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Hidden habitats that are self-contained ecosystems are explored.


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S01E01 Galapagos 16/09/2014 In the opener, a visit to the Galapagos Islands.
S01E02 Serengeti 16/09/2014 The Serengeti in Africa is explored.
S01E03 Namib Desert 23/09/2014 The Namib Desert in Africa is explored.
S01E04 Monterey Bay 23/09/2014 The marine ecosystem of Monterey Bay, Cal., where a giant kelp forest hosts one of the most diverse marine ecologies in the world, is explored
S01E05 Canada's Coastal Forests 30/09/2014 Canada’s Coastal Forest is part of an ancient forest system that stretches along the coast from Northern California up to Southern Alaska.
S01E06 Great Barrier Reef 30/09/2014 The Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef on the planet.
S01E07 Australia's Red Center 07/10/2014 The Red Center of Australia is one of the most inhospitable environments on Earth yet it teems with an extraordinary array of wildlife, most of which is found nowhere else.
S01E08 Yellowstone 07/10/2014 In 1995 after an absence of 70 years, wolves were released back into Yellowstone National Park.
S01E09 Amazon 14/10/2014 Steve Backshall investigates what makes the Amazon so diverse, looks at the nutrient poor nature of the rainforest.
S01E10 Svalbard 14/10/2014 Steve Backshall takes a look at the archipelago of Svalbard in the Arctic Circle.
S01E11 Deep Sea 21/10/2014 Steve Backsall examines what is by far the largest ecosystem on our planet – the deep sea.
S01E12 Scottish Highlands 21/10/2014 The Scottish Highlands are home to some of the most iconic British wildlife and considered one of the last truly wild places in the UK.
S01E13 Okavango 28/10/2014 Steve Backshall narrates an investigation into what makes the Okavango such a diverse, wildlife rich place.
S01E14 Them and Us 28/10/2014 Steve Backshall explores the connections and relationship we have with insects and other arthropods.
S01E15 Making Worlds 04/11/2014 In the grasslands of South America, the landscape has been created almost solely by one team of insects – the grass-cutter ants.
S01E16 The Secret to Their Success 04/11/2014 Insects and their close relatives are the most abundant and diverse group of animals in the world.

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