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From the inventors to the workers on the factory floor, HAND MADE HISTORY is a half-hour series that chronicles real stories behind the creation of the stuff we use every day, revealing tales of the lifetime of an everyday object -- from the inventor's story and history, to designs and prototypes, and finally to the factory floor where the workers tell how the product is made.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Hand Made History

S01E01 Louisville Slugger; Arctic Spas; Tilley Excursion Vest 06/01/2015 See the history and technology behind the Louiville Slugger, Arctic Spa, and Tilley's Excursion Vest
S01E02 Herman Miller Aeron Chair; Fender Stratocaster; Canada Goose Jackets 06/01/2015
S01E03 Rimowa Suitcase; Stetson Hat; Zodiac Boat 13/01/2013 The iconic ribbed aluminum suitcase by Rimowa, the Stetson cowboy hat and the fast inflatable Zodiac boat are showcased.
S01E04 Lodge Cast Iron; Valley-Dynamo Pool Table; DPI Turntable 20/01/2015
S01E05 Leatherman Wave; Vinturi Wine Aerators; Napoleon Flat Panel Fireplace 27/01/2015
S01E06 Zippo Lighters; Graf Ice Skates; Amerex Fire Extinguishers 03/02/2015 The legendary Zippo lighter, Graf ice skates and Amerex fire extinguisher are given an inside look.
S01E07 Thule Cargo Box; Jack Rabbit Plane; Pelican Hard Case 24/02/2015

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