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S04E01 Episode 1 21/02/2008 Actress Olivia Newton-John joins the show as a co-host and explains how homeopathy and yoga have been a big part of her life. Deepak Chopra believes that happiness can lead to healthy relationships and success, not the other way around.
S04E02 Episode 2 28/02/2008 Iyengar yoga is a natural way for breast cancer survivors to fight the fatigue of treatment. Dr. Alan Greene explains that potatoes can be a low-calorie, high-fiber food. Deepak Chopra reminds us that healing is grounded in a spiritual experience.
S04E03 Episode 3 06/03/2008 Probiotics are attracting intense scientific interest and may be essential to digestive health. Recording artist Michael Stillwater taps into the healing power of music. Organic apples provide nutrients that may help prevent breast cancer.
S04E04 Episode 4 13/03/2008 An inventor trained in the science of optometry explains that some vision problems are the result of working indoors and shows that eye exercises can improve our eyesight. Organic wine has been shown to have health benefits and anti-aging effects.
S04E05 Episode 5 20/03/2008 Indigenous Hawaiian practitioners integrate mind, body and spirit to de-stress and remain balanced. Bone health extends beyond consuming calcium. Also, a healing moment with music from Olivia Newton-John.
S04E06 Episode 6 27/03/2008 A physician explains why doctors should be open to complementary medicine. Deepak Chopra explains why it is important that a patient believes in the diagnosis from their doctor, but not necessarily the prognosis.
S04E07 Episode 7 03/04/2008 Maui’s leading wellness practitioners host a sunrise ceremony and honor their connection with earth, ocean and sky. Sweat lodges provide a physical and spiritual experience. Pineapples are an incredible source of vitamins and minerals.
S05E01 Episode 1 15/08/2008 Olivia Newton-John leads an amazing three-week event on the Great Wall of China to help fund her cancer and wellness center in Melbourne. A naturopathic physician recommends a regular internal cleansing as a natural detox system.
S05E02 Episode 2 22/08/2008 All across the country moms are fighting the epidemic of childhood obesity and advocating for a better food environment in schools and camps. Dr. Andrew Weil believes good health includes home cooked organic meals and strong family relationships.
S05E03 Episode 3 29/08/2008 Healing Touch is a type of energy medicine that works with the subtle energy/bio field of the patient. Dr. David Simon, a distinguished physician, believes the most powerful pharmacy on the planet is the human body.
S05E04 Episode 4 05/09/2008 Chris Kilham studies the relationship between people and plants and travels to remote places to bring the benefits of medicinal plants into mainstream American life. Several companies are now making sea veggies as a dietary supplement.
S05E05 Episode 5 12/09/2008 Dr. Candace Pert believes that emotions are the key to health and disease, and that it is important to love and accept ourselves just as we are. A pharmacist looks at natural decongestants to solve sinus problems without dangerous chemicals.
S05E06 Episode 6 19/09/2008 A psychiatrist believes that anti-depressants should be considered as a last resort to treating depression. Connecting to the five basic elements – space, air, fire, water and earth – helps us to harmonize our inner environment with the outer.
S05E07 Episode 7 26/09/2008 Herbal remedies like black cohosh can be used to help women through menopause. Chi Walking and Running combine the inner focus of T’ai Chi with the physical movements of walking and running.
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S11E01 Episode 1 02/11/2013 Nutritional experts say we need to change the way we think about fats and start incorporating healthy fats into our daily diet. Chefs create an amazing, healthy steak dinner. Also, a healing moment with Olivia Newton-John.
S11E02 Episode 2 09/11/2013 GMOs are causing a ferocious battle across the U.S. and much of the world. Dr. Alan Greene shares with us the importance of improving our teenagers’ eating habits, and Dr. Pedram Shojai shows us a simple breathing technique that calms the minds.
S11E03 Episode 3 16/11/2013 Experts provide a better understanding of how much and what kind of salt is best for us. Energy medicine can help us avoid things like pharmaceutical drugs and invasive surgery.
S11E04 Episode 4 23/11/2013 Top executives from biotech corporations speak out on the GMO controversy. Bear Walker teaches us about bio energetic testing and his approach to cellular health. A nutritional therapy practitioner explains fermentation.
S11E05 Episode 5 11/01/2014 Discover a natural healing path for bone care and learn how a healthy diet and daily supplements can support bone health naturally. A new baby and child-care book aims to give parents the best of both modern science and ancient wisdom.
S11E06 Episode 6 18/01/2014 A veterinarian has developed a holistic approach to pet-care that’s attracting national attention. Acids, fungus and dirt have a big impact on keeping us all healthy by delivering vital nutrients.
S11E07 Episode 7 24/01/2014 Nitric oxide improves things like blood flow, memory, energy and sexual functioning. A gifted animal communicator explains that keeping our animals healthy with diet and nutrition is equally important as understanding their emotional conditions.
S12E01 Episode 1 25/10/2014 Leading experts explain that it’s possible to handle trauma in a way that can actually change us for the better. Diane Poole Heller is an author and integrative healing expert with a memorable suggestion about boosting our happiness.
S12E02 Episode 2 01/11/2014 Major insights are emerging from new ways of helping rape survivors heal. Brain expert Dr. James Doty shares a simple morning ritual that can bring life-changing results. Also, a potent pea soup that delivers taste and holistic health benefits.
S12E03 Episode 3 08/11/2014 Experts say it’s critical we change society’s negative attitude about mental health therapy. A leading brain specialist shares his opinion on the single most important thing we can do to improve our health. Antioxidant water helps detox.
S12E04 Episode 4 15/11/2014 A badly wounded Marine improves as a result of Peter Levine’s healing technique known as Somatic Experiencing. Gina Garcia is seeking to bring yoga to Americans who haven’t had access to it. An expert explains healthy cheese nutrition.
S12E05 Episode 5 22/11/2014 Michele Bernhardt explores intergenerational traumas and behavior patterns we could be unwittingly passing on to our children, and describes how to heal these limiting patterns at any age.
S12E06 Episode 6 29/11/2014 Francine Shapiro explains her effective treatment for trauma: EDMR Therapy, or Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming. A world-renowned mind-body expert provides simple ways to change our physiology and psychology at the same time.
S12E07 Episode 7 06/12/2014 Michele Bernhardt looks at NBC news anchor Dan Harris’ method of dealing with trauma after he suffered an on-air panic attack. Judy Brooks shares what she’s learning about handling major trauma. Fresh Living Chef Sara Snow cooks up homemade macaroni.

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