Affiche Hello Counselor
  • 2 saisons
  • 258 épisodes
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  • Durée :
    80 minutes
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    En Cours
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"Hello Counselor" is a talk show with an emphasis on people and their stories. From stories about the daily lives of regular people regardless of their age or gender to concerns that are too embarrassing to reveal! Our program will bring laughter and move your heart. The purpose of this program is to help take down communication barriers by sharing stories about life. Comedians Shin Dongyeop, Jeong Chanwu, Kim Taegyun, and Lee Yeongja are the hosts of this program with various special guests appearing on the show weekly.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Hello Counselor

S01E00 Pilot Episode 13/11/2010 Guests: Oh Jiho, Tak Jaehoon
S01E01 Episode 1 22/11/2010 Guests: Kim Jang Hoon, Psy
S01E02 Episode 2 29/11/2010 Guests: Yoo Hee Yeol, Lee Juck
S01E03 Episode 3 06/12/2010 Guests: Shim Hyung Rae, IU
S01E04 Episode 4 20/12/2010 Guests: Lee Sugeun, Eun Jiwon
S01E05 Episode 5 27/12/2010 Guests: Kara
S01E06 Episode 6 03/01/2011 Guests: Kim Heung Kook
S01E07 Episode 7 10/01/2011 Guests: Kim Tae Won (Boohwal)
S01E08 Episode 8 17/01/2011 Guests: Kim Byung Man, Park Jisun
S01E09 Episode 9 24/01/2011 Guests: Lee Mangi, Joo Yeong Hoon
S01E10 Episode 10 31/01/2011 Guests: Jo Hyung Ki, Kim Jisun
S01E11 Episode 11 07/02/2011 Guests: Hong Seok Cheon, Hwang Seung Hwan, Baek Boram
S01E12 Episode 12 14/02/2011 Guests: Park Kyung Lim, Simon D (Supreme Team), Lee Hongki (FTIsland), Min (miss A)
S01E13 Episode 13 21/02/2011 Guests: Lee Sang Yong, Lee Sang Byeok
S01E14 Episode 14 07/03/2011 Guests: Park Sang Cheol, Ahn Sun Young, Hyomin (T-ara)
S01E15 Episode 15 14/03/2011 Guests: Kang Ju-eun, Oh Jungyeon
S01E16 Episode 16 21/03/2011 Guests: Tony An, Kim Jaeduk
S01E17 Episode 17 28/03/2011 Guests: Jeon Wonju, Park Hyun BIn
S01E18 Episode 18 04/04/2011 Guests: Sean Lee, Kim Yong Joon
S01E19 Episode 19 11/04/2011 Guests: Nam Heeseok, Go Young Wook
S01E20 Episode 20 18/04/2011 Guests: Park Jungah, Han Sunhwa (Secret)
S01E21 Episode 21 25/04/2011 Guests: Jo Hyeryeon, Kwanghee (ZE:A)
S01E22 Episode 22 02/05/2011 Guests: Kim Jang Hoon, Hong Rok Ki, Kim Hyun Chul, Chae Yeon
S01E23 Episode 23 09/05/2011 ?????? 30?
S01E24 Episode 24 16/05/2011 Guests: Park Joon Kyu, Kim Bomin
S01E25 Episode 25 23/05/2011 Guests: Song Euni, Shin Bong Sun
S01E26 Episode 26 30/05/2011 Guests: Jang Woohyuk, Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls), Brian Joo (Fly to the Sky)
S01E27 Episode 27 06/06/2011 Guests: After School (Kahi, Raina, Lizzy)
S01E28 Episode 28 13/06/2011 Guests: Kim Jong Seo, Rainbow (Jaekyung, Woori)
S01E29 Episode 29 20/06/2011 Guests: Park Jiyoon,, 4minute (HyunA, Sohyun)
S01E30 Episode 30 27/06/2011 Guests: 2PM (Jun.K, Chansung, Taecyeon, Junho, Wooyoung)
S01E31 Episode 31 04/07/2011 Guests: Kim Junho, Kim Daehee
S01E32 Episode 32 11/07/2011 Guests: Lee Yoon Mi, Chae Yeon, Eunjung (Jewelry)
S01E33 Episode 33 18/07/2011 Guests: Alex (Clazziquai), MBLAQ (G.O, Lee Joon)
S01E34 Episode 34 25/07/2011 Guests: Park Hyun Bin, Secret
S01E35 Episode 35 01/08/2011 Guests: Yoo Seyoon, Jang Dongmin, Yoo Sang Moo
S01E36 Episode 36 08/08/2011 Guests: Tae Jin Ah, Mighty Mouth
S01E37 Episode 37 15/08/2011 Guests: Lee Hyun Woo, Go Young Wook
S01E38 Episode 38 22/08/2011 Guests: Koyote
S01E39 Episode 39 29/08/2011 Guests: T-ara (Eunjung, Qri, Soyeon, Jiyeon)
S01E40 Episode 40 05/09/2011 Guests: Park Joon Kyu, Hong Rok Ki, Lee Jihoon
S01E41 Episode 41 12/09/2011 Guests: Super Junior (Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Kyuhyun)
S01E42 Episode 42 19/09/2011 Guests: Sung Sikyung, Moon Chun Sik, Kim Taehoon
S01E43 Episode 43 26/09/2011 Guests: Kara
S01E44 Episode 44 03/10/2011 Guests: Lee Bongwon, Song Euni, Kim Junho
S01E45 Episode 45 10/10/2011 Guests: K.will, Kim Sung Joo, Yoo Hyun Sung
S01E46 Episode 46 17/10/2011 Guests: Seo Inyoung, Girls' Generation (Sunny, Seohyun)
S01E47 Episode 47 24/10/2011 Guests: Kim Gunmo, Yoon Hyung Bin, Heo Gak
S01E48 Episode 48 31/10/2011 Guests: Kim Yeon Woo, Go Young Wook, Yoon Ilsang
S01E49 Episode 49 07/11/2011 Guests: Hong Jinkyung, Yoo Young Seok, Jeon Hyun Moo
S01E50 Episode 50 21/11/2011 1 Year Anniversary Special Guests: Park Joon Kyu, Kim Jang Hoon, Tak Jaehoon, Minho (SHINee)
S01E51 Episode 51 28/11/2011 Guests: Kim Chang Ryeol, Moon Heejun, Jay Park
S01E52 Episode 52 05/12/2011 Guests: Yang Heekyung, Son Hoyoung, Kim Sook
S01E53 Episode 53 12/12/2011 Guests: Wonder Girls
S01E54 Episode 54 19/12/2011 Guests: Kim Wan Sun, Sistar (Bora, Hyolyn)
S01E55 Episode 55 26/12/2011 Guests: Lee Sangwoo, Kim Young Chul, IU, Kim Saeng Min
S01E56 Episode 56 02/01/2012 Guests: Boom, Jung Beom Kyun, Infinite (Sungkyu, Woohyun, Sungyeol)
S01E57 Episode 57 09/01/2012 Guests: Baekdusan
S01E58 Episode 58 16/01/2012 Guests: After School (Jung-Ah, Lizzy), Brown Eyed Girls (Narsha, Miryo)
S01E59 Episode 59 23/01/2012 Guests: Park Seongho, Jung Taeho, Choi Hyojong, Kim Wonhyo
S01E60 Episode 60 30/01/2012 Guests: Yoon Do Hyun Band
S01E61 Episode 61 06/02/2012 Guests: Kim Hyung Seok, Sung Sikyung, Jang Jae In
S01E62 Episode 62 13/02/2012 Guests: Jaurim
S01E63 Episode 63 20/02/2012 Guests: Boohwal
S01E64 Episode 64 27/02/2012 Guests: Jay Park, ALi, Heo Gak, Shim Yong Jae (4men)
S01E65 Episode 65 05/03/2012 Guests: Lee Sung Mi, Lee Kyung Sil, Jung Kyung Mi
S01E66 Episode 66 12/03/2012 Guests: Kim Daehee, Kim Junho, Hong Inkyu, Kim Jiho, Heo Min
S01E67 Episode 67 19/03/2012 Guests: Yoon Jong Shin, Jo Jung Chi, Haha, Taw
S01E68 Episode 68 26/03/2012 Guests: 2AM
S01E69 Episode 69 02/04/2012 Guests: CNBlue (Lee Jungshin, Jung Yonghwa), John Park, K.will
S01E70 Episode 70 09/04/2012 Guests: Lee Hyun Woo, Kwon Woo Joong, Lee Joon (MBLAQ)
S01E71 Episode 71 16/04/2012 Guests: Park Suhong, Park Kyung Lim, Brian Joo (Fly to the Sky)
S01E72 Episode 72 23/04/2012 Guests: SHINee
S01E73 Episode 73 30/04/2012 Guests: Shinhwa
S01E74 Episode 74 07/05/2012 Guests: Fujita Sayuri, Shin Bora, Suzy (miss A)
S01E75 Episode 75 14/05/2012 Guests: Girls' Generation (Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun)
S01E76 Episode 76 21/05/2012 Guests: Lee Mangi, Yang Junhyeok, Woo Jiwon, Kim Sejin
S01E77 Episode 77 28/05/2012 Guests: Baek Jiyoung, Ailee, Ivy
S01E78 Episode 78 04/06/2012 Guests: Seo In Guk, Heo Gak, Ulala Session
S01E79 Episode 79 11/06/2012 Guests: Kim Jong Seo, Kim Kyung Ho, Choi Jaehoon
S01E80 Episode 80 18/06/2012 Guests: After School (Uee, Raina, E-Young), Jo Young Soo, 2BiC
S01E81 Episode 81 25/06/2012 Guests: f(x)
S01E82 Episode 82 02/07/2012 Guests: Jo Kwon (2AM), Sistar
S01E83 Episode 83 09/07/2012 Guests: Wooyoung (2PM), T-ara (Eunjung, Hyomin, Areum)
S01E84 Episode 84 16/07/2012 Guests: Ha Chun Hwa, Gong Hyung Jin, Kang Dong Ho
S01E85 Episode 85 23/07/2012 Guests: Super Junior (Leeteuk, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun)
S01E86 Episode 86 13/08/2012 Guests: Kim Junho, Park Seongho, Hong Inkyu, Jung Taeho
S01E87 Episode 87 20/08/2012 Guests: Haha, Skull, Han Sunhwa (Secret)
S01E88 Episode 88 27/08/2012 Guests: B2ST
S01E89 Episode 89 03/09/2012 Guests: Kara (Gyuri, Seungyeon, Jiyoung)
S01E90 Episode 90 10/09/2012 Guests: Kim Junhyun, Heo Kyunghwan, Kim Kiyeol, Yang Sangguk
S01E91 Episode 91 17/09/2012 Guests: ZE:A (Kwanghee, Dongjun, Siwan, Hyungsik)
S01E92 Episode 92 01/10/2012 Chuseok Special Guests: UV
S01E93 Episode 93 08/10/2012 Guests: FTIsland (Lee Hongki, Lee Jaejin), Secret (Sunhwa, Jieun)
S01E94 Episode 94 15/10/2012 Guests: Boohwal
S01E95 Episode 95 22/10/2012 Guests: TVXQ
S01E96 Episode 96 29/10/2012 Guests: Son Dambi, Park Boyoung, Yooyoung (Hello Venus)
S01E97 Episode 97 05/11/2012 Guests: Yoon Gun, K.will, Lee Seok Hoon
S01E98 Episode 98 12/11/2012 Guests: Kim Jong Kook, Byul, Minah (Girl's Day)
S01E99 Episode 99 19/11/2012 Guests: Kim Jung Min, Hong Jimin, Stephanie (The Grace)
S01E100 Episode 100 26/11/2012 Guests: Super Junior (Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk)
S01E101 Episode 101 03/12/2012 Guests: NS Yoonji, Infinite (L, Sungkyu), Yewon (Jewelry)
S01E102 Episode 102 10/12/2012 Guests: Park Jung Hyun, Kim Beom Soo
S01E103 Episode 103 17/12/2012 Guests: Bobby Kim, Kim Taewoo, Younha
S01E104 Episode 104 24/12/2012 Guests: Hyun Young, Sung Sikyung, Alex (Clazziquai)
S01E105 Episode 105 07/01/2013 Guests: Hwang Sukyung, Han Suk Joon, Ka Aeran
S01E106 Episode 106 14/01/2013 Guests: Girls' Generation (Hyoyeon, Yoona, Jessica, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny)
S01E107 Episode 107 21/01/2013 Guests: Kim Jimin, Heo Kyunghwan, Kim Younghee
S01E108 Episode 108 28/01/2013 Guests: CNBlue
S01E109 Episode 109 04/02/2013 Guests: 4minute (Jiyoon, Gayoon), Infinite (Dongwoo, Hoya)
S01E110 Episode 110 11/02/2013 Guests: Raina (After School), Tae Jin Ah, Ailee
S01E111 Episode 111 18/02/2013 Guests: Rainbow (Jaekyung, Woori), Sistar (Bora, Hyolyn)
S01E112 Episode 112 25/02/2013 Guests: SHINee
S01E113 Episode 113 04/03/2013 Guests: 2AM
S01E114 Episode 114 11/03/2013 Guests: 2AM
S01E115 Episode 115 18/03/2013 Guests: Seo Kyung Seok, Kim Young Cheol, Park Eunyoung
S01E116 Episode 116 25/03/2013 Guests: Kim Woo Bin, Lee Soohyuk, Hyun Woo
S01E117 Episode 117 01/04/2013 Guests: Park Seongho, Jung Taeho, Kim Junhyun, Yang Sangguk
S01E118 Episode 118 08/04/2013 Guests: Nancy Lang, Kim Nayoung & Fujita Sayuri
S01E119 Episode 119 15/04/2013 Guests: Yang Hee Eun, Song Euni, Kim Sook
S01E120 Episode 120 22/04/2013 Guests: Davichi, ZE:A (Siwan, Hyungsik)
S01E121 Episode 121 29/04/2013 Guests: Hong Jinyoung, Kim Sumi, Jang Yoonjung, Kang Jin
S01E122 Episode 122 06/05/2013 Guests: Lee Sooyoung, Secret (Hyosung, Jieun), Son Sung Yoon
S01E123 Episode 123 13/05/2013 Guests: Shinhwa
S01E124 Episode 124 20/05/2013 Guests: Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls), Feeldog (Big Star), Roy Kim, Yoon Gun
S01E125 Episode 125 27/05/2013 Guests: 2PM
S01E126 Episode 126 03/06/2013 Guests: Lee Hongki (FTIsland), Lim Wonhui, Baek Jinhee & Sim Yiyoung
S01E127 Episode 127 10/06/2013 Guests: Lee Hyori, Spica (Yang Jiwon, Kim Boa)
S01E128 Episode 128 17/06/2013 Guests: Ji Sangryeol, An Sunyoung, Kim Saerom & Kim Taehyun
S01E129 Episode 129 24/06/2013 Guests: Sistar
S01E130 Episode 130 01/07/2013 Guests: Joo Young Hoon, Lee Kichan, Seo In Young, Fujii Mina
S01E131 Episode 131 08/07/2013 Guests: Super Junior (Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Henry) & EXO (Kris, Chanyeol, Suho)
S01E132 Episode 132 15/07/2013 Guests: Jang Dongmin, Yoo Sangmoo, Tia (Chocolat) & Heyne
S01E133 Episode 133 22/07/2013 Guests: Rainbow (Jaekyung, Jisook), Infinite (Sungkyu, Woohyun)
S01E134 Episode 134 29/07/2013 Guests: f(x) & Jo Jung Chi
S01E135 Episode 135 05/08/2013 Guests: Lim Kim (Togeworl), ZE:A (Kwanghee, Dongjun, Siwan, Joonyoung)
S01E136 Episode 136 12/08/2013 Guests: B1A4 (Sandeul & Jinyoung), Apink (Eunji & Chorong)
S01E137 Episode 137 19/08/2013 Guests: Koyote, Kangnam (M.I.B)
S01E138 Episode 138 26/08/2013 Guests: B2ST
S01E139 Episode 139 02/09/2013 Guests: Kara
S01E140 Episode 140 09/09/2013 Guests: Kim Boseong, Park Jungyu, Wi Yangho & Park Gyuseon
S01E141 Episode 141 16/09/2013 Guests: Kim Jimin, Shin Bora, Park Jisun & Kim Minkyung
S01E142 Episode 142 23/09/2013 Guests: Lim Chang Jung, Jo Sungmo, Kyungri (Nine Muses), Feeldog (Big Star)
S01E143 Episode 143 30/09/2013 Guests: Heo Kyunghwan, Yang Sangguk, Yu Minsang, Kwon Jaegwan
S01E144 Episode 144 07/10/2013 Guests: Secret (Sunhwa, Jieun), Teen Top (Niel, Chunji)
S01E145 Episode 145 14/10/2013 Guests: K.will, IU, EXO (Lay, Kai)
S01E146 Episode 146 21/10/2013 Guests: 2AM (Jo Kwon, Changmin, Seulong), Hong Sua
S01E147 Episode 147 28/10/2013 Guests: SHINee (Onew, Jonghyun, Minho), Kim Junhee, Min Haekyung
S01E148 Episode 148 04/11/2013 Guests: Park Jiyoon, MayBee, U-Kiss (Soohyun, Kevin), Seo In Guk
S01E149 Episode 149 11/11/2013 Guests: miss A (Fei & Min), Huh Gak & Kim Jongseo
S01E150 Episode 150 18/11/2013 Guests: Kim Kilee, An Somi & Noel (Kang Gyunsung & Lee Sanggon)
S01E151 Episode 151 25/11/2013 Guests: Sung Sikyung, Lee Jungshin (CNBlue) & Suzy (miss A)
S01E152 Episode 152 02/12/2013 Guests: Hyolyn (Sistar), Insooni, Sonya & The One
S01E153 Episode 153 09/12/2013 Guests: Lee Jeong, Bobby Kim, Park Wankyu & ALi
S01E154 Episode 154 16/12/2013 Guests: Kim Shinyoung, Lee Bongwon, Kim Sook & Yeon Jihu
S01E155 Episode 155 23/12/2013 Guests: T-ara (Eunjung & Boram), Lee Yunseok & Yun Hyeongbin
S01E156 Episode 156 30/12/2013 Guests: Han Hyejin, Lee Sunjin, Hanyoung & Lee Hyuni
S01E157 Episode 157 06/01/2014 Guests: Park Eunyoung, Kim Seunghwi, Kim Solhee & Jung Jiwon
S01E158 Episode 158 13/01/2014 Guests: Park Junhyung, Lisa, Jung Dongha & Ailee
S01E159 Episode 159 20/01/2014 Guests: TVXQ & Lee Yubi
S01E160 Episode 160 27/01/2014 Guests: B1A4 (Baro, Jinyoung), Dal Shabet (Subin, Woohee)
S01E161 Episode 161 03/02/2014 Guests: Girl's Day
S01E162 Episode 162 24/02/2014 Guests: Gain (Brown Eyed Girls), Hyene, Kim Inkwon & Hong Kyungin
S01E163 Episode 163 03/03/2014 Guests: Lee Minwoo (Shinhwa), Park Jiyoon & Rainbow (Jaekyung & Hyunyoung)
S01E164 Episode 164 10/03/2014 Guests: After School (Nana & Lizzy), Taeyeon (SNSD) & Jonghyun (SHINee)
S01E165 Episode 165 17/03/2014 Guests: CNBlue
S01E166 Episode 166 24/03/2014 Guests: Lim Chang Jung, Baek Sung Hyun, Dasom (Sistar), Jung Jooyeon
S01E167 Episode 167 31/03/2014 Guests: Toheart, Apink (Eunji, Namjoo)
S01E168 Episode 168 07/04/2014 Guests: Lee Kyuhyuk, Jo Haeri, Park Seunghee & Kim Arang
S01E169 Episode 169 14/04/2014 Guests: 4minute (HyunA, Gayoon) & MBLAQ (G.O & Mir)
S01E170 Episode 170 28/04/2014 Guests: Kim Daesung, Park Jisun, Oh Nami, Park Seonggwang & Song Byeongchul
S01E171 Episode 171 05/05/2014 Guests: Hong Sukchun, Chun Yiseul, Hong Kyungmin & Haeryung (Bestie)
S01E172 Episode 172 12/05/2014 Guests: Wheesung, Fly to the Sky & NS Yoon-G
S01E173 Episode 173 19/05/2014 Guests: Kim Youngchul, Hyosung (Secret), & Park Hwisoon
S01E174 Episode 174 26/05/2014 Guests: ZE:A (Dongjun, Kwanghee, Hyungsik & Minwoo)
S01E175 Episode 175 02/06/2014 Guests: Infinite (Dongwoo, Sungkyu & Sungyeol)
S01E176 Episode 176 09/06/2014 Guests: B2ST (Dongwoon, Kikwang, Yoseob, Junhyung)
S01E177 Episode 177 16/06/2014 Guests: Gummy, Kim Hyojin, Gong Seoyoung
S01E178 Episode 178 23/06/2014 Guests: Baek Jiyoung, Jiyeon (T-ara), Kim Yeonwoo, Tey (Mr.Mr)
S01E179 Episode 179 30/06/2014 Guests: K.will, Hong Inkyu, Jo Yunho, Yang Sangguk
S01E180 Episode 180 07/07/2014 Guests: After School (Uee, Raina), San E
S01E181 Episode 181 14/07/2014 Guests: Choo Soyoung, Yoo Taewoong, Kim Seunghyun, Jo Kyunghoon
S01E182 Episode 182 21/07/2014 Guests: Sistar
S01E183 Episode 183 28/07/2014 Guests: Homme, HyunA (4minute)
S01E184 Episode 184 04/08/2014 Guests: B1A4 (Baro, Gongchan), Girl's Day (Minah, Sojin)
S01E185 Episode 185 11/08/2014 Guests: Hyunyoung, Kim Wonhyo & Mamamoo (Solar & Moon Byul)
S01E186 Episode 186 18/08/2014 Guests: Kara & Taemin (SHINee)
S01E187 Episode 187 25/08/2014 Guests: Secret (Sunhwa & Hana), Choi Sung Kook & Lee Junhyeok
S01E188 Episode 188 01/09/2014 Guests: Kim Jongmin (Koyote) & Red Velvet
S01E189 Episode 189 08/09/2014 Guests: Shin Eunkyung, Oh Inhye, Kang Jiseob
S01E190 Episode 190 15/09/2014 Guests: Super Junior (Heechul, Shindong, Kangin & Ryeowook)
S01E191 Episode 191 22/09/2014 Guests: Ha Chun Hwa & 2PM (Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Jun.K)
S01E192 Episode 192 29/09/2014 Guests: Kim Jong Seo, T-ara (Soyeon & Hyomin), Ailee
S01E193 Episode 193 06/10/2014 Guests: Girls' Generation-TTS
S01E194 Episode 194 13/10/2014 Guests: Roy Kim, Lee Gukjoo, Jang Doyeon, Park Narae
S01E195 Episode 195 20/10/2014 Guests: B2ST (Lee Kikwang, Yoon Doojoon, Yang Yoseob, Son Dongwoon)
S01E196 Episode 196 27/10/2014 Guests: Younha, Park Eunji, Lee Byung Jin, Mino
S01E197 Episode 197 03/11/2014 Guests: Park Sohyun, Choi Hee, Goo Jisung, Kim Hyun Chul
S01E198 Episode 198 10/11/2014 Guests: Apink (Son Naeun, Yoon Bomi, Kim Namjoo, Oh Hayoung)
S01E199 Episode 199 17/11/2014 Guests: Hong Rok Ki, Jung Gaeun, AOA (Choa, Seolhyun)
S01E200 Episode 200 24/11/2014 Guests: Lim Chang Jung, Eun Jiwon, Hwayobi, Shin Bora
S01E201 Episode 201 01/12/2014 Guests: Son Hoyoung (g.o.d), Kang Sung Jin, Kahi, Kim Dongjun (ZE:A)
S01E202 Episode 202 08/12/2014 Guests: Yang Hee Eun, Kim Bum Soo, Hong Jinyoung, An Youngmi
S01E203 Episode 203 15/12/2014 Guests: Chae Yeon, Alex (Clazziquai), Tei, Eric Nam
S01E204 Episode 204 22/12/2014 Guests: Kim Yeonwoo, Lee Sejoon, Kim Taewoo, K.will
S01E205 Episode 205 29/12/2014 Guests: Park Junhyung (g.o.d), Kim Nayoung, Min Kyung Hoon, Nicole
S01E206 Episode 206 05/01/2015 Guests: Kim Daehee, Kim Jimin, Heo Anna, Song Pilgeun
S01E207 Episode 207 12/01/2015 Guests: EXID (Hani, Junghwa), BtoB (Minhyuk, Eunkwang)
S01E208 Episode 208 19/01/2015 Guests: Noel (Jeon Woosung, Kang Gyunsung), Jonghyun (SHINee), Gong Seoyoung, NC.A
S01E209 Episode 209 26/01/2015 Guests: Park Sungjin, Lee Hyejung, Kim Jaeyoung, Song Haena
S01E210 Episode 210 02/02/2015 Guests: Jang Suwon (Sechs Kies), Jung Yong Hwa (CNBlue), Lizzy (After School), Seon Woo
S01E211 Episode 211 09/02/2015 Guests: 4minute (HyunA, Gayoon), Ji Sangryeol, Seok Juil
S01E212 Episode 212 16/02/2015 Guests: Lee Junhyuk, Kyung Sujin, Lee Sangyeop, Chae Subin
S01E213 Episode 213 23/02/2015 Guests: Park Seongkwang, Park Youngjin, Kim Younghee, Kim Giri
S01E214 Episode 214 02/03/2015 Guests: Shinhwa
S01E215 Episode 215 09/03/2015 Guests: Byun Jungsoo, Kim Saeun, Niel (Teen Top), Boyfriend (Donghyun, Jungmin)
S01E216 Episode 216 16/03/2015 Guests: Kangnam (M.I.B), Minah (Girl's Day), Soya, Insoo (MyName)
S01E217 Episode 217 23/03/2015 Guests: Hyun Young, Heo Kyunghwan, Yang Sangguk, Heyne
S01E218 Episode 218 30/03/2015 Guests: Baek Jiyoung, Gain (Brown Eyed Girls), Huh Gak, Song Yubin
S01E219 Episode 219 06/04/2015 Guests: Jang Dongmin, Lady Jane, Jo Seho, Nam Changhee
S01E220 Episode 220 13/04/2015 Guests: EXO (Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Chen), Red Velvet (Joy, Yeri)
S01E221 Episode 221 20/04/2015 Guests: FTIsland (Lee Hongki, Choi Jonghoon), Dal Shabet (Subin, Jiyul)
S01E222 Episode 222 27/04/2015 Guests: Jo Kwon, Kim Saerom, Seo Yuri, Park Boram
S01E223 Episode 223 04/05/2015 Guests: Kim Gayeon, Lim Yohwan, Jessi (Lucky J), BTS (Rap Monster, V)
S01E224 Episode 224 11/05/2015 Guests: Hong Jinho, Jun Hyosung (Secret), Kim Sunggyu (Infinite), Lim Kim (Togeworl)
S01E225 Episode 225 18/05/2015 Guests: Jung Dongha, Solbi, SHINee (Jonghyun, Key, Taemin)
S01E226 Episode 226 25/05/2015 Guests: Jinusean, Horan, Elsie (Eunjung from T-ara)
S01E227 Episode 227 01/06/2015 Guests: Shin Sung Woo, CNU (B1A4), Ken (VIXX)
S01E228 Episode 228 08/06/2015 Guests: Park Young Jin, Kim Kiri, Im Uil, Song Pilgeun
S01E229 Episode 229 15/06/2015 Guests: Eun Jiwon, Seo Inyoung, Kara (Seungyeon, Hara)
S01E230 Episode 230 22/06/2015 Guests: Sistar (Soyou, Bora, Hyolyn)
S01E231 Episode 231 06/07/2015 Guests: K.will, Homme (Lee Hyun, Changmin), AOA (Choa, Mina)
S01E232 Episode 232 06/07/2015 Guests: Lee Ki Chan, Lee Jihye, Girl's Day (Sojin, Yura)
S01E233 Episode 233 13/07/2015 Guests: Infinite (L, Sungyeol, Woohyun), Jang Jane
S01E234 Episode 234 20/07/2015 Guests: Kim Wonjoon, Bada, Hwang Chiyeol, Melody Day (Chahee, Yein)
S01E235 Episode 235 27/07/2015 Guests: Apink (Jung Eunji, Oh Hayoung), Song Yeonggil, Lee Sanghoon
S01E236 Episode 236 03/08/2015 Guests: Lee Hoon, Kim Hyun Jung, Simon D, Jay Park, Cheetah
S01E237 Episode 237 10/08/2015 Guests: B1A4 (Sandeul, Jinyoung, Gongchan), Gong Seungyeon
S01E238 Episode 238 17/08/2015 Guests: Kim Sook, Lee Gookjoo, Kang Yebin, Park Giryang
S01E239 Episode 239 24/08/2015 Guests: Cho Jungchi, Jung In, T-ara (Soyeon, Hyomin)
S01E240 Episode 240 31/08/2015 Guests: Jang Doyeon, Teen Top (CAP, Chunji, Niel, Ricky, Changjo)
S01E241 Episode 241 07/09/2015 Guests: Lee Eun-gyeol, Chorong (Apink), SG Wannabe (Lee Seok-hun, Kim Yong-jun)
S01E242 Episode 242 14/09/2015 Guests: Jun Jin (Shinhwa), Hong Ji-min (ko), Baek A-yeon, Jooheon (Monsta X)
S01E243 Episode 243 21/09/2015 Guests: Sayuri Fujita, DinDin, Kim Hyo-jin, Bae Ki-sung (CAN)
S01E244 Episode 244 05/10/2015 Guests: Kim Young-ho, Changmin (2AM), Kim Jung-mo (TRAX), Lyn, Shin Ji-ho
S01E245 Episode 245 12/10/2015 Guests: Hong Seok-cheon, Lee Ji-hyun, Lovelyz (Kei, Yein)
S01E246 Episode 246 19/10/2015 Guests: Kim Na-young, Kim Young-hee, Bae Jeong-nam, Lee Young-jin
S01E247 Episode 247 26/10/2015 Guests: Kyuhyun (Super Junior), Stephanie (The Grace), Muzie (UV), Purfles (Geonhee, Eunyong)
S01E248 Episode 248 02/11/2015 Guests: Park Jun-gyu, Lee Kye-in, Kim Dong-wan (Shinhwa), Sleepy (Untouchable)
S01E249 Episode 249 09/11/2015 Guests: Brown Eyed Girls
S01E250 Episode 250 16/11/2015 Guests: EXID (Hani, LE, Hyerin), Dynamic Duo
S01E251 Episode 251 23/11/2015 Guests: Park Ji-yoon, Lee Hyun-woo, Kim Jung-min
S01E252 Episode 252 30/11/2015 Guests: Lee Hong-gi (F.T. Island), Noel (Kang Kyun-sung, Lee Sang-gon), Mir (MBLAQ)
S01E253 Episode 253 07/12/2015 Guests: Jung Sung-ho, Nine Muses (Kyungri, Euaerin), Oh Hyun-min
S01E254 Episode 254 14/12/2015 Guests: Jieun (Secret), Roy Kim, Laboum (Solbin, Yulhee)
S01E255 Episode 305 26/12/2016
S00E01 "Treasure of my life" Special 28/02/2011 Guests: Insooni, Koyote (Shinji, Kim Jongmin)
S00E02 Seollal Special - Family Counseling 20/02/2015