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Take to the skies with courageous military pilots of the past century – from the early fliers of WWI to the amazing aerial acrobats of today. This exciting 10-part documentary series combines thrilling combat footage, extraordinary stories of daring and eye-opening first-hand interviews with those who risk their lives in the cockpit. Go deep behind enemy lines and experience the crews' heroic efforts. Plus, get an up-close look at more than 200 historic aircraft. Covers the Great War, WWII, the Ploesti Oil Fields, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and more. Superb footage of real aerial combat -More than 200 aircraft, including fighters, bombers and jets. Meet the men and women – and the remarkable aircraft – that helped shape history by determining the outcome of critical military battles.


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S01E01 Blenheim Bomber 15/04/2006 This documentary film tells the fascinating story and heroic reconstruction over two decades of the world's only airworthy Bristol Blenheim bomber restored back to its glory by ex-RAF pilot Graham Warner and his dedicated team. This DVD takes you back to the plane’s beginning, its role during World War II and the long lasting effect it had on its crews. Re-live this enthralling and nostalgic story of this mechanical hero; long forgotten and unsung. Brought back to life by the Aircraft Restoration Company based at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, Cambridgeshire. Let Raymond Baxter take you through the Blenheim’s extraordinary history, in this amazing story that will stir the heart and captivate you.
S01E02 Mach Masters 15/04/2006 This documentary film describes the remarkable story of the RAF Tornado and USAF F-15 Eagle and recounts the partnership between the RAF andUSAF built up since World War II. Edward Woodward guides you through technical developments and the two planes' historic encounters in the Falklands and the Gulf War. It chronicles which systems allow the Tornado and F-15 to penetrate deep behind enemy lines, evading radar detection; flying at the height of the camel's eye during combat. Thrilling aerial action and unique footage that takes you into the cockpit and lets you see through the pilot's eye, realistic enemy threat environments, plus aircrew performing combat missions against an enemy force. Exclusive interviews with John Peters (RAF) and Andy Marson (RAF), also featuring Major John Burns (USAF)
S01E03 World War 2 15/04/2006 This documentary film recounts the nostalgic and moving history of fighting in the skies during World War II from every fighting Air Force on both sides of the Atlantic, and the stories of the men and machines that made those forces great. This very enjoyable DVD follows the development of military aircraft – the RAF and the USAF – from Fighters to the Big Bombers that ruled our skies during World War II from the Battle of Britain to the Atom Bomb. The RAF were losing men and machine at an alarming rate over the channel and France, resources and moral were at an all time low. Britain desperately needed allies if it was to hold off an invasion. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour in 1941. America joined the war and Britain found its closest ally. Shane Rimmer presents this unique, descriptive overview clearly illustrating the significant events during the course of World War II.
S01E04 B17 Lancaster 15/04/2006 This documentary film tells the amazing story of America's B-17 the Flying Fortress and Britain's Lancaster Bomber, the most renowned bombers of World War II. The B-17's of the ‘Mighty Eighth’ with its robust unique design took the flight across Europe in broad daylight, at the expense of horrendous losses of men and aircraft. Star of the B-17 section was the Memphis Belle, the first UK-based B-17 to successfully complete 25 missions and return to the USA a true hero. The latter half of this moving and descriptive documentary traces the development of its British counterpart, the Lancaster, which is associated in our minds with the legendary raid on the Ruhr Dams by 617 squadron; otherwise know as the Dam Busters. Narrated by Edward Woodward
S01E05 Spitfire Mustang 15/04/2006 This unique documentary film tells the amazing story of the two most famous fighters in World War II. The Spitfire became a symbol of British strength, hope and defiance during WWII and came to symbolise British victory. Let this remarkable film tell the Spitfire story, a tale of human endeavour and ingenuity; becoming the much-loved aircraft of the British nation and RAF. It was considered to be the most effective fighter during the Battle of Britain. The Mustang was unquestionably the finest of all the USAF fighters. This wonderful aircraft has been used in various theatres of war, always trusted as an escort or fighter by its devoted pilots and crew. The Mustangs maneuverability, speed and range enabled it to penetrate deep into enemy territory therefore earning the title as probably the best all round single piston engine fighter to be deployed by any of the combatants in WWII. Robert Powell narrates this remarkable often-courageous tale of the two greatest fighters of World War II. An action quality film capturing these war birds in all their splendour.
S01E06 Super Jet Age 15/04/2006 A new breed of machine, a new breed of pilot. This was the dawning of the jet age, man was about to travel faster and further than ever before. The RAF and USAF after the Second World War needed a new generation of advanced aeroplanes to replace aircraft that served so well in WWII. America was going to put that new jet technology to the ultimate test within new theatres of war. This documentary film describes to you the development of the jet engine right up to the sophisticated post jet fighters. Never before has there been a DVD giving so much information on so many military aircraft showing you the technical aspects, payloads and their various specifications. Also featured are the Gloster and Messerschmitt the first of the jet powered planes, plus In-depth footage and comprehensive information on the other jets of the last 50 years as well as the Tornado, the F1-17A Stealth Fighter, the Lockheed Blackstar to the doomed Valkerie and the part they play in the many conflicts of the modern world. We must remember that despite today's technology, the essential nature and spirit of the men who fly these Super Jet planes differs very little from the past generation of aviation heroes. Presented by Shane Rimmer.
S01E07 Aircraft Carrier (Pre-Jet) 15/04/2006 A stunning look at the development of this vital war machine. From its conception in 1910, then a mere converted Merchant ship to the purpose built carriers of that era. This DVD details the designs, adaptations and systems used throughout these indispensable Carriers, a major component in Sea to Air / Ground warfare. Follow the joint developments of the aircraft and the carrier as technology progressed through to the Second World War. Arguably without them, the Allied forces may have never succeeded in winning the Pacific War. This action packed documentary film captures all the destruction and devastation caused by Air and Sea Warfare, watch as Kamikaze pilots fulfil their suicide missions; ultimately the Pacific Fleet's deadliest foe. This film illustrates the bravery, heroism and skill of the crews; both onboard and in the air.
S01E08 Aircraft Carrier (Jet Age) 15/04/2006 This DVD tells the compelling story of Naval Aviation since World War II. The introduction of the Jet age; the helicopters and jets of the Fleet Air Arms of the Royal and US Navies, both of which have united the might of the world's greatest Aircraft Carriers. Follow this documentary film as it explores the varied theatres of warthat have occurred in the modern age, including the Korean War, the Malayan Crisis , Suez Crisis, Vietnam War, Falklands Conflict and the Gulf War. Peter Woods narrates an in-depth background introduction to each crisis as well as the crews, carriers and aircraft that took part in each of these crucial modern conflicts. Unique footage and superb narration combine to bring you a highly visual and informative history of Aircraft Carriers since the Second World War.
S01E09 Guinea Pig Story 15/04/2006 War with Germany was imminent and it was foreseen that the fighting in the skies with petrol laden aircraft was bound to result in massive burn injuries to the pilots and crew. Sir Archibald McIndoe founded the Guinea Pig Club, probably most exclusive club in the world; and one that no one would want to join given the chance. This brilliant surgeon directed operations, re-constructed men and inspired his patients to rebuild their own lives and go on to achieve further successes in society. The spirit of the Guinea Pigs has lived on for sixty years; this is the remarkable story of those heroic men and the vital battles they fought, both in the air and on the ground. Over six hundred brave young men who were not ever defeated, who rose again to victory and represented the amazing spirit so dear to the nation. In just a few years time this very special club will cease to exist. This is truly a story worth telling of how these elite aircrew survived against all odds. This unique DVD details this story from beginning to end giving you actual accounts, insights to the pilots lives and experiences. Sir Archibald McIndoe once said One day someone will tell the story of the Guinea Pigs the way it should be told. The documentary film makers of this DVD believe that they have fulfilled Sir Archibald McIndoe's wish.
S01E10 Behind Enemy Skies 15/04/2006 World War II was fought across many countries and knew no frontiers; Possibly the most crucial war in history; one of the bloodiest conflicts and truly the most global of all time. This DVD gives you a unique insight into the many turning points encountered throughout the war. For example the fascinating story of Admiral Yamamoto, the mastermind behind the Pearl Harbour attack and Japan's greatest military mind who was shot down. His loss ultimately led to the defeat of the Japanese fleet. Contains stunning footage and many real life action shots allowing you to recapture the spectacle of the moment. Retrace the most monumental battles fought on land and air including the Battle of Britain, Pearl Harbour, the day light raids on Germany, the Ploesti Oil Fields and the infamous Atom Bombs that led the Japanese Nation to it's ultimate surrender.

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