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This show was a breath of fresh air in the stale world of Britcom in 2005. Heart-wrenching some of the time, ridiculous and ludicrously funny the rest, Help was certainly a refreshing break from the other recent sitcoms of the time. Arguably a modern-masterpiece, Help updates and utilises, to perfection, the well established and timelessly proven comedy formulae of two men stuck in a room. The chemistry between Peter (Langham) and his various patients (Whitehouse) is maintained and performed with great accuracy and hilarity throughout. This allows one to connect with the characters and sink into the artificial world created on screen in a way which has not been seen for a long time. In short, Help is a must-watch for any serious comedy fan.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Help (2005)

S01E01 Episode One 27/02/2005 Paul Whitehouse takes on several different guises as clients seeking the counsel of therapist Peter, as played by Chris Langham 1. Occupy Their Minds 2. Lost Snail 3. Gary 4. Monty 5. Barking Mad 6. Red Leather, Yellow Leather
S01E02 Episode Two 06/03/2005 A cabbie, an ageing rocker, a TV celebrity and a jown-on-his-luck Irish aristocrat - all played by Paul Whitehouse - are the latest challenges for therapist Peter (Chris Langham) as the understated comedy continues.. 1. Just a Sprinkle 2. Eidelweiss 3. Louie's Life Story 4. The Donkey Dream 5. Three Things 6. Smoke & Mirrors
S01E03 Episode Three 13/03/2005 Low-key comedy featuring the many faces of Paul Whitehouse. Therapy with Peter (Chris Langham) is meant to be beneficial, but for Michael it's simply baffling. 1. Old Nick 2. Magic 3. Fat Housewife 4.Sex Drive 5. Affairs 6. Therapy
S01E04 Episode Four 20/03/2005 Understated comedy with Paul Whitehouse in multiple guises. Peter's (Chris Langham) new client just won't stop talking - could hypnotherapy help? 1. Interesting Client 2. Hypnosis 3. Role Play 4. Deep Trance 5. Customer Complaints 6. Tea
S01E05 Episode Five 27/03/2005 A mind-boggling mathematical conundrum - Fermat's last theorem - threatens to tip an eccentric maths professor (Paul Whitehouse) over the edge. Will therapist Peter (Chris Langham) have a eureka moment as he struggles to grasp the concept? 1. Numbers 2. Fear 3. £27 4. Little Bird 5. Letters from the Front 6. Obsession
S01E06 Episode Six 03/04/2005 Therapy is meant to be cathartic, but not always for therapist Peter (Chris Langham). Paul Whitehouse dons prosthetics once more to portray Peter's various clients, including a new one whose body language says so much more than words ever can. 1. Father 2. Time 3. Anger 4. Bad Wife 5. Re-commitment 6. Story of O