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Handguns and Defensive Weapons is an entirely new show for the Sportsman Channel, combining the most popular features of two of our most well known shooting shows, Handguns and Personal Defense. It is co-hosted by Rich Nance and James Tarr and covers everything from competition to self defense, pocket guns to long distance rifles. We are there to educate, inform, and have fun. The tag line for the show is Serious. Fun.


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S01E01 Military Crest, Nighthawk & The El Presidente 00/00/0000 The hosts bring out the big guns and practice shooting rifles from real field positions along Gunsite's famous Military Crest course. Jim Tarr's children stop by for a segment about kids, guns, and safety. The new Nighthawk Custom 870 gets worked hard by Jessica Nyberg. Also, the hosts go head to head on the most famous pistol skills drill of all, the El Presidente?and then argue about who has the better excuses.
S01E02 Competition, Combat & Shooting Positions 00/00/0000 Dave Spaulding uses the hosts' skill sets to demonstrate the differences between practicing for competition and combat.
S01E03 Gun Carry, Sights & Shooting on the Move 00/00/0000 Rich Nance, Jim Tarr, and Dave Spaulding debate what constitutes a good carry gun. Then watch a demonstration of iron sights versus optics using identical S&W M&P rifles.
S01E04 Vehicle Fighting, Ruger's Match Champion & Shoot Off 00/00/0000 Rich Nance does his best to shoot Jim Tarr's car while demonstrating fighting from a vehicle.
S01E05 Conceal Carry, AR Basics, M&P Bodyguard 00/00/0000 Rich and Jessica Nyberg demonstrate types of concealed carry, AR basics are discussed, M&P Bodyguard Reviewed & Chris trap transitions weapons on the move.
S01E06 AR & AK manual of Arms, Female Gun Owners, & a Doublefeed 00/00/0000 Rick & Jim review AR & AK's differant manual of arms, Jessica talks about training new female gun owners, and Dave Spaulding covers the worst case scenario-Doublefeed.
S01E07 Weaponlights, Rifle Operation Indoors, Scrambler Course 00/00/0000 Rich & Chris demonstrate weaponlights, Dave Spaulding works a rifle in a building then Rich, Jim & Chris Trapp take turns at Gunsite's Scrambler timed rifle course.
S01E08 Unusual Gun Tests, Long Distance Rifle Skill & The Jungle Run 00/00/0000 Weapon retention for CCW holders, and then Jessica Nyberg looks at test guns they've gotten to review for magazine articles.
S01E09 AR Vertical Forgrip, Cover vs. Concealment 00/00/0000 Jim works viewers through the proper way to use a vertical forgrip on an AR-15, then he and Rich frustrate themselves trying to shoot handguns at long range.
S01E10 Clearing Drills, Handling Distractions, .223 vs .308 00/00/0000 Rich works viewers through how to clear drills, then former SEAL Jim Kauber runs our hosts through a deliberately distracting set of pistol drills to get them to focus on the fundamentals. Jim tries to argue how size doesn't matter as he takes the .223 side of the .223 vs .308 debate. Surprises abound in our competition as the hosts try hitting exploding targets at distance with handguns.
S01E11 Supplemental Gear, the Sig P320 & Steel Target Course 00/00/0000
S01E12 Trijicon Mini-ACOGS, Shotgun vs. AR 00/00/0000 Rich and Jim review the amazing Trijicon mini-ACOGs, then cover the basics of one-handed pistol shooting. Shotgun News' Dave Fortier stops by and takes the rifle side of the Shotgun vs. AR argument--just remember, it ain't over until somebody yells "Wolverines!". For the competition Rich and Jim try their hand at shooting the new 5" Walther PPQ at distance while moving--and the viewers learn that at H&DW, apparently it is sometimes possible to miss fast enough to win.
S01E13 Hornady Critical Duty Ammo 00/00/0000 Hornady's Critical Duty ammo gets a workout as Rich and Jim perforate both a windshield and a car door with it to demonstrate penetration. Once again Shotgun News' Dave Fortier joins our hosts as they review the many ways to run a pump shotgun (including 'Plan B'). For the competition things get downright epic--Rich, Jim, and Jessica Nyberg go head-to-head-to-head shooting stationary and moving rifle targets out to 200 yards at The Site in Illinois, refereed by former Navy SEAL Jim Kauber

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