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Although she is a successful children's book author, Millie Upton's socially unpredictable nature is a career liability. Failed attempts to get help from her publisher and agent eventually lead her to a self-professed life coach.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Hiccups

S01E01 Millie, Meet Stan 01/03/2010 Millie seeks help from Stan after causing a public disturbance at a coffee shop. In spite of his ineptitude Stan manages to gain Millie’s trust as a client. Meanwhile Joyce threatens to cancel an important event unless Millie finds the help she needs
S01E02 Strata's Fear 08/03/2010 Millie runs into trouble with the head of her strata council while Taylor struggles to hold up his end of a bargain with Joyce.
S01E03 Office Clothes 15/03/2010 Millie wreaks havoc on Haddison House when Joyce makes her work in the office until her latest manuscript is finished. Stan enlists Taylor's help in proving to Anna that he has good fashion sense.
S01E04 Speed Ball 22/03/2010 Stan helps Millie expand her social circle by introducing her to speed dating but Millie takes the "7 minute date" concept to a whole new level. Joyce and Crystal can't decide on the budget when they throw a party at Haddison House.
S01E05 Hot Luv 29/03/2010 Stan is concerned with Millie's competitiveness when she and Taylor go head to head in a hot food eating rivalry. Meanwhile, Joyce, who isn't a good judge of fantasy-romance manuscripts, passes the job of picking their next book over to Crystal – a self-proclaimed expert in the genre.
S01E06 Carry On Camping 05/04/2010 Joyce books Millie on her favourite daytime talk show but soon regrets her decision when Millie speaks before thinking. Much to Anna's chagrin, Stan takes her on a camping trip where she has to deal with Stan's lack of wilderness skills.
S01E07 Thanks For Nuttin 12/04/2010 Millie becomes disillusioned after not being thanked for returning a lost wallet and Stan tries to convince her that doing a good deed is its own reward. Over at Haddison House, Crystal stocks up on Joyce's favourite snack to prevent her from turning into a total witch and Taylor wrangles Anna into helping him buy a bobblehead online.
S01E08 Watch and Learn 19/04/2010 When Millie hires Crystal to re-decorate her condo she gets into another tiff with her neighbour Lewis and vows to beat him at his own persnickety game. Stan attempts to help Joyce with one of her issues in order to prove that he's capable of being Millie's life coach.
S01E09 Hippy Anniversary 26/04/2010 Stan is in the doghouse with Anna after refusing to accept an extravagant anniversary gift from Millie. Meanwhile, Joyce and Taylor have to deal with a head shop that's selling illegal Grumpaloo merchandise and Crystal is up to her neck in Millie's fan mail.
S01E10 Model Patient 07/06/2010 Taylor is having some personal issues so Millie happily recommends that he see Stan. But she soon realizes that the more time Stan spends with Taylor the less he spends with her. Joyce has to find a model for an upcoming book cover and her choice to use Anna does not sit well with Crystal.
S01E11 Autograph Hound 14/06/2010 Stan accompanies Millie on a mission to give a young fan an autograph. Joyce and Taylor negotiate Millie's contract, and Anna and Crystal see this as a golden opportunity to mess with Taylor's head.
S01E12 Dream Gig 21/06/2010 Stan attempts to analyze Millie's dreams but he grows concerned when they depict him in a negative light. Joyce is nervous when Taylor signs her uncle to be the first client at his new talent agency.
S01E13 You Schmooze You Lose 28/06/2010 Stan tries to teach Millie how to be successful at losing when she's nominated for a Literary Award. Taylor shows Joyce a thing or two about schmoozing a potential client while Anna and Crystal spend the evening over-embellishing stories about their lives to strangers.
S02E01 Hollywood Make Up 30/05/2011 In the Season 2 premiere, a trip to Hollywood is in order for Millie, Stan and Taylor to investigate some options for a Grumpaloo movie. Back at Haddison House, Joyce uses Anna and Crystal as guinea pigs to test homemade skin care products.
S02E02 Talking Points 06/06/2011 Casting the right reader for a spoken version of the Grumpaloo books pushes Millie to the breaking point; Taylor finds a way to convince the Haddison House employees that Joyce is behind his plans to have them fund his purchase of a leather jacket.
S02E03 Gym Dandy 19/06/2011 When Stan recommends that Millie use physical fitness as an outlet for her emotions, she goes the distance, and creates a full gym in her apartment, and makes it open to the public. Taylor's fashion sense comes in question, and he goes too far in the wrong direction to prove Joyce wrong.
S02E04 Commercial Success 26/06/2011 A problematic director sends Taylor and Millie's TV commercial into a tail-spin; Stan turns to Joyce for financial advice for Anna's plant business, but isn't happy when Joyce begins to mentor Anna.
S02E05 Hypnofish 03/07/2011 Stan adds hypnotism to his skills as a life coach, and attempts to use it on Millie, but is unsure whether he succeeded or not. At Anna's suggestion, Joyce adds an aquarium to the office decor, but has difficulty with which fish can play nicely together.
S02E06 Novel Idea 10/07/2011 After the top mystery author at Haddison House casts aspersions on Millie's Grumpaloo books, she decides to fully explore her authorship by writing a novel. Turning to Stan for help with this process, she finds that Anna is a better guide than her life coach. Taylor learns some new lessons in how to be sexy when he has an encounter with an older woman.
S02E07 Flirt Locker 17/07/2011 Upon finding out that her condo unit comes with a storage locker, Millie decides to put it to good use by turning it into a clubhouse. Stan joins the club, but his intentions are less than honest; he intends to infiltrate the club and take it down from within. Joyce and Anna have a job on their hands when they try to stop Taylor from turning a profit from his new scheme of 'touching for tips.'
S02E08 Sexual Healing 24/07/2011 Millie holds a dinner party, but shocks her guests with the menu selection; Joyce and Anna suggest that she cleanse her system, and offer to go through the process with her. Taylor's womanizing gets him into trouble at the office, and he turns to Stan for help; Stan finds that helping Taylor teaches him more about himself than he wanted to know.
S02E09 Home Swapping 31/07/2011 Millie finds that indoor hockey isn't all it's cracked up to be when a wayward puck destroys her ant farm; she bunks with Stan and Anna, causing some marital stress. Joyce needs to replace Crystal, and with Taylor's help, finds the ideal receptionist.
S02E10 Moving Pictures 07/08/2011 Millie causes an uproar once again by insulting a famous pooch at a public event. Anna tries to redecorate on a budget, but finds it's hard to do, as one thing leads to another. Stan has the difficult task of getting Taylor to help discard the old apartment's old furniture without calling in a 'friend favour'.
S02E11 Car Pool 14/08/2011 Lewis makes a come-back into Millie's life and beats her at pool, so Millie takes some lessons in order to once again best Lewis. Joyce leaves the members of her car pool stunned by her driving skills, or lack thereof, and Stan unwillingly becomes involved in the situation.
S02E12 Welcome Back Potter 21/08/2011 Crystal returns to work after having her baby, and immediately begins using Millie to get her work chores done. Stan becomes the hit of a pottery class that he and Anna are taking together, causing Anna to become a green-eyed monster; adding Taylor into the mix only makes things worse.
S02E13 Wake the Baby 28/08/2011 Millie decides that she'll only be truly appreciated after she's gone, and so wants to have her funeral now, so that she can see just how much she'll be missed. Stan tries to assist Crystal and her boyfriend with their new status as parents, but winds up babysitting instead of life coaching.