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Following the award-winning success of his adaptation of Anthony Trollope's The Way We Live Now, Andrew Davies brings a surprisingly new perspective in his reworking of Trollope's searing novel, He Knew He Was Right. A dark and edgy central story about a young glamorous couple whose marriage goes disastrously wrong because of the husband's insecurity and jealousy.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de He Knew He Was Right

S01E01 Part 1 18/04/2004 Louis Trevelyan marries the young Emily Rowley and are quite happy until Colonel Osborne arrives and starts to tempt Emily away from her husband.Emily continues to meet Osborne, refusing to make any promises to her husband that would imply a stain on her character. Neither side will back down and a gulf begins to grow between them, punctuated by increasingly bitter rows and failed attempts at reconciliation.
S01E02 Part 2 25/04/2004 Tensions at the Outhouse’s are rising, but Emily is as determined as ever not to admit to any wrongdoing. Osborne, a vain man flattered to be linked to a beautiful young woman, visits the house to enquire after her. Rev. Outhouse turns him away without seeing Emily, but Bozzle, who has been embellishing the evidence of an affair to please his master, nevertheless reports this visit to Louis in Italy. Louis demands that his son be sent to live with him.
S01E03 Part 3 02/05/2004 Louis arrives in London unkempt, dishevelled and friendless, driven by his obsession that his wife has betrayed him. When Emily meets him in the hope of a reconciliation she is shocked by the deterioration in his health.They try to resolve their differences, but the attempt founders, and a settlement seems further off than ever.
S01E04 Part 4 09/05/2004 Louis flees back to Italy with his son, and Sir Marmaduke reluctantly agrees to allow Hugh to try and track him down again. In Wells, a lonely Aunt Stanbury sends her maid to Nuncombe with a peace offering for Dorothy. She arrives to find Brooke, who has refused to accept Dorothy’s letter and has persuaded her to marry him despite her aunt’s embargo. Meanwhile, a desperate Gibson confesses to Mrs French that he cannot go through with his marriage to Camilla.