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Take an inside look at the daily life of this pop star/choreographer extraordinaire turned American Idol judge. When she's not on camera, Paula is developing her own beauty products, serving as a shrewd business woman, and acts as a high-powered celebrity in demand. All Paula, all the time.


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S01E01 This Is My Life 28/06/2007 Paula gets all glamorous to attend the Grammy Awards but her pooch, Chomps, chews on her loaned million dollar ring. Later, Paula goes to a home shopping network to promote her new jewelry line.
S01E02 Sleepless In New York 28/06/2007 Paula attends a fashion gala and is awarded a Fashion Icon Award. Later, a tired Paula talks with her perfume manufacturers and does various American Idol interviews.
S01E03 Woman of the Year 05/07/2007 Paula holds a staff meeting to discuss her recent bad publicity and then she goes shopping. Las Vegas beckons, meaning she'll have to face the press head-on.
S01E04 All that Glitters 12/07/2007 Paula hosts a charity event to help animal victims of Hurricane Katrina. Later, she appears on the home shopping network once again and prepares for an appearance on "The Late Show with David Letterman".
S01E05 Snowed In 19/07/2007 As Paula prepares to head to New York for the day to rest and then give an interview on "The Late Show with David Letterman", things totally go haywire as a snowstorm mixes up Paula's plans. Paula is stuck in Philadelphia after doing a segment on QVC until the snow storm dies down. Will Paula ever make it to David Letterman?
S01E06 Summer Rental 26/07/2007 Paula plans to rent a house while her home is being remodeled and asks her best friend/hairstylist Daniel to help her decorate. Daniel tours the rental house with Deb the interior designer to determine décor. Daniel and Deb make decorative executive decisions, and move in new furniture the very next week. But when Paula arrives to look at the house, she hates it and calls Deb to complain. After reconsidering, Paula decides to hold off on remodeling her house, and lets go of the newly decorated rental house.
S01E07 Shut Up and Dance 02/08/2007 In the season/series finale, Paula auditions dancers for a new project. Then we see how she deals with her chronic pain problems in her daily life -- a problem that gets worse after she trips over one of her beloved dogs and damages the cartilage in her nose. We meet her acupuncturist while she does an interview with Billy Bush of Access Hollywood. Later, Paula meets with producer Peter Lord, whom she hasn't worked with for over ten years, to discuss her getting back in the music game. Paula's boyfriend throws her a birthday party and surprises her with her dad and other family members.

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