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The CBS television network produced and transmitted the program from September 26 (September 20 for the pilot episode "Cocoon"), 1968 to April 5, 1980. Currently, the program is aired in syndication throughout the world. Created by Leonard Freeman, Hawaii Five-O was shot on location in Honolulu, Hawai?i, and throughout the island of O?ahu - with occasional filming in other locales like Los Angeles, Singapore and Hong Kong as well as other Hawaiian islands. Hawaii Five-O centers on a fictional state police force of the same name - in honor of Hawai?i's status as the 50th State - led by former Navy officer Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord), who was appointed by the Governor Paul Jameson (Richard Denning). Originally, McGarrett was assisted regularly by State Police officers - a young officer, Danny Williams (James MacArthur), Chin Ho Kelly (Kam Fong) and Kono Kalakaua (Zulu). Later, Honolulu Police Department Officer Duke Lukela (Herman Wedemeyer) joined the team as a regular as did Ben Kokua (Al Harrington). Occasionally, they were assisted by other officers on an "as-needed" basis. During the course of the show, the team was also assisted regularly by: the medical examiner Doc Bergman (Al Eben), the forensic specialist Che Fong (Harry Endo) and a secretary. The first secretary was May (Maggi Parker), then Jenny (Peggy Ryan) and later Luana (Laura Sode-Matteson). (At the time Hawaii was the only state without an actual statewide police agency. The Hawaii State Sheriff's Department now serves as the de facto state police.)


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Hawaii Five-O

S01E01 Pilote - Le Cocon [1/2] 20/09/1968 Hennessy, un agent de la CIA, est retrouvé mort sur une plage. Tous les indices semblent indiquer qu'il s'est noyé. Mais Steve McGarrett, un ami personnel de la victime, ne croit pas à cette thèse. L'autopsie semble confirmer son intuition: des traces d'une mystérieuse poudre blanche sont retrouvées sur le corps d'Hennessy...
S01E02 Pilote - Le Cocon [2/2] 20/09/1968 McGarrett is caught and cocooned, and must escape this torture and shut down Wo Fat's operation.
S01E03 Ballade en bateau 26/09/1968 Victor Reese and his wife Nora are conning rich widows out of their savings, and then poisoning them and dumping them in the ocean. McGarrett and company hatch a plan to use a female officer to trap the duo.
S01E04 Nous serons des étrangers 03/10/1968 Five-O probes into the death of an official who was instrumental in the development of the islands, and discovers a tangled web of lies and deception.
S01E05 Le piège 10/10/1968 A young singer, Bobby George, plans his own kidnapping as a stunt, but when his father offers $500,000 for his release, his co-conspirators decide to double-cross him and take the money.
S01E06 Le samouraï 17/10/1968 McGarrett and the gang must simultaneously protect a gangster from Japanese assassins and also try to convict him for his underworld activities.
S01E07 Le rat d'hotel 07/11/1968 Danny Williams is accused of shooting an apparently unarmed young boy. Meanwhile, in his investigation, McGarrett comes up against Big Chicken, a nasty dope dealer.
S01E08 Le trafic d'or 14/11/1968 A woman buys fish from a monger, and is followed home and murdered. McGarrett and the team must discover who killed her and stop smugglers from completing their operation.
S01E09 Les voies de l'amour 21/11/1968 After a girl dies during a high speed chase, a trail of clues leads McGarrett to a Los Angeles prison, where he must act the part of convict Steve Crowley to gain the trust of his cellmate for a break-out, which will help reveal the plans of the crime.
S01E10 Plus de fleurs bleues 05/12/1968 When a singer, Joey Rand, finds that his career doesn't pay well enough, he turns to cat burglary. However he doesn't reckon on Hawaii Five-O.
S01E11 Le mauvais numéro 12/12/1968 A winning lottery ticket drags an army private into a the murky world of mob politics and vice.
S01E12 Demain ne naîtra jamais 19/12/1968 When McGarrett is shot and badly wounded on a beachside jog, Danno and the team must work feverishly to find the culprit and prevent him from committing any more murders.
S01E13 Le témoin secret 25/12/1968 McGarrett must protect a protect a mob underboss so he is able to testify against his superior, Joe Matsukino. However, Matsukino has many tricks up his sleeve to silence his former colleague permanently.
S01E14 Qui a tué Mira Bai 01/01/1969 When a young female student is found murdered on campus, suspicions fall on her boyfriend but McGarrett senses that something is not right.
S01E15 Le Roi de la colline 08/01/1969 Danno is taken hostage by a Vietnam veteran who is suffering delusional flashbacks and sees everyone as forces sent to kill him.
S01E16 Le grand voyage 15/01/1969 Young Eadie Hastings cannot be saved by Danno from jumping of a cliff, and Five-O think that she was high on speed. They track her source to a crank teacher, Professor David Stone, and Danno must pose as a surfer to investigate the drug pushers and users.
S01E17 Face au dragon 22/01/1969 A man is found dead after having been robbed by a motorcyclist with a gun, and McGarrett is shocked to discover that the man was suffering from bubonic plague. The islands are quarantined, and the team must follow a series of clues to discover the cause of the outbreak.
S01E18 Les hotages 29/01/1969 Big Chicken returns in a tense prison hostage drama when McGarrett has to give himself over to the criminals as a bargaining chip and use psychology to take control of the situation.
S01E19 Tante Martha 05/02/1969 When a girl is found murdered and numbered 'one', McGarrett suspects a serial killer. However the killer seems to be very selective in targeting members of a particular company, and suspicion soon falls on two brothers who stand to inherit the firm from their aged aunt.
S01E20 Son dernier round 12/02/1969 When the boxing son of a policeman, Phil Kalama, is killed, he starts a personal vendetta, and McGarrett must both solve the crime and stop Kalama from committing another murder.
S01E21 La preuve vivante (1) 19/02/1969 When the son of McGarrett's sister falls ill with cancer and she becomes involved in ‘naturology', her husband calls in Steve to investigate and persuade her to stop paying for the useless treatments. However, the quack doctor sets up a court case to prevent McGarrett from closing her practice.
S01E22 La preuve vivante (2) 26/02/1969 McGarrett must use all legal means possible to win the court case against Dr. C.L. Fremont, stopping her fake treatments and saving his sister from more anguish and pain.
S01E23 Pour la paix 05/03/1969 When a leader of a student peace movement is killed, McGarrett has to investigate the murder against a wall of silence and a distrust of the police by the activists.
S01E24 Six Kilos 12/03/1969 Chin Ho and Dan Williams are tracking a safecracker but he pulls a gun and Danno ends up shooting him. McGarrett takes his identity of Harry Brown and must infiltrate a sophisticated gang of international thieves.
S01E25 Le grand Kahuna 19/03/1969 Sam Kalakua, a distant cousin of Kono, is being frightened into an early grave by an fake apparition of a Hawaiian god created by his nephew, who wants to sell the estate to a land merchant.
S02E01 A Thousand Pardons -- You're Dead! 24/09/1969 An army sergeant and a office worker have a scam in which they use bar girls to claim G.I. widow benefits, and then murder them to take the cash. McGarrett and company must use the girls to get to the core of the plot.
S02E02 To Hell With Babe Ruth 00/00/0000 A Japanese World War II veteran, Yoshio Nagata, escapes from a mental hospital and tries to carry out his wartime orders to blow up a refinery.
S02E03 Forty Feet High And It Kills! 08/10/1969 A tsunami warning is called and a geneticist is evacuated from a conference. He is then kidnapped under the orders of Wo Fat, but he uses his diabetic medical condition as a ploy to stop Wo Fat from carrying out the plan to return him to China.
S02E04 Just Lucky, I Guess 15/10/1969 A middle-aged mainland hardware salesman uses a prostitute, and then witnesses her murder by a mobster. He refuses to testify because of the damage to his reputation and that he doesn't want to be involved. McGarrett must persuade him to do the right thing.
S02E05 Savage Sunday 22/10/1969 McGarrett must interrupt his Sunday to deal with both terrorists and politics when a revolutionary group steal guns from a barracks for their overseas cause.
S02E06 A Bullet For McGarrett 29/10/1969 A university professor, Dr. Paul Farrar, is using hypnosis to programme students into becoming assassins. McGarrett uses a policewoman as bait for Dr. Farrar, but the plan goes wrong and her life is put in danger.
S02E07 Sweet Terror 05/11/1969 McGarrett must counter a threat by international terrorist Erich Stoss to use a fungus to wipe out Hawaii's sugar cane, half of the world's supply.
S02E08 King Kamehameha Blues 12/11/1969 Four university students hatch a plot to steal the robes of King Kamehameha, and McGarrett and the team must apply pressure to the gang's weak point to retrieve the robes and catch the thieves.
S02E09 The Singapore File 19/11/1969 McGarrett gets a phone call from Singapore and goes to rescue Nicole Wylie, a witness who has changed her mind and wants to testify. However, the pair must face many dangers on their return trip back to Hawaii.
S02E10 All The King's Horses 26/11/1969 An assassination attempt on a prominent politician, Charles Irwin, leads Five-O to Mike Finney, a former racketeer who has been clean for nine years. However, Finney insists he is innocent, and the trail of clues leads right back to Irwin.
S02E11 Leopard On The Rock 03/12/1969 When a dictator's plane is diverted to Hawaii as part of a plan to kill him, McGarrett must deal with the complex politics of the situation and protect the hated leader.
S02E12 The Devil And Mr. Frog 10/12/1969 When a young son of a businessman escapes from captivity by 'The Devil' and 'Mr. Frog', Five-O must recover the $300,000 ransom money that the desperate father paid.
S02E13 The Joker's Wild, Man, Wild! 17/12/1969 Two young men play an increasingly dangerous and deadly game for the attentions of a beautiful but spoiled heiress, who plays them off against each other.
S02E14 Which Way Did They Go? 24/12/1969 A career criminal, Connors, fools McGarrett and the team into protecting the wrong bank, and robs a nearby one, taking the wife of the manager hostage. Things turn ugly when one of his goons assaults and murders her. McGarrett must race to capture Connors before he can do any more damage.
S02E15 Blind Tiger 31/12/1969 McGarrett gets a surprise birthday party, but when he goes to pack the presents in his car, it explodes and blinds him. Danno, Chin Ho and Kono must work to catch those responsible, whilst McGarrett has to get used to not having his eyesight.
S02E16 Bored, She Hung Herself 00/00/0000 Don Miles, a health freak, uses a hanging-type exercise to promote his wellbeing, but his girlfriend Wanda tries it, and seemingly dies in the attempt. However, all is not what it seems…
S02E17 Run, Johnny, Run 14/01/1970 Two military policeman spot John Mala, a man who McGarrett has helped in the past, but who has gone AWOL. One of the policemen is shot, and tensions rise as Five-O and the army police clash in their techniques of investigation and their treatment of the local population.
S02E18 Killer Bee 21/01/1970 A psychiatric worker, George Loomis, is trying to drive a fellow Vietnam veteran Ted Frazer crazy in order to cover up the fact that he massacred his own platoon during an action. Loomis kidnaps boys and drugs Frazer to make it look like Frazer is mad and to blame for the tragedy. McGarrett and the team must unravel this web of lies and clear Frazer.
S02E19 The One With The Gun 28/01/1970 Peter Corman is murdered during a game of poker, and his brother Lorenzo arrives in Hawaii for revenge. McGarrett must work out what happened and prevent Lorenzo from carrying out his intentions.
S02E20 Cry, Lie 04/02/1970 Chin Ho is accused of bribery, and cannot provide alibis for the nights in question. Worse, he is called to the middle of nowhere for a set-up. Chin's position is threatened, and the Governor orders an inquiry. McGarrett and the others must work out how Chin was framed and clear him of the accusations.
S02E21 Most Likely To Murder 11/02/1970 Lew Morgan and his wife are friends of Danno, but she is murdered, and Morgan sets out to find the culprit. However, his wife seems to be hiding secrets that may have caused her death.
S02E22 Nightmare Road 18/02/1970 A research scientist, Dr. Royce, is set up by revolutionaries to be transported away from the islands in a submarine. McGarrett must stop this from happening and also has to contend with the interference of federal agents in the case.
S02E23 Three Dead Cows At Makapuu (1) 25/02/1970 Dr. Alexander Kline, a biological scientist, views his work as evil, and to prove it, he plans to unleash a deadly germ that would kill thousands. Three dead cows lead McGarrett on a desperate chase to track down the toxin, involving a friendly telephone operator and top Washington agents.
S02E24 Three Dead Cows At Makapuu (2) 04/03/1970 Dr. Kline's deadly toxin is lost, he is having second thoughts about his plan, and McGarrett has to find the vial before it disintegrates and poisons the whole island. Already the toxin is doing its deadly work as innocent people come into contact with it.
S02E25 Kiss The Queen Goodbye 11/03/1970 Camilla Carver, a con-artist, blackmails a politician to take her to an event where she can steal the priceless Queen of Polynesia emerald and swap it for a fake. However, McGarrett and the team are at the event and make sure that neither the gem, Carver or her accomplice vanish.
S03E01 And A Time To Die... 16/09/1970 Five-O must act swiftly when the daughter of a top neurosurgeon is kidnapped by Wo Fat in order to make the surgeon operate on a wounded U.S. undercover agent who is carrying secret inforrmation of use to the Chinese.
S03E02 Trouble In Mind 23/09/1970 Singer Eadie Jordan has not only a comeback concert to perform, but also a serious heroin addiction. Poisoned heroin is being peddled on the islands, and McGarrett must try to save Eadie from scoring for the last time.
S03E03 The Second Shot 30/09/1970 Dr. Lemira, an opposition leader for Greece, is living in exile in Hawaii, but Klaus Marberg is sent to assassinate him. His plan is to get himself shot and work his way into Dr. Lemira's confidence so he can kill him easily. McGarrett must work out this plot and save the day before it is too late.
S03E04 Time And Memories 07/10/1970 When a lawyer is murdered, his wife becomes the top suspect and McGarrett investigates. However, matters are complicated by the fact that the woman had a relationship with McGarrett, and he jeopardises his job because of this.
S03E05 The Guarnerius Caper 14/10/1970 Shortly after giving a recital, the violin of a visiting Russian virtuoso is stolen, and McGarrett must retrieve it before the theft turns into an international incident.
S03E06 The Ransom 21/10/1970 Five-O's efforts to rescue a young boy from kidnappers go wrong when Kono is captured and beaten. An angry McGarrett must work out a way to rescue Kono without further endangering him.
S03E07 Force Of Waves 28/10/1970 When a ruthless businessman is blown up in a boat explosion, Five-O has many suspects to choose from, and they use psychological methods to determine the guilty party.
S03E08 The Reunion 04/11/1970 A Japanese computer research company executive is recognised by a veteran as his former captor in a Phillippine prison camp in World War II.
S03E09 The Late John Louisiana 11/11/1970 The hitman sent to kill the witness to a two year old murder instead falls in love with her and McGarrett and the team must lead the search to find her before duty overtakes love.
S03E10 The Last Eden 18/11/1970 Five-O search for the criminals who have set up Hawaiian singer and ecologist Jimmy Nuanu as the fall guy for a sewage plant bombing.
S03E11 Over Fifty? Steal! 25/11/1970 McGarrett and company must pit their wits against a veteran thief and robber who leaves Monopoly money at the scene of his crimes.
S03E12 Beautiful Screamer 02/12/1970 Dan Williams's fiancee is murdered by a strangler who writes poetry in lipstick on his victims' legs. Danno resolves to catch the culprit who has other murderous plans to carry out.
S03E13 The Payoff 09/12/1970 McGarrett must apprehend two abductors who are on the run with the proceeds of their crime in order to protect the lives of their co-conspirators.
S03E14 The Double Wall 16/12/1970 When a convicted murderer, Harry Kellem, hears a dying man say he committed the crime that Kellem was jailed for, he takes a doctor hostage and McGarrett must negotiate his way out of the situation.
S03E15 Paniolo 30/12/1970 A cowboy fears the loss of his land to a crooked estate agent and accidentally kills him by hitting him. McGarrett and his team must track the cowboy into the mountains and persuade him to give himself up.
S03E16 Ten Thousand Diamonds And A Heart 06/01/1971 An electronics genius is busted out of prison so he can mastermind a massive robbery of diamonds from the Honolulu Diamond Exchange.
S03E17 To Kill Or Be Killed 13/01/1971 Five-O investigates the death of Vietnam hero Jack Rigney, who fell from a balcony. His father is a World War II veteran, but his brother Michael is a peacenik, and Danno goes undercover as a draft dodger to help solve the mystery of Jack's death.
S03E18 F.O.B. Honolulu (1) 27/01/1971 Wo Fat and other top international agents converge on Hawaii to place bids on printing plates for twenty dollar bills, which are in the possession of a former friend of McGarrett.
S03E19 F.O.B. Honolulu (2) 03/02/1971 Five-O must deal with treason, murder and double-crosses in order to solve the case and prevent the U.S. from being flooded by fake currency.
S03E20 The Gunrunner 10/02/1971 The wife of an arms dealer is kidnapped by revolutionaries who want the guns diverted from their original destination, but the arms dealer himself is not as innocent as matters would indicate…
S03E21 Dear Enemy 17/02/1971 The wife of a convicted man fakes evidence in a new crime so that McGarrett will have to re-open her husband's case.
S03E22 The Bomber And Mrs. Moroney 24/02/1971 Danno's past comes back to haunt him when the brother of a young boy he shot is released and wants revenge. The brother takes Chin Ho, Jenny and others hostage in McGarrett's office and threatens to blow them up, and Danno must resolve the tense situation.
S03E23 The Grandstand Play (1) 03/03/1971 A baseball player, Lon Phillips, brings his backward son to Hawaii to escape threats on his life on the mainland.
S03E24 The Grandstand Play (2) 10/03/1971 The son of the baseball player becomes the vital witness in a murder, but he is reluctant to tell either his father or Five-O of the crime.
S04E01 Highest Castle, Deepest Grave 14/09/1971 A ten year old case is reopened when an archaeological dig unearths the skeletons of two murder victims.
S04E02 No Bottles, No Cans, No People 21/09/1971 Gangster Johnny Oporta arranges for his enemies to be murdered and then covers up his crimes by incinerating their bodies. McGarrett and the others must stop this murderous spree.
S04E03 Wednesday, Ladies Free 28/09/1971 Vic Tanaka is murdering women and painting their faces to resemble a prostitute he once knew, who is now happily married. McGarrett and his team must find the killer before he does any more damage.
S04E04 3,000 Crooked Miles To Honolulu 05/10/1971 Five-O is up against a sophisticated gang who have come to Hawaii to cash $750,000 of traveller's cheques.
S04E05 Two Doves And Mr. Heron 12/10/1971 A hippie robs an embezzler of the key to a locker containing $250,000. Meanwhile, Danno is trying to contact the daughter of his Berkeley University landlady, who happens to be the hippie's girlfriend...
S04E06 ...And I Want Some Candy And A Gun That Shoots 00/00/0000 Young Vietnam veteran and marksman Billy Shem Jr. buys a rifle under false pretences and proceeds to a bunker at Diamond Head. He then takes pot shots at the people on the road and then the police who arrive. McGarrett must neutralise the threat he poses by any means possible.
S04E07 Air Cargo -- Dial For Murder 26/10/1971 While investigating the death of a security agent at an airport, McGarrett comes into contact with a gang who hijack cargo.
S04E08 For A Million... Why Not? 00/00/0000 Five seemingly good citizens with different motives band together to steal $6,000,000 while McGarrett is away on Maui at a trial.
S04E09 The Burning Ice 09/11/1971 McGarrett finds holes in a convict's story and a husband becomes a suspect in the murder of his wife.
S04E10 Rest In Peace, Somebody 16/11/1971 A policeman who was kicked off the force blames McGarrett and Five-O and plans to kill the Governor.
S04E11 A Matter Of Mutual Concern 23/11/1971 McGarrett must deal with the conflicts between four gangs of differing ethnic background, and try to uncover illegal activities.
S04E12 Nine, Ten, You’re Dead 30/11/1971 A mob boss seeks revenge on a former boxer who smashed the hand of a novice to prevent him from ending up ruining his life in the boxing ring.
S04E13 Is This Any Way To Run A Paradise? 21/12/1971 McGarrett and the team must find out who is behind a series of ecological stunts, when it is feared that a company executive will be their next target.
S04E14 Odd Man In 28/12/1971 A veteran criminal who has already had dealings with Five-O escapes, and plans to steal millions of dollars from drug smugglers.
S04E15 Bait Once, Bait Twice 04/01/1972 A woman attempts suicide in order to get her boyfriend to come out into the open and expose himself to an assassination attempt.
S04E16 The Ninety-Second War (1) 11/01/1972 McGarrett is framed in an elaborate set up by Wo Fat, and has to contend with a foreign double amongst other problems.
S04E17 The Ninety-Second War (2) 00/00/0000 Several faces from the past reappear as McGarrett must stop Wo Fat from carrying out his plan, a ninety second attack on a missile tracking base.
S04E18 Skinhead 25/01/1972 When a young woman is beaten and raped and a soldier is arrested for the crime, McGarrett begins to have doubts about his guilt.
S04E19 While You're At It, Bring In The Moon 01/02/1972 An eccentric billionaire is accused of murdering a business associate, but will not leave his boat to defend himself against the accusations, allowing his associates to declare him mentally incompetent.
S04E20 Cloth Of Gold 08/02/1972 Three real estate crooks die horrible and mysterious shellfish related deaths, and McGarrett and the others must establish the link between them, and who has reason to want them dead.
S04E21 Good Night, Baby - Time To Die! 15/02/1972 McGarrett sets up a cordon of police around a young woman to capture her boyfriend who has escaped from jail, but all is not as it seems...
S04E22 Didn't We Meet At A Murder? 00/00/0000 A young widow becomes part of a blackmail plot involving the murder of a Chicago mobster.
S04E23 Follow The White Brick Road 00/00/0000 Danno goes undercover onboard a Navy ship to try and uncover how sailors are smuggling heroin onto the islands.
S04E24 R&R -- &R 00/00/0000 A psychotic man named Ralston is killing the wives of members of his army unit, and Five-O, including Kono on his last case, must stop him before he commits any more crazed attacks.
S05E01 Death Is A Company Policy 12/09/1972 A local thug, Piro Manoa, is trying to create the impression of corruption in the Five-O force, and Duke is implicated in a murder. McGarrett and the team, with new recruit Ben Kokua, must save Duke's position and work out the plot of the organisation behind the false accusations.
S05E02 Death Wish On Tantalus Mountain 19/09/1972 When two of a egotistical racing driver's support staff are murdered, suspicions of sabotage fall upon his attractive girlfriend.
S05E03 You Don't Have To Kill To Get Rich -- But It Helps. 26/09/1972 A private investigator, Sam Tolliver, arrives from Texas to help an old friend who is being blackmailed and is at risk of being killed if he doesn't pay up, but he ends up wanting to become part of the blackmail operation.
S05E04 Pig In A Blanket 03/10/1972 Danno shoots an apparently armed teenager but finds that he was mistaken, and public opinion and the teen's brother turn against him. McGarrett must act to defuse the potentially explosive situation.
S05E06 Fools Die Twice 17/10/1972 Army computer technician Jack Gulley kidnaps a scientist and then uses a planned heist by three accomplices on a military base to divert Five-O's attention from his sale of the scientist to the highest bidder.
S05E07 Chain Of Events 24/10/1972 A doctor tracking venereal disease is murdered, and Five-O must track the series of encounters to find out who is a carrier. Their investigation is made doubly important by the murder of a young woman who is close to a upcoming politician. He seems a likely suspect but McGarrett suspects a deeper plot.
S05E08 Journey Out Of Limbo 31/10/1972 Danno is found in the back of a truck, dazed and confused, and McGarrett and the others must help him piece together how he came to be in that situation.
S05E10 'V' For Vashon: The Father (2) 21/11/1972 McGarrett must contend with Honore Vashon, who wants revenge for his son's death.
S05E11 'V' For Vashon: The Patriarch (3) 28/11/1972 Dominick Vashon, the patriarch of the clan, makes his attempt to bring down McGarrett and Five-O.
S05E12 The Clock Struck Twelve 05/12/1972 When McGarrett arrests a group of vigilante nationalists, hidden bombs at the courthouse threaten to destabilise the islands.
S05E13 I'm A Family Crook -- Don't Shoot! 19/12/1972 A husband and wife team of scam merchants get caught between some of Hawaii's most powerful mobs.
S05E14 The Child Stealers 02/01/1973 Two drifters, Gar and Nina, steal children and sell them on to a mainland adoption agency in order to raise the cash to buy a boat and go cruising.
S05E15 Thanks For The Honeymoon 09/01/1973 McGarrett agrees to let Toni, a tough female convict, get married and have a honeymoon in protective custody as long as she will testify against a local hood.
S05E18 The Odd Lot Caper 30/01/1973 A senior partner in a stock exchange firm comes up with a foolproof plan to rob the Honolulu Stock Exchange.
S05E19 Will The Real Mr. Winkler Please Die 06/02/1973 McGarrett and company must break through a tissue of lies in order to protect a Russian defector from being killed.
S05E20 Little Girl Blue 13/02/1973 Two simple criminals kidnap a young girl, and hide out in a bunker at Diamond Head. McGarrett must unravel the reason why they are there and get the girl safely away from them.
S05E21 Percentage 20/02/1973 A travel agent who operates gambling trips is killed in order to send a warning to others that the syndicates will not tolerate competition.
S05E22 Engaged To Be Buried 27/02/1973 Chin Ho must face the fact that his daughter, Alia, is in love with the son of a local criminal under investigation, and that she plans to get married to him.
S05E23 The Diamond That Nobody Stole 06/03/1973 A burglary at the home of a well known island family sets off a series of events that ends in murder.
S06E01 Hookman 11/09/1973 A amputee with no hands sets out to kill every police officer who contributed to his injury, and that includes Steve McGarrett.
S06E02 Draw Me A Killer 18/09/1973 Murders are being committed seemingly at random every six weeks, and McGarrett is at a loss to understand the motives for these crimes. However, a newspaper may hold the answer.
S06E03 Charter For Death 25/09/1973 When a large amount of diseased rats are found on a boat with all the crew dead, Five-O must contend with an outbreak of bubonic plague.
S06E04 One Big Happy Family 02/10/1973 A family of white-trash mass killers arrive on Hawaii after wreaking a trail of devastation on the mainland, and McGarrett must catch them before they can do more damage on the islands.
S06E05 The Sunday Torch 09/10/1973 Buildings are being set on fire on Sundays, and a known firebug is the top suspect. However, McGarrett begins to think that others may be responsible.
S06E06 Murder Is A Taxing Affair 16/10/1973 A corrupt federal agent who is tracking a man under indictment for tax evasion kills him for the $600,000 he is carrying, and then loses the money.
S06E07 Tricks Are Not Treats 23/10/1973 The killing of an important pimp threatens an all out war between two competing vice empires.
S06E08 Why Wait Till Uncle Kevin Dies? 30/10/1973 A string of five murders of wealthy men leads McGarrett to a crooked inheritance scheme.
S06E09 Flash Of Color, Flash Of Death 06/11/1973 A glamorous woman sets up an opal smuggler so her accomplices can rob both the smuggler and a jewellery store at the same time.
S06E10 A Bullet For El Diablo 00/00/0000 A dictator must evade a female assassin sent to kill him, one that looks just like his own daughter.
S06E11 The Finishing Touch 20/11/1973 McGarrett brings in a document expert to help him crack a case involving forged government securities, but he soon becomes suspicious of the expert as well...
S06E12 Anybody Can Build A Bomb 27/11/1973 A nuclear scientist becomes involved in an extortion plot when a gang threaten to explode a small nuclear weapon somewhere in Honolulu.
S06E13 Try To Die On Time 00/00/0000 Harry Foxton, a gambler, is himself the subject of huge bets over what hour he will die. McGarrett must work out the gambler's complex relationships to get to the bottom of this case.
S06E14 The $100,000 Nickel 11/12/1973 A thief known for using sleight-of-hand is hired to steal a valuable nickel, but the coin ends up on a journey across many miles and through many hands.
S06E15 The Flip Side Is Death 00/00/0000 A mock military emergency leaves a bank open for a robbery, and Five-O must travel to the opposite side of Oahu to find out more in their investigation.
S06E16 The Banzai Pipeline 01/01/1974 An exciting surf beach is the location for a filming session, where a man catches a killer on camera.
S06E17 One Born Every Minute 00/00/0000 A pair of crooks team up with local criminals and use phony diamonds as bait to prey on wealthy male tourists. McGarrett and Five-O must shut off this sinister racket.
S06E18 Secret Witness 15/01/1974 A young man witnesses a murder, and finds himself and his family are now the killer's targets.
S06E19 Death With Father 22/01/1974 The son of a Federal Narcotics officer becomes involved in a heroin refining operation.
S06E20 Murder With A Golden Touch 29/01/1974 When a man is found dead with gold dust on him, McGarrett and his team must investigate where the stolen gold came from and how it is being bought onto the market.
S06E21 Nightmare In Blue 00/00/0000 A series of rapes and murders occur, and the main suspect seems to be a police officer...
S06E22 Mother's Deadly Helper 00/00/0000 A right-wing crackpot, Cord McKenzie, metes out ‘justice' to people who have been found innocent on technicalities or released early. He thinks he is helping the police, but McGarrett thinks otherwise.
S06E23 Killer At Sea 19/02/1974 While investigating a robbery and kidnapping, the trail of clues leads McGarrett and the team to an ocean liner with a deadly passenger.
S06E24 30,000 Rooms And I Have The Key 26/02/1974 An aging jewel thief steals from rooms at Waikiki hotels, and taunts Five-O by leaving a trail of clues behind.
S07E01 The Young Assassins 10/09/1974 Danno and a college professor are kidnapped by a revolutionary group of young radicals led by a hardened criminal.
S07E02 A Hawaiian Nightmare 17/09/1974 A geophysics expert, Bernard Brown, is heavily in debt, so he comes up with a plan to cause an explosion in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which will cause lava to pour all down the hillside and into the city of Hilo, unless the Governor comes up with half a million dollars as a ransom.
S07E03 I'll Kill 'Em Again 24/09/1974 Eddie Josephs is a paranoid schizophrenic who is carrying out murders based on old Five-O cases. McGarrett must follow his clues and catch him before more people die.
S07E04 Steal Now -- Pay Later 01/10/1974 A sophisticated thief is selling his goods to legitimate businessmen, and Five-O must find a way of trapping him.
S07E05 Bomb, Bomb, Who's Got The Bomb? 08/10/1974 Senator Harlan Henderson suffers from multiple personalities, and one side of him wants to kill himself. However, he ends up blowing up his secretary, and McGarrett uses handwriting and a diagnosis from a psychiatrist to try to crack the case.
S07E06 Right Grave, Wrong Body 15/10/1974 A criminal, Hobart, is robbing liquor stores using a policeman's former gun, but the officer wants it back as he used it to kill a bankrobber five years before and the body has been uncovered.
S07E07 We Hang Our Own 22/10/1974 When his son is beaten to death, a powerful cattle baron takes matters into his own hands, and McGarrett and Five-O must prevent the rule of law from breaking down.
S07E08 The Two-Faced Corpse 29/10/1974 A gangland execution investigation takes a turn for the peculiar when it is found that the victim had two identities.
S07E09 How To Steal A Masterpiece 12/11/1974 Five-O must investigate why three infallible security systems are failing to prevent the theft of priceless artworks.
S07E10 A Gun For McGarrett 26/11/1974 After an attempt is made on Steve McGarrett's life, he is drawn towards a female art dealer, but she too may not be good for his health…
S07E11 Welcome To Our Branch Office 03/12/1974 Two conmen use a gang of Five-O lookalikes and doubles to extort money from Honolulu businessmen.
S07E12 Presenting... In The Center Ring... Murder 10/12/1974 Wo Fat returns to Hawaii in order to have a Chinese diplomat whom he classes as a foolish peace-maker assassinated.
S07E13 Hara-Kiri: Murder 31/12/1974 McGarrett and Five-O need to find out why a Japanese banker ritually killed himself and catch a true criminal into the bargain.
S07E14 Bones Of Contention 07/01/1975 A Honolulu murder is mysteriously linked to a human fossil smuggled out of China in the Second World War.
S07E15 Computer Killer 14/01/1975 An investigation into a murder is sent off track through the modification of computer information, and Five-O must use the latest technology to rescue the case.
S07E16 A Woman's Work Is With A Gun 21/01/1975 Three women desperately in need of money take to armed robbery of tourist buses as a way to raise some quick cash.
S07E17 Small Witness, Large Crime 28/01/1975 When a young boy is arrested as a witness to a murder, McGarrett must contend with a fiery deputy public prosecutor.
S07E18 Ring Of Life 04/02/1975 A million dollar reward for the return of five figurines sparks off a trail of murder and theft that leads to Hawaii.
S07E19 Study In Rage 11/02/1975 When a psychotic man kills his doctor, Five-O must use a unfinished painting to gather clues to his whereabouts.
S07E20 And The Horse Jumped Over The Moon 18/02/1975 An elaborate sea and air scheme for heroin smuggling goes unnoticed until one of the gang tries to sell out their plan for a fix of heroin.
S07E21 Hit Gun For Sale 25/02/1975 McGarrett must prevent a mob war by tracking down an unknown hitman and his intended target.
S07E22 The Hostage 11/03/1975 When a deranged ex-Army officer shoots a policeman and takes a young girl hostage, McGarrett disagrees with a police captain over the best way to free her.
S07E23 Diary Of A Gun 18/03/1975 A Saturday Night Special passes from person to person and causes Five-O trouble and others misery.
S07E24 6,000 Deadly Tickets 25/03/1975 Five-O works with a air traffic investigator in order to put a stop to illegal ticket sales which have already cost several lives.
S08E01 Murder - Eyes Only (1) 12/09/1975 When a letter bomb kills a Naval Officer whilst McGarrett is on Navy Duty, he is called upon to investigate and uncovers a plot involving an old nemesis...
S08E02 Murder - Eyes Only (2) 12/09/1975 McGarrett must try his utmost to foil Wo Fat's plans which include hostages and brainwashing.
S08E03 McGarrett Is Missing 19/09/1975 McGarrett must again face mobster Charlie Bombay when a plane carrying them to Honolulu crashes in the forests.
S08E04 Termination With Extreme Prejudice 26/09/1975 A British agent, Harry Wells, arrives in Hawaii in pursuit of a turncoat, but not all is what it seems for Five-O...
S08E05 Target? The Lady 03/10/1975 Five-O must find a female courier who witnessed a murder before a hitman can...
S08E06 Death's Name Is Sam 10/10/1975 A road accident starts the trail towards a plot to use SAM missiles to bring down a VIP jet plane.
S08E07 The Case Against McGarrett 17/10/1975 McGarrett offers himself as a hostage exchange, but is then put on 'trial' by Honore Vashon.
S08E08 The Defector 24/10/1975 McGarrett meets his match in Dr. Grant Ormsbee, a grumpy and aggravating scientist who is sheltering a suspected Chinese defector.
S08E09 Sing A Song Of Suspense 31/10/1975 When a singer witnesses a murder committed by a racketeer, Five-O has to protect her until she can give evidence, but this is not an easy job...
S08E10 Retire In Sunny Hawaii -- Forever 07/11/1975 Danno's Aunt Clara becomes acquainted with a man on the plane to Honolulu, but becomes concerned about him afterwards. Dan, Steve and the others ignore her at first, but then the man turns up dead...
S08E11 How To Steal A Submarine 14/11/1975 A vice-principal enlists the help of his students and a submarine to smuggle drugs.
S08E12 The Waterfront Steal 21/11/1975 When Five-O fail to prevent a series of thefts at dockside warehouses, an influential owner creates trouble for McGarrett.
S08E13 Honor Is An Unmarked Grave 28/11/1975 A writer who specialises in solving mysteries uncovers the body in a seven year old case, but it raises more questions than it answers...
S08E14 A Touch Of Guilt 04/12/1975 Three boys commit a gang rape on a waitress, but one is the son of a Senator and the crime is covered up...
S08E15 Wooden Model Of A Rat 11/12/1975 Whilst trying to stop the smuggling of small Oriental animal statues, McGarrett is caught illegally in possession of one of them as part of his personal collection.
S08E16 Deadly Persuasion 18/12/1975 A disturbed young man steals nerve gas to use against a visiting royal family as revenge for the death of his father.
S08E17 Legacy Of Terror 01/01/1976 When an elderly importer who was a World War II Japanese spy is killed, Five-O seeks his killer.
S08E18 Loose Ends Get Hit 08/01/1976 A clear cut murder case against an island mobster is derailed due to McGarrett.
S08E19 Anatomy Of A Bribe 15/01/1976 A crooked contractor and a buildings inspector are under suspicion after the new Global Trade Center in Honolulu goes up in flames.
S08E20 Turkey Shoot At Makapuu 29/01/1976 When an airline stewardess and a hang-gliding instructor are murdered, Five-O must find the killers.
S08E21 A Killer Grows Wings 05/02/1976 Criminals threaten to use a special type of moth to wipe out the sugar cane on Hawaii and destroy the industry.
S08E22 The Capsule Kidnapping 12/02/1976 The son of a Japanese businessman is kidnapped and held in a capsule underwater until a $1.5 million dollar ransom is paid...
S08E23 Love Thy Neighbor -- Take His Wife 26/02/1976 Ben Tanaka, a well-known ecologist, seems to be behind the kidnapping of a wealthy land developer's wife, but all is not as it seems and a conspiracy gradually reveals itself.
S08E24 A Sentence To Steal 04/03/1976 McGarrett sends an undercover agent into a rehabilitation home for juvenile offenders to find out who is behind the theft of gold from dental supply warehouses.
S09E01 Nine Dragons (1) 30/09/1976 When Wo Fat steals toxins in an attempt to take out the leaders of Communist China, McGarrett must track him to Hong Kong.
S09E02 Nine Dragons (2) 30/09/1976 In Hong Kong, Steve is caught by Wo Fat and mentally and physically tortured by being 'reconditioned'. He must beat these problems to save the day again.
S09E03 Assault On The Palace 07/10/1976 McGarrett must solve a daring bank robbery committed during the King Kamehameha Day Parade under the cover of a historic re-enactment.
S09E04 Oldest Profession -- Latest Price 14/10/1976 The murder of island prostitutes seems to be linked to an extortion racketeer who is determined to make a return...
S09E05 Man On Fire 21/10/1976 Five bodies are found in the crater of Mauna Loa contaminated by radiation from illegal plutonium, and Five-O must find and confiscate this deadly toxin.
S09E06 Tour De Force, Killer Aboard 28/10/1976 Two seemingly unconnected deaths lead McGarrett into a desperate race to prevent the assassination of a visiting Sheikh.
S09E07 The Last Of The Great Paperhangers 04/11/1976 A masterful forger plans a massive robbery of Navy funds, and McGarrett is made to look rather inept...
S09E08 Heads, You're Dead 11/11/1976 When yacht racers are found dead on their craft, Five-O launches a desperate search for high-seas buccaneers.
S09E09 Let Death Do Us Part 18/11/1976 A escaped convict may well have a strong case of innocence, when Five-O become involved in the paranormal...
S09E10 Double Exposure 02/12/1976 A press photographer is pursued relentlessly after she takes a photo of a supposedly dead gangster who has returned to the islands to take control of the local syndicate.
S09E11 Yes, My Deadly Daughter 16/12/1976 When $10 million goes missing from a crimelord, the culprit seems to be dangerously close to home...
S09E12 Target -- A Cop 23/12/1976 Police are being lured into traps and shot, and Five-O have difficulty nailing a suspect when their primary lead turns out to be a paraplegic.
S09E13 The Bells Toll At Noon 06/01/1977 The boyfriend of an overdose victim re-enacts famous film murders in a revenge on all the people he sees as responsible.
S09E14 Man In A Steel Frame 13/01/1977 McGarrett is the top suspect in the murder of his girlfriend, and the evidence against him is seemingly overwhelming...
S09E15 Ready... Aim... 20/01/1977 Five-O must work with a Japanese officer to find the source of handsguns that are flooding the black market in Tokyo.
S09E16 Elegy In A Rain Forest 27/01/1977 The daughter of Attorney General John Manicote is kidnapped by a deranged rapist and murderer, and Steve must not only contend with the criminal but Manicote's emotional state as well...
S09E17 Dealer's Choice -- Blackmail 03/02/1977 A hit and run incident leads Five-O to a gambling syndicate and Officer Welles's brother.
S09E18 A Capitol Crime 17/02/1977 A pensioner threatens to blow himself and his hostages up if he doesn't stop the demolition of his home.
S09E19 To Die In Paradise 24/02/1977 A lady singer is kidnapped and it looks as if her and her captors have died at sea...
S09E20 Blood Money Is Hard To Wash 03/03/1977 A gangster attempts to buy an interest in a football club so that he can launder money through it.
S09E21 To Kill A Mind 17/03/1977 While searching for parts from a sunken Soviet submarine, McGarrett become suspicious about the particular parts that are being recovered.
S09E22 Requiem For A Saddle-Bronc Rider 24/03/1977 A missing rodeo cowboy and the murder of a young couple pose a puzzling mystery for Five-O.
S09E23 See How She Runs 31/03/1977 The daughter of a LA detective and friend of McGarrett is framed for murder and then joins a cult.
S09E24 Practical Jokes Can Kill You 05/05/1977 A gang of thieves steal army rifles by peculiar means - hang-gliding into the armoury!
S10E01 Up The Rebels 15/09/1977 An Irish terrorist uses disguise and deception in order to be able to smuggle explosives for the Troubles.
S10E02 You Don't See Many Pirates These Days 22/09/1977 When a sea-freighter is hijacked, the wealthy millionaire owner calls in Five-O, but all is not how it seems...
S10E03 The Cop On The Cover 29/09/1977 McGarrett must solve both a mysterious kidnapping and the problem of having a nosy reporter analysing his every move.
S10E04 The Friends Of Joey Kalima 13/10/1977 McGarrett engages in a personal struggle to clear the record of an officer and close friend accused of criminal activity.
S10E05 The Descent Of The Torches 20/10/1977 Five-O must find out whether the death of an archaeologist is linked to his supposed desecration of tomb of King Kamehameha.
S10E06 The Ninth Step 27/10/1977 The return of a disgraced alcoholic policeman causes extra problems in the pursuit of a pair of armoured truck robbers.
S10E07 Shake Hands With The Man On The Moon 10/11/1977 McGarrett must deal with an astronaut turned real-estate salesman in order to crack the case of a murdered reporter.
S10E08 Deadly Doubles 17/11/1977 When a Russian tennis star wants to defect, McGarrett must work to prevent an international incident.
S10E09 Deep Cover 08/12/1977 A secret submarine, the murder of a Navy officer and strange amnesia create a puzzling case for Steve McGarrett.
S10E10 Tsunami 22/12/1977 A gang of university students plan a hoax tidal wave in order to steal priceless jewellery.
S10E11 East Wind -- Ill Wind 29/12/1977 When an Asian ex-leader dies in a seemingly accidental swimming incident, his wife is convinced that he was murdered by forces from their home country.
S10E12 Tread The King's Shadow 05/01/1978 McGarrett becomes involved in a love triangle between a young local man, a rich girl and her father who hates the Hawaiian origins of the boy.
S10E13 The Big Aloha 12/01/1978 A young doctor is suspected of having been involved in the murder of his mentor.
S10E14 A Short Walk On The Longshore 02/02/1978 In order to find out the identity of the murderer of a union leader, McGarrett goes undercover as a longshoreman.
S10E15 The Silk Trap 09/02/1978 An up-and-coming young politician is blackmailed in order to affect his leadership of an congressional investigation.
S10E16 Head To Head 16/02/1978 While pursuing a drug dealer, McGarrett also has to contend with a federal agent.
S10E17 Tall On The Wave 02/03/1978 Danno must deal with a surfer, one of his friends, who is suspected of the murder of a girl.
S10E18 Angel In Blue 09/03/1978 A female undercover cop threatens the progress of an investigation when she starts a relationship with a man connected to the case.
S10E19 When Does A War End? 16/03/1978 A Japanese businessman comes under attack from a young man whose father suffered in an Japanese Prisoner of War camp.
S10E20 Invitation To Murder 23/03/1978 McGarrett must deal with an apparent mass murderer when a will creates a fortune for the last family member left alive.
S10E21 Frozen Assets 30/03/1978 A cryogenics institute comes under suspicion when an investigative writer becomes involved.
S10E22 My Friend, The Enemy 13/04/1978 Five-O must deal with the kidnapping of an Arab princess, and Steve must also deal with an Italian female journalist's constant interruptions.
S10E23 A Stranger In His Grave 27/04/1978 Five-O become involved in a complex case of body-switching, mystery investments and suitcases full of money.
S10E24 A Death In The Family 04/05/1978 Five-O's world is shattered when mobsters catch Chin Ho undercover and order him to be killed.
S11E01 The Sleeper 28/09/1978 After a government agent is murdered, McGarrett must identify the traitor in a scientific facility.
S11E02 Horoscope For Murder 05/10/1978 When an astrologer visits McGarrett to inform him of a murderer with a terrible temper, his antagonism lessens when her assumptions seem to be partly true.
S11E03 Deadly Courier 12/10/1978 While McGarrett follows a false lead, an undercover Danno is discovered and brainwashed to carry out the assassination of Steve...
S11E04 The Case Against Philip Christie 19/10/1978 McGarrett is the lone hold-out in a trial where the guilt of the accused seems certain.
S11E05 Small Potatoes 26/10/1978 Steve is framed on the orders of a gambling syndicate, and becomes involved with a woman who is part of the case.
S11E06 A Distant Thunder 09/11/1978 Five-O must deal with the plans of a Neo Nazi organisation to kill Bobby Tamara, the ""Hawaiian Kennedy"".
S11E07 Death Mask 16/11/1978 When a street robber claims that he stole King Tutankhamun's mask for fun, McGarrett suspects there is more to the case than simple robbery.
S11E08 The Pagoda Factor 23/11/1978 McGarrett assists a convict in his escape, so that he can go back to his gang and provide Five-O with inside information.
S11E09 A Long Time Ago 30/11/1978 Danno is surprised when he bumps into a former flame and even more concerned when she seems to be involved in criminal activities.
S11E10 Why Won't Linda Die? 14/12/1978 The death of a prominent politician reveals a strange love triangle.
S11E11 The Miracle Man 21/12/1978 When a preacher is attacked by a man convinced that he is responsible for his wife's death, Five-O investigate more closely and discover some less than godly motives.
S11E12 Number One With A Bullet (1) 28/12/1978 Two rival mobs attempt to take control of the disco scene in Honolulu.
S11E13 Number One With A Bullet (2) 04/01/1979 The rival gangs are on the brink of all out war, and Five-O must struggle to stop them.
S11E14 The Meighan Conspiracy 18/01/1979 When a robbed bank vault shows no signs of break-in, an inside job seems the likely solution. McGarrett's trail of clues leads him back to the builder of the vault and his wife...
S11E15 The Spirit Is Willie 25/01/1979 Millicent Shand returns and claims that her niece's husband has faked his own death in order to get his hands on $500,000.
S11E16 The Bark And The Bite 08/02/1979 A vacationing heiress seems unconcerned when McGarrett warns her that someone is after her ruby.
S11E17 Stringer 22/02/1979 When a photographer takes a picture of a politician making a deal with an underworld figure, he tries blackmail. However, he is not prepared for the ruthless nature of the mobsters.
S11E18 The Execution File 01/03/1979 A private detective is rescuing girls from prostitution, and using the opportunity to kill the pimps as well.
S11E19 A Very Personal Matter 15/03/1979 When the son of one of Steve's friends dies of an overdose, he goes after a doctor that he suspects of over-prescribing drugs.
S11E20 The Skyline Killer 22/03/1979 The hunt for a high-rise killer is made more difficult for Five-O when a journalist offers to share his profits in exchange for the killer's story.
S11E21 The Year Of The Horse (1) 05/04/1979 When a woman dies due to heroin packets bursting inside her and the Governor is implicated, McGarrett and Danno head off to Singapore to discover a smuggling operation.
S11E22 The Year Of The Horse (2) 05/04/1979 Five-O must close the heroin smuggling operation to exonerate the Governor and catch the figures behind the scheme.
S12E01 A Lion In The Streets (1) 00/00/0000 McGarrett finds himself stymied when Hawaiian nationalists and local underworld mobsters clash over a union election.
S12E02 A Lion In The Streets (2) 00/00/0000 Labouring under a ban on cooperation by native Hawaiians because of a Kahuna, McGarrett must try to prevent war on the streets...
S12E03 Who Says Cops Don't Cry 00/00/0000 When the husband of a policewoman is gunned down by opportunist robbers, she resolves to catch them any way she can.
S12E04 Though The Heavens Fall 18/10/1979 A group of high society men set out to see that justice is done - the catch being that it is justice on their terms only...
S12E05 Sign Of The Ram 00/00/0000 Jessica Humboldt, an astrologer and friend of Agnes DuBois, comes to McGarrett with news that a forthcoming match will be disastrous for a boxer. McGarrett must overcome his suspicions and crack the case.
S12E06 Good Help Is Hard To Find 00/00/0000 Tony Alika and Guido Marioni, killer of Kimo's family, together hatch a plot to frame and embarrass the Five-O team by making them look stupid or corrupt.
S12E07 Image Of Fear 00/00/0000 When a woman is stalked by a strange figure, she seems to be seeing things and her friends are worried as to her mental health. However, events prove her case and an accomplice is revealed...
S12E08 Use A Gun, Go To Hell 00/00/0000 When two surfer bums use a gun to rob a shop, it starts off a trail of death and misery involving children, politics and blackmail.
S12E09 Voice Of Terror 00/00/0000 A group of terrorists capture a female officer and use her to further their aims, and McGarrett and the team must find a way to take them out without endangering the life of Officer Dean.
S12E10 A Shallow Grave 00/00/0000 A young man on vacation has strange visions that lead him to the site of an old murder and help him discover a lost family.
S12E11 The Kahuna 00/00/0000 When two healthy young people die mysteriously, local traditions prevent post mortems, and a strange conspiracy is gradually uncovered when Truck seems to fall under the power of a Kahuna...
S12E12 Labyrinth 00/00/0000 When a rich socialite is kidnapped, her husband insists that Five-O stay out of the case. However, his reasons may not all be on the level as events take a series of twists and turns...
S12E13 School For Assassins 00/00/0000 McGarrett and Kimo must stop a gang of trained assassins from disrupting a meeting of energy ministers.
S12E14 For Old Times Sake 00/00/0000 A aging crook decides to use dollar bill printing plates he made to raise cash for a charity, but he fails to realise the trouble that this will cause.
S12E15 The Golden Noose 00/00/0000 McGarrett is suspicious of an aide who arrives in Hawaii to retrieve millions of dollars held in trust for a Southern Asian state and he must prevent a daring gold robbery.
S12E16 The Flight Of The Jewels 00/00/0000 A gang of clever students use radio-controlled planes to execute the theft of Queen Liliokalani's jewels.
S12E17 Clash Of Shadows 00/00/0000 The murder of a Nazi-hunter and discovery of a World War II medal set McGarrett and the team on the trail of a Nazi war criminal living in Honolulu...
S12E18 A Bird In Hand... 00/00/0000 A group of seemingly harmless birdwatchers are the target of a vendetta. Five-O must discover why they were a target and stop any further violence.
S12E19 The Moroville Covenant 00/00/0000 A politician trying for the Senate is weakened by the murder of the man who is blackmailing him.
S12E20 Woe To Wo Fat 00/00/0000 The series concludes with the final showdown between McGarrett and Wo Fat. Three scientists have gone missing. They have one thing in common: they all attended a symposium that discussed a possible space-based, laser defense system. McGarrett impersonates a fourth scientist, Dr. Elton Raintree, who attended the same gathering and is soon abducted. Wo Fat is behind it all and wants the scientists to complete their work and produce such a device.
S00E01 Hawaii Now: Hawaii Five-O Vintage Documentary 00/00/0000 Behind-the-scenes documentary. (Originally aired on PBS in 1971).
S00E02 Emme’s Island Moments: Memories of Hawaii Five-O 20/10/1996