Affiche Hand Maid May
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Saotome Kazuya, étudiant dans une université spécialisée en informatique, n'a jamais été doué pour emballer les filles mais, se laissant absorber par ses études, il ne remarque pas que sa voisine en pince pour lui. Alors que ses recherches commencent à porter ses fruits, le grand rival de Kazuya lui offre un mystérieux CD-ROM en lui disant que c'est un truc très spécial pour lui. En l'utilisant, il s'aperçoit qu'il s'est fait avoir et arrive de justesse à sauver toutes ses données. Cependant, lors de cette manipulation, il commande par accident une poupée cybernétique du nom de May. Lorsqu'il reçoit le colis , il est stupéfait de voir que May est bien plus qu'une poupée conçue pour effectuer les taches ménagères.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Hand Maid May

S01E01 How Do You Do? 00/00/0000 After his computer is infected with a virus, by his self-proclaimed rival Nanbara, a package appears at computer programmer Satome Kazuya's doorstep the next day. The package contains a 12" tall Cyberdoll named May.
S01E02 Am I Any Use At All? 00/00/0000 After telling May to stay in the apartment, Kazuya goes off to school. Later, Nanbara calls Kazuya's apartment only to hear a woman's voice on the other end, and soon tries to sabotage the relationship he believes Kazuya is having with a secret woman. Also, another Cyberdoll named Sara has come to collect the bill for May. [1,450,000 Yen]
S01E03 What Should I Do? 00/00/0000 Sara, after having trouble collecting the payment for May, sends for another Cyberdoll to get the payment, or get May back.
S01E04 Please Don't Look! 00/00/0000 Cyberdoll Kei, sent by Sara pretends to be a fellow AI researcher, to meet with Kei. After they meet, she is amazed by the emotions May, a Cyberdoll displays towards him.
S01E05 Until Today, I've Really... 00/00/0000 Kazuya finally realizes that he can never afford to pay for May, so he must give her back. So, on their last day together Kei and May spend the day at an amusement park so that they can enjoy the time they have left. After May is gone, "Cyber X", an apparent android shows up at Kazuya's apartment and makes him an offer...
S01E06 More! More! 00/00/0000 After May returns, Kei starts work as a lab assistant at the university. Later, everyone goes to the annual fireworks festival, where Nanbara meets the now full-sized May, and immediately falls in love with her.
S01E07 I Don't Have Much Time? 00/00/0000 Cyberdoll Mami arrives, and soon arranges a "marriage mixer." Later, Mami again tries to make a match by having Kazuya and May go shopping together, alone. But Mami visit is not just for leisure, she soon reveals that May and Kei's time together may be cut short again...
S01E08 There's So Much I Want! 00/00/0000 The characters work to protect the ladder between Kazuka's apartment and Kasumi's room from a terrible typhoon. We also discover more of Kasumi and Kazuka, and their relationship...
S01E09 Besides That... I Believe You 00/00/0000 "Commando Z, the wandering president of Cyberdyne," mysterically appears, and has come to discover why a potentially fatal 'virus' is afflicting all of the Cyberdolls, except for May...
S01E10 My Best 00/00/0000 In the series finale, it is discovered that the deadly Cyberdoll virus was created within May when she was converted from 1/6 scale to full size. "Commando Z" reveals himself to be a time-traveler from the future to dicover the virus' origins and stop it before it destys all the Cyberdolls. Since May is immune to the virus, she volunteers herself to be infected with it to allow further study on the virus and a possible cure. But everyone is worried that May may not make it out alive...