that he could let his hamster loose in the woods and find him again. It soon escalated into an all-out competition in which they let loose all the hamsters in the village. Harry and Ernie went into the woods to search for them, but something happened. They never returned to the village and all of the hamsters disappeared, except one. Laura, Kana and both Hamtaro and Oxnard are very frightened by the story, although they won't admit it. Just then, Mr. Yoshi arrives. He wonders what the girls are doing at his mother's and they explain that they had just helped her carry some groceries up the mountain. Mr. Yoshi's Mom says that she's repaying them for their kindness b
S02E08 Marina craque 10/08/2001 Kana and Laura are stopped in front of Maria's house, listening to her play a piece on the piano. (Which sounds suspiciously like background music used in past Hamtaro episodes.) However, they hear arguing inside. Inside, Maria's not in a good mood and seems to be having trouble focusing on her playing. She won a scholarship to a music school. However, she's worried that she's losing her gift for playing and that she doesn't deserve the scholarship. She's supposed to play a piece for the award presentation, but she's not sure she can do it. Outside, Laura wonders if there's something she can do to cheer her up. Meanwhile, at the ham-ham clubhouse, the ham-hams are struggling with the heat. Their fan is broken. Panda repairs it, but Boss complains, as he now has it spinning the opposite direction of the way it's supposed to. Things seem to be pretty tense with the ham-hams too and they decide that they need a vacation. Howdy protests that they don't need a vacation, they're ham-hams and
S02E09 L'épreuve du coq 24/08/2001 Laura and Kana are out walking. It's the end of summer and Laura can't believe that they have to back to school soon. It just so happens that they're walking by the school and they notice Mr. Yoshi tending to smoe plants. They ask him about it and he explains that even though school might not be in session, the plants still need to be taken care of. The ham-hams happen to be out and about too. They notice that Mr. Yoshi seems distracted and figure that he can't get the girl he likes, Charlotte, off his mind. This is confirmed when they hear him talking to himself about her. He says to himself that he should ask her out. He tries out a line on a bullfrog that happened to hop along. Just then, Charlotte walks by in the background, but Mr. Yoshi isn't looking that way and doesn't notice her. The ham-hams decide that they have to do something. They grab one of Mr. Yoshi's garden towels and make off with it, heading towards Charlotte. Laura and Kana see this and comment that the towel has a
S02E10 Pénélope s'est fait un ami 07/09/2001 The episode starts off with Laura, Kana, Kylie and Ethan, with the ham-hams Hamtaro, Oxnard, Pashmina and Penelope watching on. Ethan and Kylie are asking Laura about how she makes so many friends. Laura says that it's a secret that she can't reveal. Anyway, Ethan is new to the neighborhood and looking to make some friends. Kylie introduces him to her hamster, Penelope. She reminds him to treat him gently, as hamsters are real, live creatures. Ethan and Kylie seem to get along well and Ethan has a good time playing with Penelope. Inside Laura's, Ethan takes a nap. Penelope, however, goes up to him, still wanting to play with him. The other ham-hams can tell that Penelope likes Ethan a lot and suggest doing something to show the friendship. Hamtaro suggests throwing a party. Then, the rest of the ham-ham gang arrives, having just been tossed out of a play, ""Ham""let. They were doing all right, until Maxwell jumped up on stage. They're told about Penelope's dilemma and come to the conclus
S02E11 La réconciliation 21/09/2001 Dexter and Howdy have never exactly been, well, the best of friends. But when their respective owners get into a big argument, they want to solve the problem and fast. Their owners have argued with each other before, but in the past they always made up within a few hours. This time, they've been arguing for days and it shows no signs of letting up. They're worried that if it keeps going, they could miss the upcoming hamster festival. That, and their concern for their owners is enough to convince the ham-hams that they need to do something to fix this situation. Hope comes when Dexter and Howdy talk about a certain photograph. It's apparently at both of their places and it features their owners, Curtis and Goldie, getting along nicely. The ham-hams decide that if they could just show the both of them that photo, they would be reminded of when they were friends and stop fighting. So they set out on their mission. On the way, they see Curtis and Goldie, who are arguing. They're in a petty
S02E12 La fête foraine 28/09/2001 A traveling amusement park comes to town and Laura and Kana plan a trip with their younger cousin, Mimi. Sadly, Mimi finds herself not wanting to go when her parents are unable to take her due to the illness of her new baby sister, Tina. Laura and Kana still get to go and Hamtaro and Oxnard sneak along with them. When they return, they tell the ham-hams back at the clubhouse about their adventures. This makes Panda sad and angry because he knows that Mimi is upset about having missed out on the fun. The ham-hams hatch a plan to show Mimi a good time by inviting her to their Ham-Ham fun park.
S02E13 Le nouveau Ham-Ham Park 05/10/2001 Following the destruction of the Ham-Ham fun park, the ham-hams vow to rebuild it better than ever after Jingle tells them not to give up. He lets them ride his pig Herbert to the amusement park, where the rides give them inspiration to create new attractions for their fun park. They work hard on it, hoping to give Mimi an experience she'll never forget. Meanwhile, Kana's father tries to convince Mimi's father to take her to the amusement park while it's still in town, but pent-up childhood hostilities lead to immature fighting between the two.
S02E14 Rendez-vous au zoo 12/10/2001 It's a beautiful morning and Mr. Yoshi is out for a walk. The hamsters are outside too and they enjoy the beautiful sunrise along with Mr. Yoshi. Then, Laura and Kana come along. As they arrive, a bird flies in and lands on Mr. Yoshi's head! It turns out it's Charlotte's bird and it's delivering a note: Charlotte wants Mr. Yoshi to come with her to the zoo today and bring Kana and Laura along with him. Mr. Yoshi's excited at the chance to go on a date with her. He gets ready by packing a whole bunch of stuff, perhaps more than his needed. Meanwhile, the Ham-hams try to think of ways to help out and also discuss what a date is. It would seem that Boss is the only one of them who's ever been a date. They get the idea that a ""date"" is just two or more people spending time together. On the way to the zoo, Mr. Yoshi begins to wonder what he's really doing at the zoo that day. Charlotte has him in the back of the car with the pigs. Then, when they get to the zoo, Charlotte sort of takes char
S02E15 Le manoir de la peur 19/10/2001 Laura's Dad, Mr. Haruna is going to his old friend Gabriel's mansion and taking Laura and Kana with him. Laura and Kana are bringing Hamtaro and Oxnard and, although the don't know it, the rest of the ham-ham gang is tagging along as well. Mr. Haruna's friend, Gabriel Black, is well known for his scary tricks he likes to play on people. When they arrive at his mansion, they knock at the door, but get no answer. They decide to go in, thinking that he might be out back. When they open the door, they see an apparition of a ghostly skeleton. They're all scared for a bit, but then Laura realizes that something is odd. She flips on a light and finds that Gabriel is controlling the strings of the ""skeleton."" Gabriel welcomes them all and they have a little meet-and-greet session in which Gabriel meets Hamtaro and Oxnard and also shows off some of the books that he's written. (He's a popular author.) Not long afterwards, Gabriel leaves, saying that he has to go get something to eat or somethin
S02E16 La bonne aventure 26/10/2001 Fortune-telling - it's Kana's newest craze! She has some tarot cards and has gotten Laura into it and even her hamster Oxnard. Laura and Kana are both sporting new skirts. They're red and yellow - their lucky colors respectively as predicted by Kana. As they head outside for school, they meet up with a police officer who's walking by. He compliments them on the skirts and Laura doesn't recognize him at first, but Kana identifies him as the officer who gave a safety demonstration at their school a week ago. They talk to him about fortune-telling. Back inside the house, Oxnard talks with the hamsters about the fortune-telling. He's learned some things about it and it's not long before they're all clamoring for him to read their fortune. Well, the girls, that is. Boss thinks that the fortune-telling thing is just nonsense and he manages to get the guys on his side, at least for a while. Bijou, however, isn't with the rest of the ham-hams. She's out at the park, when she sees a kid tending
S02E17 Pâquerette a un bébé 02/11/2001 It's another visit to Dylan's farm - but this time, there's a special surprise involved! On the way to the farm, Hamtaro helpfully voiceovers that the ham-ham gang has snuck in the car and is along for the ride. Laura insists that Kana tell her what the special surprise is. So Kana does: one of Dylan's goats, Daisy, is having a kid. (It's explained that a ""kid"" is a baby goat, for those that don't know.) As they talk about this, the ham-hams are talking about lunch, specifically the fact that they forgot to bring any. Bijou says taht her ham-ham intituition says that Pepper has probably made lunch for them all, particularly Oxnard. The gang arrives at the farm, where Dylan informs everyone that Daisy has not yet had her kid. But, as we can see, she's very pregnant and he expects that she's going to give birth soon. Daisy, having been cooped up in a pen for over four months, doesn't seem to be very happy. Dylan decides to let Daisy be for right now and have Kana and Laura milk some joke
S02E18 Bijou est malade 09/11/2001 Laura and Kana are out walking when they come across Maria. She has Bijou in her carrying. But it seems Bijou is sick - she keeps sneezing like crazy. Maria says that she's going to take her to the vet. They talk about this. Neither Hamtaro or Oxnard have ever needed to go to the vet before? Perhaps they should both have checkups? Laura and Kana decide to go with Maria. They'll ask about it while they're there. The ham-hams are watching the whole time. They hope that Bijou would be all right. Then, the scene changes to the clubhouse, where Boss is giving Oxnard the third degree. He told Boss about Bijou's going to the vet and Boss somehow got the idea that he was responsible. It takes the entire ham-ham gang to calm him down and tell him that it's not Oxnard's fault. Then, they talk about the vet. But this only scares boss even more, when they start talking about medicine and needles. Seeing that they've spooked him, they try to convince him that the vet is only going to heal, Bijou, b
S02E19 Une écharpe pour Brandy 16/11/2001 The ham-hams are in a forest, playing a game of hide-and-seek. Hamtaro is ""it,"" so he has to search for the other hams. He finishes his counting, even giving them a little time and then starts searching. He looks around some, considers things and then goes over and finds both Pashmina and Penelope hiding behind a bush. They're both surprised that he found them so quickly. Then, Boss yells out and comes out of his hiding place. The ham-hams scold him for interrupting the game. Boss calls out Hamtaro, saying that he must be cheating. There's no way he could have found Pashmina and Penelope so quickly! But Hamtaro gives him a perfectly good reason: Pashmina's pink scarf was sticking out. All he had to do was spot it and he found Pashmina. Boss considers this and decides that it's reasonable. He apologizes for saying Hamtaro cheated. Pashmina asks Penelope why he didn't tell her it was sticking out. But all Penelope can do is say ""Ookwee!"" It's suggested to Pashmina that she just take her
S02E20 La fête des mères 23/11/2001 It's Labor Day and to show Laura's Mom that they appreciate all of her hard work, Laura and her Dad are helping out around the house. They're doing chores such as vacuuming and other cleaning and later, they're going to make her a special dinner. Speaking of vacuuming, Hamtaro's a little close - to the vacuum. He nearly gets sucked in, but Mom notices and swoops in and picks him up. Laura thanks her, calling her a nice save. She tells her that she needs to leave though, as they really want her to just relax. Hamtaro notes that he isn't working either, but he wishes that he could do something, since Laura's Mom is always so helpful to him. Laura and Laura's Dad discuss the things that they're doing for her. Laura says that he forgot to get flowers. Hamtaro goes into the living room, where he sees Laura's Mom, sitting in front of a window. He notices that she seems to be happily watching the falling leaves. She comments that she hasn't feeled this relaxed since ""that day."" Hamtaro notice
S02E21 Pénélope ne veut pas rentrer 30/11/2001 Laura, Kana, Kylie and a couple of others are outside before school. Kylie wants to tell them something, but she's having a bit of trouble saying it. She finally blurts it out: it's ""this boy."" She likes him and wants to talk to him, but she doesn't even know his name. The girls all encourage her to go for it. Meanwhile, Penelope is out walking, probably to meet up with the other ham-hams. As she walks along, Jingle's pig, Herbert, goes rushing past. He knocks Penelope into some kind of gutter. Penelope is very upset. She tries to get out, but she seems to be trapped. She cries out, but it seems like no one is going to help her. Then, Herbert returns. He rescues her from the gutter. Penelope gets a ride on Hamtaro and seems to have made a new friend. Meanwhile, the gang is in a forest, talking with Jingle. As they talk, Herbert comes rushing in, with Penlope riding on him. Everybody notices how Penelope seems to have made friends with Herbert. Jingle, however, doesn't seem to be too fo
S02E22 L'abominable femme des neiges 07/12/2001 Laura and Kana are at an ice skating rink. It's kind of a remote location, but Laura likes that because she's not very good at ice-skating yet. The ham-hams are there too, although Laura doesn't know that, not even about Hamtaro being there. They're sort of sliding around the ice having a good time. Laura falls. Mr. Yoshi sees Laura's attempts at ice skating. He offers to teach her how to skate. He says that all she has to do is watch her. Since they're close by his Mom, he suggests coming to her house when they're done. She can tell them another of her ghost stories. When they suggest that she doesn't have to do that because it might be too much trouble, Mr. Yoshi acts like some kind of scary vampire or something and says that it's her favorite pasttime. So they go to Mr. Yoshi's Mom's house. The ham-hams follow too, but they trail behind because it's a snowy path and they're not sure exactly where they're going. At the house, Mr. Yoshi's Mom tells them a scary tale about an abominabl
S02E23 Laura et les sept hamsters 14/12/2001 Laura and Hamtaro are watching TV when Glitter, with her hamster Sparkle, appear on the screen. They're going to be in a new movie. Laura thinks that it would be fun in a movie. One thing that she does know: she's totally wiped out. She falls asleep and Hamtaro do too. They both go into a combined dream sequence. In the dream sequence, Laura, Hamtaro and the main ham-ham gang are in the play. Maxwell introduces the play, with Laura as the star. Elder Ham is directing the play. As usual, he's sleeping. Howdy wakes him up to give some ""profound words."" He screams out a little and then goes back to sleep. Glitter and Sparkle are the villains of the film. Glitter is ruling over the kingdom of ""Ham-Land."" She declares that she's dissolved all the unions and Sparkle cackles that there will be no more challenges to their power. The ham-hams all sing the ""we are going home together song."" Then, they realize that Glitter doesn't like singing. So maybe they'd better stop. Elder Ham, meanwhile, i
S02E24 Le Noël des Ham-Hams 21/12/2001 Laura and Kana are out shopping. Laura complains that Christmas shopping is ""such a blur."" Of course, her real dilemma is what to buy for Travis. She's worried that if she even buys him anything, he's going to think that she has a crush on him. (Because there's no way he could have any idea of that based on past experience. Not a chance.) Hamtaro is over at Elder Ham's house. He's shocked when Elder Ham tells him that Santa wants him to dress up as Santa Claus this year and deliver presents. Elder Ham tells him that Santa is busy - he wants to build a new sunroof to prepare for global warming. Hamtaro is reluctant about accepting the assignment. Elder Ham guilts him into it, asking him to imagine Christmas morning without any presents. He emphasizes the need for secrecy - that Hamtaro can't tell anyone what he's doing. The ham-hams are out and about. They find Hamtaro and wonder where he was. When they mention Christmas, he hastily answers that he doesn't know anything about Christmas,
S02E25 Sherlok Hamtaro et les petites canailles 28/12/2001 Mr. Yoshi has given an assignment. He wants the class to read a novel and then write an essay about it. Kana can't believe it and laments that comic books probably don't count. Laura says that she's going to read something ""adult,"" as she's going to be a teenager soon and needs to be more mature. The ham-hams are playing a game. It's a bandits/detectives type game. The female ham-hams are upset because the boys told them that they couldn't play. They said that bandits have always been men in the past. Then, Snoozer rattles off a huge list of famous female warriors. The girls demand that they be allowed in on the game. At the library, Laura tries to read her book. But there are so many words that she doesn't understand that she has to check a dictionary every five minutes. She falls asleep and goes into a dream sequence. In the dream seqquence, Hamtaro finds himself in seventeenth-century France. He's chasing a band of female bandits who are after the famous ""sunflower star jewel."" Boss
S02E26 Les cerf-volants du nouvel an 04/01/2002 The ham-hams open the episode with a new year's greeting. They want to welcome everyone to a great new year of episodes. Hamtaro says that the ham-hams are going to have a great new batch of adventures. Howdy cracks a bad joke (what other kind?) about hot dogs and suntanning. Dexter says that Hamtaro should say something special to bring in the new year. But Hamtaro is completely speechless. At Laura's house, Kana's family is visting for the new year. Kana and Laura's fathers fight over taking their daughter's pictures. The girls play a Japanese verison of badminton. Their fathers, always looking for ways to compete, take over and start a fierce match with each other. Kana's Dad suggesting something less strenous (for Forest's sake -right!) He claims he was really good at kite-flying when he was in school. The ham-hams like the kite-flying idea. Howdy and Oxnard take the idea back to the clubhouse. They tell them all about it. Dexter makes a quip about Howdy having been told to ""go fly
S02E27 La demande en mariage 11/01/2002 Mr. Yoshi has finally gotten up the nerve to propose to Charlotte, but it won't be happening if Chairman Rooster has anything to say about. He pulls out all the stops to try and stop Mr. Yoshi's plan for a magnificent sunset proposal. Not only that, but cloudy skies threaten to keep there from being any sunset at all. When the ham-hams learn of Mr. Yoshi's plan, they try to help in whatever ways they can. That includes anything from trying to change the weather to facing Chairman Rooster's attack chickens.
S02E28 Le champion du cache-cache 18/01/2002 Laura is excited, as her friend Claire, her best friend from her old neighborhood, is coming to visit. Laura's Mom, however, is a bit worried. Claire's just sort of showing up and she didn't say that she was coming or anything. She wonders if there's something wrong. But Laura figures that Claire just wanted to surprise her. As Laura leaves for the train station, Hamtaro leaves to meet his ham-ham pals. They were going to play today, but he was running a bit late. When he gets to meet them, he finds that they've already started the game. It's hide-and-seek, so they make him be ""it."" Hamtaro counts and has them all hide. Penelope tries to hide in Boss's place, but Boss sends her away, so she hides with Pashmina. But then Hamtaro tricks everyone! He gets them all out of hiding with the prospect of a sunflower seed. Dexter gripes that it takes the game to a whole new level. They can't all be it, so they decide to play ""rock-paper-scissors."" The only thing is, Cappy is still in hiding. He
S02E29 Hamtaro joue les Cupidons 25/01/2002 Kana is doing her fortune-telling again. She reads Laura's cards and says that she's going to predict Laura's husband. That doesn't exactly happen, but she does make a different prediction: that Laura's pet is going to play matchmaker for her. Laura says that she couldn't possibly imagine Hamtaro helping her with Travis. Meanwhile, at the clubhouse, Oxnard is also doing the fortune-telling, which Boss mocks out loud as just being hogwash. Oxnard reads Pashmina's fortune, predicting her future husband. Howdy and Dexter are all excited, until Oxnard says that her future husband is ""nobody in this room."" He suggests that for right now, she should just concentrate on friends. Boss secretly heads over to Oxnard. He wants Oxnard to tell his fortune - but he also wants him to keep his voice down because it's not like he believes in this stuff or anything. Oxnard reads his cards and says that he will have an unexpected encounter with someone he likes. Oxnard's prediction comes true, when Bijou
S02E30 La fête des garçons 08/02/2002 It's Valentine's Day and Laura is getting ready for school. She has two boxes, one with chocolates to give to Travis and one with candy to give to her Dad. Hamtaro is russling around the various red ribbons and quips that he hates all the ""red tape."" Laura's Mom calls up and warns her that she's going to be late for school. Laura, leaves, with the box that she thinks is the chocolates. But Hamtaro heard: Laura said that the box with the chocolates has a red ribbon. The one that she left with is blue! That means that she's taken her Dad's candy with her! He's got to find some way to switch the boxes. He leaves the house and finds Oxnard, who agrees to help him with the switch. At the clubhouse, Boss, Howdy and Dexter are busy romancing Bijou, Pashmina and Penelope. They're all very suspicious of why the guys are being so nice to them, until Boss accidentally blurts out that it's Valentine's Day. Stan comes and warns the guys that putting on a show for just one day won't get more present
S02E31 Roberto et Brandy 15/02/2002 There's a soccer game at Laura's school. As usual, Roberto is being a big star. But his being a big star is at the expense of the team. The ham-hams are watching and Boss and Dexter note that Roberto has improved his skills, thanks to all his practice. On the field, Travis calls for Roberto to pass the ball, but Roberto won't. Roberto is called out and told that he needs to pass the ball more often. Laura calls out that no one should care. They don't need him anyway. Roberto gets mad and says that he's quitting the team. He leaves. The team members are worried, as Roberto may be a ball hog, but he's also their main offensive player and they have some big games coming. The ham-hams too are playing soccer. And, like Roberto, Boss is becoming a ball-hog. The ham-hams tell him this and Boss says that he understands how Roberto feels: that it's ""lonely being at the top."" This aside, the ham-hams agree that they have to do something to get Roberto back on the team. Meanwhile, sometime that d
S02E32 Meca-Ham, un nouvel ami 22/02/2002 Hamtaro is at the clubhouse, taking part in a bit of a tea party. He leaves hurriedly, as he remembered that Laura's grandfather, the famous inventor, is coming over for a visit. He has to be there when he comes. Hamtaro arrives just as Laura's grandfather shows up and manages to make it up the drainpipe and into his cage in time. Grandpa, as usual, has some wacky gifts. For example, he gives Laura's Mom a scale that takes off five pounds - it calculates a person's weight and then subtracts five pounds from it! But the big deal is what he gives Laura - ""Robo-Joe."" Robo-Joe is talking electronic hamster who learns by imitation - he basically just copies what he sees other hamsters do. Laura calls him ""incredible."" Laura introduces Robo-Joe to Hamtaro, who remembers Laura's grandpa quite well. She leaves the two alone to ""play."" Hamtaro tries to help Robo-Joe up the stairs. But Robo-Joe can't seem to grasp how to climb them. Then, he goes completely haywire and heads outside. Hamtaro fol
S02E33 L'anniversaire de Marina 01/03/2002 Maria holds a birthday party and the ham-hams tag along. The ham-hams are worried that the party may be ruined when they accidentally knock down Maria's doll collection after being chased by her new puppy, Princess. Fortunately, the ham-hams manage to get the undamaged dolls back in place, while Boss distracts Princess's attention.
S02E34 Ninjaro le Ninj'Ham 08/03/2002 Laura's in her room, complaining about her score on her math test. (a fairly simple decimal multiplication test, with problems all of the same type) She only get 10% on it, but she could have gotten much higher, it's just that she accidentally skipped a problem and wrote the correct answers in the wrong places. Her Mom calls up to her and she realizes that she's supposed to be doing something with Kana today. She folds the test paper in her jacket pocket so her Mom doesn't see it. Hamtaro's there and kind of figures out what's going on. She heads downstairs and meets up with Kana, who's excited about getting 100% on the test. Laura's Mom asks what Laura got on the test. Laura lies that she got a 100% too and leaves. Outside, Kana asks if it's true and Laura tells her the real deal. Kana thinks that maybe Laura should tell the truth, but Laura's not so sure, especially considering how excited her Mom was. She'll just have to hope that she never asks to actually see the test. In the mean
S02E35 Printemps où es-tu ? 15/03/2002 It's morning. A very cold, wintry weekend morning. Laura just wants to sleep in, but her Mom has other ideas. She comes into Laura's room and opens the window, sending a blast of chilly air into the room. This annoys Laura, but also has the effect Laura's Mom intended: it gets Laura up. Everyone agrees that it's really cold and they can't wait for spring to come. Laura's Dad suggests a trip to Shimmer Lake. It may be cold where they are, but it's supposed to be getting warm already at Shimmer Lake. Laura's not sure, as she was supposed to go treasure hunting with Kana today. Laura's Dad suggests that Kana come along - they can go treasure hunting at Shimmer Lake! Hamtaro likes the idea of the search for spring and Shimmer Lake as well. He goes out to meet up with the ham-hams. The ham-hams are getting tired of the cold too and think maybe the search for spring is worth a shot. Maxwell interjects, saying that spring is just a season that comes around every year, not something to be foun
S02E36 Hamtaro le Hamelien 22/03/2002 When Laura says that she wished upon a star and her wish came true: that she got Hamtaro, Hamtaro is led to believe that he comes from outer space. His fears seem to be confirmed when Oxnard is apparently beamed up by a spaceship, but is there a more rational explanation for what happened?
S02E37 Hamiral a disparu 29/03/2002 Laura and family are heading to the bus station and Hamtaro is tagging along. (It's an official ""tagalong,"" Laura took him with her, he didn't sneak aboard.) Laura's Mom is going on a trip. Laura and her Dad assure her not to worry: she and Dad will take care of the cooking and cleaning while she's away. She playfully tells Hamtaro to stay out of the garden. It's a particularly nice, clear, day and Boss catches Bijou sitting alone in a field. He thinks that it's his chance to tell Bijou how he ""really feels."" He comes up to her with a flower, which he tries to present to her, but he freezes up and starts stammering. Then, Hamtaro comes and sees the both of them. He gives Bijou a couple of flowers he just picked that are exactly like the one Boss has. Boss gets irritated and walks away. The camera changes to Sabu, who's been watching this. He wonders what's wrong with Boss. Boss chastises himself for blowing his one chance to show his feelings for Bijou. Later on, the ham-ham gang are a
S02E38 La magie des cerisiers en fleurs 05/04/2002 It's another beautiful day, when the cherry blossoms are out in bloom. Laura and her Mom are preparing a nice picnic. They want Dad to come, but he ditches out, saying that he has to go to work. This disappoints Laura and her Mom, who were really looking forward to him coming. Now they're going to end up having leftovers. Fortunately, Kana and her Mom are joining them. But Kana's Dad won't be there either. Hamtaro laments that the Moms and daughters must be angry that the Dads aren't into flowers. Laura takes Brandy along, but Hamtaro's not coming, at least not officially. Unofficially, he is coming and so is Oxnard. Hamtaro tells Brandy that he'll meet him there, but to not tell Laura. At the park, the other ham-hams are waiting for Hamtaro and Oxnard. They're a bit anxious and want to get going and see the cherry blossoms. They decide to wait for Hamtaro and Oxnard anyway and so finally they show up. In the meantime, Auntie Viv is heading their way too. She's carrying a big load of s
S02E39 Un amour de Rita 12/04/2002 Dexter is out in front of the eyeglass store, apparently heading for the clubhouse. Then, he notices a ham-ham that appears to stuck in a hole in a fence. He rescues her from the hole, then complains about her heaviness when she ends up on top of him. Howdy comes along and it turns out that he knows Hannah. He's invited Hannah over to the clubhouse and is upset by Dexter's calling her ""heavy."" Dexter quickly amends that she's ""just perfect."" Howdy and Dexter head to the clubhouse with Hannah. Hamtaro arrives at the clubhouse just in time for Howdy's introductions. Hannah is a southern ham and he and her have been friends for a while now. Hamtaro says that he just hopes that Hannah doesn't have Howdy's sense of humor. Later, while the ham-hams are outside trying to play with Hannah, Hannah pulls Howdy aside. She wants Howdy to find out if Dexter has any sort of affection for her. She finds him ""sophisticated"" and thinks that he has ""gerbil eyes,"" which she finds appealing. So Howdy trie
S02E40 Le docteur Lion 19/04/2002 It's time for Brandy's annual shots. However, as Laura expected, Brandy is trying to hide because he doesn't want to go to the vet. She talks about the veterinarian, Doctor Lion and what a great veterinarian he is. Hamtaro is listening in and he thinks this ""Doctor Lion"" sounds scary. He fantasizes a vicious lion. He's rather scared when he hears Laura say that she's planning to take him in for a checkup as well. Nevertheless, both Brandy and Hamtaro both go to the vet. Kana and Maria are coming along too, bringing Oxnard and Bijou. When they get there, they find that Charlotte's there. Mr. Yoshi's tagged along too. Charlotte's there because she thinks that since she plans to be a veterinarian, watching Doctor Lion do his work will be good training. Doctor Lion gives a series of dogs their annual shots. Then, it comes time for Brandy. But Brandy runs off, scared. Doctor Lion, however, calms Brandy down with the antics of his assistant monkey, Pepe. While Pepe distracts Brandy, Doctor L
S02E41 Le festin de Chef-ham 26/04/2002 Laura, her Mom and her Dad are watching one of those cooking shows of the type that have become so popular on television these days. Laura is impressed by the chef's apparent skills, perhaps too impressed. Hearing Laura gush over this chef, her Dad declares that he can cook well too. He says that tomorrow he's making dinner and he'll show her who's a good cook. The next morning, Oxnard is heading towards the clubhouse. He has a large bunch of sunflower seeds, but is beginning to wish he didn't. He bought a huge amount in bulk and they're beginning difficult to carry. He loses his balance and some of the seeds go flying through the air. Fortunately for him, they land in the pan of a ham-ham he's never seen before. This ham is a chef of some sort and decides to make a meal out of them. He compliments the quality of the seeds and Oxnard explains that they're organically grown, without any preservatives. Chef Ham quickly makes them into a great meal, which Oxnard loves. Oxnard calls him ""f
S02E42 Les poissons volants 03/05/2002 Laura is out an about, admiring some flying windsocks in the shape of fish, hanging from a pole. She's talking to Hamtaro about them: she really likes them and wants to hang one up herself, but her Mom doesn't like them and won't let her do it. Laura heads home and tries to convince her Mom. She uses the ""everyone is doing it"" strategy, but it doesn't work. Her Mom tells her that she won't have any fish flying from their home's rafters and that's the end of the story. Laura tries to argue some more, but just then the doorbell rings. Laura goes to get the door, as they expect it's Grandpa and Grandma coming for a visit. Indeed, they have, but Grandpa has gotten a little well, taller. Actually, a lot taller. It's just another of his inventions though, ""spring pants."" Grandma comes out, she was hiding behind Grandpa. Hamtaro comments that Laura's Grandpa's inventions are getting weirder all the time. Grandpa heads inside, where he talks about the flying fish with Laura. He says that he al
S02E43 L'excursion à la montagne 10/05/2002 Laura and her class are getting ready for a hike. They're heading up Chick-Ah Chick-Ah mountain. Mr. Yoshi is taking them and he has a new toy: a video camera. Laura comments that he's so obsessed with it, he never puts it down. Travis, however, manages to get it away from Mr. Yoshi long enough to film him. He tells the class to say ""cheese."" Hamtaro takes the news to the clubhouse and suggests that they try to climb the mountain too. The ham-hams have several objections, among them being that it's a very long way to climb and that they ""don't got no survival skills."" (This is Howdy's objection and no one bothers to correct his bad grammar either.) It's suggested that they use landmarks, leading Howdy to wonder what landmarks are and if they could be dangerous. Panda takes the moment to announce that he's made a ham-ham train. He made alterations to the locomotive at the Ham-Ham Fun Park and now they can take it anywhere they want. He calls it the Ham-Ham Express. The first question is
S02E44 Le voleur de chaussures 17/05/2002 Kylie, Kana and June have a problem. Their shoes, or at least some of them have gone missing. Laura doesn't seem to be affected though, she hasn't lost any shoes, at least, not yet. It's an odd problem, but nobody really seems to know who could be behind it. There are some ideas flying though: perhaps maybe Roberto? He's been going home early a lot lately. Laura arrives home and finds Hamtaro sleeping. He wakes up and is ready and raring to go. She asks him if he was a good boy, but he doesn't seem to be interested in chatter, he just wants to play. Then, Laura finds that one of her shoes has gone missing too. Hamtaro takes the problem to the clubhouse. The ham-hams agree that they should try and do something to solve the problem. Oxnard's certainly interested, since Kana is one of those who lost a shoe and he ""hates callouses"" and Penelope and Pashmina want to track the thief down for Kylie and Junes' sake. Hamtaro says they'll search for clues at every house that's missing a shoe. In
S02E45 Une promesse est une promesse 24/05/2002 It all opens with shots of Laura and Kana's faces. They're angry faces. Very angry faces. Something has happened between them and they're really mad at each other. Laura arrives at her house where she announces to Hamtaro that Kana accused her of breaking a promise, right to her face. Hamtaro's sleepy, apparently he overslept. But he's awake enough to realize something is very wrong. As Laura heads downstairs, Oxnard comes in and says that Laura and Kanas' friendship is over. Hamtaro wonders what's going on and what they could possibly be fighting about. The two decide to head over to Kana's house, where they find her in the same sad state as Laura. She basically just plopped down on her bed, without even taking off her backpack. She states unhappily that she just lost her best friend. Hamtaro thinks that it must just be a misunderstanding. He can't imagine Laura purposely doing something to hurt Kana. Then, the two begin to worry that if they don't do something about this, it could sp
S02E46 Le cadeau de Mimi 01/06/2001 This episode starts out with a bang. Mimi's family forgot to change their clocks for Daylight Savings Time and so Mimi's Father is running late for work. He's all in a panic and Mimi's Mom suggest that he settle down, or else he might choke on his granola. As he heads out, she suggests that he should be an actor, as he loves drama. The topic among the family turns to his birthday, which they figure he's probably forgotten is coming up, once again. Mimi's brothers think they have a great present and tell Mimi that she's running out of time to think of a present. The scene changes to Kana and Laura, who are talking about Mimi. Kana mentions that last year Mimi chipped in on a present with the help of her brothers, but this year she wants to come up with something all by herself. Laura and Kana reflect back on the very first presents they ever gave their Dads. Laura's was a paper crayon and Kana's was a fly for fishing. The fly didn't exactly work out, but she still managed to make someth
S02E47 Un mariage à sauver 07/06/2002 It's the day of Charlotte and Mr. Yoshi's big wedding - but the bride isn't in attendance! She's still at home, hoping to obtain the blessing of her stubborn father, Mr. Yoshi. The ham-hams do their best to help, with Hamtaro ending up playing the role of Cupid. There's a mad scramble as Chairman Rooster gives his all to try to stop the ceremony - but can he really put a stop to true love?
S02E48 La fête des pères 14/06/2002 Father's Day is coming and Laura thinks that this Father's Day is going to be the best one ever. She and her Mom are talking about how much time Dad has been spending at work lately. Just then, Dad comes in. They're hoping to spend some time with him. He says that he's tired, but can't stick around, as he has to get going back to work. He talks about corporate restructuring and how what's happening at his company is great, but the hours are long. He leaves and Laura's Mom complains that they're working him to a ""frazzle."" She says it isn't fair. Hamtaro takes the problem to the clubhouse. He thinks that if the ham-hams pitch in to help Laura's Dad, he could finish his work faster. Howdy's not really sure what work is and Dexter says that it's what humans do to buy groceries. Maxwell says that he'll do some research on work. Hamtaro tells the ham-hams to get a good sleep because they're going to work tomorrow. The next day, the ham-hams are all wondering where to go. There are so many b
S02E49 Évacuation d'urgence 21/06/2002 It's morning and Hamtaro is in for a rude awakening! Laura shakes his cage and tells him to hold on - there's an earthquake! Then, she reveals the truth - there wasn't really an earthquake, she was just shaking his cage. She explains to Hamtaro that at school they're having a fire and earthquake drill and so she figures they should practice at home. Hamtaro's a bit confused, as he doesn't understand the concept of a ""fire drill"" and so he comments that he thought kids were supposed to stay away from fire and drills. He gets to thinking that a fire drill is a drill that shoots fire, which you can use when there's an earthquake. He heads to the clubhouse to talk about it. There's some more discussion about what it could possibly be, before Maxwell finally explains it. Boss snippily asks him if he found the definition in one of his books. Maxwell says that it's important to be prepared in an emergency, so that you don't panic when one happens. Hamtaro thinks this is all interesting, altho
S02E50 L'histoire de la princesse Bijou 28/06/2002 On a rainy day, the ham-hams slip into a fantasy adventure similar to a story that Laura's been reading to Hamtaro. Boss and his guards are working under Sparkle, who is at rage at the beauty of Princess Bijou and wants to take her place as princess. They realize that Sparkle is just jealous and soon team up with Sheriff Hamtaro to defeat her evil plans to depose of Princess Bijou. It's not aeasy, as Sparkle has weaponry such as lasers at the ready, but there are rewards at hand for those following the right path.
S02E51 La voie lactée 05/07/2002 Laura and her class are studying the star constellations at school, and have a field trip planned to study the Milky Way under the real night sky. Laura and Kana are all excited because they will have plenty of stars to wish on. Kana says jokingly to Laura that if you wish on a star at the same time as someone else, the two of you will fall in love. Laura, half believing, sets her mind on standing by Travis when her class goes to see the stars so that they can make a wish on a star together. Hamtaro is confused about this Milky stuff in the sky, reports to the Ham-Hams that Laura is about to go way far away to make a wish on a star with Travis. At all costs, the Ham-Hams set out to keep Travis away from Laura so that she cannot go with him to wish on a star. But to Laura's eyes, it looks like Roberto is trying to keep her from being with Travis. Luckily, the good-natured Roberto is up for proving his good intentions to Laura, and on the night of the field trip, the sky is alive with st
S02E52 La voie lactée 00/00/0000 Join the ham-hams for a special two part birthday episode! In the first part, a special episode called ""Ham-Hams Ahoy,"" the ham-hams meet a hamster named Heidi while Laura is away at summer camp. Heidi is searching for a special treasure to help out her ailing grandmother, guided only by the words of a special song that her grandmother taught to her. The ham-hams join her on her search, which ctakes them to Razzle Dazzle Beach and then to Hamasea Island. They face a number of difficult trials along the way, but they're determined to stick together as a team and help Heidi find the treasure she seeks. In the second part, the ham-hams throw a giant birthday party for Hamtaro and Cappy and you're invited! Watch and listen to some great musical numbers, followed by the big birthday bash, ""Happy Ham-Ham Birthday."" Then, stick around for a birthday role-call of all of the main ham-hams.
S02E53 Ham-Ham Halloween! 00/00/0000 When Hamtaro hears that Laura and Kana are attending a Halloween party at Roberto's, he thinks that it's a ""Hamoween"" party. He tells the ham-hams all about and finds about Halloween, although none of the ham-hams are too sure of the details of it. Then Elder Ham and Auntie Viv give them some advice and Cappy and Panda make costumes for all of the ham-hams. After receiving a mysterious invitation, they head into a forest, where they find themselves at the mercy of Auntie Viv and Elder Ham, who have dressed up in scary costumes to terrorize them. Meanwhile, Kana and Laura create their costumes in a hurry and also decide to dress up Brandy. When they arrive late for the party, Roberto plays a trick on them by dressing up his puppy Samba as goblin. This gives them a scare, but Brandy's costume is even scarier to Brandy and Samba ends up running into the same forest where the ham-hams are and creating an even bigger stir than Auntie Viv and Elder Ham.
S02E54 Ham-Ham Halloween! 00/00/0000 ""The Ham-Ham Games"" Prince Bo sends the ham-hams on an important mission: to carry the ever-lasting hamtorch to Hamcropolis. His fans, the Rainbow Girls, become jealous and try to steal away the torch, not knowing that Prince Bo had another important job for them. The ham-hams get help from friends new and old as they try to make their way to Hamcropolis while avoiding the pesky flying Rainbow Girls. Along the way, Hamtaro shares both the flame and the spirit of friendship. ""The Ham-Hams Rescue Stan"" The remainder of the special consists an edited version of ""Clubhouse Intruders"" in which the ham-hams must rescue Stan after he skips an earthquake drill and ends up trapped inside the clubhouse with hostile chicky-chickies. All content involving the human characters is removed.