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Chef Gordon Ramsay returns for an 11th season of his hit cooking competition in which aspiring restaurateurs compete for a life-altering prize. During their time at the intense culinary academy, contestants take part in rigorous cooking challenges and dinner services under Ramsay's fiery command. Each week, a losing team is determined, and two contestants from that team are put on the chopping block. Ramsay must then decide which contestant is done at Hell's Kitchen, and who deserves another shot at competing for a coveted black jacket and the grand prize.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Hell's Kitchen (US)

S01E01 Day 1 30/05/2005 Twelve wannabe chefs and restaurateurs compete to impress head chef Gordon Ramsay as he works to open a world-class restaurant in Los Angeles and discover the country's next culinary star.
S01E02 Day 2 06/06/2005 After barely surviving the opening night of the Hell's Kitchen restaurant, the heat is on as the contestants prepare for their second dinner service. To prepare for the service both teams have a squid cleaning competition as Ramsay overlooks with his watchful eye.
S01E03 Day 3 13/06/2005 The third night in the kitchen finds the remaining chefs cracking under the pressure of Gordon Ramsay and his hot temper. After barely surviving the opening night of the Hell's Kitchen restaurant and fumbling their way through night two, the remaining contestants have gotten more than a taste of the wrath of Chef Ramsay -- and hungry patrons. As the contestants prepare for their third dinner service, the pressure of Hell's Kitchen is too much for one of the wannabe chefs, who chooses to leave Hell's Kitchen and hang up their apron for good. But the choice is Ramsay's for another unlucky contestant who gets the boot.
S01E04 Day 4 20/06/2005 The fourth night in the kitchen finds the remaining chefs cracking under the pressure of Gordon Ramsay and his hot temper as they try to serve up Ramsay's signature dishes at L.A. hotspot Haute Cuisine. A fourth contestant is eliminated from the show.
S01E05 Day 5 27/06/2005 On the restaurant's fifth night, Hell's Kitchen presents an entire Italian-themed menu. After a tense competition in the afternoon, one team is rewarded with an afternoon outing with Chef Ramsay. Later at the dinner service, the participants' competitive nature comes to a head as one team deliberately sabotages the other, while a contestant makes a decision that shocks both teams.
S01E06 Day 6 11/07/2005 First Half of Two Hour Special. As the Hell's Kitchen contestants prepare for their sixth dinner service, Chef Ramsay reveals the latest twist – each team will create its own menu consisting of three appetizers, entrees and desserts. Egos and tempers reach a boiling point as the wannabe chefs hustle to get their signature dishes up to Ramsay’s impeccable standard and out to the hungry guests in a timely manner.
S01E07 Day 7 11/07/2005 Second half of Two Hour Special. The five remaining contestants learn they are no longer competing as teams, but as individuals who must work together (and against one another) to complete an entire dinner service. The theme of the dinner is “tableside service,” with both the appetizers and dessert prepared tableside. To further complicate matters, there is a power failure, and the filet mignon mysteriously disappears.
S01E08 Day 8 18/07/2005 Hell's Kitchen opens its eighth night with not only the four contestants left over from the previous night's service, but also the ingredients. The four remaining chefs are given 15 minutes and a tray of leftovers to create a meal that Chef Ramsay considers servable. The winner of the challenge is rewarded with a chance to cook on a live national TV show alongside Ramsay. Jealousy and desperation are eating away at the wannabe chefs and with all of them fighting for themselves, the kitchen feels like a pressure cooker. Who can handle the heat and who gets kicked out of the kitchen?
S01E09 Day 9 25/07/2005 Three contestants remain and Gordon’s order that they serve an entire dining room becomes too much for one contestant who succumbs to fatigue. The contestants serve their signature dishes, but the teammates suffer from one disastrous performance. Who will create the best dish and who will be sent home without his or her just desserts?
S01E10 Day 10 (1) 01/08/2005 In part 1 of the two-hour season finale, it’s down to the final two contestants who have survived the wrath of Ramsay and many disastrous nights at Hell’s Kitchen. Ramsay turns HK over to the battling duo by dividing the restaurant in half – with each wannabe chef choosing their own menu and decor.
S01E11 Day 10 (2) 01/08/2005 In part 2 of the two-hour finale, Hell's Kitchen is divided in half, and each of the two finalists completes a dinner service with the concept and menu they designed.
S02E01 Day 1 12/06/2006 In this two-hour season premiere, twelve Hell's Kitchen chefs begin their journey for the final prize of an executive chef position at the newly opened Las Vegas casino, Red Rock Casino Resort.
S02E02 Day 2 12/06/2006 In this two-hour season premiere, twelve Hell's Kitchen chefs begin their journey for the final prize of an executive chef position at the newly opened Las Vegas casino, Red Rock Casino Resort.
S02E03 Day 3 19/06/2006 Chef Gordon Ramsay is frustrated with both teams' work ethic after another lackluster dinner service. Ramsay communicates his experiences on running a successful restaurant to the teams while setting the third night's goal to have a complete dinner service.
S02E04 Day 4 26/06/2006 Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aside the battle of the sexes and switches the chefs to even out the teams. Hell's Kitchen breaks new ground when the teams are put to the test during a lunch service cooking for a group of highly demanding customers.
S02E05 Day 5 10/07/2006 Day 5 commences with Chef Gordon Ramsay giving a lesson to the remaining contestants in the art of culinary flavor while attempting to complete at least one dinner service.
S02E06 Day 6 17/07/2006 In Day 6, Chef Gordon Ramsay tempts the two teams with the winner celebrating a night out on the town. For the dinner service, the teams create their own personalized menus.
S02E07 Day 7 24/07/2006 In Day 7, the wannabe chefs must combine their skills and work as individuals for the first time in Hell's Kitchen. The prize for this challenge: a trip with Chef Ramsay to get a taste of the restaurant at the Red Rock Casino Resort.
S02E08 Day 8 31/07/2006 In Day 8, it's down to the final four chefs as they try to avoid elimination and reach their goal of Head Chef at the new multi-million-dollar restaurant at the Red Rock Casino Resort in Las Vegas.
S02E09 Day 9 07/08/2006 The contestants taste Chef Ramsay's signature dish and are given 20 minutes to replicate it. Tension arises among the chefs amidst accusations of cheating.
S02E10 Day 10 (1) 14/08/2006 Two-hour season finale, part 1. From the menu to the decor, the two finalists must prove their worth to Chef Ramsay as they are each in charge of their own restaurant, completing a dinner service with the help of their former competitors.
S02E11 Day 10 (2) 14/08/2006 Two-hour season finale, part 2. From the menu to the decor, the two finalists must prove their worth to Chef Ramsay as they are each in charge of their own restaurant, completing a dinner service with the help of their former competitors.
S03E01 Day 1 04/06/2007 In the season three premiere, twelve Hell's Kitchen chefs begin their journey for the final prize: becoming head chef at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa in Henderson, Nevada.
S03E02 Day 2 11/06/2007 Members of the men's and women's teams test their food preparation skills in a fish-related challenge. The winning team is rewarded with some important time outside the kitchen with Gordon Ramsay while the losing team is faced with an almost impossible task.
S03E03 Day 3 18/06/2007 Chef Ramsay orders the 10 remaining contestants to cook breakfast for visiting servicemen and women. Members of the winning team receive a day of R & R, and for the losers it's KP. Then there's another dinner service to prepare that night.
S03E04 Day 4 25/06/2007 Day 4 tests the palates of the remaining chefs as they compete in a blindfolded taste test. The losers must face a difficult punishment while the winners dine with Chef Ramsay. At the dinner service, the dishes are critiqued and rated by the diners
S03E05 Day 5 02/07/2007 For the first time in Hell's Kitchen, a wedding party is held at dinner service, but the groom may have made the mistake of his life.
S03E06 Day 6 09/07/2007 With Melissa saved from elimination, she now must join the men's team and compete against the women to see which team can prepare the best lobster dish. At that evening's dinner service, one team turns in a performance to remembered.
S03E07 Day 7 16/07/2007 The final six remaining contestants must make appetizers and entrées from leftovers, a challenge Chef Ramsay always gives his chefs to test their creativity. Then the teams must come up with their own menus for the evening's dinner service. At dinner service the diners definitely prefer one team's menu; however, lack of teamwork and poor communication may spell the end for one contestant.
S03E08 Day 8 23/07/2007 It's down to five chefs remaining in the competition as Chef Ramsay merges them into one team. In the next challenge the contestants are competing head to head with individual dishes to impress 100 hungry high school students. One winner (and a contestant of his or her choice) are rewarded with a trip to the Green Valley Ranch resort in Las Vegas. At dinner service, the night goes anything but smoothly as one chef is sent packing in the middle of dinner service.
S03E09 Day 9 06/08/2007 Chef Ramsay starts the challenge by having his mother present her own mac 'n cheese and then producing his own more elegant version. Each of the five remaining contestants must take a randomly selected comfort food dish and re-create it as a gourmet version. A new surprise team of judges brings the contestants to tears.
S03E10 Day 10 (1) 06/08/2007 As with the previous seasons, Hell's Kitchen is separated into two sides. Both chefs begin planning for their own side of the restaurant, including decor, staff uniforms and menus. One chooses an eclectic French bistro feel and the other opts for a clean decor with a southern-inspired menu. On one side of Hell's Kitchen, the ideas are flowing. On the other side, each decision is a struggle.
S03E11 Day 10 (2) 13/08/2007 The two Hell's Kitchen finalists take opposite approaches in dealing with their staff. Chef Ramsay reviews the proposed dishes and presents the finalists with their own head chef’s jackets in preparation for the final dinner service. At the end of the night, one finalist emerges the winner.
S04E01 15 Chefs Compete 01/04/2008 Season four begins with 15 hopefuls playing to win a job as a chef along side Gordon Ramsey in his L.A. restaurant. The contestants will be divided into teams of 'men vs. women' after preparing their signature dish. Gordon will be impressed by most of the entries, but one will make him retch.
S04E02 14 Chefs Compete 08/04/2008 The season's first challenge finds the contestants slicing halibut into thin 6 ounce fillets. One member of each team must serve as a maitre d' during the dining service, and one contestant will be eliminated at the shows conclusion.
S04E03 13 Chefs Compete 15/04/2008 Live chickens awaken the contestants, followed by a challenge of plucking their morning "wake up callers" and creating a family styled dinner out of them.
S04E04 12 Chefs Compete 22/04/2008 The two teams must compete to see who can prepare the most pasta for the evening dinner service, with a trip to Santa Monica for the winners. One contestant winds up in the hospital after an accident in the kitchen.
S04E05 11 Chefs Compete 29/04/2008 The chefs receive their first challenge, create a gourmet pizza. The winning team will head to Santa Barbara for a gourmet meal, while the losers will be sentenced to taking pizza orders during dinner service and then deliver them, at which one contestant is rushed to the hospital after suffering an accident.
S04E06 10 Chefs Compete 06/05/2008 A fantasy birthday celebration is the order of the day for the remaining aspiring chefs. The chefs cook for a sweet 16 party, but the mood in Hell's Kitchen is anything but sweet. One chef must face Ramsay's wrath when a diner sends back undercooked meat. And in a surprise twist, a new chef joins one of the teams at the episode's elimination ceremony.
S04E07 9 Chefs Compete 13/05/2008 The nine remaining chefs are challenged to compete in a taste test, with the winner receiving a day at the spa and the losers sent to clean the dorm. Once the dinner ervice is completed, Chef Ramsay must decide on which tastes worse, raw food or a lack or communication within the kitchen.
S04E08 8 Chefs Compete 20/05/2008 The group dynamics are drastically changed when Chef Ramsey asks for a volunteer to switch sides. This week's challenge consists of creating 4 new dishes from 20 ingredients. One chef requires a medic after injuring himself during the challenge.
S04E09 7 Chefs Compete 27/05/2008 A relay race puts both teams to the test, with a sunny reward on the line. To up the stakes, the losing team faces a top-to-bottom complete restaurant cleaning. At the evening's dinner service, the teams are required to serve items from menus that they each created. One chef is called out for serving a disgusting extra ingredient in the food -- their own sweat. Chef Ramsay makes an unprecedented move at the evening's elimination.
S04E10 6 Chefs Compete 03/06/2008 The two teams are combined to create a single team. Each chef is asked to create a dish designed specifically to please Chef Ramsay centered around a single main ingredient. The new unified team struggles to complete its first service together. Two chefs scheme together to plot another's downfall. The winner of the challenge is invited on a very special trip -- a visit to Vegas and a meeting with Rock Harper, the winner of the show's third season. The show's medics are put the test when things once again get a little too hot. One chef goes ballistic when the pressure of the evening's dinner service gets to be just a bit too much.
S04E11 5 Chefs Compete 10/06/2008 The aspiring chefs teach the art of gourmet meat preparation to housewives, with the winner of the challenge given one-on-one time with chefs Mark Peel and Ben Ford. The chefs later struggle to complete their most complicated dinner service yet.
S04E12 4 Chefs Compete 17/06/2008 Dinner service reaches a new low when one chef burns Chef Ramsay's hand. A group of special guests pays a visit to Hell's Kitchen. The remaining chefs face what is said to be their toughest challenge yet.
S04E13 3 Chefs Compete 24/06/2008 The pressure is at an absolute boiling point as the three chefs remaining try their hardest to reach the final two. Chef Ramsay brings in a group of surprise guests whom serve each the aspiring chefs a breakfast they must then attempt to recreate. Each of the remaining chefs is given a chance at running the hot plate, but must face tests designed by Chef Ramsay.
S04E14 2 Chefs Compete 01/07/2008 The final two chefs must prepare their signature dishes in New York City. They are then asked to create their own restaurant as a test of their skill. Featuring a special guest appearance by Whoopi Goldberg.
S04E15 Winner Announced 08/07/2008 The two finalists are faced with the ultimate test at the final dinner service when they must work together with previously eliminated chefs; the winner of the fourth season of the program is determined.
S05E01 Day 1 29/01/2009 The fifth season begins with Hell's Kitchen's most promising group yet: sixteen professional chefs competing for a position at the Borgata in Atlantic City. After Chef Ramsay judges their signature dishes, they face the pressure of the first dinner service, and one must face the ignominy of being the first sent packing.
S05E02 Day 2 05/02/2009 Chef Ramsey puts the Red and Blue teams in a new challenge, which causes tempers to flare and will result in the dismissal of one more contestant.
S05E03 Day 3 19/02/2009 The contestants go to a meat locker to learn different cuts of beef. The teams race to impress chef Ramsay when they are asked to put their new found knowledge to the test.
S05E04 Day 4 26/02/2009 50 young football players and cheerleaders will be served breakfast by the 13 remaining chefs. One team runs short on eggs, and 1 more chef is released.
S05E05 Day 5 05/03/2009 After sending the chefs to an Asian market, Chef Ramsay challenges them to create three Asian-fusion dishes utilizing poultry, seafood and beef. The teams then present their dishes for judging by Chef Ramsay and Tanya Steel, Editor-in-Chief of The following night, the teams go head-to-head at dinner service, and tensions run high as chefs from both teams crack under pressure. Chef Ramsay throws in a last-minute twist before sending the losing chef home.
S05E06 Day 6 12/03/2009 The remaining 11 chefs are challenged to cook variations of the three favorite foods of the honoree for his Bar Mitzvah. The dinner service seems to go well, but not for one contestant.
S05E07 Day 7 19/03/2009 Chef Ramsay challenges the teams to create delicious tapas style, or small portioned, dishes out of left-overs. At dinner service, one chef's performance nearly takes both teams down and the lack of unity on the Blue Team leaves Chef Ramsay fuming.
S05E08 Day 8 26/03/2009 Chef Ramsay challenges the team's palates in a blind taste testing. In a packed dinner service, anxiety is higher than usual when celebrities Eric McCormack and Robert Patrick stop by.
S05E09 Day 9 02/04/2009 Each team member is asked to create a dish using King Crab, but only one dish can be selected to represent them in front of Chef Ramsay. Both teams have a chance to show off the creativity in the kitchen when they get to create their own menus for dinner service, but internal conflicts cause chaos in the kitchens.
S05E10 Day 10 09/04/2009 The six remaining chefs are on their own now that Chef Ramsey has dissolved the teams. This week's challenge is for the chefs to use 14 simple ingredients in a dish. Later, the chefs will once again need to work as one for dinner service, but things heat up and one chef finds themselves in need of medical attention.
S05E11 Day 11 16/04/2009 Chef Ramsay sends the remaining chefs off to New Jersey to dine in the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, where one of them will be running a restaurant. When the chefs return, they are asked to create their signature dish which they would serve in their restaurant should they win.
S05E12 Day 12 23/04/2009 The chef's taste buds are put to the test when Chef Ramsay prepares three dishes for them to try. They are then given thirty minutes to prepare just one of the dishes, the fish stew, identifying the ingredients only by taste. The winner enjoys an afternoon with Ramsay, taking an amazing ride in a bi-plane. The losing chefs are punished with polishing crystal and cutlery, cleaning the carpets and prepping for the evening's service. During the dinner service Chef Ramsay tells them they need make it all the way through not only for themselves, but for one of their guests, who plans to propose to girlfriend during the dessert course. Two chefs rise to the challenge, but two struggle throughout the night. One is ultimately eliminated and then Chef Ramsay announces a surprise, to be revealed in the next episode.
S05E13 Day 13 30/04/2009 It's down to the final three, who must prepare a meal for 100 of L.A.'s finest chefs. The winner gets some face time on FOX's local morning show, while the losers do the laundry as they watch the winner on TV. At the dinner service, each contestant is given a chance at the pass running the kitchen.
S05E14 Day 14 (1) 07/05/2009 The final two chefs prepare for their ultimate challenge. They must design their restaurants as well as create a winning menu. But they won't be there to oversee the renovations- Chef Ramsay flies them back to the Borgata where they compete to wow the Hotel's CEO with their signature dish.
S05E15 Day 15 (2) 14/05/2009 The season 5 finale finds the remaining two chefs competing in their final dinner service competition. The winner will be named head-chef at a new restaurant at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City.
S06E01 16 Chefs Compete 21/07/2009 Season six returns with one change. Instead of working alone, now the red and blue teams work will be a team effort. The first dinner service (which is a predictable disaster) comes next before the first chef is eliminated, but an old friend shows up. Dinner service 2 winds up being an even bigger disaster.
S06E02 15 Chefs Compete 21/07/2009 The teams cook pasta dinners for a room full of firefighters; two contestants are sent to the hospital.
S06E03 14 Chefs Compete 28/07/2009 The remaining 14 chefs get a surprise awakening in the middle of the night to make a spaghetti dinner for a group of hungry firefighters. The winner will be determined by which team can serve first, and the losers must wax the firetrucks. later, two contestants are rushed to the hospital after suffering injuries.
S06E04 13 Chefs Compete 04/08/2009 The remaining 14 chefs are challenged to create perfectly proportioned 6-inch sausages. The dinner service will include Drew Lachey, John O'Hurley, Tom Green, Melinda Clarke, Chris "Kid" Reid and Kristy Swanson are among those being served cold and salty meal. Chef Ramsey is unhappy.
S06E05 12 Chefs Compete 11/08/2009 The remaining 12 chefs have the honor of creating a welcome back home dinner for a returning U.S. marine, where the losers will be left in charge of cleaning and decorating the dinning room for a party under the watchful eye of Gordon Ramsey's wife, Tana. Later, chef Ramsey gets heated up during dinner service over cold food.
S06E06 11 Chefs Compete 18/08/2009 The remaining 11 chefs are challenged to create a full three-course meal which only totals up to 700 calories. The winning team gets a day at the beach and volleyball pointers from 2000 Olympian Annette Davis, while the losers must prep both kitchens. One chef snaps back at Chef Ramsey, while another is taken to the hospital's emergency room.
S06E07 10 Chefs Compete 25/08/2009 The remaining ten chefs are rolling the dice to see what ingredients they can use in their challenge dish, with the winners earning a trip to Las Vegas. Later, chefs from Gordon Ramsey's own restaurants help out in the dinner service, which is interrupted by repeating mistakes and one bossy teammate.
S06E08 9 Chefs Compete 01/09/2009 The remaining nine chefs are given a blind taste test. The winners will receive a dinner with chef a darkened dinning room where they'll have no idea what they are eating. Later, the dinner service is ruined by meat and potatoes.
S06E09 8 Chefs Compete 08/09/2009 The remaining eight chefs are asked to make crepes, where the winners receiving a night out dining at a French restaurant and the losers creating a French-themed dinner service. During the prep time one contestant is injured, and the other three can't make it through the service.
S06E10 7 Chefs Compete 22/09/2009 Winter Olympic medalists Sasha Cohen and Jonny Moseley will serve as judges of the meals created by the contestants using ingredients brought in from Whistler, B.C., site of the restaurant in which the winner will be stationed.
S06E11 6 Chefs Compete 22/09/2009 The teams may merge now that there are six, as they re-create foods they've tasted. A frustrated Chef Ramsey storms out during dinner service.
S06E12 5 Chefs Compete 29/09/2009 The five remaining chefs are challenged to create as pretty as it tastes. A winner will be chosen by experts from Bon Apetite magazine and will win a dinner with Chef Ramsay and Bon Apetite editor Barbara Fairchild at a luxury hotel in Santa Monica.
S06E13 4 Chefs Compete 06/10/2009 The remaining four chefs meet British child actor-impressionist Felix Wright, a diminutive version of Chef Ramsey, then meet 80 other youngsters, who they will feed without serving any meat. Two chefs have a bad night at dinner service and one is let go.
S06E14 3 Chefs Compete 13/10/2009 The three finalists will create dishes from various parts of the world, which will be judged by international culinary experts.
S06E15 Finale 13/10/2009 The final two chefs will battle it out in the final challenge and dinner service. Chef Gordon Ramsay will then choose the winner.
S07E01 16 Chefs Compete 01/06/2010 Chef Ramsay introduces himself to the 16 new contestants by announcing that they are expected to complete their very first dinner service. He then divides them into two teams, men vs. women, and sends them to the kitchen to prepare their signature dishes. After presenting the dishes to Chef Ramsay, he sends them up to study the menu and prepare for dinner service, which, unfortunately, does not go as he had hoped.
S07E02 15 Chefs Compete 08/06/2010 Both teams are challenged to prepare eggs four different way. The team that cooks the most eggs properly wins a helicopter ride over Los Angeles. Meanwhile, an argument between one of the chefs and Chef Ramsay during dinner service causes one team to crash and burn.
S07E03 14 Chefs Compete 15/06/2010 The chefs are challenged to serve lunch to the very hungry members of a marching band. During dinner service, one member on the red team gets burned and throws the entire team into chaos.
S07E04 13 Chefs Compete 15/06/2010 The two teams are challenged two each create a dish based on ingredients chosen by rolling dice with letters on them. Though one team makes some strange choices, the results end up being close, with the final determination coming down to the quality of the cooking rather than the nature of the dishes.
S07E05 12 Chefs Compete 22/06/2010 "Hell's Kitchen" does barbecue for the first time ever, and the chefs are challenged to prepare pork-themed dishes with their chosen ingredients. But when the red team fails to keep cool under pressure, Chef Ramsay gives them a piece of his mind.
S07E06 11 Chefs Compete 22/06/2010 When it comes to judging good food, mother knows best. The chefs are tasked with preparing dishes representing each of the five "mother sauces," and two surprise judges show up to decide which dishes stand out. For the evening's dinner service, it's family night and the pint-sized customers couldn't be more finicky, rowdy and demanding. As tempers flare, one contestant is sent home and Chef Ramsay surprises everyone by throwing in an unexpected twist.
S07E07 10 Chefs Compete 29/06/2010 Chef Ramsay turns Hell's Kitchen into an upscale deli when he challenges each contestant to create an original gourmet sandwich. While the winning team is treated to an amazing retreat in wine country, the losing team is left behind to perfect the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Later, Chef Ramsay gets into an angry confrontation – with a disgruntled customer – during a disastrous dinner service. Meanwhile, when Chef Ramsay switches up the teams, the contestants face a different challenge: adjusting to their new teammates while reinventing a wedding menu for a 50th anniversary party.
S07E08 9 Chefs Compete 29/06/2010 The remaining aspiring chefs compete in the eighth episode of the competition.
S07E09 8 Chefs Compete 06/07/2010 The remaining aspiring chefs compete in the ninth episode of the competition. A blind taste test challenges the palette of the chefs. Later, the two teams are tasked to create their own original menus.
S07E10 7 Chefs Compete 06/07/2010 The chefs are challenged to create their own unique lobster dishes. The dishes are judged by Michelin-starred chefs, with Gordon Ramsay left to break a tie after two chefs' dishes are rejected for simply not being cooked to par. The winning team enjoys a visit to a caviar house followed by a shopping spree, while the losing team is made to clean the dorms, then prep both kitchens for service. Gordon Ramsay delivers a surprise by ordering the two teams to work together to complete a dinner service with a time limit of 2 and 1/2 hours. The pressure proves too much for one, leading to a complete meltdown and ejection during service. The dinner service, however, is ultimately a great success, leading to another surprise at the elimination.
S07E11 6 Chefs Compete 20/07/2010 The six remaining aspiring chefs work together for the first time as one team. The chefs are presented with a challenge requiring them to come up with a creative dish using cheap ingredients. Switching stations create added pressure during service.
S07E12 5 Chefs Compete 20/07/2010 The remaining aspiring chefs compete in the twelfth episode of the season.
S07E13 4 Chefs Compete 27/07/2010 The remaining chefs compete in the thirteenth episode of the season and struggle against the pressure with only four chefs left. The chefs are challenged to teach bachelors how to prepare monkfish. During service, a chef is called out for sabotaging another. A budding romance forces Chef Ramsay to make a difficult decision.
S07E14 2 Chefs Compete 03/08/2010 The remaining aspiring chefs must recreate a dish by taste; one of the aspiring chefs buckles under pressure.
S07E15 Winner Announced 10/08/2010 The final two chefs compete to be the winner of Hell's Kitchen. Both are given a preview of what they could win and face their toughest challenge yet. One of the two is declared the winner of Hell's Kitchen, earning $250,000 and a position at the Savoy Hotel in London.
S08E01 16 Chefs Compete 22/09/2010 Sixteen chefs compete in the premiere of the eighth season of Hell's Kitchen. Chef Ramsay divides the chefs into teams of women and men, and their first challenge is to create their signature dishes. An early injury sends one chef to the hospital. Massive delays during dinner service lead customers to exit Hell's Kitchen.
S08E02 14 Chefs Compete 22/09/2010 The 14 remaining chefs receive a lesson in preparing sushi from Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto before they must do it themselves. One competitor in particular can't seem to learn it.
S08E03 13 Chefs Compete 29/09/2010 The 13 remaining chefs must prepare breakfast for 50 hungry EMTs. At dinner service, dover sole bollixes up both the blue and red teams.
S08E04 12 Chefs Compete 29/09/2010 The 12 remaining chefs must make ravioli from scratch. And the dinner service features Italian dishes, but it's overcooked salmon and undercooked chicken that prove to be the bugaboos.
S08E05 11 Chefs Compete 06/10/2010 The challenge facing the 11 remaining chefs: devise tasting menus for a retro-themed high-school prom, with the losing team having to set up for the prom. Then, appetizers and fish bedevil competitors at dinner service.
S08E06 10 Chefs Compete 06/10/2010 The challenge facing the 10 remaining chefs: prepare entrée salads, with the winner to be featured in Bon Appetit magazine. Dinner-service bugaboos: scallops and garnishes.
S08E07 9 Chefs Compete 13/10/2010 The 9 remaining chefs create dishes using five ingredients selected at random. The winners visit Las Vegas while the losers peel 1000 potatoes. Guests at the "Family Night" dinner service include Jerry Springer and members of Chef Ramsay's family.
S08E08 9 Chefs Compete Again 13/10/2010 The teams must shop on a budget and prepare elegant dishes for four judges. The winners go sailing and dancing while the losers fumigate Hell's Kitchen. Guests at the black-tie dinner service include four previous winners and cast members of "Glee."
S08E09 8 Chefs Compete 10/11/2010 The 8 remaining contestants face a women-vs.-men blind taste test. The winners dine at the L.A. restaurant XIV while the losers sort trash. Undercooking and one chef's overheated conversation with Chef Ramsay mar the dinner service.
S08E10 7 Chefs Compete 10/11/2010 The 7 remaining chefs are tested on their cooking precision and communication skills, but dinner service proves disappointing to Chef Ramsay and his guests, L.A. restaurateur Josiah Citrin and the NFL's Matt Cassel. In the end, six chefs remain.
S08E11 6 Chefs Compete 17/11/2010 Chef Ramsay challenges the six contestants to create "a single bite" to make a bold first impression on the Michelin-starred L.A. chefs who do the biting. But dinner-service diners leave disappointed and hungry. Later, one chef is asked to leave.
S08E12 5 Chefs Compete 24/11/2010 The 5 remaining contestants prepare and serve their signature dishes in downtown-L.A. food trucks at lunchtime. The winner receives a Beverly Hills makeover by hairstylist José Eber and fashion guru Steven Cojocaru, while the losers scrub their trucks and prepare Hell's Kitchen for a dinner service that won't go well.
S08E13 4 Chefs Compete 01/12/2010 The 4 remaining chefs must re-create a dish without a recipe, using only their eyesight, their noses and their senses of taste. The winner gets a day at a spa while the losers do the Hell's Kitchen laundry before it's time for another dinner service.
S08E14 4 Chefs Compete Again 08/12/2010 The challenge: create a balanced fusion dish. The judges: Top L.A. chefs Philip Dubose (Asia de Cuba), Helene An (Crustacean) and Lee Hefter (Spago). Then, at dinner service, tempers flare and Chef Ramsay must intervene.
S08E15 2 Chefs Compete 15/12/2010 In the Season 8 finale, the final two chefs must prepare five-course meals to be judged by five L.A.-area executive chefs and food-service executives. The winner receives a head-chef position at LA Market at the JW Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles.
S09E01 18 Chefs Compete 18/07/2011 Eighteen new aspiring chefs dare to brave the heat of competition when Chef Gordon Ramsay opens the doors to a new season of HELL'S KITCHEN. The chefs must prove they have the skill, passion and dedication as they compete for the grand prize of a Head Chef position at BLT Steak in New York City. In the first team challenge of the season, Chef Ramsay asks the contestants to prepare their signature dish and splits the chefs into two teams: men vs. women. The winning team gets a taste of the sweet life when they wine and dine with Season Eight winner Nona Sivley at L.A. Market, while the losing team is left behind to scrub down the kitchen in preparation for their first dinner service. Following a sobering announcement moments before the grand reopening of HELL'S KITCHEN, tempers flare when the teams struggle to communicate effectively and the slow service forces diners to walk out before their entrees are served.
S09E02 16 Chefs Compete 19/07/2011 With just 16 chefs remaining, the tension among the contestants becomes palpable as Chef Ramsay pits the red team against the blue team in another intense challenge. The winning team celebrates in high style while the losing team is left behind to fulfill drab duties. During dinner service, both teams struggle to cook their dishes properly and on time, and the contestants’ lack of cooperation and efficiency sends Chef Ramsay over the edge.
S09E03 15 Chefs Compete 25/07/2011 With just 15 chefs remaining, Chef Ramsay pits the red team against the blue team in another intense challenge. The winning team celebrates in high style while the losing team is left behind to fulfill drab duties. Tune in to see which contestants are on the chopping block
S09E04 14 Chefs Compete 26/07/2011 After the contestants get a brief night's sleep, sous chefs Scott and Andy show up with overalls and boots for the contestants to use in the next challenge. They all go downstairs, where Chef Ramsay explains today's test. Each team must create four chicken dishes, but before retreating to the kitchen they must determine what they will be working with. For every live chicken they catch and deposit into a cage, they can retrieve an ingredient from a list including such items as bleu cheese, pickles, and grits.
S09E05 13 Chefs Compete 01/08/2011 The remaining 13 chefs start a new day greeted by Chef Ramsay and the sight of a chemistry lab in the kitchen. Chef Ramsay introduces two guests who bring science and food together: Ben Roche and Homaro Cantu from Chicago's Moto Restaurant. In 45 seconds they make a dreamsicle sorbet using sound waves and liquid nitrogen.
S09E06 12 Chefs Compete 02/08/2011 With just 12 chefs remaining, Chef Ramsay pits the red team against the blue team in another intense challenge. The winning team celebrates in high style while the losing team is left behind to fulfill drab duties. Tune in to see which contestants are on the chopping block.
S09E07 11 Chefs Compete 08/08/2011 Following a difficult elimination in the previous episode, the teams return to the dormitories. The Blue Team is determined to win a service, having lost the last challenge. In the meantime, Krupa is celebrating the Red Team's win by relaxing with a few drinks. The next morning the chefs are up and ready to go, but Krupa is in a world of pain. All of the contestants then meet Chef Ramsay in the dining room. He asks them to create something delicious from a table of ingredients that includes grains, fruits, and oils. After hearing a few of the contestants' ideas, he introduces them to his guests, beer sommeliers Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune. The competitors are told to prepare individual dishes using one or more types of beer. Chef Ramsay has designed the challenge to test the chefs' creativity and their ability to make a well-balanced and delicious dish using a unique element. Krupa's night of celebration is catching up with her, and she's not performing at her best. Since the women have six chefs to the men's five, they are told to drop one dish, and they choose Krupa's rabbit.
S09E08 10 Chefs Compete 09/08/2011 Chef Ramsay asks the remaining 10 contestants to nominate one chef from each team who possesses the best leadership skills. The Blue Team decides on Will, while the Red Team struggles to make a selection. When they meet Chef Ramsay in the kitchen the following morning, the Red Team picks Jennifer as their strongest player. But in true "Hell's Kitchen" style, Chef Ramsay turns the tables on the contestants as he describes today's challenge. He asks the two strongest players to name their weakest teammates. Jennifer does not hesitate to say Carrie, and Will immediately calls out Tommy. For this challenge, Carrie and Will must lead their respective kitchens. They will start by creating a menu for their versions of five classic comfort foods: spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, burgers, Cobb salad, and chicken noodle soup. The Red Team, especially the outspoken Elise, disagrees with Carrie's game plan, but at least she has one. Tommy can't pull it together, and the Blue Team waits for his guidance. Jonathan creates a pizza following Tommy's recipe but struggles to get his leader to focus. Still, both disorganized teams manage to finish the dishes before time runs out.
S09E09 9 Chefs Compete 15/08/2011 With just nine chefs remaining, Chef Ramsay pits the red team against the blue team in another intense challenge. The winning team celebrates in high style while the losing team is left behind to fulfill drab duties.
S09E10 8 Chefs Compete 22/08/2011 Chef Ramsay pits the red team against the blue team in two intense challenges. The winning team celebrates in high style while the losing team is left behind to fulfill drab duties.
S09E11 7 Chefs Compete 22/08/2011 The 7 remaining chefs visit New York City, where they tour BLT Steak (the future home for the winner) and take bites of the Big Apple's cornucopia of ethnic foods. Their challenge when they return to Hell's Kitchen: prepare ethnic dishes themselves. For the winners it's a day at the beach, while the losers must prepare for dinner service, at which both teams have difficulty with sea bass. When it's over, Chef Ramsay cuts the field to six.
S09E12 6 Chefs Compete 29/08/2011 6 chefs remain. The team challenge: prepare three dishes in 30 minutes. The winners go shopping while the losers prep for the dinner service, a black-tie gala benefiting American Cancer Society and the American Humane Association.
S09E13 5 Chefs Compete 05/09/2011 The 5 remaining chefs trade in their red and blue-piped jackets for black ones and cook together in one kitchen. Four advance to the next round.
S09E14 5 Chefs Compete Again 12/09/2011 Five chefs compete (again).
S09E15 4 Chefs Compete 19/09/2011 Chefs Will Lustberg, Paul Niedermann, Tommy Stevens and Elise Wims compete, with two advancing to the final round and a shot at a chef-de-cuisine post at BLT Steak in New York City.
S09E16 Winner Chosen 19/09/2011 The two finalists compete in the Season 9 finale. The winner gets a chef-de-cuisine post at BLT Steak in New York City.
S10E01 18 Chefs Compete 04/06/2012 The chefs must make their signature dishes; one contestant is sent home.
S10E02 17 Chefs Compete 05/06/2012 The teams face a challenge and a dinner service; a contestant is eliminated.
S10E03 16 Chefs Compete 11/06/2012 The men compete against the women in a challenge in which they serve classic American fare to special diners; the winning team takes a day trip.
S10E04 15 Chefs Compete 12/06/2012 The teams must tackle a challenge in order to get the ingredients they need to cook four different lamb dishes.
S10E05 14 Chefs Compete 18/06/2012 The contestants prepare Mexican dishes.
S10E06 13 Chefs Compete (1) 19/06/2012 The contestants must create a menu for fashion designers; the winning team receives a new wardrobe, while the losers are left to prepare for a dinner service runway show.
S10E07 13 Chefs Compete (2) 25/06/2012 The teams must put on a dinner service timed in sync with three runway shows going on in the restaurant.
S10E08 12 Chefs Compete 26/06/2012 The contestants prepare food for UFC fighter Tito Ortiz and former boxer Sugar Ray Leonard.
S10E09 11 Chefs Compete (1) 02/07/2012 Ramsay challenges the contestants' creativity by using a slot machine to determine ingredients for their dishes.
S10E10 11 Chefs Compete (2) 03/07/2012 As tempers flare on both teams, several contestants are more focused on personal drama than cooking.
S10E11 10 Chefs Compete 09/07/2012 The Blue Team competes against the Red Team in a challenge that forces the chefs to think on their feet; three special diners attend the dinner service.
S10E12 9 Chefs Compete (1) 16/07/2012 A competitive eater and the chefs participate in a wing-eating contest; history is made during a blind taste test.
S10E13 9 Chefs Compete (2) 17/07/2012 The remaining contestants have a chance to impress chef Ramsay when they create items for the dinner menu.
S10E14 8 Chefs Compete 23/07/2012 The chefs are challenged to put a gourmet spin on traditional Southern dishes. Later, they work on their communication skills before an important dinner service.
S10E15 7 Chefs Compete 24/07/2012 Ramsay puts the chefs' communication skills to the test; the contestants face their most important dinner service yet.
S10E16 6 Chefs Compete 13/08/2012 The chefs compete against a team of former runners-up in a dinner-service showdown.
S10E17 5 Chefs Compete 20/08/2012 The chefs each try to teach a student to re-create one of Ramsay's dishes.
S10E18 4 Chefs Compete 27/08/2012 During the dinner service, each contestant gets a chance to direct the others.
S10E19 2 Chefs Compete 04/09/2012 The top two finalists are determined; a team of renowned chefs evaluates the contestants' final dinner-service menu.
S10E20 Winner Chosen 10/09/2012 After the two remaining chefs tackle the final dinner service, Ramsay chooses the winner.
S11E01 20 Chefs Compete (1) 12/03/2013 Twenty aspiring restaurateurs present their signature dishes to Ramsay -- and an audience -- in Las Vegas; while the challenge winners earn a night out on the town, the losers must head back to Los Angeles on a school bus.
S11E02 20 Chefs Compete (2) 12/03/2013 The contestants arrive at the dorms; Ramsay sends contestants out of the kitchen after a rocky first dinner service.
S11E03 19 Chefs Compete 19/03/2013 Chef Ramsay puts the contestants through a physical challenge involving lobsters; while the challenge winners enjoy a day on a yacht, the losing team must clean hundreds of pounds of fish; Ramsay is disappointed by a disorganized dinner service.
S11E04 17 Chefs Compete 26/03/2013 Olympic athletes Maurice Greene, Natalie Coughlin and Danell Leyva help Ramsay lead a 3K race, with the red and blue teams racing to prepare lunch for the runners; communication issues lead to fights during the dinner service.
S11E05 16 Chefs Compete (1) 02/04/2013 The teams must identify the type of protein used in five dishes; as the winning team enjoys its victory at a beach house, the losing team must grind and mill grains to make bread from scratch; contestants are grilled during elimination.
S11E06 16 Chefs Compete (2) 09/04/2013 Ramsay makes a decision that changes the competition; two chefs work as servers during the dinner service; each team nominates two contestants to be put up for elimination.
S11E07 15 Chefs Compete 16/04/2013 Chef Martin Yan judges six Chinese dishes created by the remaining contestants; during dinner service, one team disappoints a VIP guest; a contestant is eliminated.
S11E08 14 Chefs Compete 23/04/2013 The contestants enter an animal pen to determine which type of protein they will cook in the team challenge; during dinner service, the contestants must impress chef Ramsay's family.
S11E09 13 Chefs Compete 30/04/2013 The teams must create five steak dishes; a diner finds an unpleasant surprise in her dish during dinner service; the elimination round brings out bad tempers.
S11E10 12 Chefs Compete 07/05/2013 The teams host a quinceanera; a disagreement between chefs brings dinner service to a standstill; Ramsay makes an unexpected decision.
S11E11 10 Chefs Compete 13/05/2013 The chefs compete to participate in a photo shoot and host a dinner for members of the Army.
S11E12 9 Chefs Compete 13/05/2013 The chefs must design and execute their own dinner menus.
S11E13 8 Chefs Compete 23/05/2013 The chefs create ethnic dishes with select ingredients; a team falls behind before dinner service begins.
S11E14 7 Chefs Compete (1) 30/05/2013 Ramsay tests the chefs' palates with a blind taste test; Ramsay presents an unexpected challenge in order to determine who gets immunity.
S11E15 7 Chefs Compete (2) 06/06/2013 The chef with the best dish earns immunity; the chefs prepare a meal for TV host Maria Menounos and actor Jeremy Sisto; one team's service flags during dinner.
S11E16 6 Chefs Compete 13/06/2013 Ramsay tests the contestants' ability to communicate and work together with a three entree relay race, with the winners getting a helicopter tour and a caviar tasting.
S11E17 5 Chefs Compete (1) 20/06/2013 The chefs are surprised by family members and then participate in a pressure cooker test.
S11E18 5 Chefs Compete (2) 27/06/2013 A team of previous winners returns to challenge the remaining contestants; each team designs its own menus for dinner service.
S11E19 5 Chefs Compete (3) 11/07/2013 The final five chefs must impress tough critics with a gourmet burger; a huge misstep brings dinner service to a halt; one chef is eliminated.
S11E20 4 Chefs Compete 18/07/2013 The chefs must use sight, taste and smell to identify ingredients in a dish and re-create it, with the chef who comes closest earning a shopping spree and time with Chef Ramsay; Ramsay sends two chefs home.
S11E21 2 Chefs Compete 25/07/2013 Chef Ramsay announces the final two chefs who will compete for the HELL'S KITCHEN title and a life-changing grand prize: a Head Chef position under Executive Chef Jeremy Berlin at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace. After Chef Ramsay surprises the chefs with a luxurious trip to Las Vegas, the adventures continue when the chefs compete head-to-head in a live cooking challenge judged by some of the most famous chefs in Los Angeles.
S11E22 Winner Chosen 25/07/2013 With the help of former HELL'S KITCHEN contestants, the top two chefs prepare their menus for the most important dinner service of their life. Later, pressure mounts on both teams to execute a flawless dinner service, but in the end, only one chef will be crowned HELL'S KITCHEN winner.

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