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Set in Oakland, California, this is a show about Mark Cooper, a former NBA basketball player who moved back to his hometown to become a coach at his old high school, Oakbridge High School. In the first season, he shared his house (and the rent) with his old friend Robin Dumars, a music teacher, and the sexy Vanessa Russell. Their relationship was strictly platonic, which meant that the stories mainly revolved around their dating misadventures as well as Mark starting his new career as a teacher. At the start of the second season, Robin had moved out of the house and Mark's cousin, Geneva Lee, and her daughter, Nicole, moved in. Also, P.J. Moore, the formidable principal, was added to the cast while the neighborhood kid, Tyler, frequently seen in the first season, now became more prominent as Nicole's best friend. Hangin' with Mr. Cooper began its run on Tuesday nights airing directly in between Full House and Roseanne. Starting with the second season, the show was moved


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S01E01 The Presentation 00/00/0000 In the series opener, unemployed Mark Cooper gets a job as a substitute teacher at his old high school. He also shares his house with two beautiful women: Robin, a music teacher who also works at the school, and Vanessa, a rich girl whom Mark is attracted to. On his first day of school, Mark has to deal with unruly students who give him a hard time. But Mark soon finds a solution to impress his class.
S01E02 Hangin' with Michelle 00/00/0000 When Mark becomes a substitute teacher, he gets a handful. His class includes playful little Michelle Tanner. When Michelle and her friends begin to torment Mark, he does a trick to get them to be quiet- and ends up hurting his behind. Michelle feels very guilty and comes over to ""help him.""
S01E03 On the Rebound 00/00/0000 Mark's former girlfriend, Paula, moves back into town and wants to get reacquainted with him.
S01E04 Please Pass the Jock 00/00/0000 Robin goes to a skiing camp and needs money to go. So she tries to find a way to teach more children music lessons. Vanessa gives her the idea of ""having the first lesson free"". But, there are more than enough lessons than she can handle. Also the music lessons are driving Vanessa and Mark crazy. Mark teaches an high school Algebra class and Mark has a basketball student in the class called Andre. Mark meets his old baskeball coach Coach Rickits. Coach Rickits excuses Andre and tells Mark that Andre needs to pass the next test and Mark has to give him the exact questions before the test. The coach puts pressure on Mark saying that Mark did not pass the Algebra test when he was in high school and the coach made Mark pass because Mark was failing Algebra like Andre. Mark does not know what to do. Mark does not give Andre the questions and agrees to take and study the test with him so that he himself can pass Algebra class. The principal gives Mark and Andre the test and both of them pass
S01E05 Cheers 00/00/0000 Vanessa's car does not start. Mark, ""Man of the house"", can not fix it either. Robin says that it is an engine problem and convinces Vanessa that she can fix it free of charge. Unfortuntly, Robin takes apart the engine but can not put it back together again. Vanessa finds out and wants Robin to fix it by the weekend. Robin puts back the engine together and the car still does not start. Vanessa is still mad at Robin and Robin doubts her own judgement. It was all over, until Robin bangs the dashboard and the gasoline indicator goes from Full to Empty! Vanessa has been driving the car, without refueling, for 2 weeks! Mark substitutes his first P.E. class in Oakland High and coaches the Girl's Cheeleading Class. Mark finds out that the Division 3 competiton is in 3 days at their school and Oakland High is not a very good squad. The competition (Oakland Prep High School) shows up and does stunts 12 feet high! The only cheer for Mark's team is ""Go Penguins Go! Waddle! Waddle! Waddle!"" The te
S01E06 Warriors (1) 00/00/0000 Mark is trying to kill the ""super"" fly flying around the house. Vanessa is watching a stock that is making a lot of money. Vanessa wants to put her money in but is afraid of losing money. After substituting a wrestling class, Mark asks the coach for a job as a permanent coach. The coach wrestles Mark for the job and though he lost, he was given the job. Robin gives Vanessa money so that Vanessa can invest her money in another stock. Mark gets a call from the Golden State Warriors! They ask Mark to try out for a new position after hearing about him from training camps. Also, his old high school friend, Guy Beal, who just came from training camp, is more than ready to play. Mark has to choose between his new job or playing with the Warriors. Mark decides to take the Warriors offer, but Mark can't make any of his shots go in the basket. With Robin's motivation, Mark sets foot in the Oakland Arena to tryout in front of the team and coach. Robin finds out that the stock Vanessa invested in
S01E07 Warriors (2) 00/00/0000 In the beginning of the show, Mark shows the audience how in the last episode he was dunking during practice. He also showed how he was able to get the position on the Golden State Warriors team. The story begins from the last episode when he recieved the call from the team. Vanessa finds out that Mark quits his job from the school. Mark is signed to a 10-day contract where he has to prove to be on the team. He will play against the Phoenix Suns two times. Robin shows all the respect and believes that Mark can make the team. Robin also doubts that he will make the team and pleads with the high school coach to keep Mark's old job, if in case he does not make the team. Robin not only was able to keep Mark job open, she herself was qualified to teach the self-defence class. Robin did not want to tell Mark that she got the position. Robin also had to hide from Mark later in the episode. Also, Vanessa gets injured after Robin made some ""defence"" practice moves on her. Mark goes back to the
S01E08 Torn Between Two Teachers 00/00/0000 Andre can't choose between his music and basket-ball. Robin wants him to go for his piano-playing but Mark wants him to go for BasketBall.
S01E09 My Dinner with Mark 00/00/0000 In the beginning, Mark tells the audience that the show is LIVE. Mark does not know his lines. Vanessa invites her boss to their house to work on a business proposal. Mark thinks that Vanessa is dating him and Robin is trying to get a date with the boss. Vanessa tries to get a client by talking to her in the elevator. The client, Mrs. Walker, invites her to the meeting to a dinner with a $300 a plate price. Robin buys an excerize machine that makes her hang upside down and she can not get out of the machine without Mark. The boss had to take a flight out of town and wants her to reschedule. The client does not want to talk to secreatries like Vanessa. So, Vanessa has to find a person to pass as a business executive. Here comes Mark! They go to the restaurant and Vanessa tells Mark to be quiet and let Vanessa do the talking. The client asks Mark to discuss all of the business deals! Mark does not fit in with the rich crowd. Meanwhile, Robin tries out the machine again and can not
S01E10 Miracle in Oaktown 00/00/0000 It's Christmas time in Oakland! Vanessa finds out that she won't be able to go to her family for Christmas because she is working. Robin and Mark agrees that Vanessa will have her Christmas at their house and Vanessa can celebrate the Christmas her way, ""The Russel Family Way"". Mark agrees to be Santa Claus at the school fair that Robin is running. Robin finds out that the son (Noel) of the Guidance Counselor does not believe in Santa Claus. Mark convinces Noel that Santa will be there that night. Vanessa is Mrs. Claus and Earvin is a Rudolph. The principal is a snowman and the students are elves. Also, coach Rickets is running a military booth (!). ""Santa"" has some problems and the worst one of all is that Noel wants his dad to come home for Christmas. One problem, Noel's dad is stuck in the Navy and can not come home for Christmas. Mark tries to get the father home by using numerous ways. Still, it does not work. Mark tries everything from asking coach Rickets, to asking the kids
S01E11 Unforgettable 00/00/0000 Vanessa speaks French to her fashion photographer boyfriend and Mark tries to find out what she is trying to say. Vanessa broke up her realtionship. Robin's father (a jazz musician), Chip Dumars, is coming over and everyone meets him at the Jazz club/restaurant. Vanessa is trying to get a date with a saxophone player. Chip sings some songs that impress the crowd. Robin does not want to be called ""baby girl"" by her father. The father and Robin do a song on the stage also. The father wants Robin to become a jazz singer. Mark convinces her father to go to Robin's music class, as long as Robin can sing with Chip at the club the next day. The class does not sing very well. Mark and Chip try not to disrupt the class, but soon Mark and Chip interfere Robin's class and the class learns that Rap has it's roots in jazz. Robin feels that her dad is interfering with her life. Vanessa's date has a child and the child adores Vanessa. But, she asks lots questions like, ""How old are you?"" and ""W
S01E12 In Vanessa We Trust 00/00/0000 The roommates' landlord dies, so they decide to use Vanessa's trust fund to buy the house.
S01E13 Forbidden Fruit 00/00/0000 Mark has a date with a new teacher's assistant--Coach Ricketts' daughter.
S01E14 How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying 00/00/0000 In the beginning of the episode, Robin is trying to convince the teachers to unite as a strike group, and reject a new contract with the school district that is unfair. Mark decides that the teachers should strike. The next day, the teachers and students make signs and strike. Mark is seen on television advertising the strike and telling the camera what they want. Tyler comes over to collect the rent money and Mark could not pay the rent. Mark decides to become a mail deliverer at Vanessa's office. Mark storms into Vanessa's office, interupts her meeting, and makes jokes. After that Mark does not follow Vanessa's orders, and Vanessa does not have the will power to fire him. Mark delviers coffee to the boss and also impresses a client. Vanessa finds out that Mark became friends with the boss and he becomes the assistant to the manager of Sales. Mark gets a higher position and a larger salary than Vanessa. He also gets a secretary. Vanessa finds out that she is the secretary to both
S01E15 Valentine's Day Massacre 00/00/0000 In this episode, Tyler sneaks into Vanessa's room while she gets dressed. Mark gives advice to keep his eyes open when it happens again. Robin goes on a blind date. Vanessa dates a doctor. Mark does not have a date but looks at the television and sees themselves on a show called ""Love Match"". The show will follow Mark, Robin, and Vanessa on their Valentine's day. The game show host interviews the cast and Vanessa's date comes in and Mark makes fun of both of them. But Mark still needs a date and here comes Robin's date. Robin starts liking her date until she finds out that he is addicted to his car. On Vanessa's date, her date tries to get her to tell the truth about everyhting and she insults the restaurant. Also, her date's ex-girlfrined is trying to kill him. Robin's date is not going so well when his car does not start. At the house, Tyler and Mark have a fun time playing war games. When Mark answers the door, a woman appears and asks to use his phone. Mark gets Tyler out and M
S01E16 Boyz in the Woodz 00/00/0000 Robin and Mark are getting ready for a ""Wilderness Training-Camping Trip"" with the students. In this episode, Mark starts out by wearing his camping equipment and Mark even packs his own life-raft. Vanessa can't go with them at first, but they convinces her to go with them. Then, Tyler tries to get in on the trip but Mark does not let him come. Coach gives Mark some tips on survival. All the students (girls and boys) meet at Mark's house and they're ready to go. Earvin and Andre bet on which one could get a date with the other campers. Tyler tries to sneak in but gets left at home. On the road, Mark gets everone lost when he is driving. Once they get to the camping site, they're in a cottage/cabin with all the elctrical needs! Radio, TV, Nintendo, hot tub, pool, sauna, kitchen, heated waterbeds etc.. This is not camping, its a luxury relaxing cottage! The students, Vanessa and Robin, are amazed and ""like camping"". Mark tells everyone to rough it out like he d! id in high school and g
S01E17 Boys Don't Leave 00/00/0000 Tyler comes over and wants to run away from his parents because their new baby is annoying and is getting more attention than he. He comes over with luggage and Mark opens one of the bags and gets bitten by a cat. Vanessa speaks to Tyler's parents and Tyler is ready to sleep over at Mark's place. Vanessa comes over and says that if they send Tyler over it would hurt him emotionally. Robin's boyfriend has a birthday and Robin has to make a surprise present at the last minute. Robin will give him a picture of herself. Vanessa has to go to the office since the computers broke down. Mark tries to get Tyler out of the house since Mark has a date. Mark and his date go to a restaurant and Tyler joins in. Tyler orders a lobster and gets Mark in trouble and Mark has to pay for two lobsters that only Tyler ate. They also go to the movies and Tyler sits alone. When they get home, Mark is left alone with Tyler and Tyler tries to sleep in Mark's room. Mark tells Tyler to go sleep on the couch u
S01E18 The Unteachables 00/00/0000 In the beginning of the episode, Mark comes in and tells the audience about the show and Mark snaps his fingers and makes everyone disappear and reappear. It all starts out in the Teacher's Lounge. Mark will teach a History class that the students are not interested in. Mark makes a bet with another teacher to see whose class is the smartest. Robin will hold the test. To encourage the students about History, Mark uses a great technique so that they can learn history. Meanwhile at home, Vanessa starts dresssing and treating Tyler's dog as a girl. During class, Andre is the only person that knows the answers and the rest of the class is not interested. Mark finds out that also Earvin is a very good student and knows everything about History and even outsmarted Issac. But, Earvin says that he won't be in the contest because he does not want everyone to know that he is smart. Mark tries to convince him that he would have a great future, but it does not work. At home, Tyler's dog chew
S01E19 Piano Lesson 00/00/0000 Tyler comes over asking for food and sees Mark's fireworks. Mark hides the fireworks. Robin's boyfriend, Jason, gives Robin a necklace. Robin assumes that she will go to Hawaii that weekend. Robin cannot go with Mark to play pool that night so Robin makes Vanessa go with Mark to the pool house. When Vanessa was young, she went to the Senate Rec. Center with her father, where she learnt to play pool. Vanessa still does not fit in with the crowd. Vanessa also gets Mark into a fight with a professional pool player and Vanessa also challenges him to a pool game. When they get back home, they tell Robin they had a great time at the pool house and that they won the game. Mark and Vanessa goes to a Jazz Concert. Also, Robin's boyfriend tells Robin that he has to go to Hawaii for meetings and can not bring her along. Robin wants to go to the Jazz Concert with Vanessa and Mark but they only have two tickets. Robin is stuck at home when Tyler comes over and sneaks to Mark's toolbox and get
S01E20 P.M.S.: Post Moving-in Syndrome 00/00/0000 In the beginning of the episode, Mark is fixing Tyler's bike. Tyler asks to have dinner with them but Mark says no. Tyler asks Vanessa and Robin and they say yes. They are celebrating their eight month anniversary of living together and being roomates. We go back in time when they moved in together. Mark and his friends are playing basketball outside and Vanessa and Robin takes their basketball. Mark gets a Spanish class at the high school. Mark tries to use the bathroom so he could get their earlier but Vanessa is doing her hair. Mark gets into the bathroom through another door. Robin, Mark, and Vanessa are having a hard time using the only bathroom. Mark goes to class late and meets the principal. The principal remembers Mark and gets a headache. Mark tries to read the lesson plan but he can't because it's in Spanish. Robin asks Mark to get home and sign for the new chairs arriving at home. Mark gets locked out of the class by Earvin. At home, Mark tries to get used to the new fu
S01E21 A Moving Experience 00/00/0000 Mark, Robin, and there friends are playing dominos. Vanessa and Tyler want to play. Earvin has to ask Mark a question. The coach wins the game and breaks the table. Earvin has trouble in maths and if he does not pass he will have to repeat the grade. Mark decides to help him. The next day, Mark tries to teach Earvin but both of them get distracted. Mark finds out that his friend needs a new roomate at his new apartment. Mark tells Vanessa and Robin and they wonder what to do with Mark's room. Mark moves into the new apartment. Mark tries to tutor Earvin but does not have time because of the new parties around the building. One night, Earvin comes over and Mark tries to tutor but Mark gets distracted because of another party going on at their apartment. Earvin feels left out and also feels that he will flunk the math class. That night at home, Vanessa and Robin miss Mark. Mark comes back home to visit and do his laundry. Robin also notices at school and at home that he is falling
S01E22 Livin' a Large Lie 00/00/0000 Tyler is shaving with Mark in the bathroom. Robin and Vanessa are trying to get Tyler's father to fix the bathroom tiles. Mark also tries to fix the bathroom tiles but gets injured and also gets his hand stuck to the wall. Mark's grandmother calls up from Detroit. She will come over in a few days. Mark tells a lie to her grandmother that he still plays with the Warriors. Mark tires to get Robin to be the cook and Vanessa the maid when she comes over. The day comes and Mark tries to get Tyler out of the house and Robin and Vanessa serves Mark. The grandmother is impressed and eats everything that Robin cooks. Also the grandmother, still does not know that Mark was cut from the Warriors. The grandmother is so fascinated, that she will stay for another week. Robin and Vanessa urge Mark to tell the truth. Mark tries to tell the grandmother the truth but does not have the courage. Everything goes well until the grandmother sees Tyler watching the Warriors game and Mark is upstairs. The
S02E01 Baby Love 00/00/0000 Mark and Vanessa get new roomies when his cousin and her daughter visit---and move in.
S02E02 Slumber Party 00/00/0000 Mark solos as chaperone at Nicole's party when Geneva and Vanessa go shopping and don't return on time.
S02E03 School's a Drag 00/00/0000 Geneva has got a job as a music teacher at the High School. Mark tries to show her the ways around the school. They are getting a new principal and the rumour tells that she loves to fire people. It turns out to be Mark's sister's best friend, P.J. Moore. She says that Mark is the kind of teacher she hates. Mark's schedule includes Driver's Ed. and he's not very happy about that. Mark drives the Driver's Ed. car home. Darnell takes it for a ride without Mark's promission. He accidentally hit a lawn mower and gives the owner Mark's name. The owner is going after the school. Mark dresses up as a woman to play the role as the principal when they man is coming to the school. He wants a date with ""P.J."" (who Mark is pretending to be) at a karaokee bar. When they meet there, Mark gets him to sign the settlement. Then the real P.J. shows up. Mark tries to hide from her, but after a while she sees him. She realises that Mark really loves teaching and doesn't fire him.
S02E04 Limpin' Lizards 00/00/0000 Nicole and Vanessa watches ""Lester the Lizard and the Crocodile Kids"", a kids' show on TV. They are searching for a new crocodile kid and Nicole wants to try out. Geneva won't let her. Vanessa wants to meet Lester since he owns a piece of his business and she wants to try to get his account to her company. Mark is teaching Driver's Ed. Earvin and André has got hold of a piece of Lester the Lizard's tail. They got it when they nearly ran over Lester during one of Mark's classes. Mark wants P.J. to get him another class. Driver's Ed is too dangerous. Tyler provokes Geneva to let Nicole audition. P.J. gives Mark a new class. He becomes the school's new Home Ec. teacher. It turns out to be even more dangerous. His eyebrows get burned. Mark takes Nicole to the audition and Vanessa joins them. It turns out that Lester is a woman who smokes and is hated by everybody on the show. She finds Mark attractive and she thinks she has seen him before. Vanessa doesn't get Lester's account. Nicole
S02E05 Free at Last 00/00/0000 A person at Vanessa's job has quit and Vanessa thinks she'll be promoted. When she isn't, she demands a better job. She gets fired. She starts looking for a job. Mark is beginning to think that he'll have to live in his car if Vanessa doesn't get a job until the next mortgage payment. Vanessa gets job and she invites Mark, Geneva and Nicole over there. It turns out she's a waitress at a chinese restaurant. She isn't very good at it. She even makes the cook quit. Mark takes the cook's place. That doesn't work out very well. Vanessa gets fired but she gets the money to the mortgage payment through blackmail when she spots a cockroach. In the end of the episode, Mark and Vanessa watch ""21 Jump Street"" on TV and make some comments on Holly Robinson (same actress that play Vanessa). Vanessa says she doesn't like her.
S02E06 Father Fairest 00/00/0000 It's Halloween time! P.J. orders Geneva and Mark to go chaperone the Halloween party at the high school. Mark teaches a science class and finds out that Earvin is mad at his father for leaving him when he was born. Mark decides to fly in his father from New York. Meanwhile, Geneva has to sew a costume for Tyler, Vanessa, Nicole, and herself. Geneva sews a horse costume and Nicole and Tyler can't decide who to wear the head. Can Geneva satisfy them all? The father comes in but he is White. Earvin does not care if his father is a different race but is still mad at him for leaving him when he was born. Mark dresses up as a doctor and Earvin's father dresses up as a grape. Mark invites Earvin's father to go to the dance and try to patch things up with Earvin. Can Earvin forgive his father for leaving him?
S02E07 The Goodbye Girl 00/00/0000 Geneva is forcing more rules for Nicole's safety since they now live in Oakland instead of Georgia. Geneva catches Nicole riding her bicycle to the store to buy candy. Geneva punishes her and Mark and Vanessa think Geneva is being harsh on Nicole. Tyler recommends that Nicole should get a divorce from Geneva. Mark convinces Geneva to use reverse pshycology and soon Nicole would want to follow Geneva's rules. Nicole is having a fun time and Mark feels that the reverse pshycology is not working. Will Nicole obey Geneva's rules? Meanwhile, Mark will play poker with his friends and Vanessa wants to get on a date with one of Mark's friends that came off of a divorce from his wife. Vanessa plans to play poker with the guys wearing some clothes that would attract Mark's friend. Instead, Mark convinces Vanessa to talk about sports and wear casual clothes. During the poker game, Vanessa wins everyone's money and Nicole puts hand-cuffs on Mark and Nicole and does not know where the key is. M
S02E08 Seoul Shake 00/00/0000 Mark gets to be head coach of the high school basketball team. He is holding a try-out for the basketball team. One of the students, Sammy, is going to try out. He is a new student from South Korea. His parents wants to have him work in the family market but the student wants to be on the basketball team. Unfortunately, Sammy does not play very well at the try-out. Sammy brings his parents over to make Mark convince his parents to let Sammy play basketball. Mark tells the parents and Sammy that he should work in the market and Mark agrees with his parents. Sammy does not respect Mark anymore. Meanwhile, Geneva is trying to build Nicole a play house and she has a hard time doing it. Vanessa is still trying to find a job. So, Geneva hires Vanessa to build the desk for $5 an hour. The next day, Mark promises P.J. that the school will win the State Championships. The opening games are a few days away when they find out that their star player is injured. Mark sees Sammy playing basket
S02E09 The Prince of Soul 00/00/0000 Vanessa starts working at a ""Soul food"" restaurant. There she meets a prince from an African country who she starts seeing. The Prince likes her too and then he proposes to her and Vanessa says yes. Mark and Geneva think he is a con, and Nicole starts to act like a Princess! Dissappointed by the fact that he is accused of being a con the prince calls the wedding off and he leaves for home. But it wasn't till they watch the news later that night that they realize he was really a prince after all. At the end of this episode Mark and Vanessa race off to the airport to stop the plane, but it's too late.
S02E10 Air Cooper 00/00/0000 Vannessa new boyfriend decideds to put Mark in a commerical advertsing these new shoes, since he played with the Warriors and all. If agress to do and ask P.J. if they could you the school gym for the commercial. She said that if he got her a pair of the tennis shoes then it would be a deal. On the other hand Nicole has to do a report on the person that she thinks is a hero to her and she is not allowed to do her parents so she decide to do Mark as her hero. She follows him around and then tells the kids at school that he will be staring in the commercial. Vannessa goes over to her boyfriend/the director for lunch. She finds out that Mark will be wearing the brand X shoes while a superstar actually gets to wear the other ones. They decide to tell Mark but he says that they should just go ahead. Then the director puts a banner up which says ""Those Who Can Play, Those who can't teach"" They decide to put a stop to the commercial. Well the dircector gets fired and his boss made the chang
S02E11 Santa's Got a Brand New Bag 00/00/0000 Mark works as Santa in a mall.
S02E12 Private School 00/00/0000 Mark is assigned to a private school by P.J. to teach American history. The school is nothing like what Mark is used to. Everyone is properly uniformed, preppy, and all white! He ends up teaching them all about black history ""from slavery to Soul Train"".
S02E13 For Whom the Heck the Bell Tolls 00/00/0000 In this episode, Geneva has a hard time at the grocery store. Nicole asks why men treat women differently than others. Nicole decides to dress and act like Vanessa and see men, or usually Tyler, will respond to a woman like Vanessa. Mark teaches a drama class at Oakland High. Mark receives a letter that his assistant coach, when he was playing high school basketball, has died. The coach's son asks Mark to give the speech at the funeral. One problem, Mark does not know who the man is. Mark's plan is to look at the body of the dead man in the coffin to see who he is. Unfortunately, he was cremated. Now Mark has to give a speech on the man he does not know. Will Mark remember the assistant coach?
S02E14 It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To 00/00/0000 Mark is turning 30. Vanessa and Geneva decides to arrange an over-the-hill party. Tyler discovers a strange lump on Mark. Mark goes to the doctor to have it tested. A misunderstanding leads to Mark thinking that he's going to die because of the lump. He goes sky-diving and gives away his stuff. He even gives most of his money to Thaddeus to name a park after him.
S02E15 The Courtship of Mark Cooper 00/00/0000 Mark is dating an attorney named Denise (Lela Rochon). And when Mark tells her how he really feels about coming over to the house unannounced, she then breaks up with him. Meanwhile, the student hold a car wash to raise money for a school dance. Mark receives a court supbeona stating he damaged Thaddeus White's car on the driveway where the students held the car wash. Mark and Denise battle it out. Mark finds out why Denise wants him to meet her parents - it's not because she wants to get married, they're just big NBA fans.
S02E16 Wedding Bell Blues 00/00/0000 PJ and Victor are planning to get married, and this couldn't make Mark any happier, cause that would mean she would be leaving to go to Chicago. But Mark discovers something about Victor and wrestles with whether or not he should tell her or not.
S02E17 Truth or Consequences 00/00/0000 Mark catches Vanessa lying on the phone to Thaddeus. They make a bet. So, when P.J. invites them to her fund raiser thay can't get out of it. P.J. wants Mark to take her niece Luttie to the fund raiser, and that's the way it goes since Mark can't lie about not having a date. Tyler falls in love with Geneva.
S02E18 Trading Places 00/00/0000 Vanessa wants to get a job at a Christian, conservative radio station. She can't tell them that she's living single together with a man. So, she tells the manager, when she has him over for dinner, that Mark is her husband and that Geneva is her wild cousin.
S02E19 Pros and Convicts 00/00/0000 Vanessa wants to show Geneva how to have a good time. Geneva tries to hit on a man who turns out to be a police officer. He mistakes her for being a prostitute and arrests both her and Vanessa.
S02E20 Double Cheeseburger, Hold the Diploma 00/00/0000 During detention, Mark gets the kids to write job applications. Earvin gets a job and drops out of scool. He starts working at a hamburger restaurant (Clown Burger). Since it was Mark's idea to write the application, Earvin's mother tells Mark to go to that restaurant and talk Earvin into coming back to school. Mark brings Tyler and Nicole when he goes down there. In the hamburger restaurant, Mark argues with Earvin and tries to embarass him. Finally, he gets Earvin top come back to school. But Earvin's mother still wants Earvin to have a part-time job and Mark is going to help him get one.
S02E21 Groom and Doom 00/00/0000 Mark stands in the way of Geneva's happiness when she receives a marriage proposal from a man willing to take on being a father figure to Nicole.
S02E22 Hangin' with Mrs. Cooper 00/00/0000 Mark mother comes to visit him because she wants to start working and get out of the house but Mark dosen't want her too so he calls his father so he can try and get her back. Mark finds out that his mother is a great teacher after P.J made her subsitute his English class after he called in sick. Mark doesn't like it so he runs over to the school and finds Earvin and Andre and the rest of the class looking at dirty pictures. He takes them. Then his mother comes in he tries to hide but she sees him. When she starts teaching he realizes that she's a good teacher. At dinner Mark father comes and talks to his mother and they get back togther. Nicole writes an ad in the newspaper so she can get her mother a date for Mother's Day. Tyler comes over and gives Geneva a piece of string for Mother's Day because she been so nice to him. At the end of the show Nicole's gift (a man) comes and Geneva grabs him by his tie and rushes out the door. At the end of the episode Mark gets his Mom to cook for
S03E01 Call Me Irresponsible 00/00/0000 During the summer, P.J. (the principal) has been calling Mark's house and leaving messages. Geneva thinks he should call him back, but Mark refuses - he doesn't want to call his boss during the summer. When he comes to school, he tries to avoid P.J., but he fails. P.J. tells him that she had been calling him to offer him the job as head coach. Mark gets very happy and excited, until P.J. tells him that since he didn't return her phone calls, she had to offer the job to someone else. If he suck up to the new head coach, maybe he can become assistant coach. After Mark's history class, coach Corley comes into the classroom and asks him for advice and offers him the job as assistant coach, but Mark declines. Later coach Corley comes by the house and he and Mark decides that Mark is just going to come by the gym on Monday.
S03E02 My Bodyguard 00/00/0000 Mark discovers that Nicole is up in the middle of the night doing another kid's homework. His name is Scott Farcus. Nicole says that she should just say no to him. Nicole promises - she doesn't want Mark to tell her mother because she would just become like crazy aunt Eunetta. It didn't work very well. Nicole tells Mark that he took her lunch and sold it back to her. Therefore, Mark invites Tyler over. He tells Tyler about Scott Farcus and asks Tyler to stand up to Scott and tell him to leave Nicole alone. Tyler tries to get away, but Mark catches him. He shows Tyler how behave like a tough guy and give him his sun-glasses so he can be really tough. Tyler says he will do it. The next day, Tyler is rather angry with Mark. Scott broke the glasses and got Tyler to do his spelling homework. Nicole tell her mother about what Scott's been doing to her. In school, Geneva makes a big scene when she's angry with Mark because he didn't tell Nicole to come to her. She says she's going down to t
S03E03 Between Friends 00/00/0000 Geneva has bought a desk for Nicole, which Mark is supposed to put together. But Mark's old friend from college, Steve, comes by to visit him. He's a sports columnist fot the Tribune. They go to Dirty Burgers to eat and talk about old memories. They both start to hit on the waitress. They are to go to the Warriors game that night, but when the waitress, Charlene, calls, they start to fight about old girlsfriends and Steve decides to going to the game with Charlene instead of Mark. But Mark phones and cancels Steve's tickets. Geneva tells Mark to call Steve and try to work things out. After some trouble and misunderstandings between Mark and Vanessa, Steve comes over to get his cellular phone, which he had forgot at Mark's. They appologize to each other. In this episode, Vanessa tried to get a job in a number of different ways. At last, she manages to get one, answering the phones, at a doctor's office. The desk was put together. Geneva lost her bet to Nicole that Mark wouldn't manage t
S03E04 He Said, She Said 00/00/0000 Vanessa is upset to learn that Mark wants to date her friend from the office. Everytime he goes on a date with one of her friends, she loses the friend.
S03E05 Matinee 00/00/0000 Mark takes Nicole and a few of her friends to the matinee only to suffer through the pains of taking little kids to the movies.
S03E06 Mo' Money 00/00/0000 Mark decides to invest in the vending machine business.
S03E07 Instant Replay 00/00/0000 Mark finds out that his former basketball rival will be back in town to play at his high school's upcoming alumni basketball game. Fearing a repeat of an old high school humiliation with Reggie, who is now a NBA star, Mark fakes an injury.
S03E08 House Guest 00/00/0000 Geneva invites P.J. to stay at their house...but Mark didn't anticipate P.J. moving in along with her new little dog, aptly named Monster.
S03E09 My Achy Breaky Back 00/00/0000 Mark finally gets a job interview with the head coach at San Francisco State, but he hurts his back before the interview.
S03E10 True Romance 00/00/0000 While Mark substitutes for a sportswriter friend by writing a sports column, he is continually interrupted when people ask his advice on their love lives.
S03E11 Clothes Make the Man 00/00/0000 Mark goes to a men's clothing store to buy a new tie for a weekend banquet and ends up getting conned by a beautiful but cunning saleswoman.
S03E12 Christmas Show 00/00/0000 It's Christmas. Mark accidentally leaves a window open. When they get back, they have been robbed.
S03E13 Coach 00/00/0000 Mark finally gets his dream job as the school's head basketball coach after Coach Corley leaves the position to coach college basketball.
S03E14 One Is the Loneliest Number 00/00/0000 Mark's friend, Steve, convinces Mark that his relationship with his girlfriend Denise is boring. Concluding that Denise is to blame, Mark makes plans to stop dating her, but Denise stops dating him first.
S03E15 True Lies 00/00/0000 Instead of keeping his promise to Nicole to bring her to the circus, Mark lies to her so he can go out with his girlfriend Denise.
S03E16 The Ringer 00/00/0000 Geneva convinces Mark to coach Nicole's all-girl basketball team, which hasn't won a game all season. Determined to help the girls win, Mark convinces Tyler to dress up like a girl and play on the team.
S03E17 Down in the Dumps 00/00/0000 Mark and Vanessa are determined to win the lottery and enlist Geneva's help in obtaining her aunt's guaranteed winning formula.
S03E18 Hero 00/00/0000 While waiting to use the ATM, Mark witnesses a botched robbery attempt. A woman stops the thief but leaves the scene quickly. Everyone believes that Mark actually prevented the robbery and he doesn't deny it.
S03E19 Here Comes the Groom 00/00/0000 Mark advises Earvin to slow down his romance with his new girlfriend Lisa. However, Mark's good intentions prove ill advised when Earvin, after listening to Mark, decides to elope with Lisa.
S03E20 The Matchmaker 00/00/0000 Mark and Geneva's crazy Aunt Eunetta comes to visit, and with her quirky technique of touching people's heads, determines that Mark and Vanessa would be the perfect couple.
S03E21 Guys' Night Out 00/00/0000 After being pestered by Geneva, Mark reluctantly tries to help Geneva's boyfriend, Ken, become a part of Mark's group of male friends.
S03E22 High Hopes 00/00/0000 It looks like roommates Mark, Geneva and Vanessa may all be leaving Oakland.
S05E01 The Ring 00/00/0000 After Vanessa accepts Mark's marriage proposal, Mark looks for a deal on a ring he can afford. But there's a misunderstanding about the price—after he gives it to Vanessa.
S05E02 Please Don't Go 00/00/0000 When Geneva feels she's in the way of the newlyweds-to-be and makes plans to move out, Mark enlists the help of Tyler's rambunctious young relatives to convince her to stay.
S05E03 The In-Laws 00/00/0000 Mark meets Vanessa's extremely weathly parents for the first time, and hopes that they will pay for the wedding.
S05E04 Security 00/00/0000 Vanessa's job working as an emergency medical technician is eliminated due to budget cuts, so she starts her own business selling African beauty supplies. Meanwhile, Mark takes an additional job at a security company.
S05E05 The Spa 00/00/0000 Vanessa is very tense from planning her wedding, so her friend Florence invites her to a spa for relaxation. Mark becomes jealous when he realizes that the spa is staffed by attractive men who are eager to please their customers.
S05E06 The Dance 00/00/0000 Tyler makes a date with a girl for his first school dance, but Mark gives him bad advice on how to treat women.
S05E07 One on One 00/00/0000 When Mark argues with the high school's girls' basketball coach, they decide to settle their differences with a one-on-one basketball game.
S05E08 The Swami 00/00/0000 To help the school earn money for textbooks, Mark works at a carnival pretending to be a fortuneteller.
S05E09 The Argument 00/00/0000 Mark and Vanessa get into an argument, but they both have conflicting viewpoints as to what really happened.
S05E10 Lifesaver 00/00/0000 Vanessa pressures Geneva's longtime boyfriend, Ken, into asking Geneva to marry him. Geneva accepts, but Ken reconsiders after Mark inadvertently scares him about the seriousness of marriage.
S05E11 The Idol 00/00/0000 Mark promises that he will introduce Tyler to his favorite rap star who happens to be an old friend of Mark's.
S05E12 Party, Party 00/00/0000 While Vanessa's friends give her a pre-wedding party at a strip club where her old boyfriend works, Mark's buddies host a similar party for him.
S05E13 Getting Personal 00/00/0000 Vanessa wonders if Mark really understands her. She places an advertisement in a section of the personals and then tests Mark by telling him to determine which ad is hers.