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Henry Beckman was living the perfect life - until his girlfriend, Heather, convinced him to move to Chicago to work for her uncle. Now she's dumped him, he's out of work, and living with a very outspoken roommate who has his own surreal opinions on life and women.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Happy Hour

S01E01 Pilot 07/09/2006 Henry Beckman has a girlfriend who convinces him to move to Chicago to work for her uncle. But his life is sent into a loop when she dumps him, which causes him to lose his job and to be thrown into an apartment with Larry, a man who has his own surreal opinions on life and women. Larry sets up Henry with a new job and life begins anew. Of course, one of the house rules is that every day at four is Happy Hour.
S01E02 The Mix CD 14/09/2006 Henry finds a mix CD of love songs and gets details about Larry's one true love, Molly. Amanda is concerned when a doctor in her gynecologist's office cancels a date with her.
S01E03 Larry's Birthday 21/09/2006 It's Larry's birthday and his friends all forgot about it.. all except Henry who got him a lame camping trip as a present.
S01E04 The Ring and I 02/11/2006 When Larry discovers that Henry is hanging onto an engagement ring that he had planned to give Heather, he tries to get Henry to sell the ring and buy a wine refrigerator.
S01E05 Crazy Girls 00/00/0000 When Henry dates a girl named Shauna, Larry warns him to stay away from her. After Henry ignores the warnings he returns to Larry to help him get out of the relationship.
S01E06 Thanksgiving 00/00/0000 Tina is planning a Thansgiving dinner, and her mother and sister are is planning to visit. Unfortunately Brad makes too good of an impression on his mother-in-law as she puts the moves on him.
S01E07 Boo! This Party Sucks 00/00/0000 Larry and Tina host separate Halloween parties and Brad begs everyone to attend Tina’s dreary party. Amanda and Heather wear identical sexy costumes to Larry’s party.
S01E08 The Election 00/00/0000 With Tina and Brad’s rule on the tenants’ association coming to an end, Larry and Henry decide to run against them. Amanda gets bored with her doting husband.
S01E09 The Family Affair 00/00/0000 Henry's parents are coming for a visit and he fears they'll be disappointed in him. Larry and Amanda have prejudices against them. Tina gets a job but she doesn't like Brad's excitement over it. Everyone may have to rethink their opinions.
S01E10 11:30 Snuggles 00/00/0000 Larry and Brad almost get into a fight in a bar, and Henry calls the police to save them, forgetting that all three are impersonating police officers to impress women.
S01E11 New Year's Eve 00/00/0000 Everyone likes Amanda’s current boyfriend except for Larry, who gets a ‘bad vibe’ from him. Although Larry always protects Amanda, he goes too far this time and hurts her feelings.
S01E12 A Dead Man's Ham 00/00/0000 It’s Christmas and Larry’s friends leave to be with their families, however they then decide to stay with him because all flights out of Chicago have been cancelled. However, at the apartment, the only food available is a mail-order ham that arrived for a neighbour who has died
S01E13 The T-Shirt 00/00/0000 Larry’s T-Shirt business soars in popularity after George Clooney is seen wearing one of his shirts, however the reverse happens with Kevin Federline. Heather then saves the business by changing the company slogan.