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Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs is a series of children's books written and drawn by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds. The series is about a 5-year-old boy named Harry, who has a bucket full of dinosaurs. In the books the dinosaurs talk to Harry but seem to be toys to the other characters. The other main characters are Mum, Nan, Harry's best friend Charlie, and Harry's sister Sam. In the TV series Harry plays with the dinosaurs by jumping into the bucket, which transports him to another world, called DinoWorld. Although the dinosaurs are toy-sized in the real world, within DinoWorld they become dinosaur-sized, while Harry retains his actual size. The TV episodes are available on DVD in two volumes.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

S01E01 Aaagh! 01/01/2006 Harry has a nightmare in which he is chased by a monster, so he goes to Dino-World in an attempt to hide from it. But because the monster is created by Harry's imagination it materializes in Dino-world and terrorizes Harry and the dinos until Harry imagines the monster as harmless and friendly.
S01E02 Overdue! 01/01/2006 Harry is upset to learn that he must return his library book so decides to hide the book in Dino-World. Although Harry and the dinos try to entertain the book, it is unhappy in Dino-World and tries to escape. Eventually the book persuades Harry to return it to the library where there are lots more books waiting to be read.
S01E03 But I Like Mud! 01/01/2006 Harry is outside, playing in a mud puddle and getting really dirty. His Nana tells him it's time to take a bath, but he says he doesn't like baths because the soap gets in his eyes. Nana recommends a solution for this, but Harry decides he still doesn't want to take a bath and makes a break for it. He and the dinosaurs go to Dino World, where Harry decides to do his best to become the dirtiest, stinkest boy ever. The dinosaurs recommend he play in primordial ooze, but it isn't nearly stinky enough for him. He and the dinosaurs go on a safari through the stinkiest areas of Dino World, but when Harry wants to visit Stinky Swamp, the dinosaurs bail out. Then, Harry meets someone at Stinky Swamp who begins to change his opinion.
S01E04 It's a Kitty! 01/01/2006 Charlie brings a new kitty named Buster over to Harry's house. Harry thinks the new kitty is very cute and small and Nana suggests that they take the kitty out to the backyard. There, Harry's dinosaurs spot the kitty and believe it to be some kind of new toy, or a new dinosaur. Then, the kitty scares them all and the lot of them end up in Dino World. Harry heads to Dino World to search for Buster, while Charlie waits in case Buster comes back. Harry convinces the dinosaurs that Buster is a nice kitty and they all go on a safari to get him back. They face obstacles including think jungle and the legendary Soda Fountain Valley.
S01E05 Je viens avec toi ? 01/01/2006 It seems like everyone belongs to some sort of club or group except Harry. His Mom's in a jogging club, Charlie attends karate lessons and his sister and her friends have a band. Harry and the dinosaurs decide to create their own club, but can't decide on what to do. They try several ideas, but nothing seems to work out.
S01E06 What Mess? 01/01/2006 Harry is looking for his building blocks, but can't seem to find them anywhere in his room. His Mom says that his room is a mess and that she's going out to the grocery store, but she wants to see it neat and tidy by the time she comes back. Harry doesn't like this idea at all, but he loves it when Taury tells him that there's a no-cleaning rule in Dino World. He just made that rule up and so Harry and the dinosaurs test it out. They soon create a colossal mess and then Harry decides to dump the stuff from his room in Dino World. Patsy warns that it will all end in tears, but Harry goes ahead with the plan anyway. Pretty soon, Dino World has turned into garbage world --- it's a garbage emergency!
S01E07 Uh-Oh! 01/01/2006 Harry accidentally breaks a cup. He and his friend Charlie go with the dinosaurs to Dino World to fix it.
S01E08 Nobody's Listening to Me! 01/01/2006 Harry has begun work on a story about his dinosaurs and him. He's only just started and wants help with it, but it seems like all of his family and even his dinosaurs are too busy to listen to him. He decides to hop into Dino World by himself, hoping to find someone there who will listen to him. The dinosaurs, realizing they've messed up, join Harry in Dino World and apologize. They agree to listen to the story, but then argue loudly about what should happen next. They all lose their voices and Harry tracks them to Echo Canyon, where he learns from a southern-country from named Clem that the voices are there in the canyon. They're rolling about in a big ball and have become all messed up because of the arguing.
S01E09 Je voudrais … 01/01/2006 There are lots of things Harry wishes for, but his wishes never seem to come true. Tired of this, he wonders if there's a place where his wishes could come true. A wishing-well in Dino World is suggested. Patsy doesn't like the idea but is overruled, so everyone heads to Dino World. The wishing-well grants Harry a set of magic wishing stones and he and the dinosaurs get wishing. They soon fritter away their wishes and then Harry makes the worst wish of all by accident.
S01E10 Yo ho ho 01/01/2006 Harry is playing a pirate game with Charlie. He's declared himself the Captain, but Charlie wants away from the game when Harry won't let her be Captain too. Harry says he won't apologize because pirates never do and he goes with the dinosaurs to Dino World to play pirates there. Once there, Harry becomes an even scurvier pirate Captain and works his dinosaurs to death. They don't meet his demanding standards and he even tries to make Pterence walk the plank. The dinosaurs mutiny and Harry is left on an island. There, he meets a new friend and comes to a conclusion as to how he should really handle the situation.
S01E11 Harry grand reporter! 01/01/2006 Harry wants to be an ace reporter, but he can't find any stories. When one of the dinosaurs mentions a dinosaur race they go to Dino World to report on it.
S01E12 Qu'est-ce qu'on mange ce matin? 01/01/2006 Harry enjoys a good breakfast, but he'd love to be eating something like bacon and eggs, or waffles. When protests at Nana's oatmeal, he's told that he isn't at restaurant. Harry dumps the oatemal in a potted plant then heads off to Dino World with the dinosaurs to create his own restaurant. At first, the dinosaurs are all impressed by the great service of ""diner-world."" Pretty soon, however, things start to go wrong and Harry realizes that running a restaruant isn't all that easy. He learns an important lesson in appreciating what others do for you.
S01E13 Je voudrais qu’il cesse de pleuvoir ! 01/01/2006 Harry and his family visit the beach, but a rainstorm spoils Harry's planned fun --- making a sandcastle and swimming in the ocean. He wishes that it would never rain again. Back at home, there's a strange light pouring out of Harry's bucket, emanating from Dino World. Harry and the dinosaurs jump in and find that Dino World has turned into some sort of barren wasteland. All of the oceans and rivers have dried up and now the fish are in danger.
S01E14 Goal! 01/01/2006 Nana puts a stop to a soccer game that Harry and Charlie are playing when she feels that Harry isn't treating Charlie fairly. Harry doesn't get the message and wants to keep playing, so he decides to go to Dino World. Pterence urges Charlie to come along, saying that games are always more fun there. Once there, though, Harry continues to leave Charlie out of the game. Harry's dinosaurs help Charlie to feel better and Harry learns a lesson in sportsmanship.
S01E15 Achtoum 01/01/2006 Harry has been in bed the past few days with a bad cold. When Charlie shows up outside, he wants to go out and play, but is caught by his Mom after he sneezes. Harry is worried he's just going to be stuck in bed, but then decides he could have fun in Dino World. The dinosaurs think this is a great idea and so they all jump in. At first, everyone has a great time just romping around. Then, the dinosaurs all start coming down with strange ailments. It seems they've caught Harry's cold, but it's manifesting itself in bizarre ways in each dinosaur. Harry is very upset he caused his dinosaurs to get sick and vows to care for them.
S01E16 Super Harry! 01/01/2006 Harry has donned a cape and is playing Super Harry, but runs into a problem in that nobody in his home seems to be in need of help or saving. Sam sends him away because she's in the middle of talking with a friend and Nana doesn't need any help either. Then, he tries to help Mom with the groceries, but ends up making a mess and causing her to lose her car keys. He tries to help clean up, but Mom says she'll do it on her own. Harry and the dinosaurs decide to travel to Dino World in search of superhero adventures. Once there, though, Harry becomes down on himself because he doesn't have any superpowers. The dinos help him to see that with their help, he can truly be super.
S01E17 C'est le grand jour ! 01/01/2006 Harry gets up early and dresses up nicely to practice for a school concert. He's distracted, however, by various noises. He hops into Dino World for peace and quiet. At first, the dinos don't quite get it and to add insult to injury, a rooster crows. There's finally quiet, but then Harry gets nervous and edgy. His nervousness causes his very own musical notes to run away.
S01E18 Tu es trop petit 01/01/2006 Harry is tired of being small. He's always trying to reach up for things, but ends up needing help. He wants to do things on his own. His Nana suggests drinking milk, but it doesn't seem to help him grow fast enough. He visits Dino World, where he finds a mechanical cow with milk that can instantly change his size. He tries it out, but finds that sizes it's changing him too are definitely not ideal.
S01E19 Qu'est-ce qui coule ? 01/01/2006 It's a rainy day outside of Harry's place, but it seems like it's raining outside too. There's a leak all over the first floor, but nobody can seem to figure out where it's coming from. They try all sorts of things to keep the water from flooding the house, but when Harry's bucket is placed by Sam under a leak, Dino World is flooded. Harry joins Taury, who managed to hang on and they head to Dino World to search for their lost friends. The two find themselves in a submarine and begin their search. They find their friends in some unusual situations --- Trike is being hugged and cuddled by a giant octopus and all of the rest except Pterence seem to be trapped in a spongy cave with many entrances. As Harry sees more and more of this, the objects begin to seem familiar to him.
S01E20 Qui a dit que mes dinosaures ne sont pas chouettes 01/01/2006 Harry is outside during at recess at his preschool. His friend Charlie has just told him that a boy named Colin Carlisle said that his dinosaurs aren't cool. Colin proceeds to show off a robotic dinosaur of his own --- the new Raging Rex 5000. Harry and Charlie are a bit in awe of this dinosaur and even Harry's own dinosaurs are a bit envious of this machine's seeming power. They get annoyed, however, when Harry decides he'll make a robotic dinosaur of his own, rather than show them at show-and-tell. Harry hops into Dino World and they reluctantly come along with him. Harry goes ahead with the creation of his own dinosaur, but finds he's created a monster.
S01E21 I Can't find my Favourite Sock! 00/00/0000
S01E22 (Je le promets! 01/01/2006 Harry makes a promise to take good care of Charlie's Sergeant Shout action figure when he borrows it. He takes it into Dino World, and Sergeant Shout comes to life and mistreats Harry and the dinosaurs. Can Harry and the dinosaurs keep their cool and their promise?
S01E23 Abracadabra! 01/01/2006 Harry wants to do magic, but his tricks never seem to work out right. He can't make flowers appear out of thin air and he can't make Charlie's rabbit, Wiggle Nose, disappear. Disappointed, he heads into Dino World in the hope of finding a solution. He follows a tricky card to a place of magic and meets a Book of Magic. He also finds a magic wand, which the book warns him not to use. He does, however, and his bad magic causes some strange things to happen to his dinosaurs.
S01E24 Je ne veux pas y aller! 01/01/2006 Harry has an appointment at the dentist, but doesn't want to go. He says he'd rather keep playing. He ends up tossing a flying disc way far away and his Mom goes to get it, but warns him he'd best be ready to go to the dentist when he gets back. Harry decides instead to go into Dino World in search of more flying discs. In Dino World, Trike discovers that he has a hornache. Harry and the dinosaurs decide that he needs to see a horntist, but Trike doesn't want to go. He says he's heard bad things about horntists.
S01E25 Moi d'abord! 01/01/2006 While playing with Charlie, Harry keeps wanting to go first and Nana warns him that he's not using his best manners. In fact, it seems that Charlie doesn't want to play with Harry anymore because of his behavior. Nana decides to teach Harry about manners by giving him a book all about knights. Harry decides to go play knights in Dino World. Rather than learning all of the rules of knighthood, though, he decides to simply go on a quest to slay a dragon. When things don't go quite as planned, he finds that maybe manners are important after all.
S01E26 Oops! 00/00/0000 Harry is playing his favourite computer game when he accidentally loses Mom's latest report for her newspaper. With the help of a computer mouse in Dino-World he embarkson a journey to the computers recycle bin in an attempt to retrieve it before it is lost forever.
S01E27 Who to Choose? 00/00/0000 Charley is having a sleepover and has invited Harry, however, Charley's Mom says he is only allowed to bring one of the dinos with him. Harry finds is very difficult to choose so as a final solution, Harry invites Charley to a sleepover at his house instead - problem solved!
S01E28 Un origami! 01/01/2006 Harry is with Nana who is showing him the Japaense practice of folding paper to make artistic creations --- origami. Harry has a lot of trouble with it, but he wants to make an origami creation as a present for Nana. He decides to go to Dino World, thinking he may be able to simply find one there. In Dino World, he and the dinosaurs meet up with Tatsu, a dragon that makes beautiful origami. However, his creations are always ruined due to his fire-breath, which he can't control.
S01E29 J'ai gagnant! 01/01/2006 Harry loves playing games of all sorts, but it seems like lately he just can't win at all. He's so frustrated that he's ready to swear off games entirely. Instead, he goes to Dino World to search for a solution to his problem. There, he plays games with his dinosaurs, but is upset that they simply let him win. He creates the Harry Games, in which he always wins, but soon finds that he's alienating his dinosaur friends. Finally, he comes up with a great idea as to how they can all have fun.
S01E30 Je veux tout faire! 01/01/2006 Harry and his dinosaurs all want to do lots of different activities and Harry just wants to do them all. The debate soon erupts into an argument, which Harry solves when he decides he'll create more versions of himself in Dino World for everyone to play with. Using his new clay machine, he creates colorful clay versions of himself. These new Harrys all seem perfectly suited for what each dinosaur wants to do. Everyone's having fun, but then the clay Harrys go haywire. Suddenly, things aren't working so well and not only that, the real Harry and his dinosaurs are missing each other.
S01E31 Je dépasse toujours en coloriant ! 01/01/2006 Harry is trying to color a picture, but can't seem to stay inside the lines. He and his dinosaurs decide to go to Dino World in search for a sheet of paper so huge that they don't even have to worry about staying inside the lines. They find an area in Dino World that they've never seen before --- it's completely in black-and-white! There, they meet up with a zebra who says that he prefers it this way, but Harry decides to help him out by showing him what color is like.
S01E32 Cookies! 00/00/0000 Harry and his dinosaurs go on a trip to the bakery with his Mom. Harry gets to select just one cookie to take home with him. On the car ride home, Harry is very sleepy and he and his dinosaurs doze off. When he wakes up, the cookie is gone.
S01E33 Est-ce que je peux le garder? 01/01/2006 While playing outside, Harry discovers a baby bird. He wants to keep it, but Nana says that it should be with its mother. Harry goes to Dino World in search of a pet. He and the dinosaurs come across a bird egg, a very large one. Soon, they find themselves caring for a baby bird and it's a much more difficult job than they thought. Harry begins to wonder if maybe taking care of a pet isn't his thing.
S01E34 Je ne veux pas aller au lit! 01/01/2006 It's 9 P.M. and Harry is full of energy. His Mom warns him that he needs a good sleep because he has to get up early for a hike with Nana tomorrow. Harry, however, feels that he can stay up all night. He decides the perfect place for this is Dino World. Once there, he holds races and all sorts of other activities with the dinosaurs. Then, his alarm clock shows up and warns him how late it is. Harry dismisses the clock, saying that he doesn't need him, but when it gets to be around three hours before 6 A.M., Harry begins to realize that he needs sleep after all.
S01E35 Regarde ce que j'ai trouvé! 01/01/2006 Harry is playing outside when he finds a skipping rope. He shows it to his Nana who it seems is quite good with skipping ropes. He also shows it to his sister Sam, who tells him that it now belongs to him, thanks to the rule ""finders keepers."" Harry and his dinosaurs aren't sure about this, but they decide to go play with it anyway in Dino World. As they play, Sid loses his glasses. When he finds that they've been claimed by angry troll, he, Harry and the dinosaurs start to feel rather differently about the idea of ""finders keepers.""
S01E36 Je ne t'entends plus! 01/01/2006 Harry has to give a speech to his classmates at school. He's very nervous and even some reassurance from Nana doesn't help much. It turns out that Steggy has to give a speech in Dino World, so Harry decides to join the dinosaurs for the speech. There, he learns that making a speech, especially to a group of friends, is nothing to be afraid of.
S01E37 To Outerspace! 01/01/2006 Harry is playing a game of "outerspace" with two toy robots, red and blue, but seems to be disturbing his family with the game. He decides to go to Dino World in search of new frontiers to explore. He and his dinosaurs land on the blue planet, where a much larger version of the Blue Robot lives. They discover that the Blue Robot is at war with the Red Robot and they keep shooting colored paint at each other. Harry and his dinosaurs do their best to make peace with them and stop the silly fight over whether red or blue is a better color. They just can't seem to get them to stop fighting until Harry comes up with a bright idea.
S01E38 Hail the Queen 01/01/2006 Harry and his dinosaur friends play a pretend game about royalty.
S01E39 Steggy's Not Here! 01/01/2006 Taury, Patsy, Sid and Trike, Pterence, Steggy, what a sight! Harry and his dinosaurs are quite a team, but now one of their own, Steggy, has gone missing! Harry's worried that he may have left him at Magic Land, an amusement park he visited with Sam and his Mom. Sam won a giant elephant-toy after playing all the games at the park, but Harry didn't win anything and now he's down one dinosaur. Steggy definitely isn't in the bucket and a thorough search of the car and Harry's belonging's comes up empty as well. Harry and the dinosaurs realize that ther'e somewhere else they might find Steggy - in Dino World. They all hop into a bucket and find themselves in an amusement park similar to Magic Land. They search everywhere, even a scary haunted house, but come empty. All their searching, however, leads to a surprising idea as to just where Steggy might be.
S01E40 Allez, pousse ! 01/01/2006 It's Mother's Day and Harry wanted to grow a special flower for his Mom, but his plant doesn't seem to be growing. He drenches it with water, but Nana warns him that drowning it won't help it grow any faster. She gives him some special plant food to help out, but says it will still take time. Harry's worried that it won't grow in time, so he and the dinosaurs visit Dino World, seeking some sort of way to grow flowers faster. They come upon a lush flower garden, but the slow Snail garden-keeper doesn't seem to be the solution to their problems. They decide to try going it on their own, with disastrous results.
S01E41 Quel rythme ! 01/01/2006 Harry's sister Sam has created a band with her friends and Harry wants to be in it. Thing is that Harry seems to be playing out of tune and so Sam feels he's not ready for a band. Harry searches for places to practice, but can't seem to find an ideal location, until he decides to go play in Dino World. Harry and his dinosaurs find a stage in Dino World and decide to make their own instruments. They have a great time playing, but Pterence doesn't seem to be playing at the same speed as everyone else. When the rest of the dinosaurs insult his play, Pterence himself leaves the band in search of somewhere else to play.
S01E42 Je vais construire une maison 01/01/2006 Observing a construction project, Harry expresses the wish to be a builder. He says he'd like to build something that's a million stories tall. His Mom supports his idea of being a builder, but says he'll have to get started right away if he wants to build a million stories. Harry decides to take the dinosaurs to Dino World to get started. Once there, they all disagree on what they should build. They decide to all build separate things. The building goes great for most of them, but they run into a problem when they build so high that it blocks out the sun.
S01E43 What Happens Next? 01/01/2006 Nana is reading Harry a bedtime fairy story, but decides it is time for Harry to go to sleep before the story is finished. Although Nana promises to finish the story by tomorrow, Harry and the Dinos go to Dino World to invent the ending themselves.
S01E44 Circus! 01/01/2006 Charley wants to go to the circus but her Mom is unable to take her. As a solution, Harry and the dinos create a make-believe circus in Harry's garden for Charley. Trouble is, next-door's cat isn't a very realistic lion, so the gang head to Dino World to join a real circus!
S01E45 When I Grow Up! 01/01/2006 Harry decides he wants to be a zookeeper when he grows up, but he can't wait until then so he opens his very own zoo in Dino-World. Harry befriends a young elephant, and with the help of his friends, endeavours to teach it how to trumpet.
S01E46 The Postman's Here! 01/01/2006 When a letter addressed to a 'Mr. Snow' is delivered to Harry's house, Harry concludes that Mr. Snow must live in Dino-World so he sets off with the dinos to hand-deliver the letter to him. After a series of adventures, Harry finds Mr. Snow but learns that the letter is not for him, it is for Mr. Snow's twin who lives on Harry's street!
S01E47 I Can Play Music! 01/01/2006 Harry wants to surprise Mom when she returns home from shopping - so he decides he will play her some music. However, he doesn't want to play his violin so he goes to Dino World in search of a new instrument to play.
S01E48 Help! 01/01/2006 Harry is impressed when he learns that Firemen don't just put out fires, they also rescue people. In fact, he's so impressed that he decides to become a fireman himself - in Dino World! Whilst in training, Harry and the dinos learn all about the importance of good communication and teamwork.
S01E49 Dans la chambre de mamie 01/01/2006 Harry and the dinos discover that there's a new dinosaur in the house, and it belongs to Nana. Aptly named the 'Nanosaurus', it turns out that this little dinosaur is renowned for it's clumsiness. When Harry and the dinos chase the Nanosaurus into Dino World, they only have to follow the trail of wreckage left in its wake in order to find it.
S01E50 Je peux dormir dans ma tente? 01/01/2006 Harry wants to sleep out in his new tent in the garden so that he can practice his scout skills. He looks out of the window and it is pouring with rain, but there's no room to put up his tent in his bedroom. If Harry cant camp in the garden for real, there's only one other place he can practice his scout skills.
S01E51 Je pense 01/01/2006 Harry and the dinos are playing a game of 'I Spy', Harry decides to 'spy' his dinos, but he can't remember their proper dinosaur names. Nana once invented a song to help her remember the names when she was Harry's age, but she's forgotten the words! Surely the words will be found in Dino-World, especially with the help of Harry's friend Old Saxon the saxophone.
S01E52 C'est du fromage? 01/01/2006 Harry and Charley are arguing over what the moon is made of. In order to settle their dispute they take a rocket journey to the moon via Dino World. Once they arrive, they discover that the moon is in fact made of Chocolate chip cookies, they also discover why it's covered in huge craters - the moon is inhabited by a hungry monster!
S01E53 Splash 00/00/0000
S01E54 I See A Seashell 00/00/0000
S01E55 Zooom! 00/00/0000
S01E56 Yee-Haw 00/00/0000
S01E57 I Wish I Could Fly 00/00/0000
S01E113 I wish it wasn't raining! 00/00/0000
S02E01 What's Thunder? 00/00/0000 Stuck indoors watching a storm from his bedroom window, Harry wonders what exactly causes thunder and lightening to happen, and decides to visit Dino World to find out. Harry and the dinos encounter some mischievous characters, Mr Thunder and Mrs Lightning, who despite Harry’s desperate attempts to calm them down, just seem to enjoy making noise too much. The gang decide that since they can’t beat them, then they may as well join them. Harry and the dinos win the battle of the noise and return triumphantly home to eat Nana’s cookies.
S02E02 Once Upon a Time 00/00/0000 Harry needs a green crayon to illustrate his story about a naughty Troll, but he finds Sam unwilling to share her art supplies with him. He goes to Dino World to see if he can track down the materials there, but instead stumbles across the same naughty Troll from his story. The Troll will not let him cross the stream without a magic password, just like in his project. After many unsuccessful guesses Harry realises that a simple “please” goes a long way.
S02E03 Superheroes Don't Dance 00/00/0000 Harry and his friend Charley play a game of superheroes together. Afterwards when Charley invites Harry to a dance party, he declines, saying “Superheroes are way too busy fighting crime, and saving the planet to dance”. The dinos lead Harry on an adventure in Dino World that will prove to him that Superheroes and dancing can be a great fun!
S02E04 I Love Strawberries! 00/00/0000 Harry really wants to eat the strawberries growing in the garden but Mom warns him that they will not be ripe for another week. Imagining that someone may beat him to eating them, Harry dreams up a character called the ‘Great Strawberry Nibbler’. When Harry and his dino gang go to taste the strawberries in Dino World, they find that a greedy creature has been eating all the strawberries. It is the work of the ‘Great Strawberry Nibbler’. After many failed efforts, they finally manage to trap the culprit and banish him from Dino World. Harry then has a change of heart, and decides to bring back the Nibbler to share the last strawberry with him, realising that sharing is much more fun than greediness.
S02E05 I Wish I Could Fly 00/00/0000 When Harry loses his helium balloon he wishes that he had the ability to fly. Curious that this may actually be a possibility in Dino World, Harry and dinos go off to find out. However, flying doesn’t turn out to be so simple in Dino World as everyone learns the hard way. Mad cap balloon adventures get a little tricky, as poor Steggy nearly disappears off into the sky. Harry and Pterence heroically rescue their unfortunate friend, and Harry gets to experience what it’s like to fly in the process.
S02E06 What a Cold Nose! 00/00/0000 Whilst Nana and Harry are dog sitting for an afternoon, Harry decides to take the puppy for a walk in Dino World. However, in Dino World the puppy is dino sized and Harry and the gang have a challenge trying to discipline and train their fury friend in some tug of war styled capers. They attempt to teach the puppy tricks, and even give him a bath. They all have fun, but realise what a responsibility a puppy can be.
S02E07 I Want to Help 00/00/0000 Harry wishes he could help out more with the decorating and so goes to Dino World to see if he can practice his skills there. Whilst in Dino World the gang bump in to their dino friend, Nancy the Nanosaurous whom somehow seems to attract more than her fair share of Calamity. However, as they all work together as a team, with a little trial and error and a flood of orange soda, Harry and his friends manage to successfully transform Dino World.
S02E08 Harry, Bug Hunter 00/00/0000 Harry sets out amongst the vegetable garden in search of bugs, as if he were exploring the jungle. Nana warns him to keep and eye out for caterpillars that may be “crunching her cabbages”. When a caterpillar accidentally falls into Harry’s magical bucket, Harry wastes no time in getting to Dino World to catch up with her. At their arrival they realise that something huge has been devouring Dino World. When they find that the caterpillar is the culprit, they decide to take action, and find other food for her to graze on. Afterwards they make a cosy bed for their new friend. When they wake, they are amazed to see she has morphed into a glorious techni-coloured butterfly.
S02E09 Zoom 00/00/0000 Planning the best vacation ever is a little tricky when there are so many tastes to please, so Harry goes to Dino World to see if he can find inspiration there. With Nancy as their tour guide, Harry and his Dinosaurs manage to bathe on the beach, climb mountains and walk in the woods. The best time of all however, is had when the gang stumble across a Happy House of fun. Realising that seeing everyone happy makes for the perfect vacation Harry rushes home to Tell Mom, Nana and Sam.
S02E10 I'm King Harry 00/00/0000 Harry jumps in his bucket to Dino World to embark on a noble quest to find Nana’s missing glasses. When Harry’s heroic intentions are challenged by the cunning Scorch, Harry proves to be the most true and noble knight of all!
S02E11 Mirror Mirror 00/00/0000 While looking in the mirror one day Harry and his dino friends try to imagine what it would be like to step through it. They go to Dino World to see if they can settle their curiosity and get to explore the mysterious place on the other side of the looking glass. At first glance they are surprised that everything looks the same, when it suddenly dawns on them that everything is in the wrong place. Dino-mirror world is a back to front world! Harry and the dinosaurs have fun speaking backwards and meeting many amusingly odd characters along their back to front travels.
S02E12 Splash 00/00/0000 When Harry’s bath toy Ducky falls into his magical Bucket, Harry and his dino friends waste no time before, jumping in to find her. Spying Ducky floating in the distant horizon, they immediately board the Dino-mobile which magically transforms in to a Super Dino Rescue Boat. They speed off on an action packed sea bound adventure to rescue there drifting friend.
S02E13 I Want to Go Faster 00/00/0000 Driving along in the car with his family. Harry wishes they could go faster. Mom explains that their car is for getting places safely rather than racing. So Harry decides to go off into Dino World to see if his racing dreams can be realised there. They each have great fun building their own hotrod race cars, and then put them to the test. Even though Dino World is a world of possibility they learn that not every-where is ideal for driving really fast, but before the race is out they come across some excellent, high speed racing ground. The heat is really on as Steggy suddenly gains some extra power and comes up from the back to steal the victory.
S02E14 Two Plus Two Makes Four 00/00/0000 Harry sets off to Dino world in search of the right answer to a tricky math question. Whilst on his quest, Harry runs into some mathematical friends whom all seem to have their own puzzles to solve. Harry helps his new friends through numerous puzzles and finds that his logic for Math isn’t as absent as he’d first thought. Harry figures out the answer to Nana’s sum and proudly dashes home to let her know.
S02E15 My Tooth Has Come Out 00/00/0000 When Harry’s first tooth comes out, Harry places it under his pillow and waits for a visit from the legendary Tooth Fairy. But Harry is so eager to meet her that he finds it hard to fall asleep, and so decides to go to Dino World to see if he can save her the trip. Instead of the regular Tooth Fairy the gang manage to discover a Dinotoothfairysaurus, a tooth fairy especially for Dinosaurs!
S02E16 Costume Party 00/00/0000 Harry and his friend Charley are invited to a Costume Party, and there’s a prize for the best costume. Harry and team decide that “there’s only one place to go to find a really great dress up costume – Dino World!” In Dino World, they all quickly realize that there is something quite special about these particular garments. As when they put them on they become magically transported into another reality. After a space ride, an armor clad adventure with a fire breathing dragon, and a rock concert, they all agree on a truly prize winning costume and go back home to make it for themselves.
S02E17 Harry the Explorer 00/00/0000 Keen to discover the undiscovered, 'Harry The Explorer' and his Dinosaurs go to Dino World to see what new territory they can conquer. Their adventure begins to challenge their creativity as they arrive at the edge of Dino World and discover a completely white space where they can create a new world!
S02E18 I Wish It Were Yesterday 00/00/0000 Harry really enjoyed yesterday’s fun-packed day out and wishes it were yesterday again. When Sid suggests that time travel can be possible in Dino World, the gang waste no time before jumping into the bucket to find out. When they try to turn the clock back to enjoy yesterday again, they soon discover they are getting younger and younger! Can they ever return to Harry’s bedroom?
S02E19 I See a Seashell 00/00/0000 While Harry plays on the beach, making sandcastles with his new bucket, he comes across a shell that would make the perfect castle decoration. Harry and the dinosaurs are startled when the shell scuttles off towards a tide pool. As the gang investigate the tide pool, Harry decides that he would love to explore this magnificent world some more, and so he goes into his regular bucket to Dino World to do just that. A fun adventure is had by all and they even come across a familiar creature, in need of a new home, before returning to Nana to explain why the new bucket is missing.
S02E20 Jump 00/00/0000 Shooting hoops in his driveway with pal Charley, Harry gets a taste of the high life and when the rain puts a stop to his game, he hops into the bucket to Dino World to seek a place where he can jump around all day long. Although when he arrives in Dino World he decides that he would like to be able to jump higher, so Harry and the Dinosaurs board the rocket ship to jet them to the planet Boing. On their visit, the gang enjoy some high times indeed, as they become friends with a native Boingian and learn that bouncing is pretty much the local pass time.
S02E21 Yee-haw 00/00/0000 Harry and the Dinos are playing cowboys in the sandbox when Nana calls Harry in for his bath. When Harry discovers that his rubber ducky is missing, there’s nothing for it but to go to Dino World and see if he can find it there. In true Western style, Sheriff Harry and his Deputy Dinos are on a mission to rescue his toy and all other missing duckies from the clutches of the elusive Ducky Rustler – AKA ‘The Tickler Kid’. After Harry and the Dinos finally locate and set their kidnapped friends free, all they need to do is confront The Tickler Kid and reveal his true identity before it’s time to head home for that bath.
S02E22 Somebody's Moving 00/00/0000 It’s snowing and some of Harry’s neighbours are moving house. Harry and Charley love the idea of being removals’ men and, along with the Dinos, decide to go to Dino World to see if anyone needs the assistance of Harry’s Moving Crew. They arrive just in time to help Mr Snow who is moving down the hill to a brand new igloo. Mr Snow’s mischievous penguin friends also lend a hand to ensure the move goes as smoothly as possible…!
S02E23 Is That Really a Lamp? 00/00/0000 Harry and the Dinos venture into Dino World in search of a Magic Lamp, hoping they’ll find a genie who can make their wishes come true. Luckily, Taury stumbles over a lamp as soon as they arrive, but it seems that the genie inside has no intention of granting any wishes because he’s going on holiday! Bob the genie announces that Harry will be his replacement while he’s away and fun and frolics ensue as Harry gets to grips with his new genie powers.
S02E24 Aaarrggh, Treasure 00/00/0000 Captain Harry and his Dino pirate crew set sail for Treasure Island in search of buried treasure. There are swashbuckling adventures a-plenty aboard their pirate galleon as they navigate their way through the high seas. When the ‘Yo Ho Ho!’ finally reaches its destination, Harry and the Dinos face a race against time to find the treasure before the mysterious Purple Pirate gets to it first...
S02E25 Hurray for Pizza! 00/00/0000 Why don’t they make peanut butter and banana pizzas? It’s a question Harry has been pondering and the Dinos think they know somewhere you can have any pizza topping you like – Dino World, of course! They arrive at Harry’s Pizza Parlour and start making tailor-made pizzas for the inhabitants of Dino World topped with everything from pink icing and cherries, to swamp mud and flies. With Harry at the helm, Trike taking orders and all the Dinos helping to make perfect pizzas, what could possibly go wrong?!
S02E26 Harry the Inventor 00/00/0000 Harry decides he wants to be an inventor and takes a trip to Dinoworld in search of inspiration. Making sure they’re kitted out with lab coats and have all the tools of the trade, Harry and the Dinos set about working on their new inventions. The inventors toil away on their projects, but their inventions don’t always turn out as they planned… Remembering Mom’s advice that the best inventions always help in some way, Harry learns that sometimes less is more!
S02E27 Join the Parade 00/00/0000 Harry and the Dinos form a marching band and take a trip to Dino World to perform in the National Dino Day parade. Outfitted with musical instruments and uniforms, they set about getting ready for the parade. The only problem is that they seem to be having some trouble playing their instruments. And marching in time. And their music is a little, well, loud. Just as Harry and the Dinos are wondering how you have a parade without making any noise, a big dino-shaped balloon comes to their rescue…!
S02E28 Choo-Choo 00/00/0000 Harry and the Dinos have an adventure on the Dino World Express – the finest locomotive in all of Dino World! Harry takes the driver’s seat and they set off for the trip of a lifetime. At Pepper Rock Station, they encounter a lone sheep and promise to return her to her flock. But with Pillow Mountain to cross, snails on the line and a shortage of track, will they be able to fulfil their promise?
S02E29 Cool Shadow! 00/00/0000 Harry and the Dinos are having a great time making shadow puppets in Harry’s bedroom – until their shadows disappear into Dino World… Fortunately, shadows love to play hide and seek almost as much as dinosaurs, and so follows the greatest game of hide and seek that Dino World has ever seen! But with their ability to hide almost anywhere, the shadows aren’t going to make it easy for their more solid counterparts to find them!
S02E30 Do You Like My Tent? 00/00/0000 Harry and the Dinos have set up camp in the living room and it reminds Mom of the time when she went camping with the Nature Guides. She shows them her collection of Guide badges and it inspires Harry and the Dinos to go on an a real camping trip and earn their own badges. The intrepid explorers head to Dino World where they embark on an adventure to find The Lost Falls and get some badges along the way. But with pesky bugs and scary monsters to contend with, Harry and the Dinos learn that it’s not always as easy as it might seem to earn a badge!
S02E31 Home! 00/00/0000 Harry and the Dinos are having a whale of a time on the Dino World roller coaster – but it’s time to go home. Just time for one last ride…The only problem is that Patsy gets the hiccups resulting in a slight ‘hiccup’ as she travels through the bucket and she arrives back in Harry’s bedroom full size! Harry and the other Dinos struggle to hide Patsy from Sam while they try to figure out how to return her to her usual size. Luckily, with a little help from the garden shed and some words of wisdom from Nana, Patsy makes it back to Dino World unscathed!
S02E32 It's an Alien 00/00/0000 When Harry and the Dinos go to Dino World in search of extra-terrestrial life, they’re excited (if a little scared!) when a bonafide alien arrives in a huge flying saucer. Zazzabop has flown in from outer space in the hope of conquering a new planet and he sets about trying to lay claim to all the major landmarks in Dino World. But as the Dinos point out, they were there first and have already discovered everything and given it a name! Fortunately, Zazzabop finally manages to find something new that he can call his own and he even has time to give Harry a quick ride in his spaceship before heading home.
S02E33 I Want to Make a Movie 00/00/0000 Harry wants to make a movie like you see in theatres – a movie with a great story! But Sam needs the video camera for a school project, so Harry will have to wait… Luckily, Nana comes up with a solution as she knows somewhere full of stories that is just the place for making movies. Where? Dino World of course! Harry and the Dinos embark on an adventure to invent the perfect story for their movie and the resulting tale involves pirates, cowboys and even a wacky gorilla. There are a few hiccups along the way, but with Sid as director extraordinaire, Steggy on makeup and Superdino Pterence to the rescue, a masterpiece is created!
S02E34 Jungle Harry 00/00/0000 Harry is ‘Jungle Harry’, King of the Jungle and friend to all the jungle animals (otherwise known as the Dinos). The only problem is that they’re not really in the jungle – they’re in the hallway and disturbing Sam, who is trying to finish her homework. So they head to Dino World where they meet some real jungle animals who invite them to their Great Big Jungle Bash. The party preparations are going well until Leslie the LOUD lion arrives and scares away all the other animals. Luckily for Leslie, Harry and the Dinos stick around and try to find a way for all the animals to enjoy the Jungle Bash together!
S02E35 Emergency! 00/00/0000 Trike has a bad case of tinselitis after using glitter paint to decorate Harry’s toy castle and needs to have a check-up with Dino Doctor Harry in Dino World. By the time they get to the doctor’s office, Trike has miraculously recovered and Dr Harry’s services appear a little redundant as all the other dinos have a full bill of health too. But a doctor’s office is never quiet for long, and sure enough Dr Harry is soon called to treat an emergency case. Scorch, the fire-breathing dragon has lost the ability to breathe fire, so it’s Dr Harry to the rescue as he creates an ultra-spicy concoction that will give Scorch his inner fire back!
S02E36 Dino Snap 00/00/0000 Harry is playing Dino Snap with Nana and realises that one of the Megalosaurus cards has gone missing. He thinks that he probably lost it in his bucket and so Harry and the dinos into Dino World in pursuit of the missing Megaloaurus! What awaits them is a spectacular board-game adventure with giant, dino-sized games to play. All they’ve got to do is catch the Megalosaurus and reunite him with his matching card before he gets to the top of the lizards and ladders board and it’s too late!
S02E37 I've Got the Giggles 00/00/0000 Harry’s got the giggles and they’re contagious! Before long, all the Dinos are in stitches too and are surprised when they hear a voice telling them to stop laughing. They soon discover that the voice belongs to the Fairy Princess in Dino World and they jump into the bucket to investigate further. When they arrive, a court jester informs them that the Princess has lost her smile and so has banned all things funny. As a result, Harry and the Dinos launch a campaign where they try every funny trick in the book to try and make the Princess laugh again. Alas, it’s all to no avail as the Princess remains stony-faced and convinced that the Royal Smile is never to return…Will they ever manage to find her smile again?
S02E38 I'm Really Hot 00/00/0000 It’s a sweltering day and Harry and the Dinos are suffering in the heat. A trip to Dino World is called for – a place where you can choose the weather! When they arrive, everything is refreshingly cold and they all marvel at the lovely winter weather. Before long, they meet the mischievous Jack Frostasaurus who is only too happy to sprinkle a little extra frost or create a snowstorm for Harry and the gang. However, things start to go awry when Jack gets a bit carried away and plucks the sun from the sky in an attempt to make things even colder… By the time Harry gets home, he’s decided that being too hot isn’t so bad after all!
S02E39 Silly Pencil 00/00/0000 Harry is trying to draw a castle, but is having trouble getting his pencil to draw a straight line. In the hope that Dino World may be able to offer a solution, Harry and the Dinos disappear through the bucket and discover a set of ready-drawn straight lines and the perfect blank space to draw a castle! They all work together to build a spectacular castle, but when they step inside, they discover somebody else has already done the decorating…They soon realise that the mysterious interior designer is called Silly Pencil and he can draw anything in a flash, granting wishes and wreaking havoc at the same time!
S02E40 Now You See Me... 00/00/0000 Harry isn’t having much luck trying to hide from the Dinos when they play hide and seek, as they always manage to find him! When Taury inadvertently suggests that becoming invisible would be a good way to hide, Harry decides that Dino World could be a good place to try and disappear. With the help of Albert (Steggy’s invisible dinosaur friend) and a special invisibility hat, Harry becomes invisible and hide and seek suddenly seems a lot more fun! He also uses his new-found disguise to have fun in lots of other ways, but the novelty soon wears off and Harry decides that he doesn’t want to be invisible forever… There’s just the small matter of reversing the effects of the invisibility hat before he’s stuck that way for good!
S02E41 It's an Elephant-Ostrich 00/00/0000 What do you get when you cross a zebra and a rhinoceros? A zebraceros of course! Harry is having great fun mixing up his toy safari animals and inventing new creatures when Mom asks him to tidy up in time for lunch. However, Harry trips on his way to the toy box and the animals land in the Dinos’ bucket…Harry and the Dinos follow them into Dino World and discover that the toy animals have now become full-size animals and they are still mixed up! After some consideration, the hybrid animals decide they quite like their new identities and when Harry wants to head home for lunch, he has some trouble persuading the animals to come with him and return to their regular safari-selves!
S02E42 My Hair Is Short 00/00/0000 Harry has a new hair cut, but he thinks that Mom has cut it a little too short. Harry and the Dinos go to Dino World in search of something that might make it grow back quickly… Luckily, help is at hand in the form of Gaston, a French poodle and hairdresser to the stars! He applies a tiny drop of his super-duper hair-growing potion to Harry’s hair and everyone watches in amazement as Harry suddenly develops long flowing locks! Harry quickly discovers some novel ways to enjoy his new hair style and the Dinos soon want to join in the fun too. It’s all going well until Steggy spills the bottle of hair tonic and Dino World suddenly becomes a very hairy scary place! There’s nothing for it but to make all the hair disappear again with Gaston’s special antidote potion and Harry is reminded that the best thing about hair is that it will always grow back again!
S02E43 Schoo's Out 00/00/0000 When Harry comes home with exciting tales from his day at school, the Dinos wish that they could go to school too. Harry thinks that Dino World may be the place to look for a Dino school - and lo and behold, when they arrive they find a school ready-and-waiting for them. With Harry as their teacher, the Dinos have a great time learning how to be at school: Trike is appointed board monitor; Patsy demonstrates playing the ukulele for ‘Show and Tell’ and they all discover that recess is the best part of the day! For their last lesson, Harry decides to teach the Dinos how volcanoes work, but he gets a little over-generous with the baking soda as part of his demonstration ensuring that Dino school ends with a bang!
S02E44 Where Did the Wind Go? 00/00/0000 Harry and the Dinos want to fly their kite, but with no sign of a breeze they are struggling to get it off the ground. Pasty suggests that Dino World may provide the answer, so Harry and the gang jump through the bucket and head off in search of the wind. The only trouble is, there’s not a gust of wind to be found in Dino World either, and ‘The Wind Finders’ still can’t fly their kite. When they meet Nancy the Nanosaurus, they discover that the wind isn’t the only thing missing and before long, ‘The Wind Finders’ have become ‘The Bird Finders’ who in turn, become ‘The Seed Finders’ and ‘The Rain Cloud Finders’! Harry quickly learns through this chain of events that everything in nature depends on everything else and he might just have to wait his turn before he gets to fly his kite.
S02E45 There's Got to Be Something 00/00/0000 The Dinos are helping Harry look through his old toys for something he can give to Charley’s new baby cousin. They finally settle on some building blocks as the perfect present, but discover that most of the set are missing. Determined to locate the rest, Harry and his Dino pals head off to Dino World and embark on a daring block-finding adventure! On their arrival, they encounter Digger Stan, the build-it man, who is busy with his latest road construction project, and Harry and the Dinos offer to lend a hand in return for Stan’s help with their mission. En route, Harry re-discovers some of the toys he used to play with and finding the missing blocks for the new baby also proves to be a bit of a trip down memory lane!
S02E46 That's Strong 00/00/0000 Nana is having a clear-out and Sam is helping her carry some heavy boxes to the car to take to the school jumble sale. Harry tries to lend a hand, but to his dismay, discovers that he isn’t strong enough! A trip to Dino World is called for to find the solution to Harry’s predicament, and he’s motivated even further when he realises that he needs to be stronger to help Nancy Nanosaurus lift Clown Mountain to retrieve something that has rolled underneath. It’s not long before the Dinos are putting Harry through his paces in the Dino World gym and he’s ready to try his luck on the Dino-Meter Strength Tester. With their new-found strength, Harry and the gang manage to shift Clown Mountain for Nancy before heading home to help Nana with those boxes.
S02E47 What's a Quest? 00/00/0000 Harry is curious to know what a ‘quest’ is after he sees Sam reading a book about Jason and the Quest for the Golden Fleece. While Mom is explaining, Nana mentions that Mom’s birthday is coming up and Harry and the Dinos decide to go to Dino World to embark on a quest of their own to find the perfect birthday gift. After jumping through the bucket, Harry and the gang discover an Ancient Greek rowing ship with Medea as the figurehead. By a stroke of luck, she has a whole chest full of quests for them to choose from, including one to find ‘the most amazing necklace ever’ - what could be better for Mom’s birthday?! Medea invites them all aboard and they set off on a treasure hunt to follow the clues that will lead them to their precious necklace. But with rivers and lakes to cross and a dancing giant cat to help en route, it isn’t going to be easy!
S02E48 What Does the Key Open? 00/00/0000 After giving Mom a necklace with a key-shaped pendant on it, Harry and his Dino pals are dying to know what the key opens and they head to Dino World on their new quest to find the matching lock. Princess Pamela’s castle seems to be the perfect place to start, but the royal pets Max and Muffin have other ideas and decide to take the opportunity to make a getaway – taking the key with them! Princess Pam’s naughty pets lead Harry and the gang on a wild goose chase around Dino World. But as luck would have it, Max and Muffin aren’t so bad after all as they lead Harry and the Dinos to the ideal spot to try out their key: a valley full of doors! It’s just a case of finding the right one and seeing where it leads...
S02E49 Blast Off (1) 00/00/0000 When Harry and the Dinos learn that groups of stars make pictures called constellations, they decide to investigate further! Space Captain Harry and his Dino crew boldly go where no dino has gone before: Dino World! The intrepid adventurers set off in their spaceship and encounter a whole host of crazy cosmic characters. They soon learn that a Space Pirate has taken all the stars and it is left to Harry to persuade the pirate to let them make their own dino constellation.
S02E50 Space Captain Harry (2) 00/00/0000 Having successfully located the dino constellations, Harry and the gang have returned home safely from their space adventure only to find that they have accidentally brought a star with them... A return trip is called for, and this time they are joined by Space Cadet Charley to help escort the lost star back to the Dino-Galaxy! After some teething trouble at take-off, a few gravitational glitches, and several attempts to catch a shooting star, the space explorers finally succeed in their mission. Before they head home, they even spot Charley’s very own constellation and set their sights on a brand new space adventure!
S02E51 Let's Go to Africa 00/00/0000 Charley is taking her African drum to Show and Tell and Harry wants to take something really exciting to present as well. It’s decided: Harry and the Dinos will take a balloon ride through Dino world and see what interesting specimens they can find! They embark upon the adventure of a lifetime and collect many weird and wonderful things along the way: from a didgeridoo to a statue of Ellie Phanta – the greatest dancer in the world! By the time they get home, they have a treasure trove full of souvenirs and Harry is spoilt for choice!
S02E52 Where's My Penguin? 00/00/0000 Harry has something very special to take to Show and Tell: the paper penguin that Nana made for him. But when Trike accidentally drops him into Harry’s bucket, Harry and the gang embark on an epic hot-air balloon tour of Dino World in search of the missing paper penguin. Along the way, they meet Tatsu the dragon who points them in the direction of the Penguin Pole. But the paper penguin proves to be more elusive than his feathered friends and he flies out of sight just as Harry arrives…When his penguin finally turns up in a piñata at a cactus fiesta, Harry realises he’s going to have the best Show and Tell story in class!