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S01E01 Till Death Do Us Part 00/00/0000 Charlie faces a desk job but gets a reprieve, he is teamed with a new young partner and despite their differences must protect a witness, a mobster's wife, whom Charlie knows too well. Charlie: ""I stopped thinking in '69 and started doing.""
S01E02 The Silver Scream 00/00/0000 Charlie and Kaz work as technical advisors on a film and wind up protecting the star, an actress whose attacker has just recently been paroled.
S01E03 The One Armed Bandit 00/00/0000 Charlie and Kaz are in Las Vegas visiting Charlie's friend who owns a casino-hotel. Kaz's discovery of the bullet-ridden corpse of a pickpocket, followed by gunfire in the showroom cut their vacation short. It seems the Russian comic is really a defected physicist wanted by the KGB.
S01E04 Which Witch is Which? 00/00/0000 Charlie is a having a string of bad ""coincidences."" A witch in a retirement home says that one of nurses there will be the next in a series of kidnap-murders. When Kaz and Charlie arrive, they wind up thwarting an attack by a trio in black robes.
S01E05 The Cleveland Indian 00/00/0000 A Native American is in search of his great-grandson who's spent time in an institution other than the one wrote about. The great-grandson is also wanted by his friends from the bank job and by his parole officer, all who have 1.2 million reasons for getting in contact with him.
S01E06 The Fighting 52nd 00/00/0000 Charlie, the ""Rainmaster,"" attends the reunion of his old Vietnam Army unit; however one of the members is murdered. The man wanted to talk to Charlie about something before the reunion; Charlie and Kaz discover that other members are acting as a freelance mercenary unit. This unit's latest plan is to take the life of a South American leader.
S01E07 Time Bomb 00/00/0000 Two men are killed. 30 years ago in college they were part of a group which was charged for the death of a fellow student in a test of courage. Charlie and Kaz want to protect the remaining three from the killer, but it seems the killer is among them. Helping Charlie and Kaz is a member of the bomb squad named Dutch. Though he's quite a specialist, Charlie discovers Dutch's could-get-dangerous illness - schizophrenia.
S01E08 Trying to Make a Living, and Doing the Best I Can 00/00/0000 The little crook Sonny mistakenly steals the case of a professional killer. Now he is chased by that man and when he stumbles and the case with a gun opens, Sonny gets arrested. Charlie and Kaz now must protect Sonny as well find out who's the person the killer is after.
S01E09 The Out of Towner 00/00/0000 G.P. Svetlo, a rude detective from Louisiana, is in town searching for his lost daughter. During a raid he and his daughter are arrested. Kaz soon realizes that this man is highly dangerous and his deadly scared daughter Lauren is his target. Charlie and Kaz try to help her but G.P. keeps on crossing their way. They both assume that there must be more than just a run-away girl and phone to Louisiana. It seems that Lauren has stolen the counterfeit money G.P. took after arresting a gang of counterfeiters.
S01E10 The Cool Katt 00/00/0000 An older cop is shot in a bank, but the case and everything about it is made non-existent. Charlie begins to think about retiring or moving to that desk job. The perpetrator is cocky and appears to be connected; Charlie and Kaz are ready to break his connection, even to the point where the give up their badges.
S01E11 The Angel of Death 00/00/0000 A reporter who was on the scene of the murder of a homeless man minutes after it happened is terrorized by the caller who gave her the tip about the murder.
S01E12 A Killer Date 00/00/0000 Kaz gets Charlie a lifetime membership to a computer dating company. Charlie gives it a shot, but winds up getting shot at on this first date and gets a warning to pass on his second date. Charlie's date is also an Al Martoni fan and possibly a black widow so they go to Vegas to get married.
S01E13 A Death in the Family 00/00/0000 It's Charlie's birthday and his daughter stops by wish him well, but the differences between them still run deep. She then becomes the victim of a wounded robber who vows revenge against Charlie, who caused the death of the robber's brother.
S01E14 Sex, Cops, and Videotape (a.k.a. From the Commissioner, With Love) 00/00/0000 Charlie and Kaz get assigned to a delicate case: the murder of the commissioner's mistress. The commissioner has hired a killer to search for the videotape that shows him in a compromising position.
S01E15 Wedding Bell Blues 00/00/0000 Kaz's mother comes to town and surprises her by announcing she is getting remarried. While meeting her fiancé they are hailed by a barrage of bullets. Kaz has a hard time dealing with this and the fact his mother is getting remarried. It appears as though Kaz's mother may be the victim of a jealous lover, her fiancé's business partner.
S01E16 Prescription For Murder (a.k.a. Charlie and Kaz Meet the Mummy) 00/00/0000 While Charlie is in the hospital, he is mistaken for a hitman's target. Kaz inadvertently blocks Charlie's shot at the would-be killer while in pursuit. They wind up sharing a room while trying to figure out what's going on. It seems that Charlie's previous roommate is the target of mob hit being coordinated by the hospital's chief-of-staff.
S01E17 Every Dog Has Its Day 00/00/0000 A retarded friend of Charlie's says a dog asked him to get the police to stop his murder. When Charlie and Kaz arrive at the scene shots are fired.
S01E18 The Hunt for Honus Wagner 00/00/0000 Kaz's bike and a valuable baseball card are stolen and lead into a different type of ball game managed by a player who could have Charlie legally tossed out.

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Par atlza Le 16/05/2014

Avant que la folie des vues aériennes n'emporte avec elle les photographes, Plisson compris, Celui-ci nous livre là un témoignage poignant de la mer, sa force, son rapport à l'homme et sa beauté. Indispensable.