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Hermanos y Detectives is a series from Spain, an adaptation of the Argentinian series by the same name. It tells the story of Daniel Montero who works in the police force. After the death of his father he finds out he has a half sibling, Lorenzo. The boy is only eleven years old and has no other alive relatives, so a judge determines he must live with Franco. But Lorenzo is a very particular boy: he has a very high IQ rate, so in a way, he is like a little Sherlock Holmes and will help Franco solve very complicated murder cases. The TV show is done in a retro style, very much like the old series that people used to watch in the 60's and 70's, with some reminiscence of series like "Starsky & Hutch".


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Hermanos y Detectives (2007)

S01E01 El profesor Fontán 04/09/2007
S01E02 El secreto de Roque Peralta 11/09/2007
S01E03 El caso del asesino gordo 18/09/2007
S01E04 El caso del extranjero solitario 25/09/2007
S01E05 La única heredera 02/10/2007
S01E06 El loco de la azotea 07/10/2007
S01E07 Muerte en escena 14/10/2007
S01E08 El enigma de otro mundo 21/10/2007
S01E09 Diez minutos antes de morir 28/10/2007
S01E10 Tiempos difíciles 04/11/2007
S01E11 El grupo de los cuatro 11/11/2007
S01E12 El profesional 18/11/2007
S01E13 El final 25/11/2007
S02E01 El asesino de la iglesia 14/12/2008
S02E02 Ilustres antepasados 21/12/2008
S02E03 Sin reglas 28/12/2008
S02E04 No me quieras tanto 04/01/2009
S02E05 El ciclo Alfa 09/01/2009
S02E06 Relámpago 16/01/2009
S02E07 Culpable 30/01/2009
S02E08 28/07/2009
S02E09 04/08/2009
S02E10 11/08/2009
S02E11 18/08/2009
S02E12 00/00/0000
S02E13 00/00/0000

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