Affiche Heidi (1993)
  • 1 saisons
  • 2 épisodes
  • Début :
  • Durée :
    90 minutes
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Heidi is a 1993 adaptation of the classic novel by Johanna Spyri of Switzerland. Produced as a couple of one and a half hour-long episodes by Harmony Gold for the Disney Channel, Heidi is a touching story that the whole family can enjoy. The movie follows Heidi, a young Swiss orphan, who is forced to leave her happy home with her Grandfather in the breathtaking Swiss Alps and move to the big city life of Frankfurt. There she finds solace as she befriends a young handicapped girl, named Klara. Her world is again shaken as the opportunity to return to her home in the mountains presents itself to her. Forced to choose between her friendship and her wish to return home, Heidi must make a heart wrenching decision that will change the life of her friend forever. With a runtime of more than three hours, Heidi is an epic tale that will surely leave an impression.


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