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He & She stars real-life married couple Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss as Dick and Paula Hollister, a successful cartoonist and his wife, a social worker.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de He and She

S01E01 The Old Man and the She 00/00/0000 Paula forces Dick into helping an old Greek gentleman from being deported.
S01E02 The Second Time Around 00/00/0000 The Hollisters plan a second wedding with all the fuss and formality they didn't have at the first one.
S01E03 How to Fail in Business 00/00/0000 Dick and Paula buy their apartment building but regret it when the tenants complain constantly.
S01E04 Phantom of 84th Street 00/00/0000 Oscar's $65,000 Picasso is stolen from Dick and Paula's apartment.
S01E05 One of Our Firemen Is Missing 00/00/0000 Harry is fined for helping Dick and Paula when he should have been on duty.
S01E06 Before You Bury Me Can I Say Something? 00/00/0000 When Dick writes his will, Paula thinks he's dying.
S01E07 Dick's Van Dyke 00/00/0000 Dick plans to spend his vacation time painting, but he is constantly being interrupted.
S01E08 The Background Man 00/00/0000 Dick hires a girl to help him draw the comic strip. Unfortunately, all she can do is spill paint all over him.
S01E09 Yote Yes or No 00/00/0000 Paula pickets Dick's office because he is against a pay raise for firemen and she is for it.
S01E10 He and She vs. Him 00/00/0000 Dick has run out of ideas for the comic strip and is about to be sued for plagiarism.
S01E11 The Coming Out Party 00/00/0000 Paula throws a party so she can match her friend up with a doctor. However, the doctor has plans to take out Dick's tonsils.
S01E12 Deep in the Heart of Taxes 00/00/0000 Dick is about to be audited by the IRS and Paula hasn't told him about all the money she won on the horses.
S01E13 Don't Call Us 00/00/0000 The Hollisters are having a problem getting an invitation to a party because they have just gotten an unlisted phone number.
S01E14 North Goes West 00/00/0000 Oscar insists that Dick and Paula move out to California with him and the ""Jetman"" series. So they pick up and prepare to move out.
S01E15 The Midgets from Broadway 00/00/0000 The ""Jetman"" show is made into a musical comedy.
S01E16 Poster Boy 00/00/0000 A wanted poster of the neighborhood robber looks just like Andrew, the building handyman.
S01E17 A Rock by Any Other Name 00/00/0000 The Hollisters exchange birthday gifts: She gets a fur coat and he gets a rock, which he proceeds to lose.
S01E18 Goodman, Spare That Tree 00/00/0000 Paula helps her cousin smuggle an Italian olive tree past customs. The big problem now is keeping the tree alive.
S01E19 The White Collar Worker 00/00/0000 The Hollisters prepare to confront the driver who hit Paula's car.
S01E20 Along Came Kim 00/00/0000 The Hollisters' Korean War orphan/foster son comes for a visit.
S01E21 What Do You Get for the Man Who Has Nothing? 00/00/0000 The Hollisters try to keep Harry out of his apartment for three days so they can redecorate it for a surprise birthday party.
S01E22 Dog's Best Friend 00/00/0000 Dick and Paula watch as their close friends Bart and Myra split up.
S01E23 It's Not Whether You Win or Lose, It's How You Watch the Game 00/00/0000 Dick has to get 30 tickets to a football game in two days. He had promised his classmates they would hold their reunion at the game but he forgot to reserve the seats.
S01E24 Knock, Knock. Who's There? Fernando. Fernando Who? 00/00/0000 Harry jumps to the wrong conclusion when he finds Fernando Lamas massaging Paula's leg while Dick is out of town.
S01E25 What's in the Kitty? 00/00/0000 The Hollisters' dinner party for Dick's boss is marred by a mouse, a sick cat and a poison scare.
S01E26 Easy Way Out 00/00/0000