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Hi-de-Hi! was set at Maplins, a holiday camp owned by entrepreneur Joe Maplin in the fictional seaside town of Crimpton-on-Sea, Essex. It is loosely based on Butlins, the holiday camp empire of Billy Butlin, his Redcoats replaced with 'Yellowcoats'. At the end of the 1958 season, the camp Entertainment Manager Mr Baverstock, a conman and womaniser, had been sacked for stealing charity money from the camp wishing well. At the same time, the camp comic Teddy Drinkwater had burned out and resigned, leaving the two posts vacant. The following year, a Cambridge University Professor of Archaeology, Jeffrey Fairbrother, tired of academia and applied for the role of Entertainment Manager. This annoyed the portly Camp Host, Ted Bovis, who wanted the job. The job of Camp Comic was given to naive but kind-hearted Spike Dixon, who is awaiting his 'big break' and wants an introduction to the world of show business. Most episodes involved Ted Bovis attempting to scam the campers as well as the well-meaning Fairbrother, who also had to avoid the romantic approaches of Chief Yellowcoat and Sports Organiser, Gladys Pugh, as he was estranged from his wife but was initially reluctant to divorce her because of the social stigma attached. Most of the other characters in the show were out-of-work actors and entertainers at the tail-end of their careers. These consisted of Fred Quilley, a disqualified jockey; Yvonne and Barry Stuart-Hargreaves, two former ballroom champions and Mr Partridge, a failed Music Hall star reduced to performing Punch and Judy puppet shows for the children. All these characters were big stars in their prime, but were forced to take jobs at Maplins to due their careers failing, most of which were due to the chaos ensued by the aftermath of the Second World War. Other characters consisted of several young men and women who had summer jobs as Yellowcoats, and Peggy Ollerenshaw, an eccentric but ambitious chalet maid who dreamed of becoming a Yel


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Hi De Hi

S03E01 Nice People With Nice Manners 31/10/1982 Yvonne and Barry Stuart-Hargreaves plan a tasteful party in their chalet, but things start to go wrong after they ask Peggy to deliver the invitations.
S03E02 Carnival Time 07/11/1982 The Entertainment Staff are busy making plans for their float in Crimpton-on-Sea's annual carnival parade when the Dean of Jeffrey Fairbrother's college arrives to persuade him to return to the University.
S03E03 A Matter of Conscience 14/11/1982 Joe Maplin has coveted an empty plot of land next to the camp for years, hoping to extend the camp someday, so when plans to build a hospital on the site are revealed in the local newspaper, he orders the Entertainments Staff to act. However, not everyone is happy to go along with his plans.
S03E04 The Pay-Off 21/11/1982 Still determined to get his hands on the plot of land, Joe Maplin sends a parcel of money to Jeffrey Fairbrother, with instructions to bribe local councillors. Meanwhile, Fred Quilley's favourite horse is in need of the vet.
S03E05 Trouble and Strife 28/11/1982 Ted's ex-wife turns up at the camp, threatening Ted with jail if he doesn't pay the alimony payments he's missed. Ted decides it's time to put his best tricks for fiddling the campers into practice.
S03E06 Stripes 05/12/1982 A letter from Joe Maplin results in a dressing-down for most of the Entertainments Staff - except Gladys, whom he decrees should be in charge of the other Yellowcoats. Resentment ensues when Gladys decides to wear her rank on her sleeve.
S04E01 Co-Respondent's Course 12/12/1982 The Honourable Max Tewkesbury wants to marry Jeffrey's estranged wife, and turns up at Maplins to persuade Jeffrey to give her grounds for divorce, but Jeffrey's not so enthusiastic.
S04E02 It's a Blue World 19/12/1982 Ted's latest money-making scheme involves some 'adult' films and the use of the Laughing Cow Milk Bar after hours, unaware that the Yellowcoats are planning a party at the same venue.
S04E03 Eruptions (1982 Christmas Special) 26/12/1982 A new mechanical exhibit in the ballroom causes problems for the Entertainments Staff, so they decide to take matters into their own hands.
S04E04 The Society Entertainer 02/01/1983 New campers - a widow and her attractive daughter - turn Spike's head and he's suddenly changing his act to include 'more sophisticated' material, much to Ted's disappointment.
S04E05 Sing You Sinners 09/01/1983 When the local vicar announces he will no longer lead Sunday services at the camp due to Joe Maplin's increasingly bizarre suggestions, the Entertainments Staff attempt to fill the gap.
S04E06 Maplin Intercontinental 16/01/1983 Joe Maplin announces his plans to open a camp in the Bahamas, which will be staffed with the best Yellowcoat from each of his existing camps.
S04E07 All Change 23/01/1983 When Barry and Yvonne announce they are splitting up, and Joe Maplin sends Joan Wainwright, Controller of Yellowcoats (Cheryl Murray), down to inspect the staff, Jeffrey has to re-allocate chalets as Peggy gets some wild ideas about what's really going on.
S05E01 Concessions (1983 Christmas Special) 27/11/1983 Ted and Mr Partridge sneaks out to perform at a Chamber of Commerce dinner in Crimpton-on-Sea, taking Peggy along to earn some extra money waitressing. But Peggy overhears something that could have major repercussions for Joe Maplin and the staff back at the camp.
S05E02 Save Our Heritage 04/12/1983 Joe Maplin's latest plans for expansion are being held up by a widow living in an old thatched cottage nearby. The Entertainments Staff join forces to thwart Joe Maplin's plans to force her out and demolish the cottage.
S05E03 Empty Saddles 11/12/1983 Deeply upset by Joe Maplin's plans to dispose of his horses, Fred Quilley devises a plan which leaves him with more than he bargained for.
S05E04 The Marriage Settlement 18/12/1983 Jeffrey Fairbrother's wife visits the camp to discuss their forthcoming divorce.
S05E05 The Graven Image 08/01/1984 Joe Maplin installs a statue of himself in each of his holiday camps, but the unveiling of the Crimpton-on-Sea camp's statue isn't quite the dignified occasion that convention demands.
S05E06 Peggy's Pen Friend 15/01/1984 Peggy is due to meet her pen-friend for the first time. When the Entertainments Staff discover he's a middle-aged (or quite possibly older) man, they fear for her welfare, but Peggy is determined to enjoy a romantic time.
S05E07 The Epidemic 22/01/1984 A Chad craze breaks out at the camp, leading Ted to concoct a bizarre tale to encourage the campers to help clean up the graffiti. Barry's efforts to help the clearup result in a back injury, leading Yvonne to call on an old dancing partner to step into his shoes.