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Harry Enfield and Chums defined english comedy, and was one of the most popular sketch shows of the nineties. Featuring loads of hilarious chracters and sketches, including Harry Enfiled, Kathy Burke, and Paul Whitehouse among others.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Harry Enfield and Chums

S01E01 Episode 1 00/00/0000 Tim Nice But Dim takes over an antiques shop, the lovely wobbly randy old ladies go to the launderette. Kevin turns 13 and transforms into Kevin the Teenager, losing the power of speech and hating his parents. A man with a high voice gets confused by everyday occurrences, Ben Elton becomes a feminist version of Benny Hill, and Waynetta kicks Wayne out because she wants a brown baby like all the other mums in the estate.
S01E02 Episode 2 00/00/0000 Mr You-Don't-Wanna-Do-It-Like-That commentates a football match with Jimmy Hill. The Lovely Wobbly Randy Old Ladies get excited when the gas man comes to visit. Kevin the Teenager has dinner with his parents, but wants to eat baked beans in the bedroom when Perry arrives. Tim Nice But Dim hosts a dinner party, and life goes downhill from there.
S01E03 Episode 3 00/00/0000 Kevin the Teenager is visited by the attractive Lucy takes her to the bedroom. One of The Old Gits is dying in hospital. The Scousers hold up a petrol station without masks. Mr. Cholmondley-Warner explains self defence techniques. Wayne & Waynetta Slob give up smoking and go crazy in their apartment.
S01E04 Episode 4 00/00/0000 Waynetta tries in vain to arouse Wayne, Stan and Pam are flashing their cash in Spain, Lee and Lance are working in a butchers, Kevin won't go to bed, Tim gets engaged to a royal, and Alf Git meets an old flame at a funeral with explosive results.
S01E05 Episode 5 00/00/0000 Mr. You Don't Want to Do it like That dispenses his advice to the locals. The Lovely Wobbly Randy Old Ladies ask for a fill up from the petrol station attendant. Tim Nice But Dim goes sailing. Kevin the Teenager goes clothes shopping with his auntie, and finds Perry is working there. Mr. Cholmondley-Warner explains conjugal rights with the help of Grayson. The Scousers take a trip down south to get a job.
S01E06 Episode 6 00/00/0000 Tim goes to a school reunion, one-off character "Mr. Got Out of the Wrong Side of the Bed This Morning" has a day full of mishaps. Waynetta Slob tries to convince Wayne to have it off. Kevin and Perry try to organize a party.
S02E01 Episode 1 00/00/0000 Modern Dad accepts his son's homosexual partner into the home. Kevin the Teenager comes home from a party to anxious parents. Toddlers Harry and Lulu act just like brothers and sisters shouldn't. Mr. Cholmondley-Warner gives us an explanation of women's brains.
S02E02 Episode 2 00/00/0000 Tory Boy acts condescending to his parents. Harry torments his toddler sister Lulu. Kevin the Teenager is visited by Perry who try to act like Liam and Noel Gallagher. Wayne & Waynetta Slob win the lottery. Harry knocks out Lulu.
S02E03 Episode 3 00/00/0000 Kevin the Teenager dreams of his highschool teacher. The scousers go for a holiday in the sun, and enforce a 2 hour ban on fighting each other. Kevin's parents go to the parent teacher night. Harry and Lulu the toddlers torment each other. Tim nice but dim goes bungee jumping. Wayne & Waynetta enjoy the highlife of their lottery win, but it must all crash to an end.
S02E04 Episode 4 00/00/0000 Kevin the Teenager is too sick for school. Tory Boy harasses people in the dole queue. Stan and Pam Herbert visit their unemployed relatives. Mr Cholmondeley-Warner and Grayson star in Men Behaving Splendidly. Big Bob Joylove walks into a police station and acts like he owns the place. Kevin the Teenager washes the car on a Saturday afternoon ...
S02E05 Episode 5 00/00/0000 Dawn French co-stars in a hilarious Italian version of Postman Pat. Kevin the Teenager discovers what a vacuum cleaner can do to his body. Harry imprisons his sister Lulu. Mr. Cholmondley-Warner explains how women should keep their virtue.
S02E06 Episode 6 00/00/0000 Kevin and Perry buy a drink at the pub. Tim Nice But Dim is enjoying life in his apartment but is threatened by his friend Marcus. An American actor wants to change the script to a film he's starring in. Toddler Harry redecorates the house. Kevin the Teenager goes for his first snog at a party.
S00E01 Harry Enfield And Christmas Chums 24/12/1997 Harry Enfield presents a new festive special with his regular repertoire of characters, including Kevin the teenager and the Scousers. Plus Frank and George saying "No!" to the Spice Girls and the disapproving new mother-in-law.
S00E02 Harry Enfields Yule Log Chums 28/12/1998 Harry Enfield returns with a festive feast of comedy, also starring Paul Whitehouse and Kathy Burke. Kevin and Perry have found a cool new friend; the Toddlers wreak havoc in a supermarket; and Frank and George say a surprising "yes" to some of today's famous women. Plus the regular cast of characters board the Titanic.
S00E03 Smashie & Nicey 00/00/0000
S00E04 Teenager Guide 00/00/0000
S00E05 Guide To Being a Bloody Nice Bloke 00/00/0000
S00E06 Guide to Wedded Bliss 00/00/0000
S00E08 Look, Listen & Take Heed 00/00/0000
S00E09 Guide to the North of England 00/00/0000
S00E10 Guide to Being a Senior Citizen 00/00/0000
S00E11 Guide to Family Values 00/00/0000
S00E12 Festive Television Programme 00/00/0000